Ear buds

This little dude’s ears are gonna blossom. Can you imagine him with two flowers, one on either side of his head? Don’t even get me started on the whisker puff.


Ran M. from Israel writes he took this photo in the Galapagos islands—WHERE CUTENESS HAS EVOLVED!



  1. and his freakin’ nose is heart shaped! definite redonk.

  2. omg so cuteeeeeeeeee

  3. Elizabeth says:

    And he’s wearing makeup to make his ginormous beautiful brown eyes even bigger! Oh the irresistibleness of heeeeeeee!

  4. Aaaah so cute! cute cute cute!

  5. Looks like Mr. Hydrodynamic has been into the chocolate stash. Naughty sweet tooth.

  6. squeeee the cuteness

  7. emicake says:

    Squeeee! ia right!! Soooo so so so so cute! And you can tell by looking at his eyes that he’s smiling. :3

  8. okaasan59 says:

    Yeah, he’s cute, but I bet he’s got really bad breath.

  9. CrazyIvan says:

    *Gives a Seal of Approval*

    What? Someone had to do it!

  10. Deckard Canine says:

    First I thought, “Oh no, what happened to his eye? And is that a worm coming out of his ear?”

    Then: “I want to pet him.”

  11. msumissa says:

    I think I have died and gone to cute heaven!

  12. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Another moist nosicle!

  13. mejezabel says:

    I used to wear my eye make-up that way.

  14. aw man somebody already posted this but… i love his nose, its a little heart ♥

    and plus, hes smiling at you, see? hes all like please adore my cuteness, i’ll give a cute puff cheek smile ☻

  15. Foamy boy says:

    What is it???????? Does it have legs?

  16. What is it about seals?…. They just scream give me hugs and love me…. and the face… the please love me face…. oy!

  17. Laurie C says:

    I believe this is a sea lion, rather than a seal, because of the external ears.

    Aside, I saw a little nest of three 11-day-old gray and white kittens at “my” boxcar cat feral colony this weekend. They looked like little sea lions. (Kicked myself for not getting a photo. BTW Theo – uploading photos will have to wait till later this week – I’m off to Montreal for a couple of days.)

  18. OK. Fine. I’ve updated the Glossary.

  19. LC — we’ll wait. Have fun in Montreal.

  20. Laurie C says:

    “Fun” – not a word I would use to describe collective bargaining. Sadly, not a pleasure trip.

  21. Well then, here’s hoping that you’ll at least be able to take breaks & check in on Teh Qte™ while you’re out in the field.

  22. Tony James says:

    Foamy – no, they don’t have legs. When seals are born their flippers have not developed, and they move across the rocks powered purely by Cute. Darwin first observed this on his expedition to the Galapagos Island on HMS Beagle, and developed a formula based on Newton’s First Law, which is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It works roughly like this:
    The animal’s absolute value of cute, multiplied by the mass in kilograms, divided by the relative local value of skwee (expressed as a percentage) determines the velocity of the animal over any given surface expressed in metres per second.

    In this instance:
    Absolute value: 9
    Mass: 50
    Local value of skwee: 87

    So (9×50)/87 = 5.17, so he can move at 5 mps. If you put him in an environment with a higher local value of skwee (a petting zoo, for example, or a basket full of fuzzy kittens), the skwee field would be much stronger, and thus he would move more slowly, although his maximum speed would never be lower than 4.5 mps on account of the mass to absolute cuteness ratio. However, as he grows older his absolute value of cute declines, while his mass increases, so a fully grown adult seal would be able to move more quickly even through a strong skwee field.

    Sadly Darwin’s research into this was put on hold while he worked on The Origin of Species (where keen-eyed readers will notice that he barely touches upon the subject of Cute, so as not to wreck sales of the later book), and his notes on the subject have only recently come to light. The Fellows of the Royal Society of Cuteologists (a secret society to which Darwin belonged) are currently working on publishing this new book. Order early for Christmas.

  23. TJ — I’ve found the perfect Cuteologist’s lab coat for you. What shipping address should I use?

    (it’s humor, of course… don’t post real address, of course…)

  24. Tony James says:

    T-oh – great idea, except there is a strict dress code at the Society, so we are restricted to plain white lab coats. However, being the fun-loving group of people that we are, we have our Society names silk-screened on the backs fo our coats. One of my colleagues is from Motor City, so he has “The Poit from Detroit” on his coat, while our head of research hails from Ireland, and is thus referred to as The Ballymorgle Snorgle. Given that I am currently on secondment to the New York office, I delight in the soubriquet Manhattan Trans-Fur (apologies to our younger readers who may not get the reference).

  25. A Fine Morsel says:

    I want to stroke the smooth head!!

  26. LOL, TJ.
    You are indeed a master. Kudos from the CO para-admin-at-large; I am not worthy.
    [bows down a la “Wayne’s World”]

    – The Overload on the Road

  27. Tony James says:

    Theo – where are the pictures of the new addition to the family? Wewannaseedakitty!!!!

  28. WOOK AT DHAT FAAACE! Hello-o-o-o, HANDsome!!!!

    Absotively, Posilutely the cutest face I’ve seen today!!!!

    Thank you Ran M. for sharing. (~:

  29. they have cute seals in La Jolla. Not sure they compete with this one tho 🙂

  30. TJ — erm… maybe you’re thinking of someone else? Still 2 cats and one rabbit here; no new kitters.

    We *will* be doing kitten fostering, but that hasn’t started just yet. Resident cats are all caught up on their shots now, though (finally).

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    Tony James – You were already Da Man, now are you ElDorado Caddy? (Love that group.)

    Laurie C., I feel your pain. My last CB finished up three months ago and the *contract expires at the end of July*, we’re already doin’ it all over again. I can quote the damn thing. Sigh. This is why I’m addicted to CO – I Needs the Cute!!!!

  32. Oh my gosh, I think I just had a heart attack! Look at those shiny bulbous eyes!

  33. Oohh, such soulful eyes. (Shiny, bulbous, and yet soulful!!)

  34. Laurie C says:

    squeak, my last negotiations (of the stone dungeon frigid caucus room) was only relieved by coming back to the hotel in the evening, firing up the laptop and diving into CO. Aaaaaaah.

  35. Tony James says:

    Theo – almost a month has passed since you brought us up to date with the alterations to The Manor to accomodate the new FosterFuzz. Are you expecting the jury to believe that since then there has not been the shuffleshufflethumperthumperthumperswiiiiiiiiishCRASH of new kitten paws in your home? M’lud, I put it to the court that the defendant has wilfully and maliciously concealed the presence of the FosterFuzz from the other members of this forum in order to have sole snorgling rights, in direct contravention of Article 5, paragraph 17, of the Common Skwee and Snorglage Act of 1927, wherein it clearly states that “Theo will upload pictures of the FosterFuzz RIGHT NOW.” Wewannaseedakitty!!!!!!!

  36. court concurs.

  37. Uh Mah Gah! I want to SNORGLE this adorable baby! I can’t believe Ran was able to get so close to her! I lurf her.

  38. [sound of gavel rapping in box of unused kitty litter]

    The court will adjourn until 0900. (whenever that is…)

  39. Jan Spencer says:

    TJ…I wanna be on the jury! 🙂

    BTW…this picture brought me back to my pre-teen years when I went to South Dakota with my family for vacation. Went to an aquarium somewhere out near Rapid City, and you could take your picture with a seal/sea lion. I was a little shy, but the sea lion actually took his flipper and put it around my shoulders! LOL Like we were buds or something. Anyway…great shot here. Totally cute!

  40. Do y’all honestly think I’d *withhold* kitten pix from Cute Overload???

    [raises right forepaw, places left upon Glossary]
    If I had ’em, YOU’D have ’em. Stheriously.

  41. Vanilla says:

    Can’t decide who I love more, Theo or Tony James. Humor poured over cute is irresistable.

  42. Tony James says:

    Hmmm…alright, Theo, we’ll accept your defence. But we’re releasing you on your own cognisance, so as soon as there are kittenpix we expect them to be delivered to the Clerk of the Court’s office within 24 hours.

  43. Yes, here be a sea lion. It’s lovely seeing them around the Channel Islands out here. In fact, there is a WEALTH of cute in the ocean: wee fishies, otters, sea lions, fat harbor seals and wonderful dolphins. Jaypo, I will now rip the gavel out of your hands and demand a recess so we can find some dolphins. They are too happy-making.

  44. Wait a minute… the which-what Act, of *when*?? [mini-scowl]

    (And check it out, TJ… we’re teh SHIZZ, d00d!)

  45. The Guy Over There says:

    Another phenomena that would gross out people but not in animals: lack of neck.

    The lack of neck just adds to the cutey power!

  46. Tony James says:

    d00d, we iz da shizz – but we already be knowin’ dat. F’shizzle, m’tizzle.

  47. I’m kinda partial to the heart shaped nose myself. And ear buds!!

  48. In the cuteness justice system, Theo is represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the kitten police, who investigate accusations of keeping photos-in-the-fist; and the cattorneys, who prosecute the flooffenders. Who also wannaseedakitty. These are their stories.

  49. [DUN DUN.]

  50. Tony James says:

    LOL @ Aubrey – you slay me, man!

  51. ooh. that level of cuteness is about to burst my cuteness thermometer

  52. *gets out a damp tissue and cleans the smudge off the otherwise ‘dorable seal thingy*

  53. I just want to nuzzle it!

  54. Jackie from Michigan says:

    I could just imagine this guy at Sea World Israel, honking horns and greeting people. Why not with that cute face?

  55. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What a sweet face!

  56. Claw and Order is all well and good, but for this thread we really need CSI – Cute Seal(ion) Idolators. 😛

  57. yes, I agree wholeheartedly with Aubrey; sadly the Cuteness of the Sea has been overlooked in favor of the Cuteness of the Land. I direct your attention to the BelugaCam at the Vancouver Aquarium: http://www.vanaqua.org/belugacam/

  58. Dustbunny says:

    Ok, it’s cute now but these are the same critters that when grown, migrate up to Oregon and eat all our frigging salmon! Grrrr.

  59. Jan Spencer says:

    OH MY GAWD…CLAW AND ORDER?! LOVE IT! And it was funny as I was scrolling down and read Aubrey’s little blurb about the criminal justice system (blah blah blah) I thought to myself after reading it … “DUN DUN”.

    Wouldn’t life be all good if we could fast forward just by uttering the sound effect of DUN DUN. 🙂

  60. hrh.squeak says:

    Dustbunny – I bet the seals think that *you* are eating up all *their* salmon – they was there first.

  61. I’ve never posted a comment before but I had to since sea lions are complete cute. 😀 And I get to watch them all day long. 😀 Her nose is adorable!

  62. Laurie C says:

    Here’s a piece of trivia about seals for you: If you’re say, in a boat, and approaching seals hauled on a rock, they will start waving a flipper at you. It looks like they’re waving “hello” all cutely, but in fact, that’s a seal’s way of saying “go away, I feel threatened.” Even when you know this, it’s still incredibly hard to resist saying “Hi, seals!” and waving back.

  63. Laurie C says:

    “hauled” shoulda read “hauled out”

  64. I cannot help pointing out that this lil’ sea lion has eye capsules. But then, I *like* them!

  65. cuteness lover says:

    I have fed many-a-Ear buds at Sea World, and let me tell you, they are even cuter in real life. I wish I could pet one some day…*daydreaming*

  66. Awwww~ This one really killed me *melts in pathetic puddle*

  67. Sea lions feel like wet cats. 😉

    That video is so sad. 😦 If they did that to a person, they’d be put away.

  68. Dustbunny says:

    hrh: Maybe the seals were there first, but humans perfected ever tastier ways of preparing salmon! BTW, the Fish & Wildlife folks are trying to scare the sea lions away by blasting Metallica & Black Sabbath at them. I’m not making this up. Maybe a dose of Barry Manilow would be more effective.

  69. Meg writes:
    “Can you imagine him with two flowers, one on either side of his head?”

    In a Jugenstil kind of way? I CAN imagine it, and it leaves me breathless with cute angst.

    Can someone please make the dream a reality, and photoshop this up for me?

  70. Hey people, i’m glad you liked this picture! =)

    It was indeed incredible getting so close to them out in the wild.. for those confused this picture wasn’t taken at Israel, but at the Galapagos Islands, near Equador (South America).

    Cheers :o)

  71. sunshine says:

    LIKED the picture? Ram, I LOVE this picture.

  72. sunshine says:

    oops,your name is Ran, not Ram. apologies from sunshine!

  73. Mad_ferret says:

    Is it just me, or does something seem wrong around it’s eyes? A lot have you guys said it was make-up (or chocolate in one case.) But i think something may be wrong. Now, yes it does look cute. and If i am wrong, it is the seal version of “The Crow”

  74. Late response, but —

    Pinnipeds lack the nasal duct that, in humans, allows excess eye fluid to be deposited in the nose. This leads to a lot more fluid being released through the eyes. In other words, they cry a lot, although without any sadness.

    My guess is that the odd coloring around this one’s eyes is simply wet fur — notice how the discoloration below the mouth looks the same.

    My winter vacation absolutely has to be somewhere I can visit marine mammals. Hmm… manatees or sea lions? Hmm…