Holy eyeballs


LIl’ Hammie "India" reaches as far as she can to say:

"FEAR MY MASSIVE B.E.F., PEOPLE!" [nose twitch]


Holy Beadiness, Sabrina R.! Amazing. Perhaps the beadiest I’ve ever seen!



    Back off my grill, dog!
    er… ham!

  2. Okay, now I need to buy 1000 hamsters and let them run free all over my bedroom. Thanks a lot, guys!

  3. Holy BEF!

    I just want to kiss her lil nose. Mwaaahhh!!

  4. Don’t forget the 7 cats.

  5. yo!

    squish that little hammies nose and her beady eyes might just pop right out.


    but awww, really (at the hammy, not the eye popping).

  6. persimmontree says:

    aie! pink nosicle!

  7. So much cute packed into such a little face!

  8. Oh how cute!! There is too much cuteness on this site!

  9. Yes, 7 cats, all marmalades. You have taught me well. Oh, and throw in that dorky llama for good measure.

  10. A Fine Morsel says:

    Primo cheek puff! But the eyes look a lot like the eyes of whole shrimp…

  11. StormCat says:

    Whiskerage!! Just LOOK at the whiskerage!!! And earage!!! Can you believe she’s got such big ears?!? *sigh*

  12. punkpie says:

    This picture reminds me of a sad yet funny memory… mamy moons ago, when my sister was about 6, she had a pet hamster like this… she accidentally held/squeezed it too hard and its eyes popped out! They returned to normal but I give her so much crap about it to this day. LOL (that ham lived a LONG time… he was ok.)

  13. Ohhhh…. hammy lips and cheek puffs practically in 3-D no less… coolness supreme!

  14. aaaaaaaaaaah i’m being freaked out now…

  15. (Scan this! ;o) )

    There once was a beady eyed ham
    And into tight places he’d cram
    His round fluffitude
    Till his eyes were skewed
    Then squeaked, “Here’s another fine jam.”

  16. Close, EricaE…
    Till his eyes, THEY were skewed…needs a syllable/emphasis moment there.

  17. oh, and then HE squeaked…
    Theo? whaddaya think?

  18. you are so corny and annoying.

  19. Thanks for sharing…I used to like this site for lack of flaming. What call to say that I am annoying? Not very nice.

  20. Dara,

    If you add they it would be 6. I thought it was supposed to be 88558.

  21. In this case, it’s more about emphasis (stress) than syllable counting…Theo, fearless leader…care to weigh in? No offense…it is certainly a squee-tastic hammerick!

  22. I was going for the literal translation. No offense taken. I did ask for it. ;o)
    I’m just trying to understand the concept. If one is off on the syllable count does it not discount it as a limerick?
    Is this a case of poetic license or an actual mechanic I’m not grasping?



  23. Dara, you’re correct about the stress, emphasis AND otherwise. After an effort, one is deserving a long rest in a hammock. In the Hamptons.

  24. Really… if it were up to me, I’d allow 99559, if it held together aesthetically. (‘Cause that’s as close as I’ve been able to get, seems like.)

  25. And for those who want to play with poetry without taking up precious cute bandwidth. And apparently upsetting certain people….


    It’s mostly for sonnets but they have and other category.

  26. Who cares about BEF? I’m all about that fuzzy pink snoot! 😀

  27. Theo, everyone here is held together most aesthetically.

  28. If anyone has an example of a perfectly scanning limerick I would be very interested in viewing it.

    …sorry for past and future typos. I seem to be making a lot of those today. *sigh*

  29. In dutch, bef means licking a pussy, if you know what i mean…

  30. In dutch, bef means licking a pussy, if you know what i mean…

    It’s also the former belgian currency.

  31. Yes, poof. We know what you mean. It’s when cats groom each other. Sweet!

  32. Beady, popping, gelatinous eyes. Not so cute for me.

  33. Don’t focus on the poppy eyes, Annie D. Look at dee nose. Dee little twitchy, whisker bedecked nose!!! That’s it, I’ma do it: SQUEEEEEEE!

  34. “Poppy eyes will make you sleeeeep…”

  35. “Theo, everyone here is held together most aesthetically.”

    Aubrey, i can’t help wondering about the *opposite* of this – what do you think it would be?!

  36. ‘Falling apart derivitively and most pathetically’?

    Not even close, but a start. Should make for an interesting lunchtime project, EC!

  37. E.C. — ever’body here done blowed up reeeal good. Ayup.

  38. …aka POIT, ‘splode, cute-overload, etc.

  39. btw — Aubrey — I *never* acquiesce to absolutes.
    No exceptions.

  40. My late great Gluon beats this fella for BEF.


  41. yes!

    kitty playing basketball:


  42. I’d like to suggest an “EHN!” category. These are some of my favorites, and I’d love to see a page full of “EHN!”s.

  43. …and [chuckles], Kitkat. Air Tabby!
    Got any hammies shooting hoops?

  44. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    The nose! THE NOSE! Want to kiss widdle pink nosey…

  45. AuntieMame says:

    There was a young man from Japan
    Whose limericks never would scan.
    When asked why it was,
    He said, “It’s because
    I always try to fit as many words in the last line as I possibly can.”

    There once was a man who’d report,
    He was not of the limerick sort.
    Though he’d write not too messily,
    His last lines were excessively

    There was a young fellow from Beeze,
    Who was stung in the neck by a wasp.
    When asked “Does it hurt?”
    He replied, “No, it doesn’t;
    “It would have been terrible if it had been a hornet.”
    — W.S. Gilbert

  46. enuff with the effing hamsters already.

  47. Theo – ‘splain? (second time I’ve posted a request for an explanation on CO; I must be particularly dense today)

  48. Mame, yr. a nut!
    Aubrey, must be a dense “Cloud of Unknowing” covering the country coast to coast. [scratches head and yawns]

  49. Noooooooo! The wordiness is faaaailing meeee….

    Aubrey — that clever-ism was in response to your assertion that “everyone here is held together most aesthetically.”


  50. Awwwwww, obviously “cute” is in the beady eyes of the behelder!

    And the wondrous fuzzy nosicle!

    I love all the cute-inspired poetry, and jokes and educational “sharing” around here! 😉

  51. Well, when I typed it I meant “behelder” but on further rumination I do believe I really meant “beholdee”……

  52. Kris, in New England says:

    Yeah she’s cute, but no hammy has it over Lucy @ http://www.hamstertracker.com/. She’s the cutest hammy there is, bar none.

    OK, I know, I need to get out more… 😀

  53. sunshine says:

    ooooohhhhh sooooo cuuuuute!

  54. Kris in NE, Lucy is the Queen of them all. Not only is she byootiful, she’s smart and f-a-s-t, a big ham in a hammie body. –jaypo in NE

  55. I will take your sigh and raise it to an embarrassed ‘ohhhhhhh…’

    Call me and think me:
    S – supremely
    T – tremendously
    U – ubiquitously
    P – profoundly
    I – innocuous and
    D – dense

    And I thank you!

  56. LOL….Habitrails for Humanity!

  57. warrior rabbit says:

    Arvay, your Gluon looks like he has croquet balls for eyes. Or it could be just me.

    Lucy the hammie is awesome, but all I ever see her do (via webcam) is sleep. And I thought she spent all that time a-runnin’ on her wheel!

    Although she does sleep adorably.

  58. you guys r silly says:

    I’m just wondering:
    Is the HOLE in one’s nosicle called a NOSTRICLE?

  59. Cute! It looks like she’s straining so hard her eyes are going to pop out.

  60. I can’t do 88558 either. Here’s a 99559.

    A cat filled with evil infinite
    Raised absolute hell in a minute
    His name was Leroy
    And he could destroy
    A mansion and everything in it.

    (my godfather wrote that!)

  61. Her little nose looks like a raspberry! Cute!

  62. YGRS — groan…
    These puns are gonna put me in the hopsicle.

    (blame Nickelodeon & Rugrats for that one)

  63. Ooo ooo, I WORK in a hopsicle!
    And there’s nuthin’ like a good pun!

  64. Lauri, you do? That’s wild! That’s impopsicle!

  65. If there weren’t other people around, I would be nose-nuzzling with the screen right now. … Aw screw it. *nuzzles the screen* Hammiepants!!!

  66. You chuckleheads need to STOP.

  67. I’ll be honest, I love hamsters…soooo cute. But this one is just too close up and kind of freaks me out!

  68. btw sorry about the double post, it wasn’t responding so i thought it didn’t work

  69. As I understand it, the important bit of the limerick is the number of beats in each syllable. This is why the famous limerick opener “There was a young man from Nantucket” is valid.

    I could be wrong, but I’ve always known it as


    Where the numbers represent not total syllables, but rather emphasized syllables or beats.

    Someday I’ll be inspired to write a CO sestina, but until then I leave the limericks in the capable hands of you rhyming types.

    ObBEF: they look like those security camera covers in Vegas hotel elevators.

  70. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Holy hammie closeup! What kind of lens did they use to get THAT shot?

  71. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Augh!! The second cute pink nose in a WEEK! I die now.

  72. sunshine says:

    beady eye factor alert! take cover!
    rest in peace,Brak_Silverbone

  73. Is it normal to sit for hours with dopey open-mouthed smile on face and not blink? Just wondering. Hypothetically.

  74. Hypothetically, or HYPNOTICALLY?

    Yeem yeem yeem…

  75. Laurie C says:

    chacha, I loved that limerick. To whoever was asking, that one scanned just fine.

  76. Careful, Laurie C… like Cinnamon the Disapproving Rabbit, I can find fault in *anything,* starting with the IMproper emPHAsis on the second sylLAble in the word “inFInite.” But really, where’s the fun in that? [evil schmirk] OK, I might be having just a little bit of fun.

    Anyway, it’s totally fixable with a quick edit to the first line, maybe something like “A cat who was evil incarnate…”

    Actually, hmmm, I usually pronounce “Leroy” with the emphasis on the first syllable, not the second… please somebody stop me now… -sicle…

  77. Once again, theo, I thank you for your astutcicle-ocity!

  78. I wonder what flavor that popsicle nose is…. Cherry? Strawberry? Maybe raspberry?

  79. This fuzzbutt should be the inspiration for a follow up song to “Popsicle Toes”: “Popsicle Nose”!

  80. ka9q's wife says:

    as i scroll down and see the little nose on this sweet baby i had to awwww. It kind of reminds me of a raspberry so pink.

  81. hrh.squeak says:

    Popsicle Nose
    Popsicle Nose, just like a rose
    We just love to expose
    Hammie Popsicle Nose

    There once was a hammie so cute
    From the tail to the tip of his snoot
    His ears and his toes
    And his pink widdle nose
    All made us cry “Squee”, “Poit”, and “Woot”!

    Sorry, not up to sonnet speed.

  82. Michelle says:

    Am I the only one that sees a wee panda? ::shrug::

  83. Ah, the cleverness of this thread has made me regret being away for it. I loves my CO peeps.

  84. YAY!!
    (hmm, I actually have a new addition to the Yay pic I haven’t added yet… where to put it?…)

  85. hrh.squeak says:

    Theo – yay for the hammie? Did you add him to the “Yay”? ‘Cause I can’t find him. It’s fun looking, kinda like “Where’s Waldo”, but with kittehs and hedgehogs and bunbuns. Yay!

  86. Oop, no, didn’t mean to imply that India Ham up there was the new addition, sorry. It’s actually a sea turtle.