Nervous McStabby: WOT UP, MY BRUTHUH!!?!


Nervous McStabby: KNOOOW WHAT I’M SAYIN?!



Sara B—Better make sure they don’t multiply…



  1. Cookies says:

    Finally! It’s been way too long since you posted any chinchillas 🙂

  2. Aww, they remind me of my chinchilla.

    <3 Skittle

  3. Hee hee! Sooo cute.

  4. Therese says:

    How could anyone make coats out of something this cute? It’s criminal.

  5. barking says:

    MMM-that’s some good chinch!

  6. Awwww, they are all confused! Very cute! And so snorglable.

    And three cheers for the “nosicle” in the glossary! Yay yay yay!

  7. girlladyfriend says:

    a palmful of chinchillas makes the medicine go down!

  8. Tony James says:

    Aaagh! No! They’re back! And the RAWK!

  9. Aww…wittle babies! I like watching chinches do their sand spinning. It looks like great fun!

  10. ‘Scuse me, but… “Nervous McStabby”???

  11. Ha! They look SO SWEEPY… just up from a nap… and a wee bit crabby, too.

    Therese, I agree – the thought of anyone wearing another being’s FUR makes me sick. Ugh!

    Tony – man, you woke ME up! RAWK OUT!!

  12. “McStabby” indeed….??? Does one of them have a blade hidden in that fuzz?

  13. deltabob says:

    They do look crabby – you got me up for this!

  14. OMG so cute!! So cute!!

  15. Jay Fry says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. So cute and soft… they look like big mice, only fluffier and cuter.

  16. Crabby, stabby, sleepy chillas
    Waitin’ for a chance to kill us.

  17. five-head!

  18. Awwww, chinchilla cuteness! <3

  19. meg.. weirdest blurb ever? :/
    totally went over my head.

    but, very cute furry grey chinchilla-heads, so all is well. 😛

  20. I think we might be able to wave our Mary Poppins wand and banish the disquietude of the commentary. Something on the order of “Chinchilla, chinchilla, chinchinchuree…”

  21. FFrreedd says:

    Squee! I have a white chinny at home that’s like 9 years old now and I loves him very much! I saw these little grey poofs and (you’ll excuse me) my head asplode.

  22. a brace of black-hearted chinchillas
    established Las Plumas Cuchillas
    they plotted, they schemed
    my scansion they yeemed
    like mini-grammarian ninjas

  23. E-Snorgle says:

    Yo yo! In da hood they’re called ‘Chillaz.

    As in “Those ‘Chillaz be stone cold hand chillin'”


  24. *cries in the corner*
    That link scared the crap right out of me Tony James!

  25. Awww….. they look so soft… so cute….

    Do they make good pets?

  26. Here’s another animal that makes me uneasy–owing to their skitteriness–but that I long to cuddle. That fur! And then the effect of the tiny face on the seemingly giant poofy head!
    Tell me, honestly, can you snorgle chinchillaz? I need to know if my fantasy can ever come true.

  27. Along with my ? about the captioning, I must ask Theo: what’s this scansion yeem thing that I’ve seen mentioned a few times now? I think I must have missed something.

    Oh, and cute note: outside my doctor’s building this morning were a whole slew of eeee weeee froggies. And I mean seriously weeee, like maybe a half-inch long, jumping all over the place. And then there were two groundhogs at my bus stop!

  28. YEEM is also related to NARN which can be found here…

  29. you guys r silly says:

    These tasty little chillas are the Snack Of Choice for those discerning cuterians whose heartier appetite is just not satisfied with the SMALLER (yet JUST as tasty…) hammie morsels seen in earlier posts…

  30. >>then there were two groundhogs at my bus stop

    could yuo see their shadows?? i think that means you’ll meet Bill Murray on a rainy day!

  31. YEEP! arbed, ’tis your lucky day. Mine was Saturday. Found a fat little toad sitting in my casement window. I picks him up and puts him safe by in the lilies.

  32. *sniff*

    /me remembers Chi-Chi, her wee little chinchilla from years past with a little pang of longing and a tear in her eye.

    I loved when she took her bath in the dust. Such a sweet little girl.

  33. Soooo goofy (captions). Luv ’em!

  34. TheLuna says:

    Arbed, I went hiking a week or so ago and the trail was *swarming* with frogs about that size … I’ve never seen so many! I thought it might be a coming plague, but my dog felt it was just an appetizer buffet.

    (To ward off angry frog-loving posts … No, I did not let doggie eat any of the wee jumpers.)

  35. Chinchilla
    Chin chin chill-ee!
    It’s sweet to be lucky
    To see two today!

    Chin chin chill-oo!
    With fur that’s so soft
    And a beautiful hue

    Uses BEF for good
    And that’s lucky too!

  36. pistache268 says:

    Oh squeeeeeee ROUND HEADS.

  37. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! They’re so wittle! So wittle ittle! They must take the most adorable wee dust baths. *squees uncontrollably*

  38. Aubrey gave me an earworm! Aaagh!

  39. Zelds:
    I am indeed startled. WhadIdo? WhadIdo?

  40. they are a Chilean animal

  41. OMG….yeemyeemyeem and narn!!!
    Sooooo funny!

  42. sunshine says:

    my goodness! that is CUTE!

  43. The Guy Over There says:

    Chinchillas are the most blessed of rodent kind for being so utterly sweet and having the cutest qualities of rabbits and squirrels.

  44. Which one’s Nervous McStabby and which is Mr Sniggles? I MUST KNOOOOOOOOW~

  45. Aaaaww, they look grumpy even when they’re babies! Chinchillas are so huggable, I bet a good hug would cheer ’em up ^_^ (mmm, not really)

  46. juggle geese says:

    They look so cuddly. And of course it does not help to know that chinchillas have the softest fur of all land mammals. Shouldn’t so much soft fur transfer in a way to the computer screen? Squeee!

  47. Andréa says:

    So much fluff in such a small space!

  48. “Zelds:
    I am indeed startled. WhadIdo? WhadIdo?”

    Oh yeah, play innocent, Aubrey – but we got yer number, gurl!

  49. “but we got yer number”

    I’m counting on it…

  50. AuntieMame says:

    *badump tish*

  51. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Awwww…two wizzle chinnies! We used to raise them, but we don’t anymore.

  52. YIKE! Jumped sky-high when I got to the “narn” pic! Now i’m ROTFLMAO at MYSELF! I love it!

    Incidentally, you people have me researching limericks. God have mercy on my soul. I learned a new word too. Anapaestic.

  53. sunshine says:

    Anapaeistic…cool word!

  54. sunshine says:

    but what does it mean?
    can anyone tell me?

  55. Oh and how, sunshine.

    Adj. 1. anapaestic – (of a metric foot) characterized by two short syllables followed by a long one

    The typical limerick rhythm . . . duh-duh-DAH duh-duh-DAH duh-duh-DAH . . . with, of course, variations. Apparently the important part is that lines 1, 2, and 5 ryhme and have three beats of stress (the DAHs) and 3 and 4 rhyme and have 2 beats of stress.

    Unstressed beats (the duhs) are a little more flexible and fluid, by my opinion is they shouldn’t be awkward, and the whole thing should lilt and jig.

  56. ElfOwl, u r redonuklously learned!!!

    but maybe sunshine was referring to the cap-shuns? Just a thought… 😉

  57. EC, I notice that the ‘b’ in line two was not capitalized. Shun not the Caps…

  58. There’s such thing as *too* proper and correct, Aubs.

  59. I tend not to hit the “shift” key when I’m typing fast, and generally don’t use it at all if my wrists are hurting. This from someone who is absolutely fanatical about errors when doing copy editing.

    So. 😉

  60. well, E.C., it could be. i thend to get tunnel vision when i’m on a research trail. my mind is currently filled with stress, meter, rhyme, and rhythm. and the definitions of esoteric words for the description thereof.

  61. “…definitions of esoteric words for the description thereof.”

    Indeed! Esoteric words are a fave of mine, too…


  63. cuteness lover says:

    Baby Chin’s have got to be some of the cutest babys ever! their little heads seem to big for their bodies,but in a cute way. they do grow into them however. we need more chins!

  64. Awwwwww! Those sweet widdle sweepy faces!!! I want one!

    And late to the party on the NARN picture, I love the reaction shot where the bunny (on the left) has fainted dead-away. LOL

  65. they look too sleepy to be givin props and shit. they’re all sweepy and tie tie. their faces are all mooshed up from so much squishing in their sleep. i bet they’re all super warm too…swooooooon

  66. hahahaha

    i think that is my favorite caption to date..

    “Nervous McStabby”…


  67. LOL—I was driving home today & spotted a pub called “Tipsy McStagger’s” & thought of Nervous McStabby!

  68. CHINCHIL-LALAS!!!!!!!!!!!!