This was me all weekend

Didn’t accomplish a thing ‘cept putting my paws up.

Yep, juuuust gonna let the remote sit right there…


Exposed belly brought to you by "Penny" and Christine R.



  1. this was me all weekend too!

  2. Ehhh. I’ll mow tomorrow.

  3. Constance says:

    Oh I wish.

  4. Haha, that’s the life!

  5. StormCat says:

    This little guy looks like he’s saying:
    “Ahhh this is the life…I’ve just had a big burger, I’ve got my remote, my blankies, and it’s warm…Now if someone would just rub my tummy, I could drift off to sleep…”

  6. Is it wrong that I want to give that lil pink belly raspberries?????

  7. emicake says:

    ceebs, that was exactly how I felt when I saw this photo. D:

    Soooo cutes.

  8. HUGE remote or TINY dog???

    Still think they’re horrible though…. (ducks)

  9. A Fine Morsel says:

    It’s the Kevin Federline of dogs!

  10. Redundancy alert. (Redundancy alert.)

  11. Ooof, I NEED a day like this after a weekend in Vegas!

  12. That is the most feline-looking canine, ever!

  13. that thing is hideous

  14. Subhangi says:

    Okers – is that a hairless Sphinx cat or a Chihuahua???

    (Blinks and looks again)

    I think I’ll go with the chi.

  15. Well it *might* be a bat. Those ears look flightworthy.

    (She surfaces! Hi Subhangi!)

  16. TOTALLY asking for a zerbert!

  17. I WISH this was my weekend.

  18. I confess this just reminds me of me in college…”Hey, we should order a pizza or something. I got the munchies. Do you ever wonder…”
    Look at that squint!
    “Come on, man, don’t bogart that. That’s not cool.”

  19. On the couch this weekend… yes. With a look fo contentment …. sadly no…. why is it the Dr. gives you pills and says this will make it better and it goes from bad to awful? Wish I had this little guy to snuggle this weekend instead.

  20. Hmm. I have that same remote… is that dog in my house?!

    Also, that remote isn’t huge at all. That is one TINY dog!

  21. Kris, in New England says:

    Wish I could agree that he’s cute – but there’s a Gizmo quality to him, like if you feed him he’ll go all apesh!t on your butt.

  22. Heehee, he’s a cozy little bugger….and one that I bet would tear yer ear right off if you tried to snorgle his belly!

    Hope you are feeling better, M-!

  23. Jan Spencer says:


    Our Maltese, Brandii (we lost her the day after Christmas this past year) use to do that whenever we would approach her. She’d roll over and expose her belly and we’d HAVE to scratch it. We called it TUMMY TIME!!

  24. How do wahs wahs do that, that “come hither” look?

  25. The Guy Over There says:

    That dog looks stoned.

    “Pass the Beggin’ Strips and turn up the Rush album. I’m soooo high, man.”

  26. Is this doggie from Nike Animal Rescue? Is this Cosmo? I think I walked this dog around a lake once, no kidding. He’s a real cool guy. 🙂 Adorable picture! He is such a mellow little guy.

  27. toddspal says:

    I’ll never understand why it’s perfectly ok to trash chihuahuas almost constantly. i mean hey, I don’t like cats, but I don’t just post in cat threads to say “cats suck”. Cripes.

  28. Toddspal — Exhibit A (may it please the court)…

  29. toodspal — maybe you should.

  30. toddspal says:

    expressing an opinion is instigating?

    Sorry. I love my chi, and he’s cute as pie.

  31. No no… I was actually referring to the Finnstigator.

  32. This photo doesn’t even remotely approach how I felt this morning.

  33. I know, I can’t believe all the chihuahua-trashing going on! 😦
    And those are the people whose ankles they bite & then they wonder why….
    Everyone loves my chihuahua. And well they should. 😀

  34. Oh-KAY! I’ll CONFESS!

    *small voice*


    And she was a classic–bulging, thryrotic eyes, vicious, yipping, etc! But my mom was uncharacteristically able to put a positive spin on it–“She’s loyal!” Hahahahaha. Legend has it that I adored her, but my memories of wee-childhood are vague. She was already quite old when I appeared on the scene, and went to Chihuahua heaven when I was maybe eight.

  35. hrh.squeak says:

    My gramma had a chihuahua. Now, bear in mind that the family name on that side means “son of the short man” – Gramma was 4’7″. She only spoke Spanish, and I don’t, so I never was quite sure but I think she thought it was a guard dog. It certainly did, and would frantically attempt to bite anything it could reach whenever we came over. At that point, Gramma would turn a dish draining rack over the vicious guard dog, and it would run around underneath there, hysterically promising dire vengeance once it was let out of jail.

    That said, I like all other chihuahuas; and any other fuzzfaces that don’t attempt to savage me. Except Canadian Geese. Yeesh. Rats are cleaner and better tempered, and I do mean the wild ones.

  36. “At that point, Gramma would turn a dish draining rack over the vicious guard dog”


    Photos, if available, please!

  37. HRH, that’s too funny!

  38. AuntieMame says:

    A steaming pile of poo is cleaner than a Canadian Goose…

  39. Laurie C says:

    Find a Canada goose and you’ll find a whole lot of poo. There are parks along Lake Ontario where gray-green blobs of goose poo are so thick on the ground you can’t step around them.

  40. hrh.squeak says:

    Yup, also true of Oakland’s Lake Merritt, where the giant poo machines come for the winter. Mean bastards they are, too – it’s a jogging park, and joggers are mugged regularly by vicious geese. It’s also got a great bird sanctuary, where I go to look at birds just doin’ the birdy thing, and hope for a lack of Canadian Gooseness. Duckling season is the best.

  41. hrh.squeak says:

    ps Sorry, Arvay, no photos available. I do wish I had some, the chi’s vicious expression (as I recall) was classic.

  42. cuteness lover says:

    TODDSPAL and CEEBS: I here with you. I’ve already wrote many opinions, and love of Chi’s on the last Chi pic just posted. So I can’t repeat it again all the stuff I said. To sum it up, fine, if you don’t like them, but why do people have to constantly be saying it, on EVERY picture. Geez people. You don’t see “small dog people” on every “big dog” pic saying that big dog looks stinky, and hard to brush out everyday”….so why insult the little guys, this picture can’t bark at you. As I said before, I have a little dog and a big dog, and love them both. They both have such different personalites, but neither is “better” than the other. Some people prefer small, and some big, but why do you have to pick on a small dog that obviously somebody loves so much, and brings alot of joy into someones life?

  43. Canada geese winter pretty far south in the continental US. So a *lot* of us have seen – and tried to avoid stepping in, on or anywhere near – the kinds of messes some of you are descriving.

  44. There’s a town not far from my area of Massachusetts called Seekonk, which comes from the local Native American word for the Canada goose, which in that language means “black goose” (from the black neck and head). Which means that their word for goose is actually “konk”. It’s like they asked the geese what they called themselves and took the reply, “khaaaaawhnk!” as their answer.

    Makes sense.

  45. Oh, and I too had trouble figuring if this was a dog or a cat. At first glance I thought “dog”, but the more I looked at it, the more I became convinced it actually was a cat, some kind of Sphinx or Rex or something. Yikes.

  46. hrh.squeak says:

    Thalia – heeheehee! Love the story!

    Have y’all heard the jokes that say that “kangaroo” is Aboriginal for “what’s he saying?” or “why is he pointing over there?” or “Are you crazy, those aren’t edible!” or some such.

  47. I actually *have* two Sphynx cats, so I was not for a moment confused–this dog looks entirely too friendly. Even at their friendliest, my cats ooze a sort of benevolent contempt for humanity. How I love them. On the little dog bashing front, I confess that I’m afraid of wah wahs. (see story above about dish drainer dog prison for example why.) That said, they are awfully cute in pictures, especially this one.

  48. LOL….Theo, Exhibit A cracked me up. The timing was perfect.

  49. I have attempted to walk my dog across a park where Canada geese hang out, only to have to avoid those gray-green landmines at every turn!!! yeesh!

    Cuteness Lover…I love dogs & cats & critters of all types too. I do feel I have to defend the little dogs a lot, though- too many people (esp. men) don’t even consider them dogs. My dog has a deeper bark than some pooches twice his size or more, so you can’t call him yippy. Plus he thinks he’s a Rottweiler.
    Anyway. Speaking of cats…and chihuahuas…cats have stalked my chihuahua only to get close enough to finally realize he is not a cat and bolt in the opposite direction. Humans have also thought I was walking a cat. Okay, he’s not THAT cat-like! though he gets along with them better than dogs!

  50. I feel like my head is going to explode from all of the quality cuteness I’ve seen here today! EEE!

  51. Diane N says:

    In my area of upstate NY (which is actually on the border with PA–anything north of NYC is considered upstate) we have a real Canada goose problem. They like it so much here they don’t bother returning to Canada in the summertime. The local parks and college campuses are not happy about those nasty piles o’ poo, needless to say. Every few weeks, they bring in dogs–border collies, I think?–to scare the geese away. Works for a few days, then they come right back. I’m not sure there’s a good solution to this one, since the public refuses to allow goosicide!

  52. sunshine says:

    well, what’s wrong with goosicide?

  53. Where to start…

  54. Laurie C says:

    I must admit, I had roast goose once. It was good.

  55. But had it committed goosicide??

  56. cuteness lover says:

    CEEBS- I know whatcha mean/ I don’t like that I feel I have to constantly defend them also/maybe not so much defend, but,like try to convince people they aren’t all the stereo-typical chi’s. Even the ones that are the stereotypes, I still think are adorable.I get that all the time..”is that a dog or a cat” or “is that a dog or an overgrown rat” *deep breath* if they only knew how close I was to opening up a can of woop a** on them. Maybe THEY think they are funny, but I find it annoying. I find it interesting that pretty much “big dog” people are the ones who find it neccasary to pick on and insult “littl dogs”. Must be making up gor something with that big dog if you ask me. Joke people, joke. Don’t flip. It was just a JOKE!that said, it all comes down to preference.

  57. Please, please, CL… put the whoopass down, you’ve had enough…

  58. cuteness lover says:

    *puts can down*
    *steps back*

  59. I dated a guy who wouldn’t take my dog out in front of my own apartment bldg when I was so sick I could hardly get out of bed, because he didn’t want anyone to think he was gay. Um. People in my neighborhood know whose dog it is. They might even know you are with me too. Got issues? yeah, he fit the napoleon complex to a tee (small, drove a loud fast car, likes big tough guy dogs, thinks he is a bada$$). Though I think that was just another excuse to be mean to me & make me dislike him. Needless to say, that guy is history.

  60. cuteness lover says:

    Are we not free to express opinions on things here? Man, I get a little upset about people being critical of little dogs, and all of a sudden, I’m told that I’m being hyper? You people are confusing. especially THEO, there’s no telling what will be deamed “starting a fight” and what will make you on the deffense. Sometimes people make comments that I’m sure someone will jump at, and, nothing. Then someone is just protesting a comment that soemone made, and then they are the bad guy. I’m confused as to what we are and are not aloud to say. Are there like certain rules as to what you can and cannot object to? If there is please explain.

  61. cuteness lover says:

    LOL, good for you CEEBS! Kick that dudes but to the curb. The curb where your dog pees. I liked your defense by the way of the person that said they are “ratlike” see, just what I said. Unfortunetly, we are unable to say certain things on here without being critisized. I am trying to find out what exactly is wrong to say…hopefully THEO or someone will get back to me.

  62. AuntieMame says:

    It’s not that you’re not welcome to express your opinion, cuteness lover. It’s just that once you’ve expressed it, there’s really no need to repeat it again and again. At a certain point it crosses the line from opining and moves into trolling territory.

  63. cuteness lover says:

    And who is the judge of that? And where does the term trolling come from? Is that like the troll from the 3 billy goats gruff?

  64. cuteness lover says:

    By the way, that comment was more aimed at CEEBS, simply responding to a subject addressed to me. So if thats considered trolling, I guess I am one, although I’d never eat a billy goat.

  65. CL — again, speaking just for myself — I think by now you know what’ll set me off & what won’t. I’m not exactly mysterious.

    Also note that I wasn’t criticizing you (or tiny un-wolf-like dogs) here. For a moment, it even looked like you were taking my can-o-Whoopass comment exactly as I’d intended. What happened?

  66. mike f. says:

    hello cuteness fans,

    i am the other owner of dear sweet penny. she is the world’s cutest and smallest dog. we love her dearly. she’s our first chihuaua. i def wasnt into them at all before she came to us and now i love the lil buggers. they’re just one of the breeds that polarize. let’s leave it at that shall we?

    heh. penny is destroying a wad of toilet paper as i type this. who knew t.p. could be shorn into 300 teeny tiny pieces…

    thx for picking our pup!
    mike f.

  67. cuteness lover says:

    Ok, everyone, honestly, I’m not trying to start a fight, really. I’m just trying to find out exactly what sets you off? I’m asking, because honestly I don’t know. Also, why can you get set off, and I can’t? Do you have to be commenting on here for a year+ before you are aloud to voice an opinion or disagree with someones comment. I really am confused, where did I go wrong? Why did everyone retaliate when I was simply responding to anothers post about a subject we both agree on and feel strongly about? Please explain, seriously. I’m not here to make enemies, I’m just here to comment on cute little animals.

  68. Mike, Penny is adorable. I am a first-time dog owner & never thought I would want a chihuahua either but my friend dragged me into a pet store almost 9 years ago, I got one look at my little Elvis & it was all over. Best impulse purchase ever!!! (not the way to do it but it worked out for me)

  69. Mike F — yep, wah-wahs and pugs and nearly all terriers seem to be either love-em or hate-em pooches.

    Maybe something like this could help with the TP thing…

  70. Unfortunately I doubt any of my pics would make it onto this site because all my best ones are pre-digital photos & the quality is not so great form the scanner. But damn baby chihuahuas are to die for. I think my heart exploded when I saw my little mouse-head baby. He was standing on a Yorkie so he could be seen.

  71. hrh.squeak says:

    ceebs – heeheehee, no wonder you loved him at first sight, what a clever little mouse-head. The (imagined) visual is wonderful!

  72. Okay, Dad you touch this remote and I’m going to bite your hiney!!!! Mommy says its her turn!!!! Rub my belly I might change my ‘tude.