Petite Oinkette

It’s Japanese wallpaper madness, People. This nutso Japanese site has delightful wallpapers in big sizes. I adore the petite oinker, below.


The feller who sent this in didn’t leave their name on the email—but you know who you are!



  1. Michelle says:


  2. English Chick says:

    Awh so adorable!
    Oinky McOinkerson

  3. Marianna says:

    TOO CUTE! I love this website!

  4. This is a fantastic shot. What a cute lil piggie. 😀

  5. chelsea says:

    shleepy piggeh.
    and tiny hooves to boot!

  6. Love the colors, love the photo, love the piggeh. It’s leaving me bacon for more.


  7. Now that looks like someone who knows how to relax and enjoy the weekend!


  8. As a child we used to dress these guys in doll clothes. Imagine this one in a pink ruffled bonnet.

  9. Now that’s a moist snorticle! 🙂

  10. Look at the little feet!

  11. Oh the Japanese again. They are the undisputed masters of cute. *deep bow*

  12. I have to agree with you, Mel. The Japanese are the cute overlords.

  13. Oinkette! I love the word! I want to kiss his fuzzy head and ears and little moist nose and get a snorgle back!

    I used to have a pet pig, their cuteness is totally underrated!

  14. what dainty little feet

  15. that site really is nutso.

  16. Nickole says:

    “Moist snorticle”!

    I snorted coffee out of my nose when I read that! Guess that gives me a moist snorticle, too…

  17. Lillith says:

    Wee pink piggeh!!!

    Cute piggeh pics always remind me of that line in the Owl and the Pussycat. “At the end of the wood a piggy-wig stood with a ring at the end of its nose.”

  18. Heh, it’s another instance of disembodied cute!

  19. Svenster says:

    Holy lateral eyes, Batman!

    It was nice knowing you all.
    *dies from cute overload*

  20. damn, dude…
    I have woken up one too many mornings feeling like this petite oinker. Eyes are open but horizontal is just about all he can handle just now. Dark circles aroundd the eyes help with the hungover look.

  21. for some reason i can’t help but think of the movie “babe” when i look at this…talk about a movie that has lots of cute overload moments. i bought the soundtrack just so i could hear the mice sing whenever i felt like it.

  22. Little baby pigs’ noses aren’t moist so much as they are velvety…

  23. This little piglet must be so sooooofffftttt… Mmm! [snorgles madly’]

  24. This one is too tiny to be a piglet so I call her a pig-o-let!

  25. I looooooove baby pigs…they remind me of my kids. LOL

  26. Aww. Looks appropriate for a lazy Sunday.

    And that site has such cuteness!


    *loves tapirs*

  27. Any site with *baby tapir wallpaper* is my kind of “nutso!”

    for the pic in question… )

  28. I can’t believe the double-post here (Christina and me) re. baby tapirs. [Hee.]

  29. cute minds think alike EC and Christina 😉

  30. Must be the high Snorgability Factor™, arbed…! (With baby and adult tapirs, that is.)

  31. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Pink nose! Pink nose! The pinkest nose ever!

  32. Poit – Oink!

  33. How could you eat something sooo cute?!


  34. Oink-shuuuu!

  35. What an artful gaze! The little guy really knows how to ham it up…

  36. “Oink-shu”
    Nice, Greenighs!

  37. Rich Fader says:


  38. cuteness lover says:

    I agree with CLAIRE, piggies are totally underated.
    I’ve never expierenced the joy of pig-ownership. I have a friend that had a pet pig though. I hear they are great pets. They have different personality’s, and are very affectionate, and smart.
    LOOOOOVE the piggy!!!
    More piggy pics pleeeeease!

  39. cuteness lover says:

    That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

  40. I now have baby ferret wallpaper. *SQUEE*

  41. omg the collapseynes, the pink and blueness, the too-small-to-support-own-weight-yness! EEE!

  42. is this piggy heaven??

  43. LalaLA! LalaLA!

    I can almost hear the tippy-tappy of the hoofies.

  44. aaaaaah mah gaaaaaaah!
    that site!

  45. A Fine Morsel says:


  46. The Japanese are handing our ASSES to us with all the cute.

  47. adrianna says:

    & speaking of asses, i like the wall paper with the bunny butts:

  48. adrianna says:

    & omg, if you click on the very lower right-hand link, you’ll see adorable clips of various baby animals including the little oinker in (very sleepy) action!

  49. Diane N says:

    You gotta love that site, if only for the sea creatures mixed in with all the puppies and kitties! I guess they are cute to somebody, eh?

  50. PIGGY!!!!

  51. hrh.squeak says:

    I actually thought the baby squidlets were pretty cute. Or were they octopodlets?

  52. Karen B says:

    Swine are social animals and should be provided with the opportunity to interact with other members of their species and with humans. If housing by compatible groups is not possible because of protocol restrictions or cage size, then animals should be able to see each other and preferably touch noses through the walls of the pens.

  53. Pigs are intelligent and emotional creatures.

    Some may say they are yummy, not caring about the misery-filled lives they choose to support everytime they purchase cheap pork from the grocery store,

    But, I think, more people are concerned with health. Pig is loaded in fat and cholesteral.

    Misery+Bad Health=Yuck

  54. carol basquez says:

    omg, this is so precious!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Clearly such a cutie is intended to be an indoor pet!

  56. Mariana says:

    I love piggys i even collect then\m i have 57 pigs. I love this pic.

  57. 57 pigs or pig pictures?