Tiny Dot

Oh, PLEASE. Just when you think things cannot get any cuter, you open your mail to discover "Tiny Dot" the BEBEH BOSTON TERRIER. He was obviously placed on this earth to KEEL US. Don’t look directly at the ear flop—filter it with your fingers.


I hope your life insurance info is up-to-date, Binky.



  1. squee!


  3. Oh HELLS NO. That is TOO CUTE.


  4. Shannon L says:


    I *hate* (hatehatehate) little breeds like this, but I almost died when I saw this one!!

    Like…gasp-choke-swoon-heartattack. No joke. xD

  5. Nickole says:

    He looks like he’s standing up against a wind from the front. Even his eyes are blown out of position…

  6. Jackie from Michigan says:

    How come Bostons are so cute as puppies but holy terrors when they are older? The neighbors down the street have a Boston and that thing is out for blood; another Boston that was on our block when I was a kid would escape from its yard and follow you for blocks.
    Oh well, gotta give props to the ear flops.

  7. I see evil in the cute…

  8. chelsea says:

    and the wishkerssh!
    eeefdklas! [‘splodes]

  9. That dude’s got iguana eyes.

  10. JUST LOOK AT THE WITTLE NOOOOOOOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nickole says:

    Jackie: If Bostons weren’t cute as puppies, the breed never could have survived this long.

    It’s like the cuteness of the puppy drowns the little, rational voice which says: “This dog going to grow up. You have approximately six months of cute puppyhood. Then comes the sixteen years of hellish doghood.”

  12. I think if you ever owned a boston you’d know why it is a popular breed. They are the best dogs in the world — and the cutest. And they aren’t THAT small, Shannon.

  13. I did it! I looked directly at the ear flops! I think I’ve had an aneurysm.

  14. Okay, all my teeth just shattered and crumbled out of my mouth. Thanks a lot CuteOverload! I’m sending you my dentist bill!

  15. Nickole says:

    Alicat: Maybe they are the best dog in the world if you own one. But if you are the person walking your dog meeting one, then they on the whole are the angriest, noisiest, most suicidal breed known.

  16. Oh man, I’ve got to learn to read the warning label before I look at the pictures.. the ear flaps, the ear flaps, the ear flaps!

  17. Oooooooh. The tiniest Moist Nosicle EVER.

    It’s more like a Moist Nosule.

    I saw a tiny calf today and he had the most beautiful moist nosicle. Next time I am taking my camera!

  18. oh STOP! Stop being so cute, how can you stand to be so cute???? stop stop stop! i can’t take it!!!

  19. Brak_Silverbone says:

    He looks confused!


    (Snorgles screen)

  21. OMG!!11!!!!!

    I wanna sqeeeeeeeeeeeze him!!

  22. He almost looks as if he’s part bunny. There MUST be some buns in his family tree.

  23. Good gaaalgh… am I gonna have to add “Moist Nosicle” to the Glossary?


  25. eeeeeeeek! SOOOOOOOOO CUTE! i want i want iwant!

  26. chrissylte says:

    The cheek puffs peoples – the cheeeeeeeeek puffs!!!!

  27. so cuuuuuuuuutttteeee. i’ve been wanting a boston terrier ever since my friend caroline had hers.

  28. lilybunny says:

    THis is the first Cute Overload entry that has litterally made me tremble with the cuteness. I SHOOK with cute overwhelmedness!

    I used to have a Boston they are the sweetest things. Crazy and all get out, but so much fun. I miss my Savananna Banana Poundcake. Must got look at cute puppy more.


  29. Sometimes I wonder why animals are given certain names. But in this case I would say ‘Boston’ fits this pup to a tea.

  30. I actually screamed when I saw this little baby! This is amazing considering I am not a dog person. This little one is adorable! xoxoxo

  31. ugh… one of the few dog breeds i can’t stand, and not even the bug eyed puppies can redeem their ugliness…

  32. I love how this sweet things little muzzlepuffs arn’t as big as the ones on the Heli-bunny below.

  33. cuteness lover says:

    I love the eyeballs! I love the ears, I love I love it I love it!some one please give him a treat! Oh dear, thats how my dog got so fat. *must remember not to give treats just because animal is cute*

  34. cuteness lover says:

    Why must people say negative things about such a cutie? All dogs can be annoying at some point, even big ones, sheesh, just except it for what it is, a cute little puppy with a wet nose.

  35. AliceTanzer says:

    Oh for the love of…God..Look at him. He’s all crosseyed. Cant you just imagine him with cute little glasses? ;_;

  36. Charlie says:

    As a Boston University alumni, I approve of this puppy.

  37. Well, Aubrey, I’m glad you figured out the etymology of the name, cuz I don’t know beans about it. 😛

    Gotta say, I’m not a fan of the bulgy eye dogs, but it *is* a PUPPY!

  38. Oh, and it’s not currently in use on this thread, but since Teho mentioned adding to the CuteO glossary, what does “poit” mean?

  39. ka9q's wife says:

    Looks at ear flops….thud.

    Dies…shambles around again…with head this time.

  40. Well, Elfie, I always enjoy your half-baked reasonings – you are always a Beacon of hope; always adding up to more than a Hill of beans.

  41. Is this the same kind of dog?


  42. Awe… how adorable!

  43. Aww, he’s cuter than my three; two of which have that same cute dot!

  44. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Oh MY GOD! So adorable!

    He looks a LOT like my Cavalier when he was a puppy…are the breeds vaguely related? Oscar has the same colouring and crossed eyes XD

  45. brownamazon says:

    Several people in my neighbourhood have Bostons and they seem quite well behaved. Friendly with people and other dogs. And I’ve only heard them bark in excitement as they race around in the park. the worst thing I’ve seen them do is that terrier habit of plonking their front paws up on your legs as a greeting. I think in most cases, badly behaved dogs, like bratty kids, are a reflection of their owners indulging them way too much (Sorry to get all Cesar Millan on you. Stopping the preachy-preachy now.)

  46. “Cesar Millan is a dog behaviourist and author, best known for his television series, Dog Whisperer, which airs on the National Geographic Channel.”

    (I needed to look him up.)

  47. Aubrey, how do you always manage to knock my Sox off?

  48. btw ElfOwl — previous exploration of teh “POIT” here…

  49. Oh my! Did you see the additional pics of the puppy….whilst wearing his collar, it looks like his nametag would make his little back legs dangle in the air cuz he is so tiny in comparison!

    And, yes, Theo, please add “moist nosicle” to the glossary…and also, “good gaaalgh!” hee!

  50. Thanks Theo! I should have known to just Google it. Google knows all.

  51. this pup looks like he is on the verge of doing something brand new…too cute.

  52. adorababy says:

    i keep scrolling back to this damn dog, no one can cure the sickness

  53. looks like my millie did when she was a baby!! bostons stay cute forever!!!

  54. art deco dog!

  55. Whoa, check this out. (TANGENT ALERT)

    Phelony Jones, hi; just skimmed your blog, which is nifty. But here’s something I immediately thought was interesting:

    This is Meg (with Sparkster at the Webbies)

    …and now here’s Phel. You’re, like, Meg *Noir*. 😉

    I also like how your initials are PJ, like this femme formidable, shown here upstaging Björk:

  56. Awwww… usually I’m not a fan of wall-eyed Bostons but this little guy is just too adorable!

    Jackie: It’s a shame you’ve had bad experiences with Bostons – on the whole they are incredibly friendly, and their biggest behavior problem is getting them to contain themselves and not kiss you to death! I’ve got one who has agressive tendencies, but only because she had a bad experience as a puppy (mind you my family has had many bostons over the years and she the only one who’s not incredibly friendly) I’ve worked with her and now she warms up to most people and loves cuddles. <3

  57. What a cute little Bostie! 🙂

  58. man tht has some big eyes for such a tiny lil thing but she/hes a cutie!

  59. Death by cuteness!

  60. bostonterrier_mommy says:


  61. im going to explode from antsiness while waiting to get my new rescue boston! this may be in old post but it scores a 10+ on the cute-o-meter. im sure some 10 months later the cuteness has well survived =)