Little Miss WobblePants

Wobble… wobble… wobble…

[Mom’s nose bonk]



Steady, Vanessa H., steady! (And thanks for reporting from the MN State Fair…)



  1. We need a CO Pettin Zoo.

  2. Sweet!

  3. Melissa says:

    First comment? Yay!
    Cute little lamby.

  4. Sheep.. :3

  5. [SCOWL.]

  6. brownamazon says:

    Woollies! I love how when lambs nurse, their tails spin around like propellers. The faster they suck, the faster the spin… How sheep farmers get anything done all day is beyond me.

  7. “How sheep farmers get anything done all day is beyond me.”
    Yeah, I saw that movie too.

  8. That was a Snort heard around the world, Meg.

    ; )


    teho be passed out from grumpiness by now!! heehee

    cute lamby-pie. 🙂

  10. That was a Snort heard around the world, Meg.

    ; )

  11. Courtney says:

    Does anybody else have an urge to brush the hay and stuff off of the momma sheep?

    Just me, then?

    They are very cute. 🙂

  12. I want a close up shot of that sweet little smiley face!

  13. Bebe’s pink nose–so sweet.

  14. Little lamby!! So precious!!

  15. Leggedy sheep!

    In Toronto, I lived very close to the only farm left in the city, Riverdale. Every year, baby lambies were born and it was a big event to go and see them. This reminds me of that…

  16. i love the fuzzy nose in the background on the left, too. everyone looks so soft and squishy! wish teleportation was invented. i’d totally teleport over there right now! (especially because i’m at work now – blar)

  17. MN-Cutie says:

    Hey waitaminute…the MN State Fair isn’t until August! Must be from last year…?

  18. the college town i live in had a sheep farm not too far away from my apartment. i have had to be dragged away from said farm and the adorable lambiekins by my roommates. they are so precious. and fluuffay

  19. Hehe, I love sheep. Always confused, and always both terrified yet extremely relieved when they’re sheared in the summer.

    Hey, when are you going to post the pics of my kittens I submitted two months ago? XD

  20. Boschka says:

    OMG…falling over dead from the cuteness factor

    snorgles the lil pink nosey

  21. StormCat says:

    Courtney, I didn’t want to brush off the grass, but I did want to scratch behind those adorable ears!!! Both Mom and Baby’s!!!

  22. Tony James says:

    T-oh – that only applies if they’re Welsh… 😉

    We used to watch the spring lambs when I was a kid – always funny to watch them run up to the “wrong” ewe and try to feed, only to be repeatedly rebuffed. The tail-spinning thing is vital – it powers the lamb’s motor, which operates much like those rubber-band powered planes. When they stop suckling they run and hop all over the place, because they’ve been wound up.

    …oh, mint sauce and rosemary. Sorry, had to be done.

  23. brownamazon says:

    Theo: The minute I posted that, I thought, “damn, someone’s going to make a Brokeback joke.” I was not disappointed.

  24. brownamazon says:

    ToJa: reminds me of a very lewd joke involving an Welshman, an Englishman, a sheep and a pair of Wellie boots…

  25. weasel_tea_party says:

    “Look Mom! I’m standing! I’m standing!” “Yes dear.” *bonk*

  26. Tony James says:

    ToJa? Sounds a little too closer to “toe-jam”…
    Yes, then there’s the one about “Are you shearing?” “No, get your own.”

  27. ShelleyTambo says:

    MN-Cutie–I was wondering too. S’posed to fly out to MN to visit the family and go to the fair in late August and was wondering if the tickets are now worthless (can visit the family anytime, state fair comes but once a year).

    brownamazon–you can’t leave us hanging like that.

  28. brownamazon says:

    Shelley: trust me– *not* suitable for a family-friendly site 😉

    (plus, it’s funnier in Welsh).

  29. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    SHEEEEPIES!!!! I wub da sheepies! My face is swollen to the point of not seeing but I am smiling on the inside seeing a sheepie (major oral surgery +2 days).

  30. ShelleyTambo says:

    brownamazon–Hmph. I’ll just have to hope that my Welsh friends know it.

    PS–As someone else once commented (I think in the whole cats ‘n racks/kittehs n’ tittehs commentroversy), who said this site is family friendly? All it says is that it posts cute pics…;)

  31. Aww, cute widdle sheepy’s takin his first worbly steps! Soon I will knit with him. 🙂

    … Is it weird that when I see a sheared sheep, all I can think about is knitting it a sweater out of its own wool?

  32. YAY! I lurve lambs! Baaaaaaaahhhhh.

  33. Lizzy — like Sean in “A Close Shave,” yes!

  34. Hehe, you never disappoint, Theo….as soon as the “first comment” comment appeared I gleefully scrolled down to find your reaction!

    Yaaaaaay lambiepies! Remember Mareseatoatsanddoeseatoatsandlittlelambseativy?

  35. Akiddleativytoowouldntyou?

  36. Yippee! Minnesota State Fair RAWKS!
    I always visit the animal barns (timing my visit around the LLAMAS) – and I give them all pets and talk to them. Then I get sad, knowing most go right to the slaughterhouses. (Er, sorry for the downer.)

  37. When Edward Gray in 1914 said that the lambs were going out all over Europe, was he referring to some sort of pre-war Continental County Fair?

  38. Aubrey — When Billy Joel in 1976 said he’d seen the lights go out on Broadway, did Edward Gray turn over in his grave?

  39. T:
    I’m not too sure, but it stands to reason. I know that I did whenever he opened his mouth, and that was odd, me not being dead and that.

  40. [tempted here to quote lyrics about how some people cannot handle pressure]
    [biting tongue]

  41. How cute! That is not baaaaaaaaaad!

  42. Yeah, that picture has me bleat.

  43. It’s a bleating shame they ever have to grow up…

  44. oi. The puns are heavy in here today, they are…

  45. Maybe they will keep their inner lamb, God woolin’.

  46. Ewe guys kill me…

  47. OK, now I feel sheepish about pointing that out.

    (had to join the party. Not normally my chosen form of humour.)

  48. And don’t you love it when the little lambs just spring straight up in the air for no apparent reason, like they’ve got tiny little jets in their feet? That cracks me up.

  49. cuteness lover says:

    I love their ears, they kinda remind me of bunny ears. I wish they could some how put sound effects on here. I’d love to hear some bleating while I look at the photo.

  50. …You know, I never fail to be baffled by the level of corniness some of you people put into these comments. It makes me want to stab myself in the eye socket with a rusty spork.

  51. I do agree though, lamb-rocket-feet are indeed very cute. <3

  52. Amy, there is no need for you to be driven maaaaaaaaaaaaad.

  53. ARRHH no! Gah! *dies*

  54. Rest a-sheared, Amy: we mean no harm. And there are better ewe-ses for a rusty spork.

  55. Four legs good, sheep puns baaaad.
    (C’mon Amy, let’s hoof it…)

  56. *sigh* I give up.

    Oh, and if you want to see a REALLY cute hippo, go to this link and scroll down to the bottom:

    Um….but don’t read the post that goes with it….you’re warned…

  57. Amy, we’d stop if we kn’ewe for shear that you wooldn’t miss it!

  58. Ha! That’s right – Theo, Amy: go ahead and cotton onto each other!

  59. Amy — here’s just the baby hippo pic, sans forum…

  60. I’m sure you’d actually feel fleeced if we quit punning; you’d miss me-rino! Hey! A RHINO!

    (Whoo–that was a stretch, even for me!)

  61. I love dee hippo. I wanna squish and pinch his cheeks. 🙂

  62. Thanks Aubrey, I tried to find the link to the original photo. Hehe.

  63. Aubrey, eh… always stealing my thunder… 😉

  64. I raised lambs for 4-H every year. I would cry and cry and cry after the fair. Then a few weeks later I would get a check in the mail and feel much better. Some kids made money for college by working in food service, I was in food production! (Baaaaaa-d joke, I know).

    Now my neices are raising lambs – in two days I’ll be in Michigan with all the cows and sheep again! Whee! Cows! And li’l lambie fluffers! Luv the sheepers – you should see them when they take off at a run and then SPROING SPROING SPROING they go!!!

  65. Not to upset anyone, but the white thing on the bottom-right of the pic with the yellow dot is another lamb with a spot of runny poop on its butt. Yuck 🙂 And yes, I lived on a farm for the first 20 years of my life.
    (ps LOVE THE SITE!!!!!!1!)

  66. “always stealing my thunder…”

    Whenever I’m acloud to, T.

  67. Well, hay, I was just “roving” around thi’shear place an’all the knitpickin’ with baaahhd puns an’ all an’ thought to myself,, Self.

    whew. I think it’s over now.

  68. Ewe knew what ewe were getting into, jaypo…

  69. oh no. it’s never over, jaypo. not while we have Aubrey around…

  70. If a sheep runs away…
    …is it on the lam(b)?

  71. We have many ewenique characters here, thinkie.

  72. ceebs:
    Yes, to be apprehended by the Fleece Police.

  73. Thinker — have you met Arvay?
    We cuteologits will never want for puns.

    (above spelling semi-intentional)

  74. or maybe Ram-bo

  75. aagh!! (runs away with hands over ears)

  76. Tony James says:

    If mommy sheeps are moving house, do they hire a ewe-haul?
    And if two insects run off together, is it called an antelope?

  77. If those two ants are forbidden to run off together, is that a “cantelope”?

  78. Tony James says:

    Do baby monkeys sleep in apricots?

  79. How did we get from sheep to fruit?

  80. Teho, say it with an English accent, thus: “APE-ricots.”

    (sorry, have tons and tons of English friends, so I got that, Teej, but many of our this-side-of-the-pond friends won’t).

  81. Tony James says:

    We cleared the plates for the main course while you were away, T-oh 😉

  82. Tony James says:

    Tink – that’s for sorting that one out – as soon as I posted it I realised that there may be confusion, but figured it could just be a private joke among us limeys 😉

  83. Hay now. That’s the last straw.
    [glares balefully]

  84. Sheep to fruit…there’s a Brokeback-type joke in there somewhere…
    :-$ aaagh!

  85. 😀

  86. thinker – ??? I thought that was the murrican pronunciation. Honest, that’s what I learned growing up. It was the Oxbridge types on BBC shows who said “APP-ricot,” not us’ns.

  87. XD

  88. ooh. well, dunno about that, E.C.

  89. I’m with E-Colli, I say Ape-ricots, & I ain’t no limey bass-turd! 😛

  90. My educated guess is that there’s more than one way to say it here in the US (not “it” per se; YKWWIM!).

    So I got TJ’s pun all wrong at 1st because I was thinking “app,” not “ape.”


  91. SandyCat says:

    I just wanna say WOOT for the MN state fair, where everything is fried, on a stick, or fried on a stick. *sniff sniff* I miss my state.

  92. Hey. Let’s call the whole thing off.

  93. Sandy:
    I was referring to the pronunciation soiree going on. Don’t call your state fair off!

  94. Tony James says:

    No Sheep ’til Hammersmith – Motorhead
    Please Refleece Me – Engelbert Humperdink
    Flock n’Roll (Part 2) – Gary Glitter
    Folsom Prison Ewes – Johnny Cash
    The Power of Floof – Jennifer Rush

  95. Aubrey, I was thinking of that song, too; also of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers roller-skating. (In the film where they sing it.)

    “Grrr” was meant as a bluff, like a certain lagomorph’s play-“growling.”

  96. Singing, dancing, bunnies – reminds me of the old Bunby Berkeley productions.

  97. [::moans of pain::]

  98. Question:

    If moose have antlers, do ants have mooslers?


  99. Nickole says:

    All this punning is streching my English capabilities to the limit – and further!

    This site really is an education, but it’s 11 PM over here, and I’d better go to bed before my head explodes…

  100. Tony James says:

    J.Bo – sorry, I have no i-deer.

  101. That’s right TJ, go on and pass the buck.

    But now, all I fawn to do is have my lunch!

  102. eye hopes ewe had a graze time, A.

  103. Aubrey — so did you actually go get some food, or were you just ruminating?

    Nickole — better get some sleep, it’s pasture bedtime.

  104. Tony James says:

    Aubrey – which reminds me…
    A doe staggers out of the woods, her coat dishevelled and matted, grass stains on her knees…
    “That’s the last time I do that for two bucks…”

  105. Tony James says:

    Tish and Fie, Mr. Theo – ’tis only for the smut and innuendo that thou comest here, admit it!

  106. TJMax, did you say in-ewenndo?

  107. I, too, would post a sheep joke, but I fear being lamb-basted by those with delicate sensi-billy-ties. Oops, guess that was a goat pun.

  108. I really wish drew and Natalie would put that one on a t-shirt; don’t you, Theo?

    P.S. I never would have found CO if drew hadn’t mentioned it in his blog!

  109. OMGAWD, I just had dinner and am ready to barf it up I’m laughing so hard!! You guys are so funny, the whole batch a youse. [intentionally NOT spelt “ewes]

  110. Jaypo:
    Glad you find all this so am-ewesing!

  111. [runs far away with pea soup coming out nose]

  112. sp”ewe”ing pea soup, ewe mean?

  113. From sheep to fruit
    to sp*ewe*ing soup,
    0h, Sanity, be gone!
    No, wait! Come baahhk,
    and take me tewe,
    I mutton be alone!

    The puns are bad,
    the doggerel,
    the sheep n’ewes n’such.
    I’ll find my whey, alone
    and well,
    Thank ye very much.

  114. Ewe-inspiring, Jaypo.

    And was that Anderson’s Pea Sewep?

  115. Bravi, Bravi, Bravisimi!

    I really miss you guys while I’m at work. By the time I get here, the jokes have all been told and there’s naught left for me to add.

  116. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What do you call a sheep tied to a lampost in Wales?

    A leisure centre.

    By the way the posh limey pronunciation of Apricot is Ap ri co

  117. GloriaAnderson says:

    Wool you guys please stop!

  118. Subhangi says:


  119. Elfie, what does IWTFM mean?

  120. Jaypo — “I *Wrote* The Manual.”

    It’s a variation of RTFM.

  121. tankee, t-o.

  122. abbynormal says:

    Is that a little donkey in the stall to the left?

  123. aranaska says:

    i want a category for sheepies and lambs…i was born in new zealand where sheep outnumber people, and im a little attached…
    it gives a real meaning to cute overload.

  124. !!!!!!!!!i saw those exactlambs!!!!!! SWEEET! I LOVE THAT PLACE! I TOOK PICS OF THEM TOO!