Damn those allergies!

It’s tough when you’re allergic to feathers.


Amber L., brilliant find. Looks like it’s from Bill’s Blog.




  1. Bless you, baby ducklet. Seriously, I think I’m going to keel over.

  2. bless you! cute duckie!

  3. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh Lord, bless ME, I’ve been CuteSlimed by a duckie!! Duck tongue! Eye capsules! Hilarious!!!

  4. How do you spell the sound Donald Duck makes when he sneezes? 🙂

  5. Ohhhh my cute cute cute!!!!!

  6. Oh dear god, sick duckles! Nothin’ sadder than a duck with a mallardy…

  7. hrh.squeak says:

    Yes there is, wait till he gets the doctor’s bill.

  8. Ouch! You guys are killin’ me!

    SQUEEE! Duckyduckyducky! I can’t stand it!

  9. Just be sure he sees a real doctor and not a quack.

  10. I think this pic might redefine “honk-SHU”.

  11. (Actually, I love a good pun.)

  12. TheLuna says:

    It’s hard to look away from the duckeh tongue, but check out how *round* the duck head behind this one is!

  13. Jay Fry says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!! This is reduckulously cute.

  14. Aflac junior! I love it!


  15. I found this somewhere, can’t remember where. Glad you all ejoy it.

  16. Tony James says:

    “Godsdammit if all you guys don’t stop pushing and shoving I swear I’m turning this car around and NO-ONE’S going to Disneyland!”

  17. I just hope he doesn’t have the bird flu (or should that be flew?).

  18. “Quit with the quacket, you guys! And stop shuffling – wait; did someone just goose me?”

  19. This has to be one of *the* single best pics ever posted here.

    Aubrey, I love your caption!

  20. Too FUNNY!!!!! Look at the tongue…..hahahahaha!

  21. All the comments are quacking me up!

  22. Oh my gah! I love this blog! If you ever get any pictures of kiwi birds, I’ll die!

    Ah he’s so cute…

  23. “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

  24. There is *no way* that is real. As a matter of fact, there’s no way that’s unreal, either. That level of cuteness is against the laws of physics. Therefore, that cuteness does not exist.

  25. No avian flu jokes?

  26. This picture is so cute it’s giving me diabetes! 😀

  27. Fritatta says:


  28. Michelle says:

    There once was a cute little ducky

    Whose ‘tude was adorably plucky

    But how’s this for a tease-

    Her own feathers made her sneeze

    Having allergies is really quite sucky



    Let’s see… [dons editor specs]… how about:

    There once was a cute little ducky
    Whose ‘tude was adorably plucky
    But in any light breeze
    Her own down made her sneeze
    Allergies truly are sucky

    (Technically, that’s 99558, but I’ve seen the first syllable get kinda swallowed in lots of limericks, including “There once was a man from Nantucket…”)

  30. er… 99658 actually. Still a bit untidy.
    Maybe line 3 should be “But in a light breeze,”…

  31. (PPS — wink.)

  32. …99668? Oh I give up.
    [waves white flag]

  33. Not as easy as it looks eh Theo? XD

    Now when it comes to the ducky, aside from the unbearable cuteness, the first thing this photo made me think was “Ducks have tounges?” I mean, they must, but you never see them, so you have to question their existance…like politicians hearts…

  34. No proper rhymes, just alot of sound-alikes.
    With everyone’s permission:

    “There once was a wee tiny duckling
    With sinuses constantly snuffling
    His feathers caused grief
    From his tail to beak
    The result was a thorough plucking”

  35. AuntieMame says:

    Looks like lil’ ducky just read one of Aubrey’s puns…


  36. Jackie from Michigan says:

    “Hawoooonk! Summone pwease han me a tizzue!”
    Check out the ducky floofness!

  37. Brak_Silverbone says:


  38. I seriously love this site. This is one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen, but I do feel that one serious demographic is being left out.

    There has been snails, lizards, puffer fish and all sorts of exotic creatures. I think that one creature is being left out.


    Have you ever seen one? Soooo cute.

  39. Good call, April. I’d love to see that!

  40. ARGH! *Mustn’t* *call* *syllables* *on* *anyone*. *Doesn’t* *want* *to* *write* *lymericks.*

    You should never have pointed it out, Theo. It’s really got me . . . down. Some day I swear I’ll write a sonnet to teh cute.

  41. Then you can add “IWTFS” to your accolades.

  42. punkpie says:

    my favorite part is the wet, matted-down down… looks like angry eyebrows !

  43. ElfOwl, why a sonnet when you could write a pantoum, an ode, an alexandrine? [Not sure if this is the right word, in the last case.]

    or even free verse.


  44. punkpie, I’m afraid duckling really is sick–that “wet” is from his nose.


  46. E.C., the sonnet would be to help me work out my iambic demons. 😛 I’m not too fond of the Alexandrine, “That like a wounded Snake, drags its slow length along.”

    Now, maybe a bob and wheel . . . *eyes SGGK up there on the shelf*

  47. I guess alexandrines work best in French?

    I have no “iambic demons,” so a pantoum might be pretty cool…

  48. Heh, yes, much better, actually.

  49. cuteness lover says:

    I second JESSICA’S kiwi bird request! I wuv the wittle ducky though!
    Oh dear! he needs a tissue and some soup and quackers.

  50. cuteness lover says:

    APRIL is right too, were are the seahorses, and also, SEA DRAGONS, any of you seen one of them? They certainly give even seahorses a run for their money. We just need to *see* more from the *sea*.

  51. Laurie C says:

    Sea dragons are astounding. Less cute and more elegant, though. I saw them at the New Orleans Aquarium a year before Katrina. I heard they lost most of the creatures at that aquarium because of the power outage. I was pulling for the little guys. And the jellies, too. Box jellies are cute.

  52. hrh.squeak says:

    Laurie C, have you been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium? They have a jellyfish exhibit which includes a mirrored hall with Moon Jellies in black light. Surreally beautimus. Also, one small magnifying “tank” with teenytiny jellies the size of a glass pin head. Cute!!! Plus OttersOttersOtters!!!

  53. cuteness lover says:

    EEeeeeeeee, I LOVE the jellies! Especially since “Finding Nemo” ….(imitating Dori’s voice)..”I will name him squishy, and he will be mine”. One of the best lines in the history of american cinema.

  54. I’ve never seen a cuter tongue in my life!

  55. R. Moore says:

    He he, I am allergic to feathers, too, but that hasn’t stopped me from keeping chickens and ducks… Though ducks stay cute forever 🙂

  56. It’s true! I saw my first one in Nat’l Geographics and totally fell in love. My boyfriend and I went to the Aquarium in Albuquerque and I spent like a good half hour filming this tiny tank of seahorses. Oh…I just love them! They are the cutest creature on this planet. Especailly when they’re bawbays. So tiny, so see-through!

  57. Oh, I forgot:

    Yes, box jellies are awfully adorable, but they are extremly deadly! Don’t even try to snorgle one of those guys!

    They have deadly tentactles filled with poison. Scary, but cute.

  58. R. Moore says:

    April is right… I was stung by a dead jelly once while at a beach on the Gulf of Mexico, and my leg became red and swollen… and it HURT! Jellies, while wonderful to look at, are not meant to come into contact with people. (Although you could say that about all wild animals, really…)

  59. ka9q's wife says:

    Jessica there was a pic of a baby Kiwi bird a while ago.
    go there.

  60. ka9q's wife says:

    ack somehow i messed the link up. Here it is

  61. Bless you.

  62. hrh.squeak:
    The Monterey Bay Aquarium brims with frothy cuteness. In addition to the examples you gave, they have PENGUINS. LOTS OF PENGUINS.



  63. OL is the greatest. Makes a bad day a good day. Are there any schnauzer people out there?

  64. hrh.squeak says:


    (Actually, I work at SF Opera, and “penguins” is the usual nickname for pit instrumentalists, who all have to wear black, and the men have to wear a tux.)

    PENGIMS!!! Yaaaaayyy!!

  65. Ah, Theo… as a fellow English Major (specialization in Creative Writing/Poetry), I feel your brain-freeze pain.

    BUT… if we’re gonna get down on the subject– sonnet? alexandrine? FEH, I SAY! You wanna piece o’ this ducky? BRING ON THE VILLANELLE, mothercluckers!

    Oh, it is SO on…

  66. chunkstyle says:

    I think JayRay got it right on…reduckulously cute indeed 🙂 Theo, I admire your desire to stay true to the form, don’t worry about syllables though, we don’t all have red pens at the ready :>D

  67. Speak for yourself, chunkstyle; my inner Harold Bloom wants to see what Theo’s REALLY made of.


    [Whining] But, Mom, HE started it, HONESTLY…

  68. Thanks. I have that little pig posted earlier on my desktop.

    I can’t get over this duck, oh he’s so cute.

  69. Once again with the perfect captions…bravo…eeer…uuh bless you!

  70. this is one of the most cute duck photos i’ve seen yet. he looks like he’s screaming from being buried in duckling floofieness!! (there’s a super big cloud of it to the left!)

  71. alright, duckies, more pomes!

  72. “BRING ON THE VILLANELLE, mothercluckers!”

    btw J. Bo — truth is, I wasn’t an English major. EnvSci/Bio… and then I went and became a network admin & DBA. (I’m leaving out huge chunks of hard-to-classify detail, tho.)

  73. Well, isn’t this just ducky!?!?!

  74. Has NOBODY noticed the wee ducky nostrils?

  75. Who knew ducks could look like that? I bet his name is Donald…

  76. That is truly one of the cutest things I’ve seen in my entire life!

  77. chunkstyle says:

    No VILLANELLES!!!! Repetition in poems makes me…
    Limmericks are a format made for cuteness and haikus are cute in format 🙂

  78. sunshine says:

    a-CHOO! i never saw a duck sneeze before.

  79. sunshine says:

    a-CHOO! i never saw a duck sneeze before.

  80. You still haven’t. Little dude’s not sneezing, he’s hollering “SO HANDS UP — WHO WANTS TO ROCK?!!!”

  81. Not an English major, Theo? Oh, well… nobody’s perfect.

    P.S. Thanks for the goose, dude!

  82. Absolutely un-quoteable, that. ^^

  83. ducky mosh pit! rock on dude!

  84. sunshine says:

    gosh that duck is cute

  85. I’m stunned. Really. I never knew ducklings could sneeze on command, for the camera!

  86. duckie tongue!!!
    never seen one before

  87. i am soooo gonna keel over when i see another ducklet in my life time cuz the cuteness! i just cant take ie at alll!!!!

  88. Does anyone else think he looks like the duckling from the Tom and Jerry cartoons–the one that tries to off himself because “nobody loves me?” The one with the cute voice. He shows up in other T & J toons too.
    So cute…can’t take it!