How to make microburgers for your hamster

If you really love your hamster, you will do this for them. [Guilt-inducing hamster look] This recipe from Mathijs van der Paauw (No I didn’t make up that name really has ‘paw‘ in it.)

How to Make micro Burgers for your hamster (exceprt below)

Step 1: Gather the finest ingredients and tools: Ham, bread, optional cheese, something green for the ‘lettuce,’ cutting board, apple corer, and insane amount of free time. Go!

Step 2: Prepare buns: Test the corer on a delectable bread slice. Core out two ‘buns’. Easy—eaaaaasy!


Step 3: Prepare meat, green stuff and cheese: Again, with the apple corer, prep your (ham) patties, parsley spriglette and optional cheese.


Step 4: Stack with care


Step 5: Serve! Let’s see how Mathijs’ pet Lucy the celebrity hamster liked it. Will she give it the paws up?


Lucy sees her delicious Hamster burger and scuttles over to sniff before….FULL CHOMPING! She likes it! She really likes it! Can you say ‘Sayonara Spriglette"!?


As always, thanks to Mathijsand Lucy over at HamsterTracker.



  1. Tony James says:


  2. mmmmm, burgah!

  3. not only is lucy cute, but her chef is a sweetie poo!

  4. grrrromit says:

    Did that Hamster REALLY just eat ham!?

  5. punkpie says:

    bwahahahaha! too cute! I love the sprig o’ parsley

  6. I never heard of a hamster eating ham..(Paauw is a dutch means peacock..the bird)

  7. ShelleyTambo says:

    I used to try to make mini food for my gerbils. It never looked this good.

  8. Man. That guy *really* loves his hamster. Only the Dutch 😉

  9. I adore Lucy!! “Electronics can be funny.” Yes, Mathijs, and hammies too. Your girl is one in a mill. No wonder you treat her like a little queen!

  10. Yeah, ditto to grrromit and Jackie… I don’t know much about hammies, but is it okay for them to eat meat products?

    It is an AAAAAA-dorable little hammieburger though.

  11. If I recall correctly from my hamster-owning days (a looong time ago), hammies can eat bits of meat–they’re semi-omnivorous. (Not to gross anyone out, but they *do* eat their young occasionally, e.g.). If I’m wrong, I welcome correction from a more hammie-expert.

  12. Laurie C says:

    That micro-burger alone is worth its own CO post.

  13. No! That is too adorable… a little hamburger for a little hammie! My hammies never ate ham (’cause it’s not kosher…didn’t know some hammies were Jewish, did you?), but they did love a delectable nibble of turkey or two.

  14. *jaw dropped at the amount of free time some people have*


  15. Fantastic!

  16. Cosabella says:

    I am starting to notice that guys with hamsters are cute. This guy looks adorable, and have you ever seen the guy with hammies often on this site–he lives in Japan, but I believe he is Peruvian?
    Who would’ve thunk it?

  17. aaaahhhh, hamster tracker, the other place i waste my work day at. i saw this post a while ago and almost lost the diet coke out of my mouth ’cause it was so cute and funny. wooooooo, go lucy!!!

  18. Blue Jeanie says:

    hamsters totally eat small bits of meat, cheese or egg. in the wild they eat bugs and other small critters.

  19. A Fine Morsel says:

    Soooooooooooo cute!!!

  20. there is something mildly disturbing about a hamster eating pig…

  21. Oh. My. God. When you click over to see Lucy’s website–I know you will–be sure to scroll down far enough to see the extreme close-up of her little foot. Swayt Jaysus.

  22. Tugg's Mom says:

    aaaw! that makes me wish i had a hamster!

  23. Tugg's Mom says:

    aaaw! that makes me wish i had a hamster!

  24. Tugg's Mom says:

    aaaw! that makes me wish i had a hamster!

  25. Tugg's Mom says:

    aaaw! that makes me wish i had a hamster!

  26. Tugg's Mom says:

    aaaw! that makes me wish i had a hamster!

  27. Tugg's Mom says:

    aaaw! that makes me wish i had a hamster!

  28. Reading Cute Overload has made me want to get animals that I’ve never thought were interesting before. Now I want to fill my house with hamsters, guinea pigs and bunnies!

  29. Cosabella, you must be talking about Baru’s (may he rest in peace…) papa on He loves his hammies and the commentary is so very sweet. There’s also a “mama” in the picture here. What a lucky gal she is!

  30. working link:

  31. oops–guess you’ll have to type it. Sorry.

  32. I gave my rats bits of most of what I ate. I’d even grate parm on their pasta, same as mine. I drew the line at pouring them tiny glasses of wine, however.

  33. My late dwarf hamster loved to hunt, kill, and eat bugs – one of the reasons we named her Ichi the Killer.

    She was a sweet bundle of evil, she really was…

  34. payjo: next time, try popping the http:// in front of your link–should work.

  35. I am so glad that Mathijs spends his time coming up with this stuff, so I don’t have to! Unreal and wow, and AWESOME!

  36. thank ye, thinkie.

  37. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Bleecker says:

    It might be cute, but you have WAAAAAYYYYYY too much time on your hands.

  39. The Guy Over There says:

    I’m surprised Sanrio only sells the mini food toys but never lets you show you how to make them.

  40. Oh yeah? Well I use a hole punch to make White Castle burgers for my hamster. He’s just photo-shy, yeah…

  41. Aww I always love seeing pictures of Lucy – such a pretty hamster! And totally cute of Mathjis to make those tiny burgers!

  42. English Chick says:

    I must get a hamster so i can make those.
    OR i will just make them for my own amusement.

    totally cute!!

  43. I was under the impression that parsley is toxic for small animals? Hopefully that small dose won’t do anything…

  44. Precious 🙂

    Though … there’s something slightly twisted about serving one cute creature -piggy- to another. Would you believe my gerbils love Morning Star tofu ‘chick’ wings? Well, they do!

  45. The Guy Over There says:

    Wait a mo, hammy-sized white castles using a hole punch? CIRCULAR WHITE CASTLES?? Blasphemy! What next, trapezoidal french fries? Square twinkies? Hammies around the world are being neglected of a proper junk food education.

  46. That’s clever. BUT…… how about some FRIES with that? THERE’S a challenge!

  47. that’s easy. grate potato and grill it…

  48. What– no mustard? That’s a sad ham & cheese sandwich with no mustard…

  49. Now THAT is cute!

  50. everything looks better mini

  51. Concerned says:

    Ok, yeah, that’s adorable..but um. Ok. Public service announcement.

    Pet rodents shouldn’t eat meat.

    I rescued ten rats from an irresponsible guy who fed them cheeseburgers and kept them in one cage. Within three weeks, though they were living on science rat diet and dried fruit treat, in three clean and spacious cages, more than half of them were dead. They’d killed and eaten each other. They had acquired a taste and craving for meat.

    Please don’t feed pet rodents meat, if they’re to be put in with another animal ever. It leads to cannibalism.

  52. “Concerned”, I really doubt that a few morsels of ham confetti now and then are going to awaken the hammies latent blood lust to quite that extent. Its not at all comparable to getting them used to a high meat diet.

  53. Rat cannibalism, hmm… “Concerned,” I think you may just have discovered the answer to New York City’s rodent problem. My God, man– you’re a GENIUS!


  54. “Concerned,” I’ve had and loved pet rats for years, and also helped out with rat rescue. I have never heard of this in my life. My guess is, the rats died of compromised immune systems due to the poor care they received from that jerk you rescued them from (bless your heart). And the remaining ones ate the dead bodies. Some domesticated rats do this as a throwback to their wild ancestors (to clean up the mess so their nest doesn’t attract predators).

    Thank heavens none of mine have done this (I’d have been traumatized!), but it is not uncommon.

    And yes, I have fed them meat from time to time. And they were still the sweetest, lovingest, cuddliest wodents you’d ever meet. :* I miss them.

  55. Errata: Ham confetti! I love it. Perhaps for my next birthday party…

  56. poyo – You may be right, but from my experience, parsley is to gerbils what catnip is to kitties what a couple cold beers are to humans. My gerbils love to get their party on with parsley.

  57. snowball says:

    i had a gerbil that would nibble on chocolate. he never got sick from it, but he probably got a nice little sugar high!

  58. “Concerned” I had two pet rats named Pixie and Vinyl. One day someone gave them beef jerky. The next day I found only half of pixie’s body in the cage. I immediatley covered the cage with a towel. I was very disgusted. So I can completly relate.

  59. Yikes to the cannibalism stories! Maybe make the burgers with veggie-tofu ham?

  60. I was observing Step #1. Cheese is never optional. It is a necessity.

  61. Be careful with the cheese, folks. I fed my hamster Ari some cheese and she immediately went crazy. She got all tense, bit me six or seven times on both of my hands, leaving them dripping.

    Then she jumped out of my hands, and literally was jumping away from my mother, who tried to catch her after getting me to pay attention to my bleeding hands.

    She was like a maniac that day, and was checked out. Ari was okay, and so was I, but it seemed triggered by the cheese, and so we never gave it to her again.

  62. Oh, I’m sorry about your hammies’ cheese stampede! And your injuries, owwwie!

    I was actually referring to myself. I mean, give me a pound of smoked provolone, unlimited time on CO and I’m a happy girl.

  63. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Since when do hamsters eat meat? That can’t be good for them.
    Cutie pie wee “sammich”
    (sandwich) though 🙂

  64. Kris, in New England says:

    Lucy has to be the most watched, most tracked, and most beloved hammie in history. Mathijs is obviously in love with his little girl – and who can blame him. Like many others here, I spend SO much time on C.O. and Lucy’s site….I took a few days off and the first thing I did when I got back was – yup – check out C.O. and Lucy!

  65. Hamsters are natural herbivores or vegetarians! This is cruel not cute! There bodies can not properly digest meat!

  66. Hamsters are natural omnivores. In the wild they eat bugs as well as seeds. I have had hamsters for years and they always loved the occasional nibble of “people-food”. Though never as well-presented as this hammie-burger

  67. I hope like heck they don’t ever put ONION in those microburgers.

  68. “Cheese stampede.”


  69. Carlisa says:

    onion???!! *shhhhhh* :#

  70. Blue Jeanie says:

    i totally suggest borrowing some books from the library on hamsters. you can read all about their natural dietary habits and their history. they are omnivores in the wild.

  71. oh well.. cute but maybe use carrots instead of meat…

    and i would need to eat at least 50 of those tiny burgers to fill me up!! hahaha..

  72. Katiekinz says:

    I thought rodents were vegetarians. Isn’t it a bad idea to feed them meat? And cheese is very high in fats. They should be getting the regulated amount through their food. I understand people food is good now and then but not as much as this little one got. A bit of lettuce every other day or so should be about it.

  73. I made my hammie Mittens one; He grabbed it out of my hands and took a bite!

  74. bjoybead says:

    Oh, call that a Hammy sandwich!