Perfect expression

I love the look on this girl’s face. It’s the epitome of the C.O. audience—captured! Oh, and Senor Chihuahua-kins isn’t bad either.


Nice shot, Tom W.! Tom took this shot at the Raleigh Artsplosure Spring festival.



  1. Shannyboo says:

    AWWWW! Iddle biddle baby-boo!

  2. He looks like a baby version of the Taco Bell dog! Who could resist giving their dinner to her?! Just look at those flappy ears and sparkly eyes!

  3. Awwww! how incredibly cute! I’m with the girl…I know how she feels!

  4. omg. I just looked in a mirror and i saw an expression resembling the girls

  5. Damn you CO, just when my hatred of Chihuahuas would know no end, you do this and my ego deflates with a small…aaahhhnn

  6. I swear those ears are bigger than its body, let alone its head!! OMG!

  7. Aaaawwwwww!!! I lubs him.

  8. That girl! that’s exactly what I look like when I view C.O.! Except that I’m 42 and four times her size. 😀
    The chihuahua is so very cute, too.

  9. My soul makes this expression every day, and it is because of Cute Overload! If it hadn’t been for you meddling Cuteologists I would have gotten away with being grumpy for the rest of my life!

  10. Oh mah gawd, I love this so much. She is so totally going “aaaaaAAWWWWWW” and you don’t know it but two seconds later she went *THUD*.

    The dog is completely adorable, too.

  11. L
    . O
    . . L
    ! ! ! !

  12. omg!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Michelle says:

    Awwww. So cute. Both of thems.

  14. Is there a “rule of cuteness” that covers little body cowlicks like the one on the pup’s chest just in front of the armpit?

  15. That is so cute! The dog is so cute and tiny and I love the girls expression! ^__^

  16. the little baby is sitting in someone’s HAND!!!


  17. Caroline says:

    I was at Artsplosure this year and I missed the puppeh. How is this possible???

  18. Gary Fixler says:
  19. constance says:

    …OMG. Such a cute little pup. head>body=cute

  20. p’tit wah-wah!! ::poit::

  21. brownamazon says:

    Here ya go, Gary F: knock yerself out:

  22. brownamazon says:
  23. Rich Fader says:

    “…yo quiero Taco Bell…”

  24. [blinks exaggeratedly]
    kabloink kabloink kabloink


  25. Aww… can’t help but wonder how that tiny little body and neck holds up that big* head.

    *Maybe big’s the wrong word… less tiny, maybe?

  26. Yup, that was pretty much my reaction when I first laid eyes on my bebe chihuahua! 2.5 lbs of love at first sight!!!
    now if only I can find the pic of him on my kitchen floor when I first brought him home, my little mouse-head!

  27. PS…no one mentioned the light shining through his ear, I love that! 🙂

  28. cutness lover says:

    That picture is cute in everyway possible. I can relate to the girl I must look like that the whole time I’m on here. I know there’s lots of people that don’t like small dogs. The usual, cliche’, “I don’t like small yippy dogs”. “they’re not even real dogs”. Well, I love em’! I think they’re a great breed, and one of the reigning champs in cuteness! Usually it’s the owners fault (just like it’s the parents fault with bratty, loud, annoying, kids) when little dogs get that rep. Yes, they have a tendancy to be a little yippy, and a little hyper, but when properly socialized, and properly taken care of, they can be ALMOST as quite and well behaved as big dogs.
    Thats why there are so many dog breeds though, because not every one likes small dogs, and not everyone has room, or the strengh for big doggies.
    I think they are all cute though, in their own way, and they all have different abilities, and different temperments. It makes it fun. The only problem for me is there are TOO MANY breeds, I wish I had the room and finances to expierence living with each and every one of them. I think they are all amazing.
    Not to mention the wonderful mixed breeds. *sigh* So many breeds, so little time…….

  29. brownamazon….

    I had NO IDEA baby beavers were so cute. Thanks for enlightening me.

    *hugs computer*

  30. this is just…too…much…

  31. cuteness lover says:

    THEO is needed to patrol the OH FER CRYIN’ OUT LOUD PICTURE- we’ve got a meany commenter *RODOLFO TELLES* to be exact- Sick em’ THEO!

  32. oh my. i don’t even think i can deal with this.

    i was just about to pack it up and go to bed, but this little guy has woken me right back up!!

  33. That girl needs to be on the next C.O. t-shirt! She is the perfect mascot!

  34. hrh.squeak says:

    Lookit his wee flower collar – I mean, that’s only twice the size of the ring his Hand is wearing! This is how Bobbleheads were invented, folks – someone carrying around an anerable little Chi-pup with big ol’ cute head, folks squeee themselves senseless whereever he goes, owner says “Hmmm. There could be big bucks in this.”

  35. Villeline says:

    Look at that, even the Catholics are incorporating cuteness overload into their practices!

    Such a small thing, and look at the emotions it causes!

  36. Nickole says:

    Every cute [insert your favorite animal here] should have their own fanclub of at least one adoring person with that expression in attendance at all times. That way they will never be allowed to forget just how cute they are.

    And, knowing that, use it shamelessly and be hopelessly spoiled.


    Better make that a fanclub in attendance not quite all of the time, then…

  37. aahahahahaha!! that is adorkable, and you’re so right meg, you can just hear the exact kind of ‘omg so cute!!’ whine the girl is making, lol.

  38. taking a bow here – I told the owner of this photo on flickr *5 WEEKS* ago that it was CO worthy and to send it in, I am so glad it was posted…..

    Alice the Brit in sunny Florida
    and her cuter than cute Norwich Terriers Twix and Twizzler
    who have yet to reach the esteemed status of CO worthy.

  39. Aw! That girl is knows what’s good for her! She looks like my sister…

  40. I can just imagine that he or she is looking at the camera thinking, “Are you my mommy?”

  41. StormCat says:

    I had this young lady’s look on my face this very weekend!! We went to the flea market and there was someone there giving away kittens…Now I have 4 Lovely Felines who claim me now, but can’t you always use another one?? Well my SO didn’t think so and kept pulling me away from the cages… So yes, I walked around with this face for the better part of 30 minutes…Didn’t work… I still only have 4 Kitties in my abode… *sigh*

  42. StormCat — I *so* know how you feel. Only *I’m* the SO who has to keep reminding the rest of the fam’ that we currently have a very harmonious balance at home, in the four-legged department, and we really don’t need any extra permanent residents.

    I was just at the local Humane Society over the weekend, and they had at least a DOZEN pouncey kittens (as well as 60+ adult cats). Plenty of marmies, too. Very, very hard to come home just with the foster-family and volunteer-class info.

  43. Kris, in New England says:

    Small head to body ratio – doesn’t that count for a rule of cuteness? And the little paw with the hint of a pink paw pad – oh dear.

    And for some O.T. shameless self-promotion, a friend’s guinea pig is now appearing on Hamster Tracker: for some Extreme Hamster Trackin’…

    OK back to the regularly scheduled cuteness. Are we really done with the daily bunny???

  44. …you mean that’s *not* a bunny??

  45. This is almost like a form of child abuse–you can tell that little girl’s head is about to explode. She’s probably straight off the farm and has never seen a chihuahua. Her parents should have warned her about all the nefarious cute being pushed out there in the world.

  46. LMAO @ Redzilla!

  47. brownamazon says:


    Baby beavers= little fuzzy submarines of lethal cuteness. Proud I am that they are Canada’s national emblem. It’s our secret plan to conquer the world: release baby beavers into the public water supply and wait for the head explosions.

  48. brown amazon: as much as i love your secret plan, don’t release the cuteness into american water! it’s all so polluted and nasty, and i’d hate for the baby cutes to get sick!

    besides, we have too many hard-hearted people here…you could send us a totem pole of real baby animals, and it still wouldn’t matter.

    :wanders off muttering:

  49. yeah, I saw some jerko run over what looked to me to be a beaver a couple years ago, I and someone in front of me slowed down on a busy road to let it cross & jerko didn’t bother, it rolled off his truck, I looked over & they were laughing, I almost died. Hopefully it was just a glancing blow & the beaver was all right. Don’t see too many critters like that around here. 😦
    That was one dang cute baby beaver on that link!!! I want one, dam-it!

  50. “I want one, dam-it!”

    [glances at Aubrey]

  51. brownamazon says:

    Running over an animal by accident = tragic.
    Running over an animal on purpose= pure evil.

  52. which is why it’s good I don’t keep a gun under my front seat! :-O
    bass-turds, I woulda!

  53. A Fine Morsel says:

    He is trying to balance himself–oh, the little elbows!!

  54. Is that baby beaver swimming in someone’s bathtub? Because if he is, I am going to call my senator right now and demand that every American citizen be given a baby beaver to swim in his or her bathtub. You can have the 2nd Amendment, I’m demanding a beaver amendment!

  55. Oh, and a little naughty humor in the form of a Dr. Fun cartoon. You’ve been warned…if you don’t have a naughty sense of humor, you’ll be offended and you’ll have no one to blame but me. Dang it.

  56. brownamazon says:

    He’s at a wildlife centre in Oregon, but he *does* look like he’s swimming in a bathtub. That site, btw, offers a veritable bonanza of wee animals: baby bobcats, baby bunnies, baby owls…
    But beavertalk has taken over these comments. I think Meg needs to post the pic separately so all the castorophiles can squee to their hearts’ content…

  57. LMAO X 2 (now 3) @ Redz!

  58. brownamazon says:

    Oh my, Red. Truly well done. I was wondering when the innuendo jokes were going to start flying (ducks).

  59. Chihuahuas taste like chicken. Poor girl has no taste but at least she is a cutie.

  60. I think Sexy Chicken and Wolf-Spawn might have something to say about that, Bob.

  61. “Yes, they have a tendancy to be a little yippy, and a little hyper, but when properly socialized, and properly taken care of, they can be ALMOST as quite and well behaved as big dogs.”

    I grew up with a Pomeranian whom I adored, but I am still a big dog person. Here’s why. Even you, small dog defender, admit that a small dog needs to be “properly socialized” to be “ALMOST” as well-behaved as big dogs. I prefer my dogs to be naturally loveable and not require special maintenance. That being said, we sure didn’t do anything special to our Pom, and she was sweet as pie. A la mode. 🙂

  62. But little dogs poop smaller.

  63. ceebs, With ya there. 🙂 My bunns are the best though–the poop in a box, it doesn’t stink, and they are dry, hard raisins that don’t smear on anything. *bleggah*

  64. I bet you don’t eat Raisinettes or Goobers at the movies, do ya?

  65. Haaaahahaha… have you ever had any pet that eats “yogurt drops” (i.e., rodents or bunnies)? They are basically the equivalent of pet candy–not exactly toxic, but none too healthy.

    Aaaaaanyway, one day I had this “brilliant” idea to give my rats yogurt-covered raisins for treats instead of these things. What do they do? Carefully peel off and eat the yogurt coating, and launch the raisins across the room, to be consumed by two eagerly–awaiting bunnies. *sigh* 🙂

    I actually adore raisins (from grapes 😉 )–I eat ’em in my oatmeal every morning. 🙂

  66. With so few cells psi, how is it that the cuteness doesn’t just overload the circulatory system???

  67. hrh.squeak says:

    Arvay – hahahahahahaha!! Pocket Pet Treat Sharing Plot!!! Wish you had pics –

  68. hrh–Pocket pets?!? My beasts, pocket pets? Oh the unmitigated gall, to diminish The High Almighty Long-Eared Honorable Big-Footed Graciously Grumphus Doofi to “Pocket Pets”!!


    No sir, I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

  70. The collection of comments on this one is cracking me up. Thank you all for making my day.


  71. AuntieMame says:

    Actually, big dogs need to be trained and socialized just as carefully as little dogs.

    Or more carefully, because at least with a little dog, you can pick it up and make it do what you want. But if a 70+ pound dog doesn’t want to cooperate, you’re screwed.

    I’ll take a small dog over a big dog, any day.

  72. Me too, Mame, and they shed less! They pretty much everything less (except in my dog’s case, whine) !
    Plus they are just so cute & cuddly!

  73. Well, of course big dogs require training–how to walk on and off a lead, how to pee and crap where and when appropriate, not to eat the furniture, all that good stuff. But they don’t require training NOT to stare banefully from the windows and bark at everything that moves, including the wind tossing fallen leaves. Heh. 🙂

  74. It’s so true! I make that expression almost every time I look at Cute Overload. (Especially when they are puppies.) And I’m, uh, a 23-year-old male.

  75. hrh.squeak says:

    Arvay – My abject apologies to His Majestically Grumpy Bigfooted DoofusNess. I think I focussed on the ratties because I’m gonna get me some (rats, you filthyminded people you). And I owe my impending rattiness to you!
    I do love your bun, he’s got the best name and the best disapproval face Ever. Thanks for posting his pic, Theo.

  76. cuteness lover says:

    Wow, I certainly created quite a stir with my little dog comment, lol. Big dogs and little dogs both have pro’s and con’s. I’ve noticed with my freinds, family, and certainly here on this website that usually you’re either a big dog person, or a little dog person. Just like some people claim to be dog people or cat people. I’m an everything person, and have a little bit of everything. I love my cats, and I love my dogs (both my little dog and my big dog), and they all offer unique cuteness. We could go on for days about the good the bad and the ugly of each breed, each species, but in the end, it’s your house, have whatever animal you want. I love all mine, and could never decide which one was better/cuter/enjoyable/less work. Thats what makes it so great though, they certainly spice up my life, from my bunny to my horsey, and everything in between.

  77. Laurie C says:

    Note how the little girl is looking at the back end of the pup. And yet, *still* making the “oh, so cute” face. What up with that?

  78. The girl in the background manages to be just as cute as the puppy!

    What do you think of my kitty???

  79. Gary Fixler says:

    Wow, brownamazon! That’s adorable. Thanks for showing me the light, and the way. The one just left of center with the little paw reaching forward is so fallover cute!

  80. HRH Squeak — that was Cinnamon the Disapproving Rabbit, actually. Not mine, not Arvay’s, just a particularly funneh bunneh. Hang on, I’ve got the link somewhere…

    Click on “Disapproving Rabbits”

  81. lilorfnannie says:

    I’d get the creeps with that thing walking around my house. It doesn’t look like a real dog to me- it looks like some kind of pathetic, frail, annoyingly helpless, mutant dog-rat.

  82. See, this is *precisely* why so many chewy wah-wahs end up with ‘tude issues.

    (“pathetic, frail, annoyingly helpless, mutant DOG-RAT”… LOL… it’s a DRAT!!)

  83. pathetic, frail, annoyingly helpless….
    sounds like a human baby to me.:-O At least a “dog-rat” can walk itself around the house!
    wait til I get my little mouse-head’s picture on here! talk about pathetic– cutest thing ever! 😉

  84. “sounds like a human baby to me.”
    Yeah… as wild animals, we humans are pretty miserable. Thankfully we’ve got all that self-awareness & stuff.

  85. hrh, Mr. B. accepts your apology. But says you’d best not make that mistake again, bub.

  86. That is classic!

  87. cuteness lover says:

    Oh gee, thanks ARVAY, are you going to go around and correct everyones mistakes on here? Sorry I so offended you with improper use of an apostrophe. Didn’t know this was a grammar website. Sheesh, lighten up, would ya?

  88. cuteness lover says:

    Rats are cute too, so if they are Rat Dogs, all the more cuter to me.

  89. cuteness lover says:

    To all the people who don’t “consider them dogs”, go to the AKC website, they are a recognized breed.Last I heard they don’t except rat/dog cross breeding. So I guess you’ll have to take it up with them and vets if you’d like to get that changed.

  90. Juniper says:

    The girl’s face has that scrunched up pre-explosion look. And she’s doing the involuntary “hug object against chest/neck” reflex. Probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen on this site. I can’t stop looking at her. Somebody call a port-a- snorg ambulance for her!

  91. AuntieMame says:

    Cuteness lover, you need to lighten up. Arvay has been here a lot longer than you have, and you obviously missed the fact that the grammar conversation was tongue in cheek.

    Also, if you’re posting three times in a row, you’re posting too much.

  92. cuteness lover says:

    I also didn’t know there was a pecking order here. Is there some sort of a book of rules of posting etiquette I could possibly read?

  93. this girl has encapsulated our audience just perfectly.
    hoist yer glasses!!! cheers, girly…

  94. hrh.squeak says:

    Arvay – I find it very gracious of Mr. Grumpylicious McDoofus (etc., etc.) to accept my apology in person. He’s only encouraging me by showing his magnificent self, you know.

    BTW, I called the Petaluma shelter today and next week they will have spayed and neutered rats avaiable. What are the pros and cons of owning a “fixed” rat (assuming that since I was gonna get two boy ratties, contraception was not one of the pros I need)? Your rattie mentorship is much appreciated –

  95. hrh.squeak says:

    Cuteness Lover:

    Perhaps if you attacked less quickly, you wouldn’t be attacked quickly.

    Likewise with taking offense, which you seem to do at the drop of a whisker.

    Just sayin’.

  96. “Sheesh, lighten up, would ya?”

    Whoa… that is just the greatest irony EVAR! :~D


  97. hrh, it may be more appropriate for me to give you rattie advice via email, but if others are interested it may be just as well here… So by default I shall respond to your questions via email (since my response will be quite long), but if anyone else is interested in reading, let me know and I’ll post here about rat stuff.

    BTW, to cuteness lover, I thought I *was* being polite. Impolite (though equally if not more humorous) would have been this:


    Reeeeelax. Deeeeep breath. Gawsh, go hug a newfie or a St. Bernard.

  98. cuteness lover says:

    I thought I was being light. I just don’t understand why you felt the need to pick on my spelling error when there are tons made on this site. Why was I singled out, thats all I wanted to know.It was quite embarrasing. I mean, when I’m writing an executive letter, or writing a profeesional e-mail, ofcourse I’ll take the time to spell check, but simply making a quick post, I’m not going to double check everything.

  99. the awwwwww factor is off the richter scale!!!