Marmalade Submarine

This just in! The U.S.S. Kitten HAS SURFACED! Just long enough to show delectable paw pads! This is indeed a rare sighting.


Kat and Donovan, you have the con.



  1. Cute. I don’t really have anything to say, I just thought I’d join in this first post race.
    Even though I’m usually just a lurker.

  2. aww. first post, i bleen

  3. mollence says:

    Cats ‘n’ racks!
    Cats ‘n’ racks!

  4. misskitka says:

    adorable marmalade kitteh and ample rack…two CO standards

  5. Cat-rack-putters, don’t you ever get scratched??

  6. nope

  7. brownamazon says:

    Brings a whole new meaning to the expression, “padded bra.”

  8. misskitka says:

    I wish I had a cat small enough for C n R….or a rack small enough for that matter.

    I do get the “biscuit making” on the chest which can become slightly painful…but the contented look on their faces is worth the “pain”

  9. I would say this is at least a 9.5 on the cat n’ rack scale!!! *l*

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I have to say, that this is the first kitten that I didn’t think “Why, oh Why would you do this?” It’s so little and twee that it could freeze without the warm boobies to snuggle up to.

  11. Tony James says:

    Kitteh!! Yay!! Marmahlehde!! Just looks so cozy 🙂



  13. I just love “U.S.S. Kitteh”.
    and yeller kitteh! so anerable! so comfortabuls!

    ahhhh! [poit!]

  14. whoops! Another Cats ‘n’ Racks.

    And *such* a baby! This one’s brand-new 🙂

  15. Look at the jelly bean paw pad!

  16. Erin T. says:

    “Biscuit-making” on the boobies is like a breast exam, oww. But I feel all squee knowing my cat cares that much about my health. “Dude, check out channel 9!”

  17. mmmmmmmaaaaaawwwwwww!

  18. lil’ snuggly smoosh baby with the sweepy eyes all cozy in the boobs and confuzzled…mmmmaaaaawwww

  19. martha in mobile says:

    Is this the first recorded Theosplosion(tm)?

  20. oh no. Theo asplodes regularly. I assume he recovers in-between explosions…

  21. heck no, martha!
    i’ll leave it to theo’s brain bits to coalesce & then link you to other ‘splosions.

  22. *high-fives ariel*

  23. *spins for a low, behind-the back five*

  24. i’d say “all hands on deck!”…but, given that this is a quintessential CnR, that might be considered sexual harassment.


    and ps. if you trim kitties nails or get ‘soft paws,’ any potential pain from making biscuits on the b00bies is eliminated. ah, sweet biscuits.

  25. Heh Thinker… you can call me Theo-1000.

    I takes a splodin’ an’ keeps on postin’.

  26. DLT — LOL!!!

  27. [tip of the mimetic liquid-metal hat to Ariel, as well]

  28. Theo-1000!

    I likes it 😉

  29. misskitka says:

    thanks for the advice on limiting future biscuit-making-induced pain

    I will say, however, that the main breast-exam-giver in my house is loathe to have her nails trimmed and she, like all the other cats in the house and my inner child, runs the place….

    I think this little guy “needs” this rack…he looks fragile…so cute

  30. Sqweet!

  31. wow, teho, yer soooo kewl, dewd. Can you do a kitteh? 😉

  32. What happens when this little one turns into a 15 pound cat and *still* thinks that’s home?

  33. Eric — something like this, probably, only rackier…

  34. Tony James says:

    Eric – you get a bigger bra 😉

  35. Constance says:

    Catten Und Racken!

  36. Jaypo — maybe you should look *closely* at the kitties in those… well y’know.

    (Jaye — KIDDING, yes, ahem.)

  37. SemanticAntics says:

    Just, exactly, how many kittens are in that shirt? By my measurements (volume, displacement), I’m thinking a good dozen.

  38. Oh, T…sorry. I was distracted by the puppies.

  39. Wisefool says:

    Ladies, I think it’s time we stop shoving defenseless pets down our bras. This is getting senseless.

    I hadn’t thought of the scratch factor. I still have multiple little wounds from being stupid enough to wear a v-neck while bringing my rats to the vet (they don’t freak about shots, but they are terrified of being weighed on the postage scale).

  40. Holy meat balloons! :O Save the kitty!

  41. I think my rack would be hurtin’ if I tried to do that with my sharp pointy kitties!

  42. Kitties feel good down the shirt.

  43. Teughcats says:

    When I click on a Wikipedia link from here, it hijacks my browser and won’t let me come “back” to the cute. Does this happen to anyone else?

    Too jealous of the rack to comment on this pic… [pouts a little]

  44. Ok, this is getting out of hand. As the owner of a formidible rack, and two FAR MORE formidible cats, I demand a larger rack or smaller cats so I can get in on this cute little snugglie kittehs in cleavage experience!

  45. “this is getting out of hand”

    It’s a hands-free Rack-Tacular™!

  46. Teughcats – instead of left-clicking on the link to go to the site, right-click instead and choose the option of opening the link in a new window. That way, the cute stays put!

  47. Awww. I wish I had a kitteh to cuddle. I also wish I had boobies. 🙂

  48. Whenever one of these cats-n-racks pics pop up, I just shake my head and sigh… and wait for a better picture to come up soon. Why is this considered “cute”?

  49. I’m thinking about getting a kitty soon and I hope it looks just like that! OR a gray tabby like honk-shu kitty… but I won’t be able to balance the kitty like that *sigh*

  50. Lori… are you seeing the teenie tiny tiger tabbie in this picture?

    Looks like Kat sees the cat, anyways.

  51. Tony James says:

    Theo – if I had a pair of those I’d never leave the house!

    That’s of course because the social rituals of the blue-footed boobies are so fascinating, especially the courting dances 😉

  52. hrh.squeak says:

    Theo – Hahahahahaha!!! Yay for boobies!
    DLT – Thanks for the reminder. Need to trim claws all around, despite trauma to everyone involved.
    I love my kittehs, yes I do, but right now it’s ninety degrees in my living room and the last thing I want is a fur-covered hot water bottle. Even if it makes biscuits and purrs.

  53. My word, we’re feeling frisky today, aren’t we?! I love cats ‘n’ racks. And agree, the little fuzzies feel good next to skin. In the case of oversized cats/undersized racks, can recommend sleeping nekkid and letting the cats curl up alongside … all of the furz, none of the stretched-out deformed t-shirts. 🙂

  54. I’m just waiting for Arvay to realize I pulled that link from her own site.
    Dum de dum…

  55. Is this Victoria’s Cute Secret?

  56. aubrey: the cats, and racks, are MUCH sweeter here than at vickie’s. CO doesn’t require its CnR models to be emaciated drug addicts!

    and, for all those with expansive cats or delicate racks…go buy an XL sports-bra-that-goes-to-the-waise (grr, can’t think of what they’re called right now). big kitties can still snorgle b/t the b00bies, you won’t have to worry whether they (the cats, not the b00bies) ‘fit’, they’re held close to your body, but not squeezed too tight (hence XL — or in my case, XXXL) and you can feel their soft fur all down your chakra line! how’s THAT for a solution? (let alone a great way to align your chakras?)

  57. DLT –
    You are quite right; the only things I buy at VS are the flannel jammies: I always buy them one size too big, for the comfy factor is then multiplied much-fold! Kittens snuggling in flannel is just so stupendously right.

  58. Why, Theo, you duplicitous person!

    Hoompf! *stamps foot and runs off to go eat some linoleum*

  59. Oh the above post is me, sorry. I was doing that thing where you type in the first letter, and Mozilla autofills it, only I somehow hit the wrong keystrokes and only entered the letter rather than the autofill, and then… *hrrmph*

  60. Oh, I see. That’s how you get a photo on this site…by including your boobs!

  61. Linoleum is an antidote for duplicity? Do I detect a modicum of disingenuousness?

  62. Jodi — Another trick that sometimes works is to include a long-winded hotel review.

  63. No, eating linoleum is merely what one does when one is angry. Just ask Mr. B. 🙂

  64. Actually, long-winded hotel reviews seem to earn you *several* photos.

  65. An angwy wabbit earns you one. And then you have the interesting and entertaining experience of reading people admiring him and say how cute and precious he is, even though you know quite well that he is a vicious, savage BEAST who attacks without provocation.

    Books and covers, people! Books and covers.

  66. Tony James says:

    Dewd! TwoLumps ROX! Total Pwnage!

  67. 0WNAGE:

    (I love how appropriate the title of this webcomic is to this comment thread)

  68. OMG… you guys know TWO Lumps…. gotta go tell James he’s admired on CO…. he’s not exactly known for his “cuteness” *rofl*

  69. Ok, so this was completely random and not in the least expected. I never intended for this picture to be taken, but I guess it was…I’m glad so many people enjoy it…**grin**

  70. I dare anyone to complain about this one. It so obvious that kitty needs the warmth.

  71. Rich Fader says:

    “Biscuit-making”? Sounds like the old Warner Brothers cartoon where little Pussyfoot is making her bed on Marc Anthony the bulldog’s back:

    “Oof! Ow! Ooh! Unnngh!…[prrrrr…]…ahhhhh.”

  72. Omg, boobies!


  74. Sarcasta says:

    There are too many “Kat”s here! I’m a-switching to “Sarcasta”

    Not that I wouldn’t mind that cleavage (and kitteh) being credited to me.

  75. kat-owner of the kitten...and other stuff says:

    haha, i don’t think people would complain about it, but it wasn’t exactly a planned picture…i was joking around and my step-dad took the picture…so, yeah…and, no i never get scratched…and biscuts at that age, and older are fine for me, i love them 😉

  76. KITTINS.
    Linked from the Friday newsletter…

  77. hrh.squeak says:

    Theo – Awesome Kittins! I love especially the pic of Lyra looking up angelically, smile on her tiny kitteh face – “Yes, I *am* cute, thank you!”

  78. Did anyone re-read Meg’s original comment in a pirate voice?

    Or was that just me?

    Either way…

  79. sunshine says:

    question:theo, why do you write so many messages to this site???

  80. Sunshine: Because I can.
    Actually, there’s a couple of reasons:
    1) I really like this site
    2) I really like to write messages (lots of wordy folks here)

  81. sunshine says:

    well, that’s fine w/ me!

  82. Jake Oldfield says:

    If the kitty needs milk, it has a bounty of breast milk!!!

  83. Nice rack!