Taking redonkulousness to a whole nutha leva

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? [Say in Adam Sandler doing Jerry Seinfeld voice]



Keep up the good work on Monster House 3D, Bad Ass MC Erica!



  1. AuntieMame says:

    I would much prefer charliechaplincats to hitlercats…

  2. Can I just say “redonkulousness” is my new favorite word?

  3. Sparklecoon says:


  4. AuntieMame says:

    Although the squinchy eyes do make him look kinda tyrant-y.

  5. shanchan says:

    I’m with AuntieMame on this one- why associate kitties with that *&%#*?

  6. dub tee eff?

    Jan (not Spencer):

  7. Tony James says:

    “Ve vill annex ze kitchen cupboard vere ze meowmix iss stored, and zen ve haf big party, yah? You – bald human biped type – you vill be uzeful to uz until ve haf developed ze opposable zumbs in order to be operating ze can opener. You may live – for now…”

  8. I saw this site for the first time a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop laughing the whole time I was checking it out.

  9. Oh, he is indeed luffly!

  10. You win the internets. XD

  11. charlie chaplin, or groucho marx? In this case, half a moustache is better than none. With that elegant black top hat, he would not want to be a member of any club that would have him as a member. 🙂

  12. sorry, this is NOT cute; bad taste…

    please remove this entry if you leave it as “Hitler”

  13. “Springtime for kit-furs
    The purr machines
    I win, you’re held in
    A trance…”

  14. HAHAHAHA “Tony James” comment made me laugh out loud.
    Poor little kittys. 😀

  15. YOU WIN I confess. I did eat the last can of tuna.

  16. Couldn’t they just be “moustache cats”? (They do look pretty funny, tho).

  17. This is lame.

    Hitler = not cute.


  18. LOL I knew someone who had a cat with a moostache like that, she called it Moo Kitty I think, I told her she should call him Hitler…but then, I have that non-PC sense of humor sometimes I guess. That was the first thing I thought of before I saw the link name. sorry peeps!
    Anyway, cute kitty!!!!!

  19. It looks like it escaped from Cute Overlord!

  20. hmm…it seems as though ALL the cats on the hitlercats website are glaring evilly at the camera. i wonder if they’re added based on ‘stache + expression.

  21. Number Two says:

    Mein FURher!

  22. I don’t post that often, but I LOVE this site and check it daily.

    I have to agree with a few of the previous posts– this site is no place for ANY kind of reference to such a dreaded name.

  23. I’m sorry but that site is funneeeeee.
    maybe it’s not “cute” enough for here, but I got a kick out of it!

  24. VOLDEMORT!!!

    There. I said it. Now everybody can go back to chuckling at the mini-mustachioed kittehs.

  25. Mein Meow says:

    OH Come On, it’s a cute kitty! and YES it DOES look like Hitler! Life must be hard for you guys without a sense of humor. Don’t hate da kitty, hate da game. PS.. Tony James rocks.

  26. You vill snorgle me und you vill like it!!

  27. endbringer says:

    Better to make light of the past, even if it is a dark corner, then to sweep it under the rug. Cute picture :O

  28. ‘Furher’. So very nice.

    This cat perfurs to be called Mr. Hilter. He follows the World Cup and also likes to go hiking through England’s mountain’s green with his friends Mr. Bimmler and Ron Vibbentrop.

  29. Oh, please. Don’t start with the “not funny” and “not cute” comments. If geniuses like Charlie Chaplin and Mel Brooks and Monty Python can make fun of Hitler, don’t you think your outrage is a bit, well… self-indulgent?

    P.S. By making fun of tyrants, we reduce their power over us. Even Gandhi knew that.

  30. Saska, LoL!

  31. when he was making “the producers” for the first time, mel brooks said, in the face of mass controversy, that the best way to deal with the evils of the past was to laugh at it. personally i agree with him. otherwise we are showing a form of reverence and creating more fear.

    on another note – on the hitlercats website – check out the third or fourth down – it looks like the plug and lead go into the cat. A catlamp!!!

  32. Tony James says:

    “Zere vill be no reduction in ze power of the pussyycat! I em your overlord, und you VILL bow to me! Zere vill be soft cushions on every sofa to be for ze sitting down und shedding upon, und I rekvire zat all humans of ze lower orders vill make mit ze snorgling ON KOMMAND! Und now I zink I shall zleep – you may bring me tuna in precizely von ower!”

  33. Tony James: DON’T MENTION THE WAR! Well, you started it… No we didn’t. You invaded poland!!

  34. Springtime for Hitler, and Germany!!

  35. I think Tony James has the “Colonel Klink” lingo dead on! I felt my eyes beginning to squint and one eyebrow rise up as I read it. 🙂

  36. “I know nuh-SINK!”

  37. Aubrey, I’d forgotten all about that. Thanks so much for making me hork milk out my nose!

  38. <3 Mrs. Bialystock!

    Hehe, someone had to say it 😉

  39. Wow. I really don’t know how to feel about this one. It ain’t the cat’s fault though.

  40. ShelleyTambo says:

    Someone commented recently that the Pet of the Week at my shelter looked like Hitler. I suggested adding that to her description online but was voted down.

  41. Aw, DAMN, Shelley! Don’t your colleagues at the shelter understand that this is JUST the sort of detail that might attract the right warped-humor, eccentric adopter? Pity…

  42. Wow. I don’t really want to say anything much about this, except that I *can* see how the “Hitlercats” thing could be offensive/hurtful to the surviving folks who lived through the Holocaust.

    I’m with AM, wanting to see chaplincats instead…

  43. ‘Scuse me, but it looks like Mr. Hitler kitty’s look of annoyance is the same squeezy-eyed face my cat makes when he’s happy. The one paw streched out and the other paw slightly curled proves that Mr. Hitler kitty is actually making happy-kitty-paws.

  44. I am totally with Saska-


  45. Umm… not the worst thing I’ve seen as a jew and to be honest its definately not the cats’ fault. Sadly though most people wouldn’t get the Chaplin/Groucho reference in recent generations, people do however get the Hitler reference all too well. Leave it to a *@%#&%*$ to make a funny mustach famous.. oy… poor little kittys…

  46. Didn’t the Historic Anderson (Cat) House have a Hitler kitty in the sink? I seem to remember it did…

  47. All I know is, this kitty is so freaking anerable I just want to grab him and squeeze him and kiss him all over the place. He would be helpless to my ministrations.

  48. my only beef with this site is that it too often confuses “cute” with “clever” or “mildly amusing.”

    yeah, some cats look like they have mustaches, and some of said mustaches might resemble those of various famous people throughout history. but it’s not cute. it’s not even that amusing.

    now, post more paw pads and fuzzywuzziesnorglekins.

  49. “I’m with AM, wanting to see chaplincats instead…”

    But I always preferred Keaton to Chaplin…so whenever I see a kitty, staring, stone-face like, could it actually channeling Buster?

  50. Maybe, Aubrey!

  51. Yeah! So… So there! Nyah! (roll roll go the eyes, round and round my head)

  52. Doodalalala says:

    Oh God, the eyes. I wonder if he has a Stalin counterpart…?

  53. lol oops, didn’t post fast enough to come right after kitty’s comment

  54. Jackie from Michigan says:

    You people are so PC these days. Can’t we just enjoy the kitty’s proshness?

  55. Well, I don’t know that it’s a PC thing. There is no euphemism for Hitler. I know that some people would not find it amusing, but just take it at face value – the most recognizable feature of Hitler was his ridiculous little moustache. These kitties, through no fault of their own, all have colour patterns that make them seem to have the same ridiculous little moustache. I take a personal interest in all things Holocaust yet, as I mentioned earlier, I find the pictures on this site hysterical. I don’t find it disrespectful at all. Now if the site existed because Hitler had created a whole race of kitties to look like him……. 🙂

  56. Mockery can serve as an excellent revenge.

  57. AAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I have a Hitler cat who lives next door and his sister Ms. Hitler! They go by the names “Tennesee” and “Zephyrus,” but now I know the TRUTH!

  58. sunshine says:

    ouch.this is NOT cute.sorry.


  60. I’m with you re: Keaton, Aubrey (especially if the cat is wearing a bow tie and rumpled hat…)

  61. LOL, Aubrey, at “Springtime for kit-fur” – I’d love to see that musical!

  62. Perfect kitty pose, too. Cute – moustachioed or not.

  63. Yeah, this is pretty much the “benevolent contempt for humanity” look that my cats give me.

  64. So, what I’m sayin is “I get enough of this at home. Couldn’t I get more cute, less ‘clean the litterbox already’?”

  65. I agree with M-. This ain’t the most offensive thing I’ve seen as a Jew. I, personally, think the cat is cute. His expression says it all (and Tony James is kind enough to translate for us!)

  66. ShelleyTambo says:

    @J.Bo–“Don’t your colleagues at the shelter understand…”

    Well, this kitty, named “Mom” because she had kittens (how original–this is what I deal with!) was adopted without the Hitler reference–although I did mention it in passing. The adopter, her mother, and her sister all snorted and then promptly tried to look ashamed. In fact, Mom was adopted almost three weeks ago and yet is still up as Pet of the Week because SOME of our volunteers (our VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR) haven’t gotten around to changing the website yet although multiple people have been begging…not that I have an issue with that.

  67. Ryuu, I understand, but… some folks who lived through the War (II, you know) might not feel that way. (Not that there are many left – but it’s my folks’ generation, see?)

    Back to the moustachioed kitty thing, meet Groucho:


  68. E. Collison, how do they feel about The Producers? Not trolling, genuinely curious. I’m not offended by this but I’m not Jewish so don’t think my opinion counts.

  69. Some of them could pass for Chaplin or Groucho I guess, but not this poor little guy:


    It looks like it may be the original post on that page, so maybe it’s the blogger’s own kitty?

  70. I thought it was hilarous, but remember, Mel Brooks is Jewish and he can get away with things that I never, ever could! 😉

    Seriously, I grew up with people whose families were in the camps. My guess is that some jokes would only cause pain for many of them – but not all. However, the suffering many of them endured is no small thing, and I don’t want to trivialize it and/or be insensitive to those who’ve gone through similar horrors. So.

    it was sheer conincidence that I found a moustachioed kitty named Groucho (see my previous post), but I thought he was a good fit here.

  71. There’s nothing funnier than Hitler!

    Great site, thanks!

  72. I’m laughing AND scared at the same time — love when that happens!

  73. okay picture this but with an all black, long haired cat. That’s what my cat looks like 🙂


  74. Err, folks, I meant “hiar*i*ous.”

    I’m gonna sic my rabbit on them durned neo-Nazis, and if you think that’s an empty thread, think again! Bunny got *teeth*!


  75. err, one more time: hilarious.

    there, I’m too punchy to type anymore tonight.

  76. E.C. — I’ve read emptier threads.

  77. EC – I think I’ve seen teeth like that somewhere before:


  78. Callooh! Bunnay!
    I chortle in my joy.

  79. I’m sure you have, fffeeo!

    And you said “Bunnay.” Perhaps that lagomorph in your house is getting to you…

  80. T –
    Rest you by the bun-bun tree
    Consider what you’ve wrought

  81. Claudia says:

    The cat is cute. Hitler is not.

  82. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh! Your bun, finally. (Great shot.)


  83. warrior rabbit, i wish I could take credit for that photo, but alas, it is not mine. It came from the Bunny Yawn site, at http://www.talkingegg.com The site owner is bunny-yawn crazy.

    here, for the teeth, is Arvay’s own Bunn:


  84. Gah!! Chompy buneh!

    Tim:There he is!

    King Arthur: Where?

    Tim: There!

    King Arthur: What? Behind the rabbit?

    Tim: It *is* the rabbit!

    King Arthur: You silly sod!

    Tim: What?

    King Arthur: You got us all worked up!

    Tim: Well, that’s no ordinary rabbit.

    King Arthur: Ohh.

    Tim: That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

    Sir Robin: You tit! I soiled my armor I was so scared!

    Tim: Look, that rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide! It’s a killer!

    Sir Galahad: Get stuffed!

    Tim: He’ll do you up a treat, mate.

    Sir Galahad: Oh, yeah?

    Sir Robin: You manky Scots git!

    Tim: I’m warning you!

    Sir Robin: What’s he do? Nibble your bum?

    Tim: He’s got huge, sharp… er… He can leap about. Look at the bones!

    King Arthur: Go on, Bors. Chop his head off!

    Sir Bors: Right! Silly little bleeder. One rabbit stew comin’ right up!

    [after Bors is killed by the killer rabbit]
    Tim: I *warned* you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you *knew*, didn’t you? Oh, it’s just a harmless little *bunny*, isn’t it?

  85. You know, when I first saw the trailer for that movie – not the movie itself, mind – I laughed so hard I nearly broke a rib.

  86. E.C. (and Arvay) — that’s not a rabbit in that photo, that’s JAWS!

    Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I wanna go to bed…

  87. pinupkate says:

    there’s nothing like reducing hitler to a joke pertaining to fuzzy kitties that proves that goodness and cuteness can indeed triumph over even the most supreme of evils!

    seriously though, i’m jewish and i honestly could not stop laughing. i think it’s a great thing to be able to joke about it, because we can’t let the nazis get the last laugh. so everyone grab a kitty and join in the fun…

  88. Nothing less than world domination in mind. At the very least, the conquest of Europe.

  89. cuteness lover says:

    I think there is a mini-drama on just about every picture you post. This cat is cute, whether you call him a hitler cat or a chaplin cat. either way he looks synical, and thats cute!

  90. Woe Is Me says:

    Sieg smile!!!

  91. Michelle says:

    That’s hilarious! Some of those photos really creep me out. But in a Mel Brooks musical kinda way.

  92. Michelle says:

    Mel Brooks said it best when he said you take away Hitler’s power when you laugh at him.

  93. Maureen says:

    Slushy, honey, I laughed hardest at the cat you linked. Just look at his “hair” on top of his teeny tiny black moustache… he’s definitely a hitler cat.

  94. JesstheMess says:

    Aw, c’mon, this is hilarious. There’s one on the website that even has markings on its head that look like Hitler hair.

    What about all the World War II era Bugs Bunny cartoons that made fun of Hitler as a sort of way to rally the troops at home? Are people offended by those?

  95. I had a neighbor once who had a cat with this type of marking. I used to call him “Vato Gato” until I learned his real name (Neptune).

    N.B. I’m Jewish, I had relatives in the “camps,” and I agree with Mel Brooks. I remember my dad, when I was about 12, getting a Mercedes and “reading” the owner’s manual in that Col. Klink voice. “Eef your vindshield viper doss not verk, you vill hef to shoot it!” Jews will make more Hitler jokes than practically anybody. We *have* to.

  96. Oh, I’m not offended by Hitler-kat, but really, it’s hard for me to see too much harmless fun in the Hitler Kitty blog.

  97. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, E.C. — not your bun? Or just not you who took the picture? Still cute. I went to talkingegg.com, but it’s run out of bandwidth until next month, which I guess is Saturday.

    I have to admit that, I, too am a little nuts for yawning bunnies. If I see mine stretching/yawning, I have to stop what I’m doing and watch. I also feel that way about her eating cilantro/parsley. I’m mesmerized by how it disappears like a log entering a sawmill.

    I love that pic of Arvay’s bun. When I first saw it, I thought (from that angle) it was like mine. Until she posted the rest of him.

  98. I too am Jewish, my late grandfather survived the camps; and he always used to tell us how he and his friends in the camps would always make jokes, while facing a certain death each and every day; it’s what they did in order to preserve their sanity. I dare say that grandad would have appreciated the humour: Hitler to him was not worthy of silent fear, but of contempt and ridicule. So, he’d be all for making fun of him, I think. And the kitties… I think that in their feline way, they appreciate the humour too 🙂
    To quote the (late) Albus Dumbeldore – “Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself”. I’m not afraid of Hitler’s memory. I’m here, despite his efforts. And I’m looking at cute cats with funny little “moustaches” like he sported, and I’m laaaaaauuughing! HAHAHAHAHA!

    So there. I love you, grandad, wherever you are 🙂

  99. >>”Eef your vindshield viper doss not verk, you vill hef to shoot it!”

    lmao! i nearly spat my tea when i read that, lol. good on your dad. 🙂

  100. That cat is SO regal and beautiful and, yes, cute, no matter what his markings are.

    And the buns with teeth…..hilarious and terrifying!!!

    And….great thoughts on humor versus evil! Such a philosophical and enlightening site! 😉

  101. Villeline says:

    It’s not *not funny* because it refers to Hitler, but because it’s not funny. And it’s definitely not cute.

    I’m with kitty, and ask that we go back to posting “paw pads and fuzzywuzziesnorglekins”.

  102. Ok, I am almost late for work every day cuz I get on CO and can’t drag myself away….
    Could you guys possibly flash a huge closeup of scary bun-teeth, with a loud DUNDUNDUN music so I will be scared off to work???
    Thanks in advance!

  103. Kris, in New England says:

    Condescending kitty with silly moustache = funny indeed.

    E. Collins: LOVED the yawning bun!

  104. I aggree with J.Bo and lille, who made the first comments. All of you people who think it isn’t cute/funny because it refers to Hitler should read their comments first and think about them.

    And for those who don’t think it’s either funny or cute: this is Meg’s site and she posts whatever she thinks belongs here. Has always been like that and always will be, hopefully.

  105. *sigh* Five missed days of Cute Overload and SO many pictures and komments to katch up with. How to manage it all? (and btw, Herr Adolf up there is pretty cute, yes).

  106. Look at how sleek his fur is. Regardless of the site, he’s a beauty. I, personally, think the site is pretty funny. You either have to laugh or cry.

  107. @ warrior rabbit, Kris (and everyone else) – no, that’s *not* my bun. But, like other rabbits, my bun does indeed yawn and show her “scary” teeth…

    As for wanting to see my bun-rab, patience, patience. You will be rewarded in due course.

  108. Hitler=not funny
    Hitler cats= I have to hang my head in shame and admit I was tearing up with laughter

    There is something about diminishing one the world’s most infamous evil-doers to a fluffy mustached kitty.

    Mel Brooks is one of my heroes not just because he makes me laugh out loud consistently (except for “Dracula Dead and Loving it,” sorry Mel) but because he recognizes the awesome power of laughter.

    The simplest, corniest and yes even the most utterly “inappropriate” of jokes have the power to lift even the blackest and heaviest pall of misery.

    I will grant you that some people don’t feel like laughing after a horrible life-changing trauma. Fair enough. They think it will diminish the memory and make people forget… perhaps dooming it to repetition.

    I think there are only a very small amount of people who can look at the historical facts or live though that awful time and simple shrug it off as, “not so bad,” after listening to a chorus of “Springtime for Hitler.”

    I think that what laughter does in this case is provide relief and in some case a small sense of empowerment.

    O.k. I’m stepping down from my soapbox now.

    Happy 80th birthday Mel!

  109. EricaE: Yes!!!

  110. clarissa says:

    I think the picture is photoshopped… ):

  111. AuntieMame says:

    I agree with Erica, too, and for the record, I was not saying that hitlercats shouldn’t exist, but simply that I am personally uncomfortable with something that appears to make light of a murdering monster who was personally responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

    That’s not PC. And contrary to what some people appear to think, being anti-PC is not permission to say any rude thing that pops into your mind. You are still required to abide by ordinary rules of civilized, polite behavior.

    (And I also think the cat with the Hitler hair has a ‘shopped mustache. Sorry, but I do…)

  112. Again with the SHOPPED blarney. Fine, have it your way.

    For the record, though, this pic of Arnold from the Historic Anderson House is *not* photo-edited, beyond a little cropping (who really needs to look at litter boxes?).

  113. rosecoloredglasses says:

    Hitler was a DOG lover. These sweet little kitty photos are making him spin in his grave with rage! Take that, Mr. Nazi Pants!!

  114. Sorry for being so late in repsonding!

    Okay, it would be remiss of me, not to respond to what ‘my’ comment may have sparked.

    First, my wholehearted “Thank You” to all that responded with your examples of personages who believe that humor is but one key factor to help eradicate the fear a single name can foster; even all these many years later.

    For me though, there remains a feeling that something is somewhat amiss with that line of thinking. Not that I mean to totally discount the reasoning. Because I’ve enjoyed and laughed—at and with—the more ‘famous’ people you all cited as examples. For me, I believe it tends to support a desensitization of sorts. And that, I also believe is something that we cannot afford.

    To use and/or speak a name gives power to it. And there are too many organizations to this day, that do what they can to keep the purposes such a name symbolizes, alive and fully dedicated to the original reason it struck fear in so many in the first place.

    Secondly, to offer my own humble example—though it relates to an infamous name my generation either reveres or rightly fears. Were it not for the fear it clearly evokes, though I may wish to relate how silly & utterly ridiculous those satin-sheet hoodies look on those members looking for a place to plant a fiery cross… My jest—though it may make ME feel better; thinking I may take them down a notch or three—would lead only to the inadvertent addition of one more can of gasoline to their ever-waking desire to instill their way of thinking.

    No, for me, I believe it will take more than well-meaning humor to conquer and/or arrest that kind of fear.

    Though I do appreciate the exchange this created –even in such a place dedicated to so much precious Cuteness— my mind, for I can speak only for my own, remains unchanged.

    Happy cuteness,


  115. Some people aren’t happy unless they’re complaining.

    My husband and I have been referring to such cats as Hitler cats for ages.

    We happen to find it somewhat cute and amusing.

    Cute is in the eye of the beholder. So just because you don’t find it as such, doesn’t mean it isn’t to someone else.

    Oh, and I will be waiting while the Hitler cats take over Poland.

  116. brownamazon says:

    umm…The Cats from Brazil?

    On a related topic, have you guys *read* the comments on the Hitlercats site? It’s all endless pompous, nasty little squabbles between Brits, Americans and Germans. About what? WWII? The Holocaust? Reconstruction? Oh no, people. They’re fighting about GRAMMAR and SPELLING. Oh, and some guy talking about “amputating his own buttocks with an uncooked sausage”, or something like that. I practically peed in my pants. Who needs Yalta when you’ve got these illuminaries?

  117. Well… at least it looks like the the confessed Jews like Ryuu, pinupkate, Andee, Hila and myself agree that we can see the amusement…
    Hitler sucked a$$, he is dead thankfully, these poor cats have the humourous misfortune to look like him/Groucho/Chaplin, cats are cute… and though we may find the power to laugh… we never forget. Hell people what do you think Jewish holidays are mostly about? As some comedian said… “They tried to kill us, we survived, lets eat!” Welcome to Jewish holidays 101. *g*

  118. A Fine Morsel says:

    Talk about KITsch!! I love these Hitler cats!

  119. mel brooks says that the best way to get back at hitler is to make people laugh at him…hence “the producers” and springtime for hitler…just a thought.

  120. Combover kitty may have a p-shopped stache, but the others don’t. That site is hilarious.

  121. “They tried to kill us, we survived, lets eat!”


    Would it be better if we didn’t know who Hitler was? I think not.

    And come on, the little dude with the combover? COME ON, y’all!

    -Bad Ass MC Erica

  122. quoting EricaE:

    “except for “Dracula Dead and Loving it,” sorry Mel”

    aw c’mon, when he sang “yes we have nosfteratu, we have nosferatu today” to the tune of “yes we have no bananas” i thought i was going to hurt myself laughing.

    but otherwise, yeah. not so good.

    carry on


  123. I love the open-mouth bunny! Bunbun could totally beat up some Hitler kitties (not that it’s their fault that they happen to have a moustache!)

  124. M-

    O.k. I’ll give you the Nosferatu song. *snickers*

    But honestly my absolute favorite Brooks film… and quite possibly one of his most screamingly un-PC is “Blazing Saddles” Nobody escapes a good taunting in that one, especially poor Marlena Dietrich. …who in my opinion never had any business singing in her movies and deserves the taunting.

    Next on my list would have to be Spaceballs (’cause I’m a Star Wars geek)


  125. EC, that is YOUR bunny?

    Hah! That is one of my favorites! What happened to the yawning buns site, anyway?

  126. AuntieMame is being a PC nazi.

  127. Yeah, that’s helpful, Enra.

  128. “EC, that is YOUR bunny?

    Hah! That is one of my favorites! What happened to the yawning buns site, anyway?”

    Arvay, nope, not my bun, though i would be absolutely thrilled if I could get such a good shot!

    the yawning bun site keeps crashng due to server overload. Evidently it’s quite popular. 😉

  129. “Marlena Dietrich. …who in my opinion never had any business singing in her movies and deserves the taunting.”

    Are you ever right on that one! Maybe she did better at making spaghetti? (See http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052311/fullcredits )

  130. Ok so I finally got around to viewing the full site.

    The poor kitty with the comb-over is too much! LOL!

  131. metzger, sod off.

    isn’t it amazing that — despite the differences in opinion — for the most part, debates are respectfully communicated here? thanks folks…it’s such a refreshing change from the rest of the intarwebs.

    now, methinks metzger needs a cuddle puddle. we’ll melt that icy heart of yours.

    ps. i heart hitler cats (and the site dedicated to them)

  132. warrior rabbit says:

    brownamazon —
    I read many of the comment threads last night on the “kitler” (theirs!) site and totally cracked up. Program vs. programme, and much, much more. Also caught the sausage comment. Hysterical.

    Re: Mel Brooks, I think his best work by far is Young Frankenstein. Can’t tell you how many times me, my friends, and my brother quote it. “Puhhhhttin’ onnn…the Riiiiiiiiiiitzzzz.” Wha’ hump, put ze candle beck, and so on. Best.

  133. DLT — Metz who??

  134. Ack… there are two of us… M & M-…. hmmm… though I must agree Dracula Dead & Loving it was great IMHO…

  135. *Absolutely yes* on “Young Frankenstein.”

    I remember when Madeleine Kahn made her Saturday Night Live debut, singing “I Feel Pretty” while wearing her Young F. costume. Kewl!

  136. Incredibly, horribly offensive!

  137. heh. You can be the M&M-s.

  138. The_Dude_Abides says:

    I invoke Godwin’s Law!!! 😉

  139. …and Moore’s.

  140. Nickole says:

    I’m not sure if I find that cat cute or scary…

    He may be purring and working the blanket in joy, but on the other hand his patience with the lower lifeforms may be at and end, and he’s ready to leap and destroy us all.

    What does PC mean, by the way? I’m pretty sure it’s not Personal Computer you’re referring to…

    Just another stupid question from a foreigner…

  141. “What does PC mean, by the way?”
    Petty Crime. What else?

    (No, seriously, it’s “Politically Correct”)

  142. pernilla says:

    Hey hey, American people, I just showed this to my colleagues in Munich, Germany and then we laughed for about fifteen minutes! Off course it’s funny!!! And if someone intentionally googles to find nazistuff and ends up finding CO instead, I’d say it’s quite…positive!

  143. Nickole says:

    Thanks Theo.

    My hottest guess was Persistently Cuarrelative, until I remembered that “quarrel” is spelled with a q.

    And I’m not sure about the inflection, either…

  144. Shelley says:

    I think this cat looks like America’s Next Top Model (Season One) runner-up Elyse Sewell.

  145. Yeah Nickole… and it’d be “quarrelsome” too, not “quarrelative” (which sounds to me like a petulant mother-in-law).

  146. *phew* I was so afraid that this picture was going to end up with a gazillion comments..like the one I won’t mention, but happens to involve a certain kitten and small child. Please don’t kill me for bringing THAT up.

  147. Nickole says:

    “Yeah Nickole… and it’d be “quarrelsome” too, not “quarrelative” (which sounds to me like a petulant mother-in-law)”

    I think there is a need for a word meaning a petulant mother-in-law (or other relative of your choice). In Norwegian we have the excellent expression “svigermorssvin”, which means, literally: mother-in-law-swine. That’s reserved for mother-in-laws who overstay their welcome and criticise the upbringing of your kids.

    And Amanda, now I have no choice but to write the word “ABUSE!” in large, aggressive letters.

    You HAD to bring up bad memories of “kitten-in-distress-is-not-cute-it-will-be-punished-for-scatching-the-child-I-just-know-it-anyone-can-see-that’s-going-to-happen-on-the-next-picture-they-don’t-let-us-see-that-oh-no-they-keep-THAT-hidden.”

    Consider yourself reprimanded. Not killed, though. I’m still not a killing person, even if I did have a restless night. Every time I tried counting sheep, I broke up laughing from the sheep puns provided by another picture’s comments..

  148. Bad memories? BAD ones?? That thread was a hoot!

    Nickole — I’d suggest saving yourself some effort: Skip the sheep; count the PUNS. (And plan to have a triple-shot mocha in the morning, because girl, you won’t be sleeping.)

  149. Nickole says:

    Yeah, the sheep-counting method is lost forever…

    That thread was scary, when you’re losing too much sleep over cute overload and is starting to get slightly paranoid! “They can tell what is going to happen on the next picture! They have agents everywhere! Here comes the UFO!”

    *running around in panic, splashing mocha everywhere*

  150. When I was a baby I had a patch of hair that looked like a comb-over, and my parents called it a “Hitler combover”. I think as a visual icon, there’s no getting around it that people will make that knee-jerk association, and why try to censor the human mind’s inclination to do so? Seems artificial. I prefer honesty. Truth makes for better humor.

    (I never found Chaplin funny or interesting, anyhow.)

  151. I know! I mean, if the black box is the only thing that survives a plane crash, why don’t they make the whole plane out of the black box?

  152. Boy, I can’t decide whether that was spam or schizophrenia.

  153. Hitler Kitty!!!!
    It even has an evil look in its eyes…

  154. He’s an angel…you people have issues you need to hash out on something other than a pet site…