Suspiciously delicious

You can really taste it’s fragile and delicate qualities—the American oak, the touch of berry—haunting! brilliant!


Cory P., and "Petunia Olive" ANOTHER brilliant submission!



  1. chackler says:

    And fine crystal too!

  2. “Eep! Maybe if I sit *really* still in here, nobody will notice me…quiet…”

  3. Tony James says:

    “One mouse martini, Mr. Bond – shaken, not stirred.”

  4. Looks read to grab lips/tongue of an unsuspecting drinker! [Hee.]

  5. Laurie C says:

    This is the evening complement to the hammie in a teacup we had previously.

  6. AuntieMame says:

    The 2006 vintage has an exhilarating bouquet of wood shavings and a hint of toilet roll…

  7. fw sunshine says:

    (deep inhale) it has an excellent nose (swirling glass) and legs!

  8. lol, AuntieMame.

  9. Ah yes, a velvety taste, rawther amusing, really.

  10. hrh.squeak says:

    “Do you expect me to drink!?”
    “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to SNORGLE!”

  11. And sometime lurk I in a gossip’s bowl,
    In very likeness of a fluffy ham,
    And when she drinks, against her lips I bob
    And on her wither’d dewlap pour the ale.

  12. hrh.squeak says:

    Snusnu – ’tis brilliant thou art.

  13. Wow, this reminds me of a friend who taught me how to fake a wine-tasting — choose a random person nearby and describe them (nose, legs, finish).

    So … a fuzzy nose … prosh legs … and an adorable finish?

  14. Kris, in New England says:

    How piquant!

  15. Kris, in New England says:

    And look at the legs on this one – a fine vintage, no doubt about it.

    First prize!

  16. LisaLou says:

    People, can we please take a moment for the hairy, humanish, hammy hands? I’m dyin’ here!

  17. Seems to me like this is a variant on, “Where are we going? And how did I end up in this handbasket?”

  18. a rare blend of teeno grigio and teeno noir, distinguished by a slightly dusty bouquet and whiskery topnote, with a sweet, somewhat linty, lingering finish

  19. This needs to be a new category: Rodents in Beverage Containers.

  20. This drink has a bit of a bite!

  21. I think that’d be a subcategory of Pets In Pots…

  22. It’s at only the finest homes that this liqueur is served, the warm, vibrant, snuggly Hamarreto.

  23. Is there anything that dwarf hamsters do that isn’t adorable? I swear my gerbils have cuteness proformance anxiety next to these!

  24. MaggieBelle says:

    Look at you, Punny McPunnerson (Aubrey)! Hamaretto!

    I love it!

  25. Enough with the hamsters…let’s see some puppies!

  26. Pfft, puppies… how about some OTTERS?? 😉

  27. That’s got a nice nose on it.

  28. Wow, did I have too much to drink, or what? I was hammered!

  29. Pawsies!!!

  30. shanchan says:

    So cute! But distracted, b/c it’s “its” people! I know, I’m anal, and I apologize for that…

  31. shanchan: lol, I didn’t catch that, and I’m usually really anal about that stuff too…

  32. Shanchan & Connie — I like to use “obsessive” rather than… well, that other word. Usually.

  33. shanchan, it’s a matter up for discussion, because the apostrophe can also indicate ownership, taking the place of the word ‘of’. In this case it would be “the fragility of the taste” so the apostrophe may still be relevant.
    But that’s an argument i have never yet found anyone to resolve for me, and i’m not sure myself. Why is this post making me want to speak so eloquently? I didn’t even know i could spell that, for christs sake. I’m going to go watch some more star trek before i get clever.

  34. it probably would have, but it took so long to load that it was tragically sabotagued by my short concentration span. ‘whee’ i though, ‘shiny things!’ and wandered away from the monitor.

    fairly sure i was all wrong about the whole ‘of’ thing in this case though anyway, because i confused the grammar in that sentence. Nothing like being wrong, builds character, or something. 😛

  35. You’re just gonna have to watch it, Pheral. Once you get past Mr. Taupin’s intro, I promise, you won’t be able to look away. Think “train wreck,” only campier.

  36. m’afraid it’s doomed, DOOMED! the page just sits endlessly loading in my browser, stuck in tiiiimeee ::makes wibbly lines with paws:: tiiiiimeeeeee

    now i shall be unconscious for a bit. snorgle well whilst i am gone, fair teho.
    ::commences with the snoringness::

  37. Just to continue the “obsessive” grammar line: “its” is the only correct version. With “it”, an apostrophe only indicates a contraction, like “it is” never ownership. Ownership is always “its”.

    And, uh, cute pic. 😉

  38. shanchan says:

    Theo- I… don’t know what to say. Holy moly.

  39. The expression on it’s face seems to be: “whoahhh! Trippy! I’m *in* something but I can see *through* it! Dude!”

  40. AuntieMame says:

    And just to put the finishing touches on the obsessive grammar lesson, an apostrophe is NEVER used to make a plural, UNLESS not using the apostrophe creates a different word that would confuse the context; i.e., when you mean “a’s” and “i’s,” and not “as” and “is.”

    It also occurs to me to wonder if the crystal goblet isn’t the hammy’s cleverly disguised spaceship. Maybe we’re being invaded…

  41. hedgedog says:

    No you CAN’T do THIS to me… I work in an oenological lab, my first thought when I caught a glimpse of the pic was “oh my, how seriusly reduced and dreggy… whups… never mind…”
    I know I’m too work-centered, but… have you really to bring up my sore points? 🙂

    BTW… either this becomes the new logo of my lab or I’m quitting…

  42. Theo, if you don’t find otters here, you must turn your mind outside and outwards – to Otter Space. The cute is out there.

  43. Somehow I’m evily reminded of the Fancy Feast commercials where that gorgeous white persian is fed its meal from a crystal glass . . heh heh heh!

  44. Meg and all, have you seen this CUTE! kitten playing with the laptop screen yet?

  45. ka9q's wife says:

    Thank you Theo. At the risk of dating myself i saw that when it was broadcast as a young child. Maybe that is what made me the weirdo i am today….I know it was horrific then and it still is. But at least it is not Leonard Nimoy singing about Bilbo Baggins. Hey nice Turtle neck

  46. hrh.squeak says:

    Yeah, ElfOwl, but *this* Fancy Feast bites *back*!!! Heeheehee, imagine the look on a kitteh’ face when confronted with this. Probably seriously confused!

  47. hrh.squeak says:

    Dear Lord, the Nimoy video was Seriously Awful. ka9q’s wife, you are a Truly Twisted Person for even knowing about it.

  48. No worries Ka9q Lady… I’m twisted enough to know that vid, AND to have shown it to our teens.

    o__O indeed. Nimoy and Shatner = the old one-two punch.

  49. Can I have mine in a martini glass please…. I much prefer my hamsters with vodka! *g*

  50. Reminds me totally of the “MIME IN THE BOX” thing… you know, trying to get out. LOL VERY cute!!!!!

  51. Michelle says:


    How long will it take to recover from the Shatner/Nimoy one-two punch, Doctor? Will I ever be normal?

  52. ka9q's wife says:

    hey i am still in therapy for seeing the Shatner thing as a young girl. The Nimoy video was sent to me by a LOTR loving twisted person. I actually saved a copy to my hard drive.

  53. ka9q's wife says:

    At least Nimoy is not reading his “love poetry”. What were they thinking when they published that stuff…Goes to look at bunnies to get it out of my head.

  54. ka9q’s wife: have you heard him sing ‘I Love Making Love To You’? I’d be slamming down glasses of hammies until the images that conjured up totally evaporated from my mind.

  55. OMG, Theo and ka9q’s wife, you have really made my day with these videos. Not too long ago, across the bay over in Oakland, a theater held a “Shatfest” of ALL Shatner’s finest works. I hope they played that one.

    Hot damn that was awful! I gotta go find his rendition of “Tambourine Man” now.

    Spock out

  56. Was it the scansion comment? Being a grammar nazi, I feel sooo comferbuls here with you guys!

  57. The Guy Over There says:

    Make sure not to mix it with the cuppa ham from before.


    Cuppa before berry leads to something scary.
    Berry before cuppa and it’s a pure upper.

  58. ka9q's wife says:

    OK the best Shatner thing in ‘Free Enterprise’ when he rapped Shakespeare.
    NO i have totally not heard ‘I Love Making Love to You’. *Goes to look for it with kitties on standby for emergency snorgling.

  59. Aubrey – LOL!!! “I was hammered”! That’s knee-slappin’ good, it’s so bad! Hahahahaha!

  60. OMG Meg — Somebody made an INSANE flash video, not too long ago, of the Shatner-ized “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Oh man oh man where is that thing?…

    …yep, this is it:

    (were we talking about hamsters, at some point?)

  61. OMG – that Bilbo Baggins business is evil! What those girls must think of that performance now! Can you ever live that down?

  62. You’ll need those kits. I picture him ‘singing’ this in an ill-fitting turtleneck – polyester, no doubt. Terrifying.

    My company does the PR for a DVD distributer – one of their titles was ‘Free Enterprise’. I was able to watch it, and Shatner was pretty funny. The title did well, and we were off food stamps for another month.

  63. This reminds me of those commercials for Fancy Feast cat food where the cat food is served in a glass similar to that….could the mousie be doomed?! XD

  64. hey, have to say all this grammar talk has been educational because i finally took the time to look the proper usage up, and you guys are right that you don’t have to indicate the posessive with ‘its’, same as you don’t have to with ‘his’ or ‘hers’. Quite glad i found out for sure now!

    Aaaaaand back to the hammy. I can just hear his little voice echoing around in the goblet, “hallo?”

  65. Pheral — Yay! Now we can work on our spelling.

    (hint — two sets of double s)

  66. did it make anyone else think of those awful pictures of people where they look like they’re in a brandy snifter? For some reason this was popular in the 70s-80s.

    Hammie here one uped them, not only does he actually fit, but looks much cuter 🙂

  67. Why the hell is there an apostrophe in that “its”?

    Brrrr …

    Cute drinkable hamster, though.

  68. mmm Hamster Cordial. Lovely bouquet, hairy follow through 😛

  69. Jessica says:

    what kind of hammie is this anyway? some sort of blue dwarf variety?

  70. Indeed — this is the very rare Lesser Netherlands Norwegian Blue Dwarf Cordial.

  71. I will not drink merlot! I wil not drink fucking merlot!!

  72. cuteness lover says:

    The only thing that could make this cuter is a little hammie burger next to it, or a piece of cheese….but then we might be overwhelmed.

  73. why me! the tea cup again!