Wednesday: Your Daily Bunny

Are your bunbelts still fastened, People? Your bunny-a-day-this-week is still going strong, and you’ve got two days left! Click it or Ticket!


RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters, you’re really too much.



  1. StormCat says:


  2. eep! they dyed the bunny again.

  3. StormCat says:

    Ahhhh yes, the glory…OH and the widdle Bunny is cute too!!! *grin*

    Can we get more Bunny feetsies?? I love their little toes….

  4. I think I saw something similar coming out of my dryer… cute little dust bunnies.

  5. Bun-bun isn’t playing fair and went and highlighted the major cheek-puff with white fur just to make them that much more delightful. Nuzzle, nuzzle

  6. I GET FIRST SLAP!!!!!

    OATE, for as much free publicity as RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters is getting from us, I hope they’re paying some kind of ad fee.

  7. Er. OK… I see the paradox in that last sentence.
    The coffee is in my mug, on my desk, right here in front of me. Gimme a little time to let it cool down, k?

  8. Kris, in New England says:

    Cheek Puff! Complete with luxurious whiskers. And those ears people – teeny tiny bunn bunn ears. I know underneath all that are adorable pet feet!

  9. His head is huge. So cute.

  10. Bunneh: I disapprove of this dye job.
    Me: [can’t talk}

  11. fee, free. one letter difference, teho.

    Drink that coffeh.

  12. The Guy Over There says:

    Someone read my Tuesday post, apparently, but forgot to give the Wednesday wabbit the total chocolate fur makeover. Unless they’re into mixing white with dark chocolate. Those cute freaks.

  13. a) i don’t get the dye job references….?? nobody’s serious….riiiight?

    b) my sister just dropped off 4 teensy kittins for me to foster last night, and i STILL want this little bunny to come live in my pocket. i may have an addiction people!

  14. wee ear pinkness and perkie whiskerses!

  15. semanticAntics says:

    I am officially boycotting all Bunnincular postings.

    Where are baby hippos, rhinos, tapirs, giraffes, platypusses, go-rillas, tigers, polar beats, etc.?

  16. Wisefool says:

    I might have to learn to read Japanese just to explore the site these are coming from.

    Theo – my first period students always know not to do anything stupid until at least one inch of coffee has been consumed from my mug. At least you caught your mistake. I once gave out a matching quiz with only one column.

  17. punkpie says:

    I love the white beard… or, reverse milk-mustache

  18. Sweetum bunbun.

    How can you tell he’s dyed? He looks gray and white on my screen – pretty normal. Maybe I need more coffee too, or an eye exam.

    Happy Summer Everyone!!

  19. Mm…!!!! EEEEE!

    Wisefool…it was teachers like you that made me determined not to be a teacher… Soo… many hours of therapy… *shakeshake* Just kidding.

  20. MaggieBelle says:

    All these bunnies here caused me to have a dream last night about rescuing a tiny bun.

    I saved him from drowning and wrapped him up against me in a white towel to keep him warm.

    I’m a looney…it’s ok. You can say it.

  21. They aren’t really dyed. They’re just pretending it’s the same bunneh from Monday and Tuesday, just recolored.

  22. constance says:
  23. MaggieBelle, I saved a bunny a couple of years ago – I was biking along Minnehaha Creek (Minneapolis), and heard a scream. It was a bunny, being attacked by a crow! I went off the trail and biked right into the crow, who flew up and let go of the bun. Bunny ran away, but in his panic went right into the creek! I jumped off my bike and into the creek, and fished him out. I stood there in the water, with a wet bunny tucked into my shirt against my tummy, and the angry crow finally flew off. I dried off bunny and made sure he wasn’t injured, then found a wooded area to let him go. It was all rather exciting!

  24. OMG… Willya check out this bunny? Randomly clicking on what I perceived to be links got me… PAJAMA BUNNY…

  25. Sabba — huh? Link = Japanese blog page, no photos…?

  26. MaggieBelle says:

    Wow Zelda! That’s amazing. I didn’t know rabbits could scream.

    Good for you for helping out the poor bunny.

    Also, in my dream, I was Agent Scully. That lends a different perspective to the dream as well.

    Dreaming while pregnant is fascinating.

  27. Theo, that’s funny…. I get pajama bunny when I click the link… it should link directly to a jpeg. Lemme check it out again.


    This is the direct link to the pajamabunny picture… It should work like constance’s link.

  29. OHHH that’s my favorite one on that page~~~~~ Well this one and the one that’s sneezing/hiccuping *dies*

  30. still no pajama bunneh for me…

  31. Wow. I never realised that cuteness can be such a perfect artform.

    Absolutely incredible.

  32. Okay, that’s really odd… for those who can’t link directly to pajama bunneh, here’s the blog it’s in (lol, NO RABBIT NO LIFE). Scroll almost to the bottom and you’ll see Pajama Bunny. You can’t miss him. He’s in blue.

  33. I just realized that poor Meg has had to post a rabbit per day to silence the demand of we rabbit-addicted people…. ever feel like the keeper of the CO sanitarium has finally got your number??? She’s onto us people!!!! *g*

  34. Well, M, if she was really onto us… she’d post more cute ponies… 😀

    … Le sigh. Secretarial job= BOOOORING.

  35. Aha — the Pajama (Kimono?) Bunneh link worked for me when I copied-and-pasted it into a blank brower window.
    It doesn’t work if I just click on it.

  36. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Just found the pajama bunneh. Lol… and thanks!

  37. …browSer window.

  38. //They aren’t really dyed. They’re just pretending it’s the same bunneh from Monday and Tuesday, just recolored.//

    *Zelda slaps forehead.

  39. Coffee, Teho. 😀

  40. ohw I:”ve jhadm y cffgwee alruhgt,. bno wqrrries peesdp!!`

  41. Proof that there is a bunch more bun-goodness out there!

  42. Translation: Oh I’ve had my coffee alright, no worries peeps!!

    …Looks like the caffeine has yet to reach your fingers. They a little sluggish.

  43. Set the bun-gun to stun and shoot another round of cute/
    It’s the ears! It’s the eyes! It’s the nose! It’s the toes!/
    It’s out of control; I need a cute parachute!

    Terrible, I know.

  44. Aaaahhhhh (like gps in song) – lil’ bunny has a silver marten [martin?] coat! Seriously – it’s not an uncommon coat color.

    ( )
    ” “

  45. OMG. I thought this was a joke, but…
    RP&O have to be part of the Lagamorph Conspiracy.

  46. mariser, that movie was kinda popular in its day…

  47. Maureen says:

    Has anyone ever looked into the honest-to-goodness mental health effects of looking at CO? Because, on my oath, I had a monstrous lump of frustration and anger clutching at my solar plexus (the accompanying chant being, “IhatemyjobIhatemyjobIhatemyjob…), so I came to CO to chill and the moment I looked at bunny face, Anxiety’s vice grip on my sanity let go just a liiiittle bit.

    I think we ought to have CO installed on every workplace computer!!

  48. E to the C,

    I don’t doubt it was popular, is just that with a title like “The Night of the Lepus”, weeelll… sounded a bit tongue-in-cheek.

    have you seen it? based on the review I linked, “TNotL” seems like a great movie to watch after, ahem, *smoking* a bit.

  49. I want to kiss the bunbun’s head and ears and feets! Yeeee…

  50. warrior rabbit says:

    Night of the Lepus is (still) often on cable. (I first saw it about ten years ago, when I first got cable.)

    It cracks me up. Bunnies romping around through model train towns = irradiated and thus giant bunnies terrorizing a real town. But they’re still cute and adorable! I was, like, who thought this up? (Although I did once have a supervisor who really was afraid of rabbits, so…)

    It was a real “horror” film in its day, though. Not tongue-in-cheek. It just followed in the footsteps of the killer bee movie (with William Shatner, no less) and Towering Inferno, and Airport 777 (or whatever). Disaster du jour.

    Nowadays I suspect it would be much more entertaining watching it while smoking, shrooming, or sleep deprived.

  51. Krissy, I wish the dust bunnies in *my* dryer looked like that!

  52. Villeline says:

    *blblblblbl* 8]

  53. Re. Night of the Lepus: I *love* the line (said by police-mon) about the 1st bunny attack victim having been clawed by a saber-tooth tiger. (Perhaps a unicorn goring is next?!) 😉

  54. I haven’t closed my mouth for seriously 10 minutes… just in awe of teh cuuuute. I want to bury my face in his fluffy little belly and make rasperries! MUZZLEPUFF!!! Iiiiiiity biiiiity pawses! Gigantic head and eyes and weeee wittle eaws… I just can’t stand it!!!

  55. Lizzy — is this what you mean?

  56. I am going to die of bunny overload before the week is out… Eeeeeeee.

  57. Exactly, Theo.

    This bunny is KILLING ME! I can’t stop looking at it! If only bunnies would realize the power they have over we humans, just with their sheer cuteness… they would be unstoppable. Distract us with their wee paws and kissable wittle noses… and then attack and steal our carrots!

  58. Wisefool says:

    That bee film with Shatner was actually better than his other B-films.

    I’m going to speak fluent geek here for a sec – when you guys were talking about people being afraid of bunnies…did anyone else think of Anya?