Outlawable floofiness

[Cute police siren]

These cats are UNDER ARREST.

There is far too much floof going on here, and it must be stopped before someone gets hurt. INDIVIDUALLY they possess entirely too much floof, and together, well, together—THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

There hasn’t been a violation this bad since, well, this guy.


Tammy C.—we’re going downtown.

[Cute Police siren]



  1. Eeep!

  2. OMG! First post… I know wish I would have said something witty or profound… *sigh*

  3. Meow House says:

    That is some gorgeous fur – and check out the fluffability of the tail! That’s gotta be good for some honk-shu.

  4. Holy FLoofamoly, Cat Woman! Way too much fuzz goin’ on here.

  5. Hmmm I also wish I could learn how to spell. *double sigh* I meant “Now” not “Know”

  6. …The whole first post thing has become rather anticlimactic. :o(

  7. I did try to warn you…

    I note that this photo flaunts its floof, fleece, AND flannel.

  8. Bubbles says:

    Also guilty of blatant spooning and honk-shu’ing. Not on my watch!

  9. Scawy scawy excessive floofage. Snorgling THAT would make my head splode from sneezing!

  10. Catman Dude says:

    Cat 1: When you gonna move?
    Cat 2: I ain’t gonna move ’til YOU move!
    Cat 1: I ain’t gonna move either!
    Cat 2: I guess we’ll just lay here some more.
    Cat 1: Sounds good.
    Both: ZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz

  11. Unlike the wispy bunneh fro, this is solid floofage. SOLID.

  12. Your honor, my clients should be released, because, as you know, under CO statutes there is no such thing as “too much floofage.”

  13. juggle geese says:

    Damn, I need the name of that stylist. Wish MY hair had a little more fluff.

  14. Wait…wait…does that cat on the bottom have a flame-red fluffed-out torbie tail?? And a white belly that looks like the purrrfect pillow?? That…that can’t be legal. That is just too… *clonk*

  15. mejezabel says:

    snooooorgle snooooorgle mew mew mew
    snooooorgle snooooorgle mew mew mew
    (the cute police siren)

  16. Must…. resist urge…. to DIVE in!!!!

  17. Tony James says:

    w00t! w00t! This is not a drill! All personnel to report to the foof-proof bunkers! This facility is experiencing Critical Foof condition red. We are at Foof-Con 1, people – medical personnel to report to the infirmary to collect the emergency snorgle packs and skwee dressings. That is all.

  18. M, it calls to my nose, also, irresistably. In fact,whenever there’s compaction of fleece, floof, and flannel it’s screamin’ for a ferbert.(sp?)

  19. LOL….I thought that “this guy” bunny link was an exotic mountain goat or sheep or something.
    duh, me!

  20. TJ, no, NO! I won’t go…I.must.stay.with.kittehs.

  21. and the leg-draping!

  22. These two look so much like my cat who died this spring. She was 19 years old, such a heartache! This picture really took the wind out of me. *sobs quietly*

  23. the floooofyness, it burns!!!!! quick get the furaceptic and paw-pad-bandaids!

  24. oh! smooshy kitties!! ultra-floofness on kitties is the best.

  25. I can only imagine what they must look like wet…

  26. Bubbles says:

    “Floof-Con 1” Dang, I’m dying of the giggles here!

  27. Holy Whoa! Can you imagine the shedding!!!

  28. You could knit a floofy sweater outta the shedding. Share the floof!

  29. “We’re gonna need a bigger Swiffer.”

  30. Janet Z. says:

    Can you get cute poisoning?

  31. Lillith says:

    See this pic make me want to rest my head lightly on the floof and listen to the purring.

  32. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, CB, your kitteh must have been so beautifuls! Just remember all the good snorgles you had and comfort yourself that all of us are sick jealous of you. (With the exception of the owners of these lovely Purveyors of Fluffitude.)

  33. Okay, I don’t get why people are worrying about “the gay agenda.” What is clearly endangering my ability to work is the kitteh agenda. These cats are part of the larger conspiracy to lure us all back to bed after the alarm goes off. Must…tear…self…free… from…fluffy…gravitational

  34. Oh, CB–my condolences on your loss. I lost my 19-yr old girlie, Yankee, last July. I still miss her so very much…she was my little princess.

  35. AWWW

  36. Michelle says:

    LOL Redzilla! No doubt. The Floof agenda is far more potentially disabling.

    Danielle, You wonder what the shedding is like with one of these? Every day you come home to puffs of white all over the carpet with the occasional big wad of floof. Everyday. I have a Sabrina that looks like this.

  37. E-Snorgle says:

    For those of you who both lost 19 year old kitt-ehs, you must have given them very good homes for them to live such a long lovely life. Props to you! And props to all kittehs past, present, and future!

  38. I thought it was “zerbert,” not “ferbert.” No, wait — “FUR-bert!” That’s it!! That’s what you call it when you zerbert fur! Now you can add it to the glossary, Theo!

  39. Lovely floofiness. And in the same vein, have you guys seen this one from stuffonmycat today? Unbelievable floof! http://www.stuffonmycat.com/index.php?itemid=1593#c

  40. I’m having a huge amount of trouble trying to find out where which floof begins and the other ends. Fantastically Formidable Floof!

  41. We have this problem every Christmas: flammable floof.

  42. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Holy kitty floof! If only hotel towels and 3 Musketeers bars were that fluffy…

  43. We must codify the Floof-Con scale.

  44. “If only hotel towels and 3 Musketeers bars were that fluffy”

    Yeek… now I’m imagining vending machines full of hermetically-wrapped, flashily-printed, chocolate-covered hairballs.

  45. hrh.squeak says:

    Theo – eeeeewwwww.

  46. Once again, Tony to the James, you should be in lock-down for your hilarious comments. I practically slid off the chair—and YES, Carolyn J., we should codify the Floof-Con scale!!!

    FLOOF-CON 1: Maximum Floof
    FLOOF-CON 2: Increased Floof
    FLOOF-CON 3: Hair stuck in mouf
    FLOOF-CON 5: Peacetime

  47. Tony James says:

    Fammable foof? Eek!
    Maybe it’s time to update the Lorax – as I recall the Once-ler lurks in his lerkim up under the roof, where he (now) makes he own clothes out of Fliff Fluffered Floof! A kinder, gentler Once-ler, one who has no interest in cutting down Truffula trees but instead lurks in his lerkim perusing Cute Overload and asploding from the anerable floofitude and general skwee-osity.

  48. Tony James says:

    Meg – LOVE IT! LOL!

    Global ThermoNuclear Floof. Almost total loss of bodily functions, drooling, asploding heads, probable termination of employment if occuring in a place of work.

  49. cuteness lover says:

    oh, CB, so sorry for your loss 😦
    I know it’s hard especially after having them for so long. They make themsleves a part of your heart, your life, and your routine, and it’s hard when they leave you behind. Don’t worry though, they’re waiting at the Rainbow Bridge 🙂 Playing with the other kitties, and pouncing on flowers 🙂

  50. cuteness lover says:

    I hope that shortly after this picture was taken they were both given a brisk petting, and squeezed (not too tight now), and given kitty treats.

  51. Oh poor CB-

    I once did a scene in an animated tv show of Kitty Heaven, a small subdivision of the afterlife where the trees are filled with tuna and the rivers run with milk. Alexandre the (dead) cat (who in the show had had rabies) arrived at the gate, blinking in joy, and as we panned across, one could see my stripey cat Tippy, who had died at a ripe old age.

    I actually found doing that scene comforting. Remember, in Kitty Heaven the rivers run with milk…

    (Points for anyone who can tell me what show that was!)

  52. “emergency snorgle packs and skwee dressings”!!!


  53. Aw, thanks for your comments and condolences, guys. Here are some pics of my (late) furball, for your weepy edification.


  54. Laurie C says:

    Awww, CB, my heart goes out to you. What a sad and touching blog post about your kitty. I just teared up. It’s always so hard.

  55. alexandra says:

    i just want to put my face right where the one’s belly ends and the other’s back starts. i bet it’s warm. and i’m tired.

  56. alexandra says:

    was that Dr. Katz?

  57. MaggieMoo says:

    Didn’t anyone consider that maybe they are stuck together due to static electricity? I have fuzzy socks that stick my clothes all of the time. It’s a good thing they like each other then, no?

  58. Whoa, that’s too much.
    MaggieMoo, meet MEGGIE MOO!

  59. Nope. But right company.

  60. I have images of someone rubbing them together to make them stick with static, then setting them down.
    LOL MaggieMoo!!!!

  61. Wow – superfluff! That link to the fluffy bunny is super hilarious. Sound the alarms!

  62. Awww, CB, I’m so sorry 😦 Noelle was a beautiful girl…

  63. Static electricity! Hehehe. Brilliant.

  64. sunshine says:

    Brilliant indeed,CB!

  65. spoonie gee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. By the way — welcome back, Fantastic Sista S!
    Where ya been?