“A ferret’s tongue is seldom photographed.”

"BOH-hoosh" the modern filmmaker says that ferrets get a bad rap in the state of Kally-fornia. But it’s common knowledge that all ferrets do is seek hard candies with their ever-present tongues. They won’t stop ’til they find it. Obvy.


Bohus B. and Abbey Ferret—who has a better ear-to-head-ratio?



  1. not crazy about ferrets but that is cute!! lil tonguey.
    I think a good name for a ferret is Bueller.

  2. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a CUTSIE pop??

  3. FINALLY – A ferret!!!! Why aren’t there more ferrets? They have the beady eye factor, the tiny ears, the sweet paw pads. WHY?! We need to a Ferret Friday – all ferrets, all Fridays!

  4. nightbird says:

    omg…ittle bittle ferret tongue!

  5. I would love for someone to explain to me why we all think itty bitty tongues are cute.

  6. Already someone complaining. At least they’re not crying about the ferret they lost five years ago.

  7. CUTIE PIE!! Love the tongue!

    Man, ferrets get a bad rap, if you ask me!

  8. Check out that look this ferret is giving us. It just seems to be saying “Haha, I get the delicious treats and you don’t!” Seriously.

  9. Ferrets get a bad rap from whom? Everyone loves ferrets, no?

  10. Tony James says:

    According to Meg’s FLOOF-CON rating, does this count as

  11. StormCat says:

    I too have a thing for little tongues like this… But look at his little toes!! Those are adorable!! I love to watch these things run around, but I understand that they smell a little…do they?

  12. We need to give these guys their time on CO. It’s only ferret.

    This photo remeinds me of me, actually. When I was little, I wouldn’t allow my picture to be taken, unless I was given a treat. Most (very) old pictures of me depict myself with a tear-stained face, holding a lollipop.

    And here I’m seeing a ferret, conducting himself with more dignity. Wow.

  13. Adorable!! lol

  14. “Thppppp. Let me know when you’ve got Crayfish flavor.”

  15. (Hmm… I might be thinking of OTTERS, actually.)

  16. oh! this is precious!

  17. Anything little is cute. I don’t know why. It just is


  18. “We need to give these guys their time on CO. It’s only ferret.”

    *obligatory groan* 😉

    Such a cute li’l ferret, though! I always think that I want one, and then I realize how badly I probably would take care of it (given optimal ferret living conditions and my constant living in front of several computers, both at home and at work). Sigh. I’ll just have to content myself with watching for them on CO!

  19. Otters. Now those are cute!

  20. rpennefe says:

    StormCat, about your question:

    “…but I understand that they smell a little…do they?”

    Reminds me of a joke. But first, to answer your question. They only smell a little…it’s because their noses are so tiny….

    The joke, if you’re curious (and enjoy pain) goes like this:

    I have a dog who has no nose.

    How does he smell?


  21. Sarcasta says:

    I was never a fan of ferrets (preferring kittens for their floofiness) until an errant ferret in a small pet store ran up my pant leg. He won my heart. He was also floofy, but the pointy ends hurt my leg. Burrowing is cute. Unless it’s my leg. Then it is less cute.

  22. Oh, how precious! I’m so happy to see a ferret on here – it seems they rarely are, considering how adorable they are. Could you post more?

    I’ve had four ferrets, and they are as sweet as any dog or cat (of which I have several). Any bad rap they get could be said about any animal that isn’t properly trained to not bite.

  23. Oh! Cute enough! <3 Look at the tiny little feet and BIG HEAD! <33

  24. Sometimes my ferrets sleep with their tongues out. One of them gives kisses.

    This picture is precious! The photographer must be very speedy.

  25. An errant ferret running up my pant leg would not be winning any heart of mine! Screeeeeee!

  26. martha in mobile says:

    Ferrets are very, very cute, and have more personality than most people, but they are quite stinky. And they dig, dig, dig — so put away your favorite quilt. All pets have some drawback — it’s just which drawback you can handle that decides which pet is right for you.

  27. No joke, Ceebs. If I had ferrets, I’d wear kevlar longjohns, and I’d tuck them into my boots.

  28. brownamazon says:

    Sarcasta: reminds me of the bathtub scene in the Big Lebowski: “nice marmot, man…”
    Theo: everybody knows otters’ favourite flava is abalone.

  29. BrownAmazon — that’d be *sea* otters, right? They also like sea *urchins,* oddly enough. You’d think it’d be like trying to eat cactus, but they manage.

    River otters, now, *they* likes them some niiice crawdads.

  30. Theo – can you ‘shop this? That is definitely a look. And worth a look.

  31. brownamazon says:

    But abalone is so much more fun to say! Rhymes with alimony, parcimony… Aren’t crawfish (crawdads, prawns, whatevs) a Gulf/bayou thing? Thought it was too hot for h’otters down there…

  32. shanchan says:

    Why yes, I will keep linking to photos of my cat. That’s not site pimping, is it? :O http://www.flickr.com/photos/97801341@N00/173626778/

  33. Brownie — crawdads/crayfish are a river thing all over the US (maybe further). I used to catch ’em by hand in Ohio.

    Aubrie — shop what, the ferret? What look? Will I get paid?

  34. Shanchan — as far as I’m concerned:
    1) You’re obviously not a spam-bot
    2) The link is actually relevant

    …so it’s all good.

  35. An otter who eats abalone
    Doesn’t practice parsimony
    Lazy on his back
    The shell he does crack
    And forgets to pay alimony

  36. T –
    I just had a vision; perhaps it will remain one: that of your kevlar longjohns, tucked into boots. And I wanted to see. I thought a little photoshopping would help me, though it was audacious of me to ask.

    I don’t get paid for another week. After that, perhaps we can negotiate.

  37. Excellent link, shanchan!
    It matches little Ferret Bueller just perfectly!

  38. Aubrey — oh. OH. I see.
    Some things are better left to the imagination, methinks.

    [rummages] swore I had Fillion’s agent’s cell number here somewhere…

  39. I work in PR. My people will talk to your people…

  40. I’ve had ferrets for years, and never managed to get such an excellent tongue photo!

  41. shanchan says:

    This is kind of a random question- how far can ferrets see, and can they see in the dark? Are they nocturnal? No reason, just curious.

  42. Love the kitty eating ice cream pic! LOL! Reminds me of one time when my dog was a puppy, he sat on the couch and patiently licked a Dum-dum till it was gone.

  43. Ferrets. Yes when they are not tracking hard candy, they are busy perfecting what they do so well: Sock thievery. These guys know where ALL the missing left socks are in the universe, you can see it in their beady little eyes.

  44. shanchan says:

    That is a Healthy Choice chocolate ice cream bar, from Costco. She can hear me open the wrapper from 6 miles away, and it is the only time she rudely begs (the rest of the time she cutely begs).

  45. Do you ever give her the ice cream for cats? I give my dog the Frosty Paws stuff, he loves it. I think the ones for cats are called Frosty Claws or something. Of course, it doesn’t come in chocolate. Maybe salmon for cats. Or grass flavor, haha

  46. Ferrets have more personality and smarts than most animals and people.

  47. I’ve seen ferrets described as “crepuscular” — they’re active around dawn and dusk. They sleep most of the time, and jump around on HI four or six hours a day. Their vision is actually not great, they’re kind of nearsighted (possibly one of the reasons they’re so happy to jump off any edge they run across — most of them can’t see the floor). I don’t know about their dark vision specifically.

  48. “A ferret’s tongue is seldom photographed.”

    Give me a break. I’ve sent in TONS of pictures of my ferret over the last year or so. Even some with his tongue sticking out and he’s not been shown here.

    What DO you post? A ferret eating exactly what it shouldn’t. Candy.

    Obligate Carnivores eating candy. Oh boy. What a great picture.

  49. Hey, people.

    Ferrets don’t stink. People who can’t take CARE of ferrets the RIGHT way make them stink.

    If you feed them good food and you keep their cages and bedding clean they smell no worse or better than a kitten.

    Stop spreading around the “OMG STINKY” bullcrap.

    Show’s what you people know. Pet Store ferrets and pet of any kind always smell worse because they live in tiny filthy (for the most part) cages and eat bottom of the line in quality food.

    You’d stink too if you lived in a tank and ate kibble made out of fish.

    Knock off the ferrets stink stuff. It gets old.

  50. sunshine says:

    it does get old, but i still don’t like ferrets.

  51. I bet other people have already observed, but adorable ears/ear holes!

  52. OK… here I go again. But.

    “Whatever” — how many times does this need to be said? This is not *your* site. It’s Meg’s. And when she says she has “seriously stringent requirements” for photo submissions, she does mean it. She’s a director-level designer at Apple Computer, and as I recall, they’ve had a few successes in that arena. My advice: Go through all your photos again, pick the most professional ones you can, as ruthlessly and dispassionately as you can, and submit *those.* If you have to, take new shots, keeping that perspective in mind. OK?

    Also, that “candy” looks like no lollipop I’ve ever had. It’s, um… well, look at it. It’s f#@%ing BEIGE. I’m thinking it’s probably some kind of pet treat.


    Ferret — OK OK, ferrets don’t stink, except when they doo. I mean, when they do. Cat litter boxes can get pretty stinky too. (C’mon, though… I saw only *one* comment in this thread mentioning it, besides yours.)

  53. cuteness lover says:

    It’s a shame that ferret tongues are so rarely seen. It is lovely.

  54. Sweet Lord.

  55. hrh.squeak says:

    I think one of the reasons I like leetle tongues, of all fuzzfaces, is because they look like the fuzzface forgot to eat one last pink rosepetal. I particularly love when my kitteh is so relaxed he forgets to suck in his tongue and just sits there watching me laugh at him – “Huh? What? What’s your problem, man?”

  56. Oddly enough, another thing that makes ferrets smell is washing them! I don’t remember the details of the reason/

    We have 3 ferrets, and none of them smell. Once we did get a ferret whose previous people thought she needed to be washed about once a week, and she reeked. We’d heard about the connection between washing and smelling, so we gritted our teeth and waited. After about a month the smell went completely away.

  57. ugggghhhhh, i sent you a picture AGES ago of my little phoebe with her tongue out, licking the ferretone off her cheek puffs! but noooo, it wasn’t cute enough… i will send it again in hopes of you noticing, once and for all…

  58. Kris, in New England says:

    Oh dear, the pet feet people, the FEET! Little tiny paws. The heck with the tongue – cute as the overall expression is – it’s all about the FEET!!!

    And the whiskers – can’t you just see them quivering in anticipation of the treat…

  59. The only problem with this photo is that it doesn’t have an audio link. The most adorable part of ferrets is their funny “bok bok squi bok” sound they make when they’re running around happily.

  60. “DILISHIS!!!!!!!”

  61. Hiya. Bohus here, thrilled to see the photo of our ferret Abbey featured here. I’ll answer a few questions here, okay?

    1. ferrets don’t stink if you change their bedding enough, and don’t overbathe them.

    2. that a human-intended lollipop. It was disgusting mint, but Abbey was grooving on the smell – so I grabbed some pics. We don’t give the ferrets candy except for the odd lick or two as a rare treat.

    3. it’s lens distortion that makes her head look so big compared to her feet. The splayed toes are typical of ferret excitement tho.

    4. I’d also love to see more ferret pics on here, but I don’t seem to be as angry about it as other folks here. 🙂

    5. Abigail Van Ferret is in weasel heaven now. Our other two ferrets keep us plenty busy, but we miss our girl. I’m grateful for the post of this picture I sent in a while back, and loved the comments – thanks for making my day everybody!

  62. Brak_Silverbone says:

    *schlurp* *smak-smak* Hmm, not bad!

    Rest in peace, sweet li’l ferret-girl. You and your pink tongue brightened the day for many of us.

  63. Ferrets get smelly if you overbathe them (no more than once a month at the extreme, every three months is better. we only bathe ours when they spill milk on themselves or otherwise get irredeemably messy) because their oil glands go nuts to compensate, in an effort to keep their skin from drying out. A similar thing happens to human scalps, actually — the more you wash your hair, the oilier it gets, and the more you have to wash your hair.

    Thanks for the picture, Bohos. I’m sure your fuzzy is happily stealing socks in heaven.

  64. GreenEyedHawk says:

    My ferret The Cheat gives kisses when he is groggy, but after he is awake he’s all, “Put me down, I have socks to steal and things to push over and crinkly things to jump on and stuff that needs to be stashed away in my tunnel!”

    The excited ferret noise is the best, it sounds like a small, maniacal giggle. It was my bf’s idea to get a ferret and I admit I was leery at first, but now I am a HUGE furret fan and I want more more more of them! They are SO much fun. The Cheat likes to roll empty pop bottles and go for towel rides.

  65. I agree with Ash, Ferret Friday! Good job Bohus, with the photo and the Ferret 101. Best pets ever!!! (and yes I have also had dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, birds, etc…) 🙂

  66. Awwww. I love seeing fuzzies! We need more fuzzies on cute overload.

    I’ve been sending my fert pics in all the time.. Sophie and George better make it on here some day 🙂

  67. Nickole says:

    “A similar thing happens to human scalps, actually — the more you wash your hair, the oilier it gets, and the more you have to wash your hair.”

    That’s wonderful, Allie! I’ve always thought it such a bother to shower. Now I can stop 🙂

  68. GreenEyedHawk says:

    You got it Theo, that’s where he got his name from! We had another ferret for awhile that I nicknamed Reinforcements, after my favourite Cheat Commando.

  69. I like how the name “Reinforcements” is plural.
    YOUR PET FERRET: The original Army Of One.

  70. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    I love the ferret fridays idea! i sent in some pics of my baby ferret pandora! How long does it take for a pic to process?