Submission lines are open

Full_mailbox_1_1Hi Peeps, once again, the GMail box filled and has since been cleared. It’s ready to accept your submissions again. Sorry for the bouncebacks, and thanks for letting me know in your comments and emails!



  1. I still love that bunny… First post joy, yay! Is it shopped?

  2. Yeah, I got the bounceback. Though it was something I did.

    So, I guess you don’t think bats are cute?

  3. Wendy, I got your bat image, thank you!!! It’s slightly blurry—I’d love to post a bat—any chance you have an additional photo?

  4. Argh! Run for your lives!!! (Just kidding, but some people *will* freak out if you post a bat, Meg…)

  5. Bat/But it was cuuuuute—like Wendy said with her submission, it’s like a hamster with wings. LOL Kind of!?

  6. i love bats…they’re like tiny winged mice..c’mon post it post it pleeease?!

  7. Meg, I think that’s the best shot I have. Like I said, he was behind glass and it made it very difficult to photograph him. I’ll double check and send another if I find one that’s better.

    And I imagine some people will probably freak out if Meg posts a bat, but some people won’t. And it was so darn cute. Even when it was “threatening” me with it’s little/big white fangs!

  8. I like bats, but I’ve yet to find anything I posted here “un-cute” even the fish, grubs, and wombat!

    I did send in a submission by the way! Phwee for submissions!

  9. …My submission bounced back *Cries*

  10. aww mine bounced back too T_T

  11. Woods Walker says:

    Bats are cuter than rats. They eat mosquitoes and other harmful insects,it is also facinating to watch them fly around at night.-Woods Walker

  12. Least I’m not the only one.

    Wendy! I wanna see your bat!

  13. I sent some bunny pics i took while at the zoo.
    I was sad they didn´t got published. 😦

  14. DavidBoBavid says:

    I sent some piglets in tiger sweaters (there’s a story in the email). I didn’t get a bounceback, but I thought I’d sent it again.

  15. so, um, if i didn’t get a bounceback on a recent submission (my first), it’s just an outright rejection? sniff. sniff.

  16. DavidBoBavid says:

    yeah i just got a rejection too.. 😦

    i feel so rejected!

  17. Sorry, guys, you shouldn’t be getting bouncebacks—mails are coming thruas recently as 5:18 PM today…

    Lemme check on it again.

  18. DavidBoBavid says:

    Ok.. I tried sending it again.

  19. DavidBoBavid, which story is it? The fake one that’s been going around in email, or the real one which you can find on Snopes?

  20. DavidBoBavid says:

    lol, I didn’t look. it’s about this tiger that had some cubs that died, and apparently she was getting depressed. so they put some little piggies in there for her to nurse.

    Ok, I just checked on snopes, the story was the fake one. 😦

    and my email got rejected again. 😥

  21. Yeah, the true story is pretty much the opposite: Sai Mai was nursed BY a pig, which is why she likes them now. I don’t think she cares one way or another whether the piglets are dressed as tigers; the outfits are just to be extra-cute for the tourists.

  22. Holly Kim says:

    BTW, any word on when the new t-shirts with Ying Yang kittens will be out? That bit of news hasn’t changed in awhile.

  23. Wendy & Meg,

    I have a picture of a bat!

    We rescued one from certain death–moved him from the precarious spot in which he chose to hybernate and moved him to a very nice old cedar tree–as instructed by our local game and wildlife people.

    I need to go find it and then figure out how to submit it!

  24. NOPE! Nevermind!!!!

    I forgot — I gave the good ones [pics] to my sister. The ones I have left are of the “blurry” variety.


    BUT, I agree! They are rather cute and they are quite benefical to the environment.

  25. Ooie, cute submissions. We’ve got a nest of barn swallows living above our door and I got a nice picture of one of the babies screaming for food and sticking his head out of the nest. ^.^

    Also have one of my doggie licking his nose at a party and two of my grandmother’s pom seated in the arm chair at her house. Both dogs are cuties, even if they are OLD as heck.

  26. so, if we didn’t get a bounceback, and we get no response, is that a rejection? or is there an official rejection letter? 😦 my turtle isn’t cute enough!

  27. I already sent you a pic, and an email to confirm that you received it. You never replied and it never came back.

    I posted the pic on my blog.

    I was sure this pic was going to make it.

    People on my blog loved it.

  28. “Bat/But it was cuuuuute—like Wendy said with her submission, it’s like a hamster with wings. LOL Kind of!?”

    Well, for some of us, the “kind of” is reeeally stretching it – but I agree, this could indeed be cute. (Or chic, perhaps, like the lil’ snakeling you posted some months back?)


  29. If we didn’t recieve a bounce-back, are we to assume that we were rejected?

  30. I’ve been trying to send an email through with pictures of my ratties but it’s been sent back twice now 😦

  31. yeah submissions are definitely not working right now. 😦

  32. cachacachicken says:

    Hey Meg…

    What are your standards for submission. I have submitted a number of times but have never received a reply or seen my submissions? Am I doing something wrong?

  33. Gmail is reporting yoru address as permanent failure:

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

  34. dreamflight says:

    Well, bats can be cute! I saw a picture of some species of fruit bat in a magazine once… and its face looked just like a Siamese cat I had. 🙂

  35. I can’t seem to find a direct link, but look here:

    The last picture of “Animal Tracks” is painfully cute. Tiny baby tamarinds with itsy hands that can’t even wrap around the keeper’s fingers!

  36. Meg, I sent an e-mail with my pet baby bunny…get it by any chance? ^_^

  37. AliceTanzer says:

    Oh my god. I found another picture of that orphanned Polar Bear with that plastic hippo toy.

  38. Jennifer says:

    i sent in images a while ago, and they never got posted =/

  39. My email just bounced back, something still wrong? I hope it gets fixed soon!

  40. LadyDouji says:

    I sent in a puppy with a pacifier didn’t get a bounce back, but wonder if I should sent it in again.

  41. I just tried to submit some photos as well and got the bounceback just now.

    I think I’ve got a good (very very cute) set although it’s of a cat which I know you get plenty of.

  42. Does that mean I will have to resent my email? Or was mine rejected :\

  43. Does that mean I will have to resent my email? Or was mine rejected :\

  44. Jean Hardister says:

    Please unsubscribe me-all you have are RE-RUNS.
    Jean Hardister

  45. my email is still getting bounced!

  46. Jean H. — your “unsubscribe” comment makes no sense. These are blog comments; there’s no subscription.

    If you’re talking about the “CuteMail” service from the left-hand margin, you can probably change your settings (and/or unsubscribe) by going here:

  47. Cute-o-matic says:

    As of 6/25/06 the GMail is still bouncing

  48. I tried to email you last night and it bounced back. just wanted to let you know.

  49. I’ve been trying for days and it keeps bouncing. I just tried again and it bounced back. Waaah! 😦

  50. This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

  51. still getting the full mbox!

  52. hey jessica,
    this one you posted is awesomely cute/ugly! it has my vote! piggy noses!

  53. re: the tiger-piglets. i too sent the photos in, before looking up the “real” story. the photos are apparently from some strange zoo in thailand that specializes in weird displays. what’s kind of scary is the “darker” side of the zoo. it’s sad something so cute came from something so shady. here’s the link:

  54. i tried to send email too, but got perm fail reply too :/

  55. Meg – I don’t know if you’re checking this thread or not, but if for some reason your email is gone bad and you need a new gmail invite, I’ve got tons to spare.

  56. I tried to send a picture of my puppy right after you posted that it was empty and ready for new ones. But, I still got a bounceback! That is the 2nd or 3rd time it’s been bounced back to me right away. 😦 I don’t get it. Any idea what I could have done wrong or something?

  57. I tried to send you a pic of Priscilla (the couch cushion kitty) this evening and it came back to me.

  58. I hope someone with some push is actually looking at these msg’s, I’m sure hoping it’ll be fixed someday soon. I really want to try and send my picture(s) in and hopefully *crossed fingers* they won’t all be rejected! 😦

  59. lol @ “someone with some push”

  60. Here’s some pictures of my hamster, Polly:

  61. Kennysmom says:

    What about my ducks… my snails… HUH??? HUH????

    Kidding, hope to see my pics on here sometime soon!

    My son and I adore the site! Wish we knew more about the owners….

  62. hi there!
    i would like to send in a submission, but when i click the link it asks for a password….
    could someone please send me the email address and photo size (guidelines) for submitting a photo?

  63. Skye — good questions —

    All you have to do is send email, with attachment*, to “” (that is, once that mailbox has been un-filled again).

    As far as size guidelines, the standard photo size here is 500×375 pixels, at 72 dpi, after cropping and/or re-sizing. I’d suggest you limit the size of your ORIGINAL photo to 1024×768 @ 72 dpi, though, to give Meg a little room to work.

    *Alternately, here’s a clever thought:
    First, upload your originals to a Flikr account or other photo-sharing service, and just email its URL (or URLs) to Meg. That way, the CuteOverload GMail account won’t get jammed full so quickly. Photo attachments take up a *lot* of space; links & URLs don’t.

    Here’s a nice FREE photo-upload service I’ve been using:

  64. KennysMom — here’s a little info about our Fearless Leader for ya…

  65. I’ve tried sending in submissions! But the e-mail keeps getting bounced back! 😦

  66. hrh.squeak says:

    Cheryl – I’m with you in giving Jessica a big Yay! for the cute bats with the piggie snouts. An additional bonus – now I know where they came up with the hairstyle for the Dracula movies – from the originals! Hahaha, greasy batkid stuff hairdo!!

  67. Thanks for the cool “” site! I put the couple pictures I’ve tried to send onto it and these are the links to them. 🙂




    Now, were those the right ones whoever gave the URL for this place? If not, please correct me!?

    Thanks. These are my two African Gray parrots, one’s a Congo (Sugar) and one’s a Timneh (Sunny). I might just be biased thinking they’re cute. *Blush*

  68. Renee — look for the “Direct Link” option; the bracketed ones don’t really work in the comments here.

    Like this:

  69. (PS to Renee — also, if these are for submitting, you’ll need to email them to Meg at “”)
    (and if it’s full & you get a bounce-back message, give it a day & keep trying until you *don’t* get the bounce-back)

  70. Chris D says:

    Everything on here is so–cute, so sweet, I feel like brushing my teeth afterwards–great job, everyone!

  71. Chris D — (I can’t believe I’m doing this…)

  72. Ohmigosh Theo! Thank you so much for telling me how to go about getting them to work and then going that step further to post the right ones. You’re my hero.

    Question before I try to send them n not have it bounce back at me.. do you think they’d be good enough to be considered for this site? At home (I’m at work..) I have an awesome one of my pup when she was an itty bitty baby.. but, *Shrug* Let me know what you thought???

    *Hugs to all*

  73. Renee — bear in mind, I’m mostly just a high-functioning CO fan. I do have some limited article-writing privileges, but only Meg can make them “live.”

    That said, to my eye, they’re good shots. Thing is, Meg’s GMail regularly overflows with “good” (there’s 8 million pet pix in the naked city) so the real trick is to come up with “socko.”

    Your first shot of the parrot with the cocked head is well sized & framed & focused, but if maybe you could see more of that person behind the bird, interacting somehow (dunno, sharing a pretzel?… it’s just my feeble example) then it’d have a little something extra. The second pic with the bird all up in the camera lens is funny, but it’s also out of focus. Try a macro shot, maybe?

    Gads, I wasn’t born to be an art director…

  74. What do you guys think of this picture?…I think its pretty cute. Of course everytime I try and send pics I get bouncbacks, guess I just have to keep trying.


    Here is the link, I didnt post it I guess the first time I tried

  76. (Once again, this is just my own opinion)

    Well, Erin, I’d say it cries out for captions. Good content. The right Meg Caption could really complete this; it looks like there’s a conversation going on (“Mother of Vera Wang, TELL me that’s not RATTAN?…” “Feng PTUI!”)

    Technically, it’s a little gray (was it a cloudy day?) but if it were up to me, I might just tweak the brightness & contrast.

  77. How about this picture if you still check this out Theo? Or anyone else for that matter, I just about died when I saw how it came out! heheh. Cats are great, wish I could be so flexible.

    Hope it works