Tuesday: Your Daily Bunny

What a tiny-eared, tasty morsel! Do you think ‘no feet’ could be a new rule of Cuteness? After seeing this pup, and the bunny below, I think it might be a rule contender…


Get thee to: RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters in Osaka Japan!



  1. Sooooooo soooft!

  2. awwww…no feet would mean they’d have to be carried & cuddled everywhere they went, yay!!

  3. I’d like to nominate a new cute rule: teeny mouths. Check out this guy, and the hamsters fighting over the carrot.

  4. i don’t know if i can handle this daily bunny deal….OVERLOAD!!

  5. Is that the photog in the bunny’s eye? Just like the Arnolfini Wedding…too early for art history?

  6. hoverbun!

  7. Jessica says:

    I’d use “hidden feet” over “no feet,” because “no feet” might better belong in the Cute or Sad category. (Lazyj has an excellent point, though… might lead to a small mouth, no feet, helplessness trifecta.)

  8. Hoverbuns™ make a soft humming sound as they skim over the surface, leaving a warm furry feeling in their wake.

  9. SemanticAntics says:

    Enough with the bunnies. I love the variety of this site, but lately it’s all bunnies and other rodents. Guinea Pigs are not cute, they are Swiffer attachments.

  10. ummm, isn’t that the same bunny as yesterday – only painted?

  11. melissa says:

    I’m loving the bunnyfest! I wasn’t that into rabbits (I know, can you believe it?) until this site. Now I want to snorgle one every day….!

  12. Swiffer attachments! Bwaaaahaaahaaa!

    Gimme that swifferpig.

  13. ohmygoodness. This is just getting to be too much. Those wee winsome bunny faces are *killing* us softly.

  14. No its the other buns brother. so cute so cute. YOUR WRONG AEMANTICS! Buns are the cutest but guinea pigs really go well on getting that dust from behind my computer

  15. I am a CO lurker…have been for months. I had to post though to contribute to the proposed new rule of cuteness.

    I think the rule should read…”if you are so fuzzy wuzzy that you can’t see your feet, it’s cute.” Because not seeing one’s feet alone isn’t what makes it cute? N’est pas?

  16. Meg, how could you? Don’t you know that maiming animals is not cute. NO FEET? How could you??? (if you can’t hear the dripping sarcasm people, listen closer). You’ll be saying rabbits feet are lucky next… 🙂

  17. Semantic, rabbits aren’t rodents, they’re their own species lagomorphs.

  18. I think I just died and went to cute heaven.
    My head is spinning!

  19. Ohhhh! It’s so soft and fluffy, I just want to cuddle it…

    These bunnies are so very anerable 😀

  20. It’s a BunLoaf!

  21. Caroline says:

    I second the nomination for ‘hidden feet’. There is nothing cuter than when my cat tucks all her feet underneath her body to become the perfect, fluffy kitty loaf.

  22. Tony James says:

    HoverBuns(tm)? I for one welcome our new Levitating Lagomorphs…

  23. Kawaiiiii!!!! (super cute in japanaese)


  24. Tony James says:

    You know, the more I look the more worried I get. Take a good close look at that eye: clearly a case of using BEF to avoid inspection. However, if you look close enough you can see it’s not really an eye, but dark glass like they use in surveillance cameras in casinos. You can almost see through it – in there is a command centre that is controlling the pitch and yaw of the HoverBun as it glides across the floor. Folks, this is no ordinary wabbit – what we’ve got here is a Cyberdyne Systems 5000 BionicBunBun. Notice that these guys all come from Japan, well known for advanced electronic applications? They’re capitalising on the west’s penchant for cuteness, and they’re slowly taking over.
    Come on, people – it’s time to stand up and fight back! Let’s have some good wholesome western kittens on here: footballing tabbies, cricketing marmalades – our very way of life is at stake!

  25. apathet says:

    I think no feet could totally be a rule. You know how cats curl their paws up by their chests when they lay down and it looks sooooooooooooo cute?? no feet!!!

  26. Butterscotch bunbun, yum!

  27. Waaaaait a minute – this bunny look a lot like that little white powderpuff bun from a few days ago… Gasp! The Japanese are tea-dying their bunnies!

  28. Teej, I think you’re suffering from living in overly-CCTV’d England 😉

  29. I like the idea of HoverBuns. They wouldn’t scratch up my floor as much.

    Oh, and that’s not a butterscotch bunny, this http://flickr.com/photos/chascos/167924156/in/set-72157594166949231/ is a butterscotch bunny.

  30. Im still not sure if I like the japanese bun…it’s eyes look a tad creepy to me for some reason…please don’t beat me for saying that!

  31. I think that an animal balled up with no feet showing should be called a “loaf” (ok, so i call my rabbit a bunny-loaf when he does that…)

    i vote for the no feet cute rule!

  32. Amy – great pics. I love the colouring of the white one especially. I laughed at the pic where, in the background, there’s a cat in a box – lol! And the sketch is great too.

  33. It IS the same bunny as yesterday..isn’t it? You totally fooled us!

  34. I can hear it now, tiny little disapproving grindings coming from Her Tinyness. “I disapprove of the other one.”

  35. Wait Tony… you mean we are supposed to RESIST such cuteness?!?!?! What next stop breathing… actually now that you mentioned that, all I can think of is that movie Screamers when they make the teddy bear into a killing machine…. man you burst the cute bunny bubble… you’re evil I tell you EEEEVVILLL… :P~

    Maybe we could be onto something… coming soon to a theater near you…. “Killer Bunnny from Japan”… it could be like Super Pepe from Invader Zim killing with cuteness…. *rofl*

  36. carbontetra says:

    Hidden feet -must- be a rule of cute! Aka: Catloaf (or bunnyloaf or puppyloaf)

  37. Tony James says:

    M Dash – true, hence the email addy 🙂
    Killer Bunny from Japan – wouldn’t that be…Bunzilla?! Which would mean his nemesis would be FluffRa – aaaaiiiieeeee!

  38. A Fine Morsel says:

    She could be a killer bunny. I detect more than a hint of sassiness in her pose and demeanor. On the other hand I just want her to sit on my lap all day long.

  39. I think Paris, Hilary, etc need to get rid of their dogs and buy little bun-buns and carry them in bags!

  40. The Guy Over There says:

    What’s tomorrow: a bunny bun in chocolate tones? :O

  41. might want to refer to it puff obscured feet to remove any hint of tragedy to the rule!

  42. Laurie C says:

    Myself, I would hate to see mini-buns become the latest celebrity trend. They need to be treated as loved little creatures, not a fashion accessory. I say we keep these babies a secret from the likes of Paris & co. More for the regular people.

  43. Wisefool says:

    1) I refuse to believe that there are two such adorabuns in the world. I believed that someone has dyed/photoshopped the previous one.

    2) Rabbits, hares, picas, etc are in the order of lagomorphs. Rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc are in the order rodentia. Monkey, apes, people, theorhetical yetis, are all in the order primate.

    3) I teach science. Sorry for nerd overload.

  44. Laurie C- yep you are right. What was I thinking? Paris doesn’t deserve such a cute witto bun-bun. More for me and you! 😉

  45. Bunzilla?!…. *l* I SOOOO need that photoshopped pic…

    Oh …no…
    there goes our C.O.
    go, go Bunzilla..

    great I’m gonna be stuck humming this all day… thanks Tony… 😛

  46. Sweet mercy –
    I too can see the photographer in that bun’s eye. Dara, very Arnofini, very Van Eyck!

  47. eeeep! (aka the actual noise I made upon viewing this picture.)
    And having just looked up lagomorphs, I have to ask: Why aren’t there any pikas on CO?

  48. Tony James says:

    M Dash – many apologies, really. In the light of a recent post by Lex, would you perhaps prefer Don’t Fear the Pika?

  49. This is clearly a HoverBun:
    You can just hear her humming along six inches above the ground.

  50. Has to be the same bun as yesterday’s. Now that buns have become shape-shifters, that they have found the secret of changing their own physical parameters, we might as well just give up now.

    Morphing buns…lagomorphs: OF COURSE!

  51. warrior rabbit says:

    A loaf? I say my bunbun is roosting when she tucks up like that.She reminds me of a hen…I sorta half expect that if I shoved my hand under her, I’d find an egg.

    Lex, there was a pika recently: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/06/hollering_in_am.html

  52. This is a brown-sugar bun! What a sweetie. In a perfect world when we got frustrated or angry a little bunners like this would be available to talk us out of our stress. How could anyone resist?

  53. Obscured feet? Solid rule of cuteness, I say. Remember “Kitten Puddle”?


  54. Thanks, arbed. The cat had recently chased the brown bunny out of “his” box. He wants to play, but I think he thinks the bunnies are just really odd-looking cats and doesn’t understand why they don’t want to play rough.

  55. Mos’ def’ “hidden feet” – a bunloaf indeed, with a gorgeous eye (presumably, he/she has two) and sofffftttt bunny nose and lips.

    Though for the life of me, I cannot figure out why the photographer was so intent on making these baby bunnies look like characters from a hypothetical anime series….

  56. oooof – this bun knocked the air out of me!

  57. looks like this bun has been snorgling a carrot – notice the orange nose.

  58. rocketpants says:

    Okay – have to tell this story. Cute boyfriend, many years ago, was fascinated by calico longhair Teela’s tendency to hide all feets under herself when she rested. “One of these days she’s going to stand up and she’s going to have chicken legs. Mark my words.” This image disturbed not-so-cute roommate so much that she would leave the room when he talked about it. One day, as Teela was sleeping at roommate’s feet with her own feets hidden, boyfriend tucked an egg under Teela’s behind. We left the room. An hour later, screams. Teela had gotten up, left the egg behind, and forced roommate into more drinking and therapy.

  59. SxualHrssmntPanda says:

    I’ve been leeching CO for months,but now the time has come to speak up. Vote Yes for exorbitant fluffness that causes visual loss of feet!

  60. Tony James says:

    RocketPants – freakin’ LOL! =D

  61. Fuzzybutt says:

    Japan makes the best bunnies!

  62. This is the sound that came out of my mouth when I saw this bunbun:


  63. Meaghan says:

    Aw! I want one! Those bunnies are the cutest I’ve ever seen!!

  64. A bunny laying with no feet showing is known in our bunnyowners livejournal as a “bunnyloaf”!

  65. hrh.squeak says:

    OK, rocketpants, I just seriously injured myself laughing at your story! May bunnehs snorgle you!! (Thanks for the laugh, seriously.)

  66. Villeline says:

    I’m growing terribly paranoid now. You’re doing this on purpose, aren’tyou! This will cost you! This degree of cuteness is not only evil, it’s-it’s-it’s… Arrrgggh!

  67. This is just crossing the line, people. I wonder if it’s possible for one to DIE of CUTE. Cuz I’m getting cl… *thud*

  68. I believe footlessness is a major component of animal cuteness. (Monklike tucking-in of paws is good, too, but it’s mostly cats who do that.) And bottom-heaviness. Bottom-heavy rodents and bunnies are hilarious.

  69. No feet! no feeettttssss!!!

  70. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cuttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee…….cuddly……..lovely……..soft…….big big twinkly twinkly round round eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……….

  71. Tiffantastic says:

    i have long agreed with the hidden feet = cute rule, by affectionately referring to my cat as a kittyslug when he tucks all four paws under his thick furry body. cuuuuuuute. if i saw him slide across the floor that way i would DIE.