Is there room enough for comments on this photo?

Because the joke possibilities are endless! [singsong]

And what’s with all the shearing posts lately? I mean, what’s the deal with that? [Seinfeld voice]


As submitter G3K says: "This one’s a home run."
Excellent photo, Glamphyre!



  1. LOL…who knew a lama could look like a dork?

  2. Awww, too cute 🙂
    PS. JEEY, first comment 🙂

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Oh that’s just wrong… although he does look like he’s smiling…

  4. its a q-tip!!!

  5. *first comment dance*

    Would this fall under “head too big for body” category? ^_^

  6. hehehehe look at his wittle teeth!

  7. Dammit!

  8. Awww…it’s a little gap-tooth hillbilly lama: “Howdy, my name’s Cletus. And this here’s my maw.”

  9. no. no.

    That is *not* a popsicle-sized unshorn llama head on top of a skinny shorn llama neck.

    I lol’d.

  10. This looks disturbingly like a kid I went to high school with. Come to think of it..he did smell a little like a llama….

  11. Nickole says:

    I think there should be a “head too big for neck”-category.

    The whiplash possibilities are huge, so he should at least get a lot of points for cuteness.

  12. AHhahahahahaHAhahahahahahHAHAHA

    /I cannot stop laughing at this photo.

  13. lolipop llama! 😀

    That is so cute!!!

  15. Man, I wanna photoshop this llama so badly. Maybe when I get home…

  16. My wife pointed it out: he looks like Ryan Stiles of, Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “The Drew Carey SHow”

  17. Little known fact about llamas, alpacas and their siblings: they have very soft feet and does not scratch hardwood floors.

  18. Teughcats says:

    When Theo’s away, the cute-posters will play – FIRST POST! FIRST POST!
    He’ll get you when he comes back!

    And the lllama is a ADORABLE q-tip!

  19. I don’t think that’s a llama–I think it’s an alpaca! And yes, they do have soft feet. I know because I once annoyed one by hugging him, and he kicked me, and it didn’t hurt.

    Here are some llamas I harrassed in Peru:

    Po beasties. I bet they wished that obnoxious American would leave them alone!

  20. Cute or sad? I mean, really, who wants to look like a q-tip? I think the llama is actually trying to get that point across in the picture, “no, don’t look at me, i’m a q-tip!”.

  21. OMG!!!! that poor baby is the dorkiets looking critter I have EVER seen… it’s the Urkle of the animal world!!! *roflmao*

  22. My mother used to say my cousin was so ugly he was cute. Now I know what she meant.

  23. OMG.

  24. 2Cats — who’s where?

  25. Jay Fry says:

    I love the geeky, toothy grin. I also love how he’s ‘leaning’ forward, like he’s looking through the bars and saying ‘Hi!’

  26. Someone get that poor baby a sweater!! Like Shawn the sheep!


  27. He looks like the Shaggy of the llama/alpaca world.


  28. Y’know I’m pretty sure that this photo is missing a few compositional elements necessary to generate the BIG comments…

  29. Bubbles says:

    Whose brilliant idea was it to give that poor alpaca a poodle cut?

  30. …like a *whisper* “young one of the homo sapiens”?

  31. Tiffany says:

    He looks so friendly!

  32. Is this little guy’s name Billy?
    “Let me introduce to you…”

  33. No, you guys, he looks like the David Spade-voiced llama from “The Emperor’s New Groove!”

    Pull the lever! Wrong leverrrrrrr!!!!


  35. Dude, that is one very disturbed alpaca ^_^

  36. English Chick says:

    Haha kathy i so agree with you!!

    “okay, why does she even HAVE that lever”

  37. ROFL! Reminds me of what my chow-chow looked like when we’d shave her for the summer time. Dr Suess animals unite!

  38. He DOES look like Ryan Stiles!!! I wonder if he does improv.

  39. HAHAHA he looks kinda like me…. kinda cute

  40. Ryan Stiles?
    “Whose Llama Is It Anyway?”

  41. That is freaky! Kind of reminds me of an acid trip I took as a teenager.

  42. daphnegirl says:

    Personally, I think he’s a dead ringer for Don Knotts as Mr. Furley…I picture him putting his thumbs in his belt, sniffing, and saying, “waaaal y’know…”

    But then maybe I just watched too much TV as a youngster…

  43. Svenster says:

    “Ya’know… life in a zoo isn’t all bad. Look at juniors nice furcut, and listen to this: they even have a dental plan! I mean, look at me, do I look as if I could afford braces for this guy as much as I love him. They’ll put it in any day now.”
    *continues comfying about in the sand satisfying curious spectators*

  44. Omg… his little knees are still fluffy. If he stood up, I bet it’d look like he was wearing warmup leggings.

  45. Wisefool says:

    Llama lolly.

  46. Valeria says:

    It’s Llamapolean Dynamite!!

  47. ew… this is prb why i hate lamas…its so ugly its kinda cute….gross.

  48. Sabba,
    That’s not fluff. Those are pockets where he keeps his leftover tater tots from lunch.

  49. Teughcats says:

    Oh, hi, Theo. You’ve been kinda “quiet” so I thought maybe you were on vacation.

    How did you know that “Teugh” is pronounced “two”? NO ONE gets that right.

  50. hedgedog says:

    Looking at the photo of his new offspring, mr deLlama, sales representative in the field of foraging, couldn’t help a spreading doubt about the close friedship which seemed to link his wife with his long high school pal, Joe Poodle…

  51. Lemura, why didn’t I see it before? That other llama is all, “Hey, lemme have some of your tots!”

  52. Laurie C says:

    I guffawed at “Llamapolean Dynamite”. Thanks, Valeria.

  53. 2Cats — I *was* out, actually. Family visit.
    As for how I know… I don’t, really. ‘Twas an educated guess.

  54. you guys! thstop laughing at me! stheriously!

  55. xiii.lucky says:

    awww, how precious in an odd and disturbed way! i want one he is too cute!

  56. Haha, it’s a lloodle!

  57. punkpie says:


    LMAO!!!! poor lil guy… so cute and dweeby

  58. There’s so many pitures posted on this site that make me sqweel ‘favorite!’ but this one takes the cake. The haircut, the overbite, the adorkable expression … Llama geek! Someone get this lil guy some D&D stat!

  59. There could be a thousand Emperor’s New Groove jokes:

    “I’m a stupid, stinking llama! Llama face!”

    I, for one, am desperately in love with this little feller and want to take him home.

  60. DavidBoBavid says:

    it’s a real shame those bars are in the way, because with that facial expression, that would be the best msn/aim picture ever!

  61. Bow low before this creature:
    The Darling Llama

  62. Such a “special” llama. All it need is some head gear.

  63. The Guy Over There says:

    Did “Animal Planet” buy the rights to “Revenge of The Nerds”? o_O

  64. “I’ll do whatever I want to do, GOSH!”

  65. Aubrey: groooooaaaaaannnn. [Now I feel *much* better.]

    Teughcats, I’d figured out the 1st syllable of your username, thinking it was the same as the 1st syllable of “tewtelly.”

    Svenster, I love “comfying about”!!

  66. david bo bavid and anyone else who wants it for messengers/avatars, heres a ‘shopped version sans bars

  67. Can anyone see pictures with new Opera 9.0? I get just text without pictures. 😦
    Everything is fine with IE.

  68. I think that is an alpaca. Not a llama. Still cute none the less. They are funny creatures!

  69. Marla – LOL! …a ‘special’ llama!! Love those teeth and he looks like such a friendly teenage llama-dude with a new haircut!! It’s a llama-loaf!!!

  70. Thanks, tish. To save myself time, I may filch your version if I decide to do something funny with this guy in Photoshop later.

  71. Two words:
    Peter Crouch

  72. It’s an AlPoodle! Imagine it speaking in a French accent…then remember to keep breathing.

  73. So far nobody’s mentioned its furry “knees” – they up the ante re. The Cuteness Quotient fer shure.™

  74. Oops – supposed to be The Cuteness Quotient™.

  75. It’s the Napoleon Dynamite of llamas!

  76. Boschka says:

    Oh Lordy…he reminds me of Barney Fife .

    ” But Ange….”

  77. sunnykat says:

    he looks like big bird to me. except he’s not yellow. and goofier-looking.

  78. He’s so HOMELY!!!! It hurts me in an ‘I-can’t-wipe-the-grin-off-my-face-kind-of-way.’ Much like the video of the hamster who ran so fast he propelled himself out of his wheel. this is right up there for me.

  79. oh no! that’s so sad! he looks so awful that he just turned into cute. i want to give him a hug. poor little guy *squeeze!*

  80. Not that it makes any difference but this is an alpaca. Not a llama… They are closly related, (camelids) but alpacas are smaller and have finer fiber… and nicer. I happen to know because I took the original photo. I’m glad to see it here. I thought it was funny when I took it.. It’s like he saying, “why am I locked up in here!” What did I do?

  81. i want to BE this lama
    and i’m not kidding

  82. Ponygirl says:


  83. Klar – you know this cute little guy? Is he a sweetie??

  84. i can’t decide what’s cuter… the smile! no, the TEETH! no, the EYES!! AAAAAAGGGHGHHH!! definitely cute overload on this one!

  85. Pinkie – maybe we should put the llama/alpaca and shrek on and give crouch and rooney a break?

  86. Llllllllaaaaaama!!

    Oh how I adore llamas! I arrange my MN State Fair trip around the llamas and when they’ll be in the barns.

    This lil’ fellow looks cute and dorky. Wish I could pet him!!

  87. Lillith says:

    Another vote for the Napolean Dynomite look alike contest.

    I wonder if he spent the summer hunting wolverines in Alaska?

  88. An Alpaca? Really? Pooh. And I was all ready to say something about crossing the Himallamas. Oh well, thanks for the sweet photo regardless, Klar.

    And Theo – good to hear from you, my brother.

  89. Valeria says:
  90. chackler says:

    Looks a lot like my senior year picture from 1988!

  91. Oh, I want to laugh, really I do. But gosh darn it, I just got back from having some tooth fillings fixed and, well, owwwwwiiiiieeeee!

    /heehee funny alpaca!

  92. Oh what a dorky llama. It reminds me of me when my bangs were growing out and I wore hairclips. Thankfully not at the same time as the headgear (which this llama needs! It would be the best!).

    Arvay, I think the animals at Machu Pichu are so used to humans that they see them as part of the natural cycle of things. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows, sometimes silly people come up and take pictures of them… I have a few similar pics somewhere from my trip there.

  93. I do know this little guy. He’s not mine but I caught him right after he was shorn.. I have two of the little critters but not a little one until July… hey wait… that’s NEXT MONTH!!..

  94. I dunno, he reminds me of Bob ross instead:

    Put a paintbrush in his hooves and stand him in front of an easel so he can paint his “Happy Little Trees”. Hee!^___^


  95. Cute or Sad?


    How would you like pre-braces pictures of you taken during your awkward stage and with a bad haircut plastered all over the internets? Huh? Poor fuzzy guy.

  96. OMGATZ this is priceless! lovely face.

  97. I am thinking a very effective toilet bowl brush with a fairly large handle, easy to grip.

  98. Just so ya know, it’s Glampyre, not Glamphyre

  99. You have no idea what this picture does to knitters. It means there’s a gorgeous baby Alpaca fleece out there somewhere, ready to be spun and knitted up into something amazing. Dorky Alpaca haircut = deliriously happy knitter. 🙂

  100. Allie, good point!

    It wasn’t in Peru that I got kicked, BTW. It was at an alpaca breeder near me, whom I was visiting just to ogle. (I’m not really in the market for farm animals at the mo!)

  101. woo hoo, it’s Glampyre! and seriously, I wish I could get my hands on that nice fleece that got shaved off of him, such lovely (but expensive) stuff. but really, such a cute odd ball little guy.

  102. A Fine Morsel says:

    Oh, how sad and adorable! Toothy, with that circle of fur around his big head! He just wants to make some friends!

  103. This is what happens when they breed llamas and poodles.

  104. In Carlos Mencia voice “dede deeeee!”

  105. Looks like one of those bunnies in Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit…

  106. DavidBoBavid says:

    holy crap tish, that’s all kinds of awesome!!

    thanks! 😀

  107. Laurie C says:

    arbed, we are kindred spirits today – I had a root canal.

  108. Waaah! Llama faaaaace!

    Most awesome picture ever.

  109. OMG so cute! It’s like Kleetus the slack jawed alpaca!

  110. 😦 Laurie C – another old filling might need that in the near future… Edgar (my kitty) is sticking nice and close to me though, so I feel a bit better.

  111. Q-tip yes. Also, dandelion, toilet brush, and one of the little pink or blue people that you put in the cars playing the game of Life. This is what he reminds me of, aside from all the *animate* objects people keep comparing him to. 😛

  112. If there were more baby alpacas in the world, it would be a more peaceful world.

    I loves them so!

  113. so that was where i stuck my shower brush! ..when did it grow eyes?

  114. Pre-shearing pic (of *alpaca*):

  115. E.C. — hmm, that kinda looks like “mid-shear” to me. The neck isn’t finished yet.

  116. You know that the alpaca resting next to him is trying SO hard not to laugh.

  117. …it’s don knotts!

  118. This makes me want to watch the Emperor’s New Groove again. “STINKY LLAMA!”

  119. Can I be this little guys llama mama? Too cute for words!

  120. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    That llama is ssssoooo ooogaly boogaly…ugaly bugaly! m s o p = mis spelled on purpose…

    Translation so very much hit with an ugly stick! Ick!

  121. Wow!

    What an amazing pic!

  122. Man! Nicole Richie has really taken this diet thing waaaay too far!

  123. Cuidado, llamas.

  124. We need way more Llamas on this sight. Go llamas!!!!!!

  125. He went from David Spade in the preshear to Larry the Cable Guy’s little brother!

    All that’s missing is the cutoff shirt (but the ball cap picture works, too).

  126. you know sometimes when you watch celebrtities and their all like :”yeahh and this is the new style of the season and I have it..” blah blah blah and really its just UGLY!

    this llama is sporting the new couture look for the llamas–very uber chic.

  127. awwwww, he’s just going thru his awkward phase. look at that tentative grin!

  128. hate to ruin all the fun, but that’s an ALPACA, folks!

    Alpaca are prized by knitters and weavers for their wonderfully soft fiber. It’s redonk how soft it is and it’s really warm as well.

  129. he still looks like Napoleon Dynamite tho.

  130. Valeria says:

    ariel = fun vaccuum


  131. Valeria says:

    My apologies. I posted the wrong name. That should have been katey, not ariel.

  132. so NOT cute :<

  133. That is the coolest llama picture EVER!!!


  134. Bwa ha ha ha! I shall conquer the WORLD with my CUTENESS!!!

  135. looks like a young Martin Short,,,, but larger afro… let’s all adopt him… we can share? right?

  136. The little fella’s grown on me, and now he’s now my monitor’s background. All he wants is to be my pal, and my pal he is.

  137. Sure…sure…whatever you say…you don’t —- with the Jesus.

  138. Poor thing looks like a toilet brush with buck teeth! TOO CUTE!

  139. breakindaroolz says:


  140. breakindaroolz says:


  141. s gambrell says:

    Cutest thing I’ve seen. I want one

  142. This is one of most hilarious pics I’ve seen in a long time. I just burst out loud laughing when I saw it. I can not stop laughing whenever I see it. I downloaded it to my desktop and still cannot stop laughing whenever I see it.

  143. It reminds me of the character “Mater” in Cars…

  144. llama poodle!

  145. Just because I’m gorgeous doesn’t mean I have a big head!!!

  146. I fell in love with the image, so I GIMPed it to remove the bars and fix the contrast. Here is the result:

  147. Elie — really nice cleanup job. And you actually used GIMP, even? I’m impressed.

  148. Stephanie says:

    hahaha!!! he’s even smiling… i love it 😀
    so cute!!!

  149. Surely someone has already said this in here (157 comments!), but if Napoleon Dynomite were to reincarnate, I think this would be him 🙂

  150. Alice Shortcake says:

    For British cuteologists only – does the young ‘un remind you of Ken Dodd?

  151. Dracwolley says:

    “Hello, My name is Llama!

    I’ll just tell be about my *camera snap* self.

    Hey wait, you know everyone looks funny when you take pictures in the middle of a word!”

  152. Eees not Gee-ross! Eees cute!