Go get ’em, Mina!!!



  1. DUCKLE!!

  2. Larger version…

  3. LisaLou says:

    I thought there was only one entity that could walk on water. I humbly stand corrected.

  4. Wisefool says:

    His cuteness defies laws of physics.

  5. Wow. Amazing capture.

  6. “Ooooooh!”

    A sqee, from a normally non-squee-ish girl. The pic is too perfect, but the duck is too cute.

  7. ha! cute, I wonder if he finally gets it! X)
    Anyhow, I was wondering could we also send a pic taht you could caption on the next update?? I’m not sure if this is allowed I’m just giving a try, I couldnt find anywhere else contact cuteoverload’s admins, here are 2 pics of my best friends’ Kitty, named Rocky for some reason lol, here are the images, hope the link works!
    that’ll be great! thanks! 🙂

  8. Steff — look under the heading “Got Cute®?” in the left-hand margin.

  9. Bubbles says:

    I looooves duckies! We go to the lake almost every Saturday during the summer to feed them. Such redonkulous quacking! But the geese tho – that’s another story.

  10. Ack! Duckeh! After I collected the remnants of my exploded head, I remembered that David Blaine walks on water too!

  11. me so confused…

    whaddaya mean Stee-reeeeeeeeetch!
    when the action-on-screen is most certainly
    Ehn! or for emphasis

  12. Make way for ducklings! On the way to work yesterday traffic was stopped while a mom and 9 babies crossed the road.

  13. Steff,

    Rocky is anerable! such an inquisitive look. do send the pics to Meg, but be warned: Meg probably gets eleventy billion submissions a day…

  14. Definitely an “Ehn!” moment!

  15. Amazing picture, I guess that a shot that was’nt set up, just had to be there at the right time. Looks like he is walking on water.

  16. Villeline says:

    Hey, this is not cute, this is beautiful! 🙂

  17. It was the calm before the storm, before an underground earthquack that would create worlds and destroy others. Behold:

    Quackatoa: East of Java

  18. That is such a great image!
    And yes cuteness is overwhelming as well

  19. LOL, Aubrey! ::snort::

  20. despite all the efforts the lil duckling made in this attempt to get the fly……he failed.

    haha just kidding!

  21. Aubrey — you are a loon.
    (That’s another bird, btw, that walks on water… or more accurately, *runs* over the surface during takeoff)

  22. another water-walking creature: the jesus christ lizard!

  23. Everyone likes to be on top once in a while:

  24. Kris, in New England says:

    Wow – aside from the incredible cuteness all over the place here, the photograph itself is astonishing.

  25. Silence Dogood says:

    When I first looked at this it took me a second to figure out what it was. If you look at the head, it looks like a rabbit facing left (the beak is the ears).
    Definitely cuter when seen as a duck. Rabbits’ necks shouldn’t be so skinny.

  26. Carbontetra says:

    now THIS is the epitome of “Enh!”

  27. ducklings have gotta be THE cutest bird babies. This is one fantastic photo. 2 snaps up to the snapper!

  28. SilenceD–now that’s an interesting perspective…

  29. msumissa says:

    He looks like he is gargling first think in the morning for a great quacking voice!

  30. rpennefe says:

    SilenceD: Wow! If I squint while tilting my head to the right…I CAN SEE THE BUNNY!


  31. punkpie says:

    Theo I’m glad I’m not the only one who calls them “duckles” LOL

    so cute!

  32. Just for the record, glurp is a wonderful example of onomatopoeia

  33. Me, too (“rabbit”), though its nose appears to be missing.

  34. The wings! The itty bitty useless little wiiiiiings!!!!

  35. All he needs is a long, lizardy tongue. Otherwise, I think he’s perfect!

  36. I detect a delicately raised webbed foot.

    My knees are buckling at the sight of this duckling.

  37. this is the cutest thing i have seen for a while and is amazing photography. love it!

  38. Why is it that, on first seeing this pic, I had the “Jaws” theme song running in my head…played by a hundred clowns on kazoos?

    “We’re gonna need a bigger bo–naaah, maybe not.”


  39. Kristin Schaffrick says:

    this pic is going in the hall of cuteness

  40. “played by a hundred clowns on kazoos”

    You are a scary, scary woman, Denita.

  41. I’m trying not to make any more Jesus jokes while typing this comment.

  42. I submitted this to ages ago! Bah!

  43. I hate to sound like a dimwit, but what exactly is that “”?
    Is it simply a collection of pictures?
    And, if so, why is it really sad?

  44. Lauri — yep. It’s like CuteOverload without the wit.
    Apparently the pictures are supposed to make it feel better.

  45. melonbar says:

    What a fabulous photograph. The water droplets, the streeeeetch, it’s ehn-tastic.

  46. Flies? Flies? Who wants to eat flies? [/Renfield voice]

  47. I just love the fact – and am reminded of it every day – that CO not only has unbridled cuteness but is also teeming with wit.

  48. AuntieMame says:

    And a few halfwits, too.

    Ehn, duckie, ehn!

    Down to the river
    They would go
    Wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble,
    To and fro
    But the one little duck
    With the feather on his back
    He led the others
    With a quack, quack, quack

    Quack, quack, quack,
    Quack, quack, quack
    He led the others
    With a quack, quack, quack

  49. I love it! A once in a lifetime shot, and the colors are just stunning as well!

    And Aubrey, I love you, but sometimes your puns are just . . . fowl. 😛

  50. ka9q's wife says:

    hey Auntie Mame i identify with the halfwit remark.

    OMG this is a beautiful picture and i wonder if he indeed got the bug he was going for. From the looks of the water i would say no…poor baby duckie.

  51. Elf:
    Such a comment! That ‘fowl’ is making me ‘bawl’.

  52. Oh Elfowl, I always love to see puns heron CO, but birds provide special opportunities, and it would be egretful to let them pass.

    So please sparrow me a kind thought as I sit here robin my employer of productivity; I hope you tern your mind around, or at least refrain from anything so harsh as t’osprey fowl abuse at us poor punners.

  53. Aubrey, I hope you don’t quail out of discouragement!

    (I’m such a goose–maybe I should just duck and cover!)

  54. Bwahaha!!!!!!I thought it was a drawing of some kind of weird yellow bunneh too!!!!!!!!! That is so strange other people ACTUALLY thought that! THAT’S…, weird.

  55. this is the best picture so far. How do people get these shots?? i’m so jealous

  56. Should I hawk my wares here? I think I should, feather or not. Though sometimes I don’t think I have the gull. My efforts don’t always leave them raven. In fact it gives people a nasty tern and often leaves them bittern.

  57. Aubrey! How raptorous to see that you will not bower down!

  58. It takes talons to do what we do. Literally.

  59. LOL Arvay! Bringin the punfight to teh Aubbers, with interest. Only one will survive, I wonder who it will be?

    Believe you me, before I head home, I will cassowary eye o’er my shoulder (lest I go the way of the dodo).

  60. Theo, shame. Egging me on like that.

  61. Considering I’m watching my Rice Owls lose to Oregon State right now (Go OWLS!), Aubrey, you better run, cuz I might have to strike you for the fowl bawl punning. It was way off base.


  62. Oh, Elfie. Personally I ad-mitt that this bat-tle cut like a diamond and witnessed no error.

  63. S’a good thing my boys can catch flies better than duckie. I just wish we could hit somewhere an infielder *wasn’t*.

  64. DUCKEE!

    (An ex of mine used to have a crush on a girl named Linda Duckworth. Haven’t thought of that in years…)

  65. Great catch!

  66. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    Between the bun with helicopter ears and this little feathered friend, I am immobilized. Thank you!

  67. Theo, I think y’ostriching this emusing verbal sparring into more of a battle than necessary. It’swan thing to engage in friendly banter, quite another to imply that a pun could be a flame-in go-ing that direction you could put a damper on the fun!

  68. Look – toucan play at this game.

    But do I want to? It’s like a car out of control. I have to slam my feet on the drakes, plover and jump out. Such owling and mocking-heard never before! Time to depart-rigid rules of etiquette dictate that it’s time that I thrush out of here!

  69. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Duck a’la orange you cute!

  70. Well then to keep things eagle, I shall duck and bow out as well. 🙂

  71. What an incredible shot! I wonder if he gets the bug 🙂

  72. What kills me is the gap in the neck fluff. clearly that neck has NEVER been ratcheted out that far before.

    And I agree, the teeny useless wings…

  73. Arvay, Aubrey + Theo – this banter, and pic has made my day! thank you for being so hilarious!

  74. Spectacular punning to go with a spectacular picture! Where else but on Cute Overload?

  75. You guys are incredible, avray and au-brey. And Theo, but he cried uncle.

    Jesus Christ Lizard, indeed.


    I’ve heard the phrase ‘jesus lizard’ but I figure it was a random thing like “eddie izard”, or the name of a band.

    Or something.

    ts cuter than than the dayly BUNNY

  77. Wow thats a great photo! the timing is perfect

  78. Oh yay! They did mention me! Woo!