Meimi Hartman—you are a genius.

Meimi, if you are not already a profesh photographer, you better get on it. Look at this shot, for crying out loud. A SMILING HIPPO!? For God’s sake, get thee to National Geographic.


Hippos might win the ULTIMATE ear-to-head ratio, BTW.



  1. shanchan says:

    Wow! I didn’t even know hippos *could* smile! Great photo!

  2. Hippo stubble!!

  3. YEEP.
    That is NOT a muzzlepuff.

  4. It could be gas.

    That is TEWTELLY a muzzlepuff. The definition is a floofy jowl. I believe there is definite floof…prickley but a floof nonetheless.

  5. michelle says:

    I love it! Even with the chompy factor, LOVE IT!!!

  6. sunnykat says:

    smiling hippo is cute but he needs a shave. i thought i was looking at an aquatic cactus!

  7. Awww, he looks so happy and content. KISSES!!
    *smooch smooch!

  8. Thats what I was thinking…hippo needs a shave. Cute though. 😀

  9. He looks like a sunbather getting out after a week of rain.

    Not a muzzlepuff, a scrufflepuff!

  10. What a beautiful hippo!! I love the nose

  11. cute. cute. cute.

  12. GAH!!! Smiley hippo made my day!

  13. dang. and i thought shaving my legs was a nuissance. imagine waking up to that scruff!

  14. karisma says:


  15. …And that is SO teh ultimate muzzlepuff!!!

  16. constance says:

    hippo kiss :-*


  17. It’s muzzlestickles!


  19. I love it!

  20. AuntieMame says:

    It’s the squint that really makes the smile.

    At first I thought it was some whacking, ugly fish and I was so relieved to discover that it was actually a hippo.

    *doesn’t like fish…*

  21. ‘cha! Smiling hippo! If you haven’t been by BBC today, gotta go and check out the grinning baby zebra. You can practically hear him snickering at you.

  22. Holy Orthodontics, Redzilla! That is one hilarious zeber!!!

  23. Moist spinicles!

  24. SemanticAntics says:

    That smile is because it knows it’s one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

  25. That is awesome!!!

  26. MEG! You should make this a greeting card. I’ve forwarded it to at least 8 people already.

  27. There’s kind of eye-capsule action there too….

  28. He’s also smiling because he knows he’s one hippo-notic example of style and good looks. He doesn’t stop talking about himself! That hippodroned on and on!

  29. Deborah says:

    Egad! Those whiskers on the muzzlepuffs look like the ones on a co-worker’s chin. How disturbing is THAT!

  30. Jenne_R says:

    I’m sorry but the words used here just crack me up (YEEP?)… LOL’ing at work… bad me.

    Pretty sure a hippo smooch would be rather pokey/spiney 😦

  31. OMG that is ugly and so cute at the same time!!

    He’s so funny looking, but that big grin is so hilarious!

  32. Tony James says:

    Broody herr! As the pik was loading I thought Meg had found an albino strawberry somewhere (look, it’s been a long day, ok? :p) and had gone completely off the rails.

  33. OMG! So cute! But when it was first downloading, I thought it was a porcupine or something like that because I couldn’t see the bottom half…

  34. mmmmmmmmmm albino straaaaaaawberries…..

  35. Tony James says:

    Meanwhile, in the world of things that should be cute but aren’t…
    Came across an Indian thing called a kitty party. My eyes lit up, as you can imagine – a room full of floofed and skwee’ed kitties, partying and snorgling – what’s not to like!? Alas, ’twas not to be…even the headline is misleading!! 😦

  36. He’s puckering up to kiss the glass and give it a case of whisker rash. 😉

  37. Too CUTE, at first I thought it was a Walrus…A HIPPO, HOORAY!!

  38. No, Angela, as I recall, someone else was the Walrus.

    Goo Goo G’Joob…

  39. ka9q's wife says:

    I think a kitty party is what my dad would call a hen party.

  40. Only if you want to peck and choose…

  41. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Does anyone else remember a song about hippos called “Mud”? (Not that there’s any mud here. This is one clean hippo.)

    Mud, mud, glorious mud,
    Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood,
    so follow me, follow,
    down to the hollow,
    and there we shall wallow
    in glorious mud!

  42. does anyone know if the “hippo stubble” has a purpose?

  43. Can’t tell you – looks like you’ve come across a real stubbling block.

  44. verrry cute 🙂
    I don’t know about the millions of hair hole things on its face though… really bugs me 😦

  45. “does anyone know if the “hippo stubble” has a purpose?”

    Makes hippo teens look older so they can date the hot college hotties.

  46. denise t. says:

    this is the only time i have ever thought to kiss a hippo!

  47. So cute that I just made it the background on my desktop!

  48. Pricklepuff galore.

  49. you all need to get a life

  50. The Hippopotamus
    Ogden Nash
    Behold the hippopotamus!
    We laugh at how he looks to us,
    And yet in moments dank and grim,
    I wonder how we look to him.
    Peace, peace, thou hippopotamus!
    We really look all right to us,
    As you no doubt delight the eye
    Of other hippopotami.

  51. Hippos are always smiling:
    Wonder what they’re so happy about.

  52. Beautiful bristly creature!

    Now, can someone please come up with a smiling manatee picture?

  53. Here we gather, all of us
    To praise this hippopotamus
    With his whiskers and his grin
    He clearly loves the style he’s in
    He may be large
    A floating barge
    But clubs still admit him free of charge

  54. I want to hug him, I bet he would fit nicely in a hug.

  55. Awwwww! Look at the turned up grin. Look at the happy squinty eye! He’s so cuuuuuuuuuute!

  56. ceebs, Ogden Nash is one of my favorites, a writer full of goofiness!

    Aubrey, on other hand, is a goof full of wordiness. 😉

  57. doncha think both Ogden and Aubery are “full of wordiness,” jaypo? [mischievous smile…]

    Aubrey, I do like your poem, but I’d drop the “still.”

    Floating barge is great – reminds me of the hippo that was brought down *all* the cataracts of the Nile (back before they were flooded out by the Aswan High Dam) in a *bathtub.* See the book “Zarafa” if you think I’m making this up!

  58. A very LARGE bathtub, I might add. (And just did!)

  59. A hippo in a bathtub. Floating down the Nile. Hmm. There’s *lots* of room for delightful speculation on that one. Photoshopping. Poetry. A children’s book. And so on…

  60. EC:

    I had lots of problems with that last line. I wanted to indicate that despite his bigness, clubs would be willing to admit Mr. Hippo without paying cover. Using ‘But’ would seem to cover it, however to me it didn’t – here it comes – scan properly.

    But that extra syllable didn’t help, did it?

    What about:
    “Still, clubs admit him free of charge.”


  61. EC–god bless’em, yep!

    I just read a similar book called “Clara’s Grand Tour” about a Dutch sea captain in the 17th c. who brought a baby rhino back to Europe. They toured all the great courts and she was the rage of Europe. Clara lived till she was 18. True story, great read!

  62. Aubrey, how about:
    “He may be large
    A floating barge”
    Still, clubs admit him free of charge.

    Might work?

  63. ooops, not 17th c. Was in the 18th c.

  64. Great minds, Jaypo, great minds!

  65. [big huggy to all]

  66. cuteness lover says:

    I wish we could kiss them, but then they’d bite or lips off, and maybe our heads. (I’m not sure if any of these words need apostophes, I am scared to use them now, so bear with me). It’s very cute though. I wonder how it would look all shaved?

  67. Flanders and Swan(n) did the hippo mud song…hilarious english songsters…

  68. jaypo, thanks muchly for the rec. on the rhino book. Now I must read it!

    I recently came across Pig on the Titanic, which was written for kids but should have great appeal for adults, too. It’s about a passenger who was able to use her music-box pig to divert the attention of the small children in her lifeboat. (All survived, and so did the toy pig, Maxixe.)

  69. “Still, clubs admit him free of charge.”

    Wow – so easy! And I missed it. Nice to know that Cute Collective™ is out there, eh?!

  70. yea thats pretty good.

  71. cuteness lover says:

    Does anyone remember that song, “I want a hippopotamus for christmas” It’s like a little kid singing the song. At first the song is slightly annoying, but then it’s kind of cute. Now I see why the kid wants one, because they smile!

  72. Piggalette says:

    Very cute. Now we must see a cute rhino! The hubby looooves rhinoceroseses. 🙂

  73. nightbird says:

    I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do. No crocodiles or rhinosauruses, all I want for Christmas are hippopotamuseses…

  74. cuteness lover says:

    That’s the one NIGHTBIRD!!!
    I hang my head and say “I like that song”…..Only because it’s a cute song about animals though. I was always asking for weird animals like that when I was little.

  75. Im really really sorry to burst the cuteness, but in the Puppies Category theres a comment thats really rude, its on the ktitens one too.. =(

  76. chelsea says:

    i like his freckles. or splotchy spots. but i like to call them freckles. :]

  77. eeeeeeek says:

    EEEEK! That is not CUTE

  78. ka9q's wife says:

    I think this Hippo is scary but cute, such a smiling sweet face. I know they kill people all the time but eye capsules people, c’mon.

  79. ohhhhhhhhhhh



  80. Jan Spencer says:

    Is it possible to snorgle a hippo?

  81. I don’t remember any songs about wanting a hippo for Christmas, but I do distinctly remember *getting* Hungry Hungry Hippos for Christmas. An excellent game and one which does reveal the super product cuteness potential of hippos.

  82. Rayndrop says:

    “I don’t want a doll or a dinky tinker toy,
    I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy!”

    Yes, cute song – and cute hippo. I agree, the little hair-holes with the tufts of bristle coming out are kinda gross/bizarre, but that just gives him the ugly-but-also-cute appeal.

    Somebody mentioned manatees and I am thus forced to ask – WHY ARE THERE NO MANATEES HERE?! Manatees are, in their own blubbery, aquatic way, cuter than puppies, kittens, and baby hamsters all rolled into one. I positively ***ADORE*** manatees. I demand manatee-ness!! NOW!!!

  83. gessshh, it’s HUGE

  84. yay for hippos and seacows and all sorts! YAY I SAY!

    and yay for these:

    which just took up about an hour of my time. the hamster has particularly cute legs. aww.

  85. brownamazon says:

    Random fact: in Africa, more people are killed by hippos every year than any other wild animal. Apparently they’re extremely agressive, unpredictable and dangerous. Oh, and they have the charming custom of spraying their liquid poop all over the place, using their tails as a kind of high-velocity eggbeater, to mark their territory.

    Still–outrageously cute ETH ratio (and don’t forget the eye capsules!)We forgive your delinquent behaviour, hippos!

  86. Well, jeez Theo, now that’s gonna be stuck in my head all day. xD “Dugong, dugong, it’s the cow os the sea-ea-EA!” xD

    This guy’s prettty scary ’til you see his little ear. xD And then it’s all “I may have exploding cacti in my mouth, but I’m still adorable!”

  87. MikeyFur says:

    Such a funny face! Are there any baby manatee pics out there? That would be really cute. . .

  88. i LOOOOOOVE the dugong!
    one chewed on my sandal in the fla keys when i was small

  89. “Apparently they’re extremely agressive, unpredictable and dangerous. Oh, and they have the charming custom of spraying their liquid poop all over the place, using their tails as a kind of high-velocity eggbeater, to mark their territory.”

    I think my husband is part hippo.

  90. [tries vainly to gouge out mind’s eye with spork]

  91. Yeah, Theo, everybody always acts like having a great imagination is a good thing, but sometimes, don’t you wish you were a bit duller?

    Anyway…smiling manatees…check out this site:

  92. Yeah, guys, the brillo-pad chin doesn’t impress me…and I wouldn’t want to kiss that one on the nose either, hippos kill more people in Africa per year than sharks, lions, and alligators combined.

  93. Well, RedZ, that hippo is proud of himself for somethin’…

  94. Hehe! I didn’t see Theo’s comment, sorry bout that. Hate to be redindant.

  95. Uuf! Just a little bit bigger and it could have been my new wallpaper. :p

  96. brownamazon says:

    Red: Egads. You must be a saint, woman! Or else you pay your cleaning lady very well.

  97. ka9q's wife says:

    I don’t know, if you are going to hold reprehensible behavior against an animal then look at what dolphins do to each other and sometimes attempt with humans, small boats, interesting rock formations and by one account i read a herring.

  98. Bubbles says:

    (Last line of the Hippo Christmas song) “…And hippopatamusses like me too! They do!”

    I’m with the manatee side of the room. Thank Poseidon I live in San Diego and can spend all day in the manatee exhibit at SeaWorld. Unfortunately my husband now refers to me as his “little sea cow.”

  99. Maybe shaving on your day off is opptional in the animal world too?

  100. abbynormal says:

    When this was loading I thought it was gonna be a baluga whale…they are always smiling too.

  101. Belugas are *squishy* though (seriously!); this water-horse is *spiky*.

  102. Bubbles says:

    Ooh! I loves the fat, squishy-headed belugas, too!

  103. I’m sorry to say, but this picture kind of grossed me out. I think it’s the gargantuan hair folicles.

  104. Maybe those are transceiver antennae. It’s Sea Sputnik!

  105. I think I like the pic ’cause it reminds me of my hairless cat, Flannery. She’s the same color as Hippo, and she also has the completely truncated whiskers common to hairless cats. So, when she gives me extreme kitteh close up kisses in the morning, this is kind of what I see.

  106. WhHAT a great photo!!!!

  107. Such an awesome picture. A shame they’re vicious, dangerous brutes 🙂

  108. Btw, Hippo whiskars = awesome

  109. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Thanks for the information about the song, Dara–the odd thing is I heard it as a kid on a record my folks had by a group called Serendipity. I’m perfectly willing to bet it was a cover version. 🙂

    A bold hippopotamus was standing one day,
    on the banks of the cool Shalimar…
    He gazed at the bottom as it peacefully lay
    By light of the evening star…

    (can’t remember the rest of that verse)

    (And then later in the song all the hippos decide to jump in the river… can’t recall the first half of this verse, but–)

    They dived all at once, with an [can’t recall word] splash,
    Then rose to the surface again
    A regular army
    Of hippopatami
    All singing this haunting refrain…

    Repeat chorus!

  110. Your think this is cute????

    Check out my kitty:

  111. cuteness lover says:

    AAaaahhhhh, Sterling is cute.

  112. stephanie says: