Tenative… steps… forward….

It’s muy difficile, but… they… must… TRY!

Burly CEO Josh B. sent this in from Immerge Technologies and Simone M. 😉



  1. [blink, blink] *poit* [head ‘splodes]

  2. Courtney says:

    Oh! *heart melts into a little puddle of goo*

  3. Oh, oh!
    That looks so difficult it’s almost hard to watch!
    Also, hard to watch from being dead from the cuteness.
    It’s a feat to still be on the internet from the cute-overloaded afterlife!

  4. Go, leetle keeterlings! GO!!

    Man, once we start getting foster-kittens, I may have to get all geeky & set up some kind of live webcam, like these folks:

  5. Oh my….. just oh my….

  6. BTW… sadly, that Lucky Stars link only ever seems to work for me in Internet Explorer, not Firefox. No idea how well it works for Apple/Safari.

  7. persimmontree says:

    it’s so adorable the way they try to balance their giant noggins with their teeny tails.

  8. Teughcats says:

    I keep going home at lunch just to see my leetle keeten and play with her for a few.
    Warning – foster kittens do eventually steal your heart! I fostered 18 over the last year and now one of them is mine permanently. She is feline leukemia positive but I’m going to stay optimistic that she will grow up and live a long life.

  9. this has got to be a fake. if i was there , there would be much screaming and picking up of the kittens and smooshing them to my face. no one can watch this without being tied back, FAKERSSS!!!

  10. They don’t need to learn how to walk. I just want to carry them around with me all day long!


  11. OMG soooooooo cute!!

  12. It’s just WRONG how cute baby kitties are. I would just two-handedly snorgle them all day long so I looked like I had a kitten mustache. Hitler kitty, indeed.

  13. hedgedog says:

    WOW now that IS olympic spirit!!! and the little sootie hissing … lovely, tiny wrestler!!!

  14. anonymous coward says:

    (posting anonymously because of spam… urgh)

    whoa, that brought back some memories… Including of when my big guy (20+ lbs. cat) fit in the palm of my hand. Major flash-back territory.

    Maybe off-topic, but I just love the background music! Does anyone know who plays it? It’s really neat! I like it.

    (And it goes well with the cats, too. The music, that is.)



  15. Tony James says:

    SPLOOSH! Head has sploded, mush everywhere – dah ‘nerable kittehs!!!!!!!!

  16. laura-leigh says:

    Oh so sweet indeed!

    not sure who does by name, but if you’ve ever seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite, the movie ends with that score. Check it out.

  17. I am now dead. The cuteness KIIIIIIIIIIILLED me.

  18. OMG! I had to lay my head on my desk for a few minutes to recover from the unbearable cuteness of kittens. I espcially love the teeny mews.

  19. The tune is ‘Music for a found Harmonium’ and is by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

  20. Tony James says:

    The music is “music for a found harmonium” by the penguin cafe orchestra.

  21. Tony James says:

    Jinx! 😉

  22. msumissa says:

    Tuuuuu Cuuuute

  23. oooooh, wee wobbly big-headed babies!!! I’m in total kitten love. These guys made my day.

    They’ll be racing around getting into trouble in no time 😉

  24. That’s “muy dificil,” with an accent over the middle i.

    And it works beautifully in Safari.

    Love their little stubby tails…. 🙂

  25. shanchan says:

    Ok, that’s not fair. Giggling I can get away with- if my boss walks by I can just claim one of the briefs said something funny. But how do I explain getting all choked up? Damn my soft heart!

    (the video poster said the music was “music for a found harmonium” by the penguin cafe orchestra)

  26. shanchan says:

    Whoops, TJ beat me to it. Sorry! Theo- that link is too cute, but they’re asleep- can we tap the glass to wake them up?

  27. omg, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, they are so beautiful!

  28. Check out the little quivery tail…

  29. MaggieMoo says:

    I want to snorgle them all up! I feel bad for the lil’ black kitteh though – he/she(?) was searching around that white fuzzy blankie thinking – Mom?! Where’d you hide your milk? Mom!? There’s gotta be one around here somewhere! It’s a crying shame, really.


  31. killin’ me. KILLING ME. i’m kilt.

  32. Oh, how snorgable they are!

    I can just hear them saying “Ehn! Eeeehhhhnnnn!”

  33. A Fine Morsel says:

    Easily one of CO’s best. I have entered a blissful state.

  34. friggen OMG!

  35. That was a delightful little addition to my day! Thanks!

  36. ehn….ehn….ehn! oof! SO CUTE!

  37. Oh the determination! The braveness! It doesn’t get any cuter! They can literally hardly hold their over-sized heads up! <333

  38. I’ve been whipped by those tiny tails.

    “By the wee-ness of my frame
    Something tiny
    This way came”

  39. pistache268 says:

    Oh! Big, round heads!

  40. Yes indeed: where IS the mother? It’s not clear from the post or the link why the mother isn’t around. Kittens this young should be with their mother, and still feeding from her. I don’t understand why people who supposedly love animals see fit to give away or sell off litters so soon after they’re born.

  41. you guys r silly says:

    I cannot “see” whatever this is…my computer at work doesn’t have whatever it takes to view this cuteness…

  42. Um, Becki, maybe I shouldn’t point this out, but do you think maybe Mom was just away for a few while the video was taken? To me, that is a much more likely explanation–and it does happen–mummy kitties do need time off, just like human mums…

  43. Still, I think S has a point–the makers of this video are clearly robots to remain so calm in the face of this incroyable trembly wittle tail big eye tiny paw cuteness.

  44. Becki, I think these kittens are mostly from the same litter. Just because they’re on vdo doesn’t mean they’re already given away. They’re ok.

  45. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I saw this a few days ago and saved it to “My Favorites” on YouTube. So cute! The music bugs me, though, so I watch it with the sound muted. ^_^

  46. SapphireQueen says:

    I too saw this on YouTube the other day and am not surprised it’s here. It left me breathless, those babies are so adorable.

  47. Michele says:

    omg my brother in law sent me this last night and i died because my throat exploded saying “awww omg so cute” way too loud

  48. Operator:”911. State the nature of your emergency,

  49. Ok, first of all-



    I want another cat. ;________;

  50. anonymous coward says:

    Thanks for the info, IDgaf and Tony James, I just sampled the cd over amazon (the audible previews) and decided to buy it the cd.

    Off-topic: I think the RIAA shouldl think twice before suing people on Youtube for adding music to their videos, they just made a sale! I would have never heard of this band had it not be for these kittens.

    And I still _love_ these little fellers. They reminded me so much of a much happier time in my life that I just had to go and give a hug to my cats. All of them went “What? Why are you doing this? Huh… ok.”

    BTW, thanks CO.

  51. EEEEEK So frail and so cute!!!

  52. Hey A.C. DevNull — you *could* just use CmdrTaco’s email.

  53. ::POITTTT::

    The kittehs just made me feel better about my speeding ticket. Oh, kittehs, if only I could learn to take things as slow as you!

  54. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    tried to tell the wife that my biological clock is now ticking and I NEED A LITTER OF KITTEHS RIGHT NOW!

    She didn’t buy it.

  55. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    As to where the mother is, even Kitteh mothers need a break now and then. For all we know, she could be taking a powder. When I was a kid, we had a 160lb doberman who would babysit the kittens while the mother took a break. He was sooooo gentle with them. If one got where he didn’t want it, he would gently pick it up with his jaw and put it back here it belonged. The same jaw he would crack ribey bones with yet the baby kitteh would not be wet. Even kitteh mommies need a few minutes alone.

  56. ka9q's wife says:

    Splodes but pulls myself together enough so that i can laugh at Ryan’s comment.

  57. The one at the end looks like he is about to pounce….*blushes*

  58. i am so saying ryan’s comment to my roommates. now i have a ligitimate reason to show up with a kitty. (or three)

  59. Jenne_R says:

    Okay, I’ve been addicted to this site for only a mere few weeks and I’ve finally learned to don a hat before viewing, to help hold my head together from the daily asplosions. I’ve managed to refrain from leaving comments but today just takes the cake. O!M!G! They are so freaggin CUTE! And I just acquired a pair of orange kittehs two nights ago myself 🙂 [older than these, of course] At risk of rambling on in my first-ever comment on CO, I would like to say that the pictures are cute, the captions are often hilarious and perfect, and the comments are the icing on the cake. Some of y’all are SO funny 🙂 And I feel like I know you all already after just a few weeks. This site reminds me perfectly of how my friend and I used to see and talk about cute things in ‘baby cutesy talk’ and we always said “oooooo I want to just squeek their little cheeks!!” 😀 Thank you, CO, for existing. And that’s (finally) all I have to say. My brain is too damaged from the repeated sploding.

  60. Tiffany says:

    I think my head just melted…

  61. The immergetech web site appears to be down. Maybe it got CuteOverloaded? 😀

  62. So… adorable… can’t resist… *melts beyond recognition*

  63. I have chills! I want to be the peeps that get to sit there and watch that all day! Can you imagine?!?! But they would never learn to walk cause they would constantly be cats in my racks! 😉

  64. Now that is just to cute for words…how much cuter can you get? It even had cutsie music in the background! I love it!

  65. Ack! They’re weebly, they’re wobbly, AND they’re set to music!

  66. Great story, RyanBlkhwk!

  67. hrh.squeak says:

    “Weetles wobble but they don’t fall down!”

    Nothin’ cleverer to say here, my head is asploded. Any minute now, the Department of Homeland Security is gonna arrest Meg for asploding too many heads at once. Weapons of Mass Cuteness!!!!!

  68. One small step for kittens… one giant leap for kittenkind!

  69. You can do it little kitties! You can do it! I belieeeeve in you!

    … the nurse just saw me giggling my fool head off, and I was too *squee!* to explain. Teehee!

    *Huggles the wee kitties*

  70. I’m not even a cat person, and I’m completely undone by the cuteness…

  71. Oh kit-tens! So cute! All wobbly with big heads! I want to snuggle them in my bra!

    *coworkers wondering why my shirt is mewing*

  72. Holly — are there CATS IN RACKS in the workplace????

  73. Oh, yeah, Theo… if you work at HOOTERS.

    (And you DO, don’t you?)

  74. misschelley says:

    is it possible for the tiny kittehs to have bags under their eyes? it seemed like the ginger one at the end (the potential pouncer) had bags under his eyes.

  75. Cats n Racks is my boyfriend’s favorite part of CO. “There’s a cat in there? What cat? I don’t see a cat” Look in the cleavage, dear.

    *pats bf on the head*

  76. Aww, I want audio! I know I saw the little dark one squeaking “Hey… hey… help?”

  77. I can just hear the tiny wittle kitty meows as they try to balance!

    Oh wait…that’d be my cat…I love the fact that he kept the kitty meow <3

  78. I thought I was the only person who said “muy difficile” — and! Stumbly kitt0rs are the bestest. Seriously.

  79. Not to be a grammar stick-in-the-mud, but it’s “Tentative”, not “Tenative”. 😉

  80. curator says:


  81. anonymous coward says:

    Theo —

    I’m not Taco.

    I’m too old to be Taco.

    *pauses realizing what he just wrote*

    OK, I need a beer now.


  82. Emo– you want grammar sticks-in-the-mud? Take a wander over to the baby guinea pig comments thread. We’ll blow your tentatively pedantic little mind…

  83. catfreak says:

    Just think! Not one month after this footage was shot, these little guys (and gals) were probably running up the curtains at warp speed, and flying from the backs of couches to ambush and then chase each other across the room. Cats develop so fast!

    (Don’t worry about the absent Mom. These are obviously from the same calico-rich ginger-rich litter. Mom is probably just off using her litterbox and having a drink of water.)

  84. i actually enjoy the music in this.

  85. Anonymous C — oh, I wasn’t assuming you were actually Slashdot “staff;” I was just suggesting that it might be fun to *pose* as such. Kinda like I do here.


    (btw — try a James Page amber if you can find it.)

  86. J. Bo — wait — Hooters has KITTINZ??!!!!!
    [hops in car]
    [pops clutch]

  87. Mr. Bounce [chasing behind the TheoMobile]: Wait, WAIT! I could be a rack cat! I’ll pay the cover. I’LL PAY THE COVER! WAAIIITT!!!

  88. [BRAKES]
    [articulated kitty-retrieval robot arm extends]
    [peels out again]

  89. Mr. Bounce: Ah, thanks, dude. SO… when we get there, can I get the chicken strips? Huh? Can I? Can I? Can I? Huh? Can I? Huh? Can I? Huh?

  90. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Teeny tiny toddlin’ ittens!!! *thud*

    Honest, this site is gonna be the death of me someday.

  91. Caroline says:

    Now THAT’s what I call cute overload!

  92. Brak:
    It’ll happen soon enough. It’s happened to all of us – everyone posting here is in actuality a
    CO Zombie. We were really shocked when we found out – quite a COZ Celebre.

  93. We.must.welcome.the.Brak.Silverbone.entity.

  94. cuteness lover says:

    cute cute cute

  95. There is nothing cuter than baby kittehs! Except baby kittehs that have loving homes. Do your pets a good turn and spay/neuter! Too many of these sweetie-weetie pies aren’t as lucky as our beloved furry family members. (Now must snorgle sleeping Elvis kitteh, well into his old, fat Elvis years but as anerable as when he was a rescue baby…)

  96. Juniper says:

    I LOVE kittens, and I can’t see the pictures! Just a black box with PLAY on it, then two blank screens pop up with NOT FOUND on them. What am I doing wrong? Is my old IMAC just too primative to get this kind of video? Or is there some kind of program I need to get to open the pictures? (I am a total computer retard…) I never have been able to see a video on this site. So bummed.

  97. ehn, oof! awwwww. OVERWHELMINGLY CUTE!!! *HEAD EXPLODES*

  98. Strategia says:

    Oh….. My…..

    One of the Cutest. Submissions. Ever.

    About halfway through playing it for the second time, I actually began babbling incoherently. Fortunately, I’m not looking at these overloadedly cute kittens at school 🙂

    I absolutely LOVE this site!

  99. Juniper… huh. I have no idea what kind of web browser an old iMac is likely to have, but I’m guessing if your operating system is older than version OS X (panther, jaguar, etc.) then the answer is probably yes. Is there some way you could try it on a borrowed PC running Windows XP, with a browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox (still my fave) or even Opera? Not a great alternative suggestion, I know…

    Hey Apple fan-Mac-tics (I know you’re out there): Any ideas?

  100. With both hands making repeated grabby gestures…”gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme…NOW!!!

  101. Subhangi says:

    A bunch of newborn kitters,
    Got the “baby’s first-step” jitters,
    But who gives a damn
    When they’re captured on cam
    And they make all hearts go skitters.

    >lame, I know.<

  102. Think of it as a draft, ShubzyAngel.

  103. OMGS…..

    That just *has* to be *the cutest video* on this site!

    *wipes tears from eyes* There was even a tiny little “mew” in the middle of it…… *heart melts*

  104. The cuteness is killing me! Talk about an overload!!! Sweet kitties!

  105. anthonyluva says:

    i am a sucker 4 any cats but that is sooooooooo cute!!!

  106. finally…this video brought me out of my *cute* closet…. *sigh*……but I had to watch it slowly to keep my head from ‘sploding.

    I can now view CO with out *blush* shame (please forgive, fearless leader), without looking over my shoulder, without clicking the X when someone enters the room…

    CO has quite the following at an MSN group…

  107. Juniper says:

    Thanks Theo. I have an old IMAC OS9 with old Netscape to match. I have the Mac version of Internet Explorer 5, but while it greatly improves the performance of the site,(the left side of the screen appears now!), it still won’t play the video. My husband’s best friend is a Mac repair guy, and gave up all our equipment, and fixes all problems for free, which keeps us really stupid and helpless. He said we’d have to get a new Mac, as our old one will only play Quicktime videos. Waah! Then he ranted about the evilness of PCs for 20 minutes and how the PC companies just don’t give a sh-. I told him to calm down and go hug his orange marmalade kitty.

    Here on the farm we still live like it’s 1906. My dear husband considers our rotary telephone and electrified washing machine (I have to run the clothes through a ringer!) modern contraptions. I had to drag home an electric range from the dump to replace the wood fired cook stove. Sigh. At least I get to spend my time surrounded by cute farm animals, instead of having a cubicle job- and actually making money!

  108. YouTube runs from Flash, I think (I always have to click on the F button I get with Firefox’s FlashBlock extension). Do you have the latest Flash plugin for Safari? Try here if you don’t: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/alternates/

    That should work…

  109. Just wanted to tell you I loved reading all your comments! This site is great.


    Tom Andrews

  110. By the way, Firefox has a version for Macs as well, which is by far my favorite Mac browser.

  111. Oh my goodness, I think I just died from the cuteness. SOOOO PRECIOUS! EEEEE!!!! Those widdle eyes blinking at the camera. I think I just melted.

  112. To those who are worried about where the mama cat is – obviously, like a proud mommy, she’s the one holding the camera!

  113. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Dawwww KITTINS!! I’m not a cat person either, but come ON. Satan himself couldn’t watch that video without squee-ing.

    I can jsut heare them thinking, ehn! ehn! ehn!

  114. Juniper, I’m sorry… For some reason I thought you were running Jaguar and not OS 9. I found this version of Flash player for OS 9 on the Adobe site:


  115. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    We’s just about gone blind looking at these liddle toddlers a couple times a day. We match these kitties colors perfectly–cepted we growed up. Just the best, got to go so we can all watch the kitten walk again.

  116. Your think this is cute????

    Check out my kitty: http://www.zxocuteboy.com/2006/06/sterling-slepping-in-my-bag.html

  117. That is the cutest video I have ever seen in my life.


  118. Kim Heggen says:

    This video was made my one of my brother’s best friends. All of the kitties found excellent homes. There are actually a couple more short bits on YouTube of the same kittens.

  119. grarrr! I can’t see the vid (;_;)

  120. Suzu — not sure here, but you may need to install the Adobe Shockwave Player plugin into your web browser first…