Bebeh Boids

The book on EVERYONE’S LIST for summer reading—it’s "Baby Birds and How They Grow"!!! HOT off the 1974 presses, People! It’s got everything—initial caps, duck tongues AND LILYPADS!


Thanks, Carol N., to you and your bookstore!



  1. Cute book!

  2. Wait, I think I own that book!

    Oh and 1st post!

  3. oh my oh my!! Look at the little foot all akimbo!

  4. no, km, I think the ducklings pwn us.

  5. Yes, the duckies own us. Big time. No one can be cuter than those wee duckies.

    But, I’m serious. I believe I own, or did own, that book!

  6. ShelleyTambo says:

    I own that book, too! Part of a series, I think. There’s another one all about small animals that has some anerable close-up shots! Makes me want to go home and read it.

  7. Yeah… well… *we* actually had a baby mallard. It was through a raise-and-release program with the local natural-history museum. So there. Nyahh.

  8. Fuzzybutt says:

    OMG! I HAD that book!

  9. I love the little thief masks


  10. Don’t forget the adorable little pidgeon toe’ed-ness of the standing duckie.

  11. ShelleyTambo says:

    Now I remember–“Creatures Small and Furry.”

  12. Yeah! I had that one too!

    Memories. Thanks Meg.

  13. Little bebe duckies!!

  14. We had mallards at our summer house on the bay in NJ. We could tell them apart & named them & fed them at least once a day. The babies of course were our faves. Ahhhh…memories…we had those duckies feeding out of our hands, they were so sweet.

  15. I totally own it too! I loved that book when I was little.

  16. Books for Young Explorers – yay!
    Memories… light the corners of my mind… (nice earworm for you!)

    I lurve duckydownies!

  17. awww, i have ducks in the canal by my house. they require a lot of attention and treats, and when they don’t get it, they will walk into the neighboring houses and quack at the unsuspecting people. i like how they waddle when they walk. he he he. 🙂

  18. Wait – two ducks on ONE LILY PAD? Close quarter cuteness!

  19. Jenne_R says:

    tm: they’ll walk right into your house??? OMG! I think I’m jealous!

  20. i most def. read that book and loved it as a kid!!

  21. I believe I had the “baby kittens” book in this series as a tot.

  22. A mommie duck and her row of babies stopping traffic on a country road. One my favorite memories from visiting the Cotswolds.

  23. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Regina said: “I love the little thief masks”

    No, no, those are the masks they wear to protect their secret identites! They’re… SUPERDUCKIE! And his sidekick THE MALLARD! Here to save he world through the power of CUTE!

  24. And they are here to continue their battle against their arch enemy, Professor Mallardorous!

  25. persimmontree says:

    fluffy duckulence!

  26. tee. I had some of those books when I was a kiddo, though I’m not sure about that one.

    Oh, and the initial caps are definitely what get me. Cutest part of the whole deal.

  27. LilyPad says:

    duckie tongues and lilypads!

  28. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    What are “initial caps”?

  29. cuteness lover says:

    I wish we could morph these baby duckies with the sneezing ducky and see what we get. Perhaps overlords of cuteness?

  30. Fish Eye:
    They’re baseball caps with the first initials of your name embroidered on them. They were trendy back in the 1990’s.

    I think.

  31. Girlladyfriend says:

    I think I had that book too!

  32. warrior rabbit says:

    I think I had that series, too!

    On a completely unrelated note, has anyone seen Lucy the hamster’s entry today?! *Thud*

    I’m sure you all know it by now, but

  33. AUBREY!!

    fer shame 😉

  34. I remember that book from the library! As soon as i saw the cover…i just knew. Blast from the past cuteness!

  35. When my niece was tiny, she had an adorable way of pronouncing a certain vowel sound, making “ducks” into “docks.” To this day, that’s the first thing I think when I see the critters: “Ooh! Docks!”

    (She also called her brother a “botthead” when he was bugging her. My whole family still uses THIS one…)

  36. Watta notcase…

  37. “Professor Mallardorous”
    [groaning and moaning, hands over eyes]

  38. Nobody’s said it yet, so here goes:

    ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks
    ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks
    ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks


  39. My dad always says “We’re having a duck and ‘wine’ dinner. We’re gonna duck around the table and whine for something to eat.” [groan again]

  40. Oh my god yes! I remember that book from when I was a kid.

    My dad would read it to me:
    Dad: The mother flamingo gently turns her eggs. And the mother tern gently flamingos her eggs.
    Me: Daaaad! That’s not what it says!

  41. OMG I remember this book I bought it for my kids WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back then!!!! its adoreable!!!!!!We lived on a private lake LOADED with quackers!!!!!all kinds of feathered quackers and honkers. adoreable lil things.

  42. Um, Teresa… were we separated at birth? That sounds JUST like my dad…

  43. Jay Fry says:

    Initial caps means that the first letter of every word is capitalized. 😉

  44. Thanks, JayF.

  45. Why did I believe Aubrey?! (I thought I was missing something and it was only common sense…)

  46. In Florida, I live near a pond and we have a LOT of different types of birds–cranes and anhingas and then…there are the Candy Corn Nose Ducks. I’m dying to know what kind of birds these are ’cause they’re so fricking adorable. As adults they’re black/dark grey, with a flittery little white tail that they use to punctuate their conversations. They’re rather small–not much bigger than a pigeon. Best of all they have bright orange little bills–hence their informal name. They also have crazy HUGE long legs and feets. There are about 10 adults and 40 babies living in the pond this season having a grand old time frolicking around. Anybody got a clue?

  47. jaypo, you should know by now that Aubrey is a highly talented, sneaky, sneaky, semi-professional mind-messer. Take anything said with a pound and a half of salt.

  48. I should, JBo, but hope springs eternal. 😉

  49. It sure does, Jaypo.
    (Marc is soooo dreamy…)

  50. RedZ, they might be muscovy ducks, but muscovies are pretty big usually.

  51. oh my stars. we had these books growing up!!! so great.

  52. Jaypo:

    These are little duckies, true – I think they mus’convey largeness, that’s all.

  53. Oh, they’re much tinier than muscovies (and much more anerable!) I suspect they aren’t ducks, just some kind of water bird. I thought they were bitterns, but then some of those showed up and shot that theory down. (It’s like a frigging Audubon Society meeting down at that pond. 3 kinds of egrets, an occasional stork! and half a dozen kinds of ducks.)

  54. I own that!

  55. Ev’ryone thinks they’re such sweet little things…
    Ducks! Ducks! *quack*quack* *quack*quack*
    Soft downy feathers and nice little wings…
    Ducks! Ducks! *quack*quack* *quack*quack*
    But there’s a poison I’d like to administer–
    You think they’re cuddly but I think they’re sinister!
    Ducks! Ducks! *quack*quack* *quack*quack*
    Ducks! Ducks! *quack*quack* *quack*quack*

  56. RevWaldo says:


    “He raises boids. Filty, disgusting, lice-ridden boids.” – The Producers 🙂

  57. Jenne_R says:

    My duck song offering:
    We’re Camp Nippersinkers,
    We’re in luck!
    If it rains all week,
    Just pretend you’re a duck!
    Wack Wack Waddle Waddle
    Wack Wack Waddle Waddle

    It was from some commercial probably in the 70’s… somebody else PLEEEZE say you remember this… I’d hate to think my entire family imagined the same thing!

  58. I STILL have this entire series of Nat’l Geographic books from my childhood, and read them with my son on a regular basis. Agree with previous posters; there are some painfully cute harbor seal pups in one of them…

  59. hrh.squeak says:

    Redzilla – Whatever they are called by anyone else, it can’t be half as wonderful as “Candy Corn Nose Ducks”. Looooove it!!!

  60. is there another email address or some guidline i am missing to submit my pretty Cavey?

    i cant get the email to go via any provider and i am not a novice user. this only leaves the probability that i am unaware of some requirement.

    Anyone help?

    those are da Koolest Ducks.

  61. Pookie, don’t bother with the link to the left; just type in your address line.

  62. have done that 🙂
    i am a programmer so this was an obvoius ploy.

  63. Oh. Well. That’s all I had.

    (I suggested that ’cause I had trouble a while back with e-mail links trying to send me to Outlook, which I don’t use.)

    Clearly there is a evil spirit in your hard drive. I suggest you call in an exorcist.

  64. i strongly suspect too many grinning hippo’s or too much fluff.

  65. Oh, man, don’t you just HATE it when hippos get stuck in your computer? I swear, if I have to fish them out ONE MORE TIME…

  66. its just that incipid grin.
    silly thing is peeking out of the floppy bay door grinning.

    Cant get any work done at all.

  67. They’re not pigeon-toed . . . they’re DUCK-toed!

    *gong sounds*

  68. Pookie–it’s Meg’s HUGE post-Webby awards popularity. I bet her inbox is like ten pounds of poo in a five pound bag.

  69. Yar,
    sounds like what i had figured. i tried all my variations and still couldnt share the Cavey Cuteness yet so i figured i would just hang around and contribute to the general background noise whilst said web matron diggs out from under all that fluffy cutness.

  70. RedZ!! [snort] More like ten pounds of cooo in a blah blah blah…!

  71. Denise in Nebraska says:

    I literally just ordered this book on because of this picture….some cuteness just can’t be outdated. More birdies, Cute O!!! Birds x Infinity= still cute <3

  72. Ooh, reminds me of a Sesame Street book, Grover’s Book of Cute Little Baby Animals. The setup and photos were so blatantly adorable that I couldn’t breathe for laughing.

  73. Redzilla…is this what you are thinking of?
    I thought they were called maw hens for some reason, but then I found they are called moor hens. I think I first saw them in Australia.

  74. Shannon L. says:


  75. In this household, this is one of the books we read to our little parrots. The sun conure reaches out and touches her tongue to the eye and beak of each bird she likes…and bites me for each one she doesn’t. The lovebird squeaks hugely at the inside/outside front covers, which show various eggs. They love that book. Also “Are You My Mother?” and “Stellaluna.”

  76. I had that book when I was a little girl, too! I’ve now passed it along to my kids:)