If rats could purr

They’d look as happy as "Lily", here. I think it’d sound like this too:



Right, Jenny C.?



  1. shannyboo says:


    Omg cute rattie

  2. Wat! Wat! You finally put a wattie! 😀

  3. tabbycat917 says:

    she looks so sweet!!

  4. Nose-fur-atu says:

    That is one content little rat.

  5. Happy rat! Tiny feets!

  6. Maureen says:

    Oh… she looks so sweet and content. Just the way watties should do!

    Razzle! Dazzle!
    Siss boom bah!
    Watties, watties
    Rah! Rah! Rah!

  7. I bet she tickles.

  8. Is this what’s meant by wearing ‘rat tails’?

    Looks better than this:


  9. Theo! Theo! He’s our man, if he can’t do it, no one can!

    First post, first post rah rah rah First post first, first post sis boom bah!


  10. Felicity says:

    But rats DO purr! My daughter’s two do it every time we pick them up…

  11. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh oh oh, wats wats WATS!!!
    Happy anerable rat, squinchy nappy face, teeny paws.

  12. Okay, I’ll be the grinch…



  13. Rats don’t purr – they brux. They make a little grinding noise with their teeth when they’re happy.

  14. Woods Walker says:

    Rats are about as far from my favorite creature as can be imagined. I prefer snakes to rats and I hate snakes. The only thing that rats are good for is target practice. Ferrets are a far better animal.Rodents fear the smell of them.-Woods Walker

  15. I fear the smell of ferrets too: they stink! But there again I am a rodent of the mouse sort. Eak! I think the little ratling looks so cute! Look at that premium whiskerage!

  16. hrh.squeak says:

    I think there’s a big difference between wild rats, which I fear *very* much, especially the humungus awful Norwegian Roof Rats we have in the garden occasionally, and the domestic pet rats such as sweet lil’ Lily. Rats are very intelligent (also scary in wild beasts, endearing in domestic ones) and affectionate pets. Go Go Lily Wat!!

  17. Rats CAN purr actually 🙂

  18. chunkstyle says:

    How about a new category:
    RE: people who don’t think this lil’ guy is cute…any animal that looks happy and content is cute I think. He’s so comfortabuls!

  19. Yeah! Finally a wattie-tat-tat! I have 9 ratties, and they are sweet and loving and when they’re happy, they make a purring sound where their eyes wiggle in their heads! It’s the cutiest wittle thing! *sighs*

  20. awww! i miss my rats. 😦

  21. Oh what a cutie…we just lost our 3rd Rattie, her name was Pearl…beautiful rat!! When I saw this picture…I just got so tickled…thanks for sharing the picture…by the way…as it was said…if rats could purrrr…they do sort of purr…it is called what they do is Brux….they grind their teeth…and it is reallllly cute to hear them do it!!!

  22. juliette says:

    Hm. Not to be off-putting, but Lily very closely resembles my python Basil’s dinner. Kinda takes the cute out of it for me. Rodents. *sigh*

  23. hedgedog says:

    omg tiny FISTS! teeny curled HANDSIES!

  24. I wish I could get a pet rat, but they’re illegal where I live *cry*

  25. The pinky hands leave me crying!! The sleepy face. Lily knows she’s loved.


  26. J.Bo- have to agree. Ish. Ever since I had mice in my house(gone now thank goodness), can’t think mice or rats are cute. Except maybe Stuart Little.

  27. Wisefool says:

    Fight the urge to be species-ist folks. The only reason that some of you don’t love rats is that you haven’t really met them.

    I’ve heard rat giggles before (miked into a speaker that lowered the pitch enough for humans to hear). It’s AWESOME. Equally lovely is when my girls brux their happiness for me. When they get really into it they also boggle their eyes.

  28. jenni joon says:

    Look at her! She luffs her human! Ohh– comfy cozy up there like that! Sweet girl. Rats, snakes, ferrets, what-evs…. love animals.


    ps: I *do* have some issues w/ insects though… skewry (shiver)!

  29. Awwww, look at the teeny pink potato chip ears! I love ratties!! Hate to be the one to break the news, but they are much more personable and intelligent than hammies. (Sorry hammie lovers, but it’s true!)

    If only I wasn’t horribly allergic to them, I’d have one again. But I must be content with admiring ratties from afar. *sigh*

  30. I love rats. And I get upset when people post about their icky-hate for this animal or that animal, mainly because a)it’s Meg’s blog, and b)I don’t think it’s possible to have 100% approval on anything!

    I appreciate that many of these photos make me see some animals I normally don’t care for in a different light. I find the cute! This one was easy… that is one happy little rat. Awz.

  31. The Guy Over There says:

    That looks almost like a rat hug.

  32. Rats are wonderful pets. I had a ratly in my dorm room in college, and he would come to me when I called him just like a dog. I would give him Doritos and he would go store them up inside the couch. Had to clean that out frequently. 😉 Ah, ratty memories!

  33. Some people just aren’t fond of critters like rats and mice. I don’t have a problem with them, though — even when I was catching (glue traps) mice in my apartment and turning them loose elsewhere I always thought they had “cute potential”.

    This Lily-rat, though, goes far beyond the potential — she turns cute potential into actual cute!

  34. Happy thought for Friday: just imagine that somewhere out there was a creature as proportionately large to you as the woman in this pic is to the little ratty. And imagine that this creature loved you and took care of you and let you cuddle up on its soft, warm neck. snrrf.

  35. Danielle says:

    When you have those bastards in your walls, and falling out of ceilings on your back at local restaurants all this picture does is make you want to hurl!

    p.s. The rats in the walls…that’s me

    p.s.s The rat falling out of the ceiling while you are eating dinner at the restaurant that is below your apt (so you share a floor with the ceiling)…that is a friend.


    Double Ew.

  36. does someone need a hug??

    :hugs redzilla:

    (and danielle)

  37. Wisefool says:


  38. Another thing I love about this site….besides the obvious cute rush is the fact that reading the comments makes me smile a lot and often laugh right out loud.
    *curls up and snurfs my large creature’s neck* *grin*

  39. Oh my! Well, here’s a thought….how do you think the RAT felt when he FELL out of the ceiling….

  40. Felicity says:

    About the purring.. they do more than the Brux thing with their teeth…they vibrate their whole bodies like a purring cat and it’s contentment, NOT fear! By the way, aren’t rats’ tails awesome… like prehensile hairy earthworms but without the icky-stickiness.

  41. juliette says:

    re: jenni joon & insects: agreed. the only thing i am afraid of is large, jumping insects, in the manner of grasshoppers and the such.
    *empathetic shudder*

  42. I confess this is one of the things I luff about my hairless cats…they have ratty tails.

  43. And thanks for the giant creature hug, Finn.

  44. Jessica says:

    The little hands… all curled up. I had a rat that looked exactly like that one once. It died very young… I think it had cancer. Rats tend to get it a lot.

  45. Gryph — I feel so. Very. Loved.

    Arvay — ummmm… I think dat’s a labwat.

    J. Bo — I could ask Mr. Bounce whether his schedule allows consults.

    Lauri — rat rain is coming down, rat rain…

  46. Yay… more rats please!

  47. Rosmary says:

    está dormida!

    qué guapa

  48. ok, theo…you’re now officially a genius. ‘rat rain’ LOLOLOLOL

    given that peter was ‘standing at the water’s edge in my dream,’ i can even imagine rats (of the wild kind) in that scene!

    and by the by, it ain’t gonna be no domestic rat falling out of ceilings! rats are incredibly intellegent (secure that cage!!!!), affectionate, CLEAN and faboo pets. hammies may be cute, but they’re not ‘all that.’

    but whatevs…there’s too much hate in the world already! all you need is love! (and some critters to shower with said love)

  49. omg cute! i got 4 rats n none of mine do tht!

  50. I think Lily might be takin’ a cute little crap down that freckled back!

  51. Awww, I had a rat named Lily a few years ago. She was sweet like this one 🙂

  52. Lunacydress–

    The best part about that BBC article on laughing rats is the caption:

    “It is not known if rat jokes exist.”

    How very British!

  53. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Years ago my best friend and I had a pet rat named Gomez. He make a kind of “ticking” or tongue-clucking noise when he was content. I bet sweet li’l Lily is ticking away in this photo!

  54. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Um… that should be, “…he WOULD MAKE a kind of …” Gah.

  55. A Fine Morsel says:

    Yeah, there’s a big difference between adorable Lily here, so white and snouty, with the pale pink ears–and some nasty rats that invade your home and poop everywhere and eat your food and houseplants and….ok, I’ll stop here.

  56. I had an albino rat once who must’ve been from lab stock. I called him Quark.

    Theo–I think you’re right, but–and I mean no offense or narkiness with this–what is your point, exactly?

    One of my bunnies is also PEW, probably also a lab bunny. Po’ vermin.

    And I’m not going to say anything to the rat haters, any more than I’d enjoy someone trying to convince me that his pet spider is adorable. That’s just not a mission I wish to take up!

    I miss having watties though–they are soooooo soooofft and soooo squidgie and cuddly. They are like puppies, forever! Squidge, squidge, squidge! Yay!

  57. Arvay — Wouldn’t you think that a freed lab rat might possibly have, oh, say, just an eentsie *grudge* in the “opinions about and behavior toward human handlers” area?

    All I’m saying is, there’s a certain disturbing proximity to be observed here, between rodent muzzle and human jugular.

  58. Don’t be angry at rats because they end up in your walls. That’s like blaming roaches for infesting an appartment or a bear for raiding your tent because it smells of food.

    And besides, domestic rats are very far from sewer rats. They’re more likely to yawn and lick your hand than to bite.

    That being said, Dr. Jeckyll gives 4 toes up for the cute little Lilly


  59. Yay for a happy rattie.

    My rats curl up on my lap and sleep while I pet them, they brux (rattie purrs) and give kisses and cuddle. Rats are amazing little animals, the most intelligent, friendliest and least likely to bite of all the pocket pets. Unlike hamsters and the like, which merely tolerate (at best) humans, rats genuinely love their human friends and show their affection. My rats love to be scritched behind their ears and at the base of their tails especially.

  60. hrh.squeak says:

    RKEM, toes up right back at the adorable Dr. Jeckyll!!

  61. Danielle says:

    Sorry if I upset anyone…it’s just my personal opinion. I’m sure the rat that fell was quite tramuatized as well.

    But so you know, this site has made me decide to get a kitten even though I’m totally a dog lover.

    And I even think hammies are cute now…even though I used to generally think of them as rats.

    Meg. The force is in you…but not to convert me to a rattie…sorry…

  62. SC_Wolf says:

    In addition to the brux and the full-body vibrational purr, if you’re especially lucky, your shoulder rat will stick its tiny muzzle in your ear and whiffle-squeak you.

    That’s my favorite.

  63. My very first rat, Aragorn, was a freed lab rat. He was so calm and friendly and wise. It seemed as if he were actually relieved and grateful to be freed from the lab. And my last rat, Wilson, would actually almost blush if he accidently grabbed a finger with his teeth whilst taking a treat.He never broke the skin….he was so careful. He would let go of the finger and sit back as if to say “awfully sorry, bad aim and all”.
    What personalities! I need another rat!!!
    When is the next rat rainstorm moving in? 🙂

  64. Oh oh oh!! The whiffle-squeaking! I had forgotten about that, SC Wolf!

  65. I love all rodents. Unlike…well…everybody, I don’t have an irrational fear of anything (say, spiders, snakes, rats, clowns).

    When I was in 5th grade, we had two classroom rats, “Onion” and “Oreo”. They were both the sweetest little rats, and we would pet them and hold them when we weren’t doing our assignments. They had incredibly good tempers to put up with being manhandled by 5th graders for 9 months out of the year.

    Aaahh, this is making me want to get rats when my obscenely old gerbils finally expire…look at the love in Lily’s face…so content, so trusting.

  66. …although cute l’il Lily looks like she might be takin’ a crap down that freckled back!

  67. Ahhh, okay, Theo, I see what you are getting at. But our PEW rats, mice, and wabbits are *of* the lab stock, they are not necessarily lab stock *themselves*.

    Sometimes lab animals do end up in the pet population–I have a friend who has a beagle that was experimented on in his youth, and yes, he is skittish and not a pet I’d keep around young children! Others recover quite well–for example, I’ve known of psychology students who had rats running mazes; rats actually enjoy that kind of thing, so it doesn’t harm them at all. They were otherwise treated as pets, and after the experimentation was over, pets they became.

    But the majority of “lab” rats that are now pets have never been actually used in a lab–their short life expectancy alone makes that unlikely.

  68. AliceTanzer says:

    I had a biggassed white hamster named Lilly once…
    She died in her food dish o_O
    She was HUGE.

  69. My adored ratty children fall asleep in my shirt every night after dinner (I wear an extra shirt underneath, so they and I are insulated), and once they settle down I can peek in at them every, oh, four seconds or so, to see them sleeping on their backs with their paws curled up and their teeny whiskers twitching… it’s like having my very own in-shirt Cute Overload. They also enjoy nursing on my fingers in their sleep. It kills me every damn time.

  70. Whiffle-squeak? Whiffle-squeak!! That does it, I’m calling Port-A-Snorg back, cancelling my afternoon Kitteh Fix and ordering a Whiffle-Squeak.

  71. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh oh oh, I wants a rattie, I does. How do they tolerate being stared at by kittehs? How do kittehs tolerate their human sharing teh love with a rattlet? Any advice??

  72. If any of you are in the SF Bay Area, about 1000 rats in Petaluma are looking for a home:

    So sad. The photos break my heart. I know that a pile of squirming rats disgusts some people, but I think it is absolutely adorable (love those fuzzy faces and pink noses!).

    If I weren’t moving to Alaska in a month, I’d get three or four for sure!

  73. …Alaska?

  74. Yay, rattie! Very cute. *wishes her rats weren’t so hyperactive and would snooze on her shoulders*

  75. hrh.squeak says:

    Arvay!! You hero!! I live in Oakland!!
    I hope mon schmoop will let me get several of these lovely rattlets. They are obviously in desperate need of lovies. Such cute faces – sweet in spite of their ordeal.

  76. hrh.squeak says:

    …..Ummm, second Theo here, for why Alaska?

  77. Why Alaska? I did a quick search and found this tidbit which must explain all:

    “It is estimated that 70-80% of the world’s current population of sea otters are found in the waters of Alaska. The Alaskan population is believed to number 60,000 – 90,000 animals.”

  78. Ima:
    1) Change lifestyles (from Silicon Valley drudge to Person Who Gets To Hike and Kayak on Weekends).
    2) Change fields (from mechanical engineering to physics)
    3) Get a PhD.
    4) Teach physics to nineteen-year-olds (awwwwww!!!)
    5) Never roast in this heat again!
    4) Get a Dog! A DOg! A DOG! Yay! Dog! Woof!

    And hrh, CongRATulations on your impending new family members! Ima send you some great links, okay? 🙂

  79. Hell, Arvay, it’s Alaska… get a whole sled team!
    Or a WOLF.

  80. I’d love a sled team (I idolize working dogs–they! love! their! jobs!)!

    But, I DO have to come back to the lower 48 at some point, and I don’t want a doggie that’ll suffer in the Summers. Of course, it gets pretty warm in Fairbanks summers, but nothing like this oven!

  81. Aubrey, that otter be enough incentive alone!

  82. Wow, the ignorance of people astounds me. There is a very large difference between wild/sewer rats than pet rats. Do some research before you comment on something you clearly know nothing about.

    Pet rats do not carry disease, they are like small dogs as far as personality and affection goes. If you don’t like them then that’s fine, but to assume they’re diseased ridden creatures is absolute bullcrap. Shame on you ignorant folks on this thread and your inaccurate assumptions. I’ve had rats for years and they are wonderful, clean, affectionate, loving, and all around amazing.

    With all of that said ignorant people suck and that photo is adorable.

  83. MORE RATS!

  84. hrh.squeak says:

    Arvay – thanks in advance for the links. I need all the ammo I can get to convince my schmoop that this is a good idea despite the three furry meatloafs we already have (kittehs, lazy ones).

    Aubrey, Arvay, you’ve almost convinced me. Otter otter otter!

    I lurves all fuzz faces.

  85. Whiffle-squeak? Whiffle-squeak!! ….

    I absolutly WUF my Whiffle-squeak-ers! Especially when I get a whiffery wittle nose rooting in my ear! It’s the bestest thing around!

  86. (OK, just one little crumb for the troll… I mean c’mon…)

    Julie, um, I’ve read through the comments & text here, and y’know the only person to have broached the topic of rats as disease vectors is [drum roll] …yep, you. Just you.

    Not a lot of bubonic-plague hysteria present on Cute Overload. Just baths, birthdays, and kitten-chomping babies.

  87. i agree…more rats!

    and i also agree that pet rats are different than sewer rats, and can say without a doubt pet rats make wonderful companions! for those of you looking for one (actually two, since they get lonely), i’m sure you could get some i agree…more rats!

    and i also agree that pet rats are different than sewer rats, and can say without a doubt pet rats make wonderful companions! for those of you looking for one (actually two, since they get lonely), i’m sure you could get some at the petaluma shelter – read here: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/06/23/BAGFDJJ61J21.DTL

    save the ratties!

  88. i lurve rats! i have two and they are sooo cute; theyre like little puppies!

  89. Wisefool says:

    We should have shirts made up, “I LOVE THE WHIFFLE-SQUEEK”.

  90. What a sweet little love Lilly is 🙂

  91. Scrubjay says:

    I have five rats and think they are the greatest pets in the world! And kittens do nothing for me. bleh. But for you people who think “pet” rats are different from “wild” rats–they are the SAME species–The Norway Rat, Rattus norvegicus. Just domesticated. Smart, affectionate, super cute. More rats! Less Kittens!

  92. Tho’ not really a rat fan per se, you guys are getting to me – as is this post (partial quote):

    “…and once they settle down I can peek in at them every, oh, four seconds or so, to see them sleeping on their backs with their paws curled up and their teeny whiskers twitching… it’s like having my very own in-shirt Cute Overload.”

    Talk about Port-a-Snorg!! (Though I now have a luverly lagomorph to snorgle, partly due to Meg & this here site…)

  93. actually, i bet some rats do purr. i had gerbils that did! they were either very happy or still sleepy from a nap 🙂

  94. Well, that did it…I went out today and got a rattie. First one I’ve owned in years! And she’s an absolute luv…already snuggling and bruxing! I can’t wait for a whiffle-squeak!

    Thanks, CO!

  95. cuteness lover says:

    Ok, I’m with everyone who likes rats. They are wonderful and clean pets. The only problem is they don’t live long enough. I used to have 6. 4 of which were hairless, and 2 with hair. They were sweet, lovable pets, who purred, clicked, and one even licked. They are highly intelligent, and very cuddly. For those of you who made mean and insensitive comments about feeding them to snakes phooey on you. They now have a live ffod substitute that has been proven to be more healthy, with better digestion than feeding live food. Some people are just sick and enjoy watching animals die, I don’t even know why those kind of people would be on this website.

  96. cuteness lover says:

    and THEO, I am new to this site, but I notice you pick fights alot, and insult people, why is that? I thought everyone here just likes to look at cuteness. You were being mean to JULIE just a few comments ago, she was just saying how much she enjoys ccute little ratties, and how people have a misconception of them. Why the picking?

  97. What a sweetie!! 🙂

  98. Finally a rat! While attempting to photograph Shy and Wonder, our two pet rats. I realized that one reason we haven’t seen them yet is they are hard to photograph. Their little noses and wiskers are constantly moving!

  99. pistache268 says:

    Ohhhh, I love rats they have such cute faces, dweeeeeee.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of Room 101.

  101. I love it when my ratties brux – or “chucker” as I call it. They do it when they’re being stroked as they fall asleep in your lap, or if they’ve just pulled a fast one on you – WHICH THEY DO ON A REGULAR BASIS! Tricksy watties.

  102. Cuteness Lover — Welcome to our fluffitude!

    To get this out of the way — please go read Julie’s comment again. I wasn’t the one trying to pick the fight (though I’ll grant you I was happy to rise to the occasion).


    Generally, and speaking for myself, I play nice as long as other folks play nice. But while this is a lightly-moderated public forum, it’s not a free-for-all. If somebody goes out of their way to take a dump on the rest of us, I’m bound to get a bit peeved; if you mess with my peeps, you’re messing with me.

    On the other hand, I really enjoy it when folks genuinely have something to add. You say you’re new to the site? Kick your shoes off, stick around, sip some coffee (hopefully it’s the quality stuff), have fun, make ridiculous jokes, etc. I think you’ll quickly find that the “regulars” and I don’t dwell on negative stuff (why would we come *here* if that’s what we wanted to do??)

  103. Anon — Room 101? I don’t get the reference… is this what you mean?

  104. Yay, FINALLY some rats 😀

  105. How I love sleeping ratties and the thousand ways they can manage to sleep–standing on their heads, wedged into the food dish, in a giant smooshy ratpile, nose and tail dangling from a hammock, or (heart attack!) lying on their backs with their paws up in the air.

    Random fact for the ratless: they smell wonderful. I had a licky, pudgy PEW boy who smelled like cookies, and another who smelled like a warm tortilla wrapped around a lilac.

  106. Pet rats are to wild rats as dogs are to wolves. They are, technically, the same species – they can interbreed – but they are very very different animals.

    Cisne, congratulations on your new little girl. For her sake, though, please find a companion for her. Rats live best when they have one or more friends so that they can cuddle, groom and play together.

    A great site for learning about rats is : http://ratguide.com/

  107. Lily! Where is your purple plastic purse? Are you going to visit your friend Chysanthemum after your nap? You are adorable!

  108. cuteness lover says:

    Thank you, THEO, for the warm welcome. I have been enjoying myself very much, thank you. These are some of the most adorable pictures I have seen, aside from my own pets, ofcourse (but isn’t that how every pet owner is, LOL).

  109. Just thought I’d say “Hello” for the first time here, since it’s the first rat pic I’ve seen on this site, and I just got my first rat less than 2 weeks ago… and I love little Mittens. I’ve already had a few whiffle-squeaks, and she likes to lick and groom my hands. I agree with one of the comments above… she’s a MUCH better pet that the hamsters I’ve had in the past.

    Anyway, here’s a blurry pic of Mittens crawling around in my sleeves (tickles so much).


  110. Oh yeah, and I never knew before just how many different ways a rat can sleep, like JR mentions… I’ve seen her on her back with her paws up in the air (so cute once I made sure she wasn’t dead)… smooshed between the edge of the cage and the food dish… her head dangling lazily off of one of the upper levels of the cage, and her belly hanging over the ramp opening… and my favorite, laying with her back half on the ramp, so that when she started to fall asleep, she slid down backwards and woke herself up. 😀

  111. hrh.squeak says:

    Woo Woo Hoo!!!!
    Schmoop says I can have two of the Petaluma rescue rats!!!!!
    Arvay, thanks for all the links, I’ve been looking at rattlet pictures all weekend and now am going to Get Down With The Studying so I can get a good home going for the watwats before they come home with me. (I hope my three kittehs don’t freak out in any way shape or form. I’m not too concerned that the rats will react badly to my cats – the article on sfgate says that the house held 1,000 rats and seven cats. The cats had to have been exceptionally mellow.)
    Woooo Hoooo Wooo Hoooooo!!!

  112. That story about the rat hoarder situation is so awful. 😦 I wish they would be able to find homes for them all but I doubt it will happen.

    Rats and cats: my kitties are afraid of my rats. My rats, considerably spoiled, have no fear and will run straight up to the kitties to sniff and investigate, the cats run away! (Of course one should never leave cats + rats unsupervised together, though.)

    Some rats seem to always sleep on their backs, I have had some over the years that did it frequently and then others that never did. It seems to be a common thread that us poor rat owners have little heart attacks when we see our ratties belly up! I had one boy that slept that way, I would always give him a little nudge or call his name when he was sleeping like that, he’d wake up, look at me kind of sleepy-faced and then move himself further away from me! It’s like he was telling me to stop poking at him while he was sleeping. ;D

  113. Totally forgot to mention on of my three rats is also called Lily, she’s a champagne hood…Rosie and Roberta (“Bob”) are champagne self twins.

    I’d never heard of the expression “whiffle-squeak” but it’s a spot on description and it’s ADORABLE when my little girls do it – even if it is squeal-inducing. Those whiskers tickle!!!

  114. Yay! You’re getting watties! CongRats! 😀

  115. Cuteness Lover, why so huffy? In both this and the Chihuahua thread, you offered snapbacks to attacks that you hadn’t received.

    “For those of you who made mean and insensitive comments about feeding them to snakes phooey on you.”

    No-one did. 🙂

    I think you need a BIG, GENTLE, GIANT newfie or St. Bernard to hug! Your chihuahuas have gotten you all high-strung. 🙂

  116. Arvay — I can’t find a private email for you on your site (you savvy internaut, you)… so let’s just say that I’d recommend a light touch when chatting with Cuteness Lover.

    [sigh] Trust me on this.

  117. Thanks for the warning…

    And my email is evidently findable, since I’ve gotten emails from others. 🙂 Friendly ones though, thank goodness. 🙂

  118. You forgot “Get lost,” which is quite useful in the context of automated blog spambots.

  119. Well, my rat fell asleep belly up again… this time I got a picture of her, just so others can see what gives us rat owners little heart attacks:


  120. hrh.squeak says:

    Nulien – cute cute cute!! Little curled up feeties! Teeth! What’s your rat’s name?

  121. Her name’s Mittens. I mentioned her about 12 or so posts up, with another picture up there. *points* 🙂

  122. Piggalette says:

    I LOVE rats. My teacher also had one in 5th grade, named Sweetpea. Let me tell you; she lived up to her name. Now, I have the wonderful pleasure of having a very good friend (*waves at Wisefool*) with two lovely little girls to babysit and snorgle. I would get a couple for my very own if it weren’t for my (hound)dog and two kittehs. Eh, someday.

  123. hrh.squeak says:

    Hi Nulien, oh that’s right, I liked the picture of her in your sleeve! Can’t wait to get *my* ratties!!