I hear The Colbert Report scooped me on this one

…I’m sure it won’t be the first time Mr. Colbert plays the kitten card! [shaking fist at sky]

Good night, everyone 🙂



  1. KITTEH!
    YAY!!!! 🙂

  2. kitty is so cute <3 <3 <3 <3


  3. I was going to get a haircut after work, but I needn’t bother now.

    My head just exploded.

  4. I want to shrink my cat back down to kitty size.
    I miss it!

  5. honk sh- *blink*
    honk sh- *blinkblink*
    honk shuuuuuuuu

  6. aww…


  7. Have to say I’m disappointed – I was waiting for the face plant!

  8. that is simply the cutest kitten i have ever seen! aside from my own, of course… 🙂

  9. awwwww another sleepy kitty! I had honestly never seen a kitty doing the falling-asleep jerk until these videos.

    TPK: I saw that video a few days ago and cracked up at it.

  10. Apophis16 says:

    AWWW ^_^ so cute.

    everytime my kitten would do that, I would poke him to make sure he was okay. I was a tad too overprotective *sheepish smile*

  11. Best. Kitteh. Evah!

  12. chunkstyle says:

    I saw that on Colbert Report and turned into an instant pool of “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”
    **gurgle gurgle**
    Shakes fist at Weapon of Mass KITTEH!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. For crying out loud, make this a rule of cuteness already!!

    Baby animals trying (and failing) to stay awake = cute.

  14. I felt pretty much the same way at work today at about 3PM. Honk…shuuuu…..

    such a cute baby.

  15. it’s so HARD bein’ a kitteh

  16. I shake my fist at the sky, too.


    I am sleepy kitty deprived.

  17. Amen to that, Aubrey. WHY, GOD, WHY?!! [can’t go on]

  18. Tony James says:

    This is a classic – poor sweepy widdle kitty…so tie-tie…why won’t they just let him sleep instead of banging on the floor to keep him awake?! 😦

  19. Oh my GOD that was TOO cute!

  20. I saw Colbert’s name and became giddy … 🙂

    I know this is entirely off topic, Cuteros, but I was thinking about how Meg said at the Webby Awards that CuteOverload is a great time waster, and I just wanted to respond and say that I think this website represents is far more reaching than that. We have reached the point where we see beyond the “food chain” scale, or the “they’re just animals” excuse, or that animals are “cute”. We reached the point where we can, collectively, start seeing animals (the non-human kind) as having feelings, having spirit, having personality traits that we identify with. Even my non-animal-friendly friends love to say that “animals are the new black”. Meg and her website have revolutionized the animal rights movement in a way that no one will understand until it’s all history. Bravo Meg! Bravo to the people who make this site what it is! Bravo all the people out there who understand that humans aren’t the only important speices that exsist.

  21. Michelle says:

    awwwww. They need to use these kinds of films as treatment for insomniacs at sleep disorder clinics.

  22. Christy says:

    Awww. Cute little fluffy sleepy kitty! Must cuddle!

  23. Oh, a sleepy little witty! I kept waiting for him to fall over, though–would have been *much* more funny.

  24. Not sure if this one qualifies as cute, but I can’t stop watching it!

  25. rixak – that one is hilarious too. Man, I’m starting to get jealous that my cat falls asleep normally!

  26. Aww, so tie tie! Too bad the mean man couldn’t hold his giggles in and kept her awake.

  27. awww….its’ so cute >.< I saw a pup in HK once and it did the same thing!! It was so cute too!

  28. Soooooo seeepeeeeez.

    With that, I bid you bon soir.

  29. NEED KITTEN NOW! My three are too big to cuddle…but I love them so anyway! This was adorable!! xoxoxo

  30. Time to start a new category…”Narcoleptic Kittens.”

  31. I swear- I’m as tired at this kitten right now.. lksahdf;;;;;lllllllllllllllll

    I’m awake, I’m awake.


  32. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    Just wanted to say to Person: we agree totally at our house. We are all mammal cousins, and it isn’t as though loving animals means loving people any the less.. PS: read Sy Montgomery’s new book, The Good Good Pig, Christopher Hogwood.

  33. Someone named a pig for a famous classical conductor? I’ll be!

  34. Fuzzybutt says:

    So sweepies!

  35. not having seen The Colbert Report with that adorable clip..I hope he didn’t compare the sweet kitteh’s sleepiness to Bush’s being asleep at the wheel. Because that would be WAY insulting to the kitteh. And that would make me mad (nyyyreee!)

  36. Maureen says:

    Oh goodness… my stomach hurts from laughing so hard at Rixak’s link.

    Ahhh… Clonk. Wha?

  37. Aww poor little kitty! That was me in calculus class as an undergrad O:)

  38. I’ve been seeing that clip for at least 2 years now. It is the stock sample clip that comes with all versions of a mobile phone movie player called “SmartMovie”. It is very cute.

  39. Can we have a Honk-shu Denial category?

  40. Kitty go night-night

  41. I saw this a while ago, but it’s still so adorable I just watched it again.

  42. pendlerpiken says:

    so cute! i love sleepy kittens 🙂

  43. Haha lol cute kitty there=) Lucky you by the way your site was featured on Dolly magazine here in Australia. Its really popular magazine for teens. But you probably already heard this lol. hehe sleepy kittens are awesome. I played it over and over again XD

  44. Why the freakydeaky did he stop filming 😦
    I wanted to see the kitty fall asleep!

  45. cute kitty!


  46. Awwww! I’ve felt like that many times!!

  47. Okay, this is great for bedtime, but now it’s the top of the page first thing in the morning, when I need to be getting awake. Plus, I agree, little animal struggling to stay awake and failing desperately–this has got to be a Cute Rule!

  48. jenni joon says:

    Wah! I want more…! Was SO waiting to see baby kitt-eh take a serious face-plant! (LMAO) OMG– so cute. He’s all tuckered out from being a baby kitty. That’s tiring, don’t ya know!

  49. I’d get tired too if I had to hold those Huuuuuge blue eyes and big ol’ fluffy noggin’ open all day… that’s gotta be a chore!

  50. kittikin says:


  51. RevWaldo says:

    Relax – nobody got “scooped.” I remember stumbling on this video several months back. You never know what you’ll find if you google “sleepy kitten” 🙂

  52. Michele says:

    Haha cute is the new black! Sleepy kitteh:( sooo cute! But which is cuter, Steven Colbert or the kitteh?

  53. STOP with the YOUTUBE!
    just STOP it!

  54. Can we see a clip of Steven Colbert desperately blinking and dozing off? Then we can compare to the sleepy kitten and vote on the cutest.

  55. yoohoostereo says:

    Can someone please let me know in what context this video was used during The Colbert Report. Damn myself for not having cable!

  56. MichelleR says:

    Yeah, me too. I’ve missed Colbert the last few nights. I’m dying to know why he played the kitten video!

  57. Ariel — I think I have an .AVI of this vid at home. I can email it to you (but I’ll probably forget unless you remind me, the same way I forgot to start the dishwasher before I left for work this morning. Again.)

    Everybody else — this little kittin vid has been on teh intarweb for some time now. It wasn’t actually ever on Colbert, was it?

  58. MichelleR says:

    According to Meg it was……

  59. yesh pweese ffeeo.
    i’ll email ya

  60. (I thought Meg *might* have simply been making reference to Jack the Mighty Marmie and Hunter of Bears, who *was* in fact featured on Colbert.)

  61. MichelleR says:

    Oh….could be, who knows….(besides Meg)

  62. I think sleepy babies should have their own category. Call it “Honk shuuu…” 🙂

  63. I saw this on youtube a couple weeks ago… i think the reason it’s so short is because some scary monster’s supposed to pop out to scare whoever is watching. it didn’t work on me cuz i was still caught up on how cute the kitty was!! =)i guess someone took out the surprise ending.. lol yay!

  64. pistache268 says:

    I’ve seen this before made into a GIF file! But it’s cuter bigger.

  65. I saw this on The Report the other day, and as soon as I recovered from the abdominal pains of cuteness I thought “Gosh, why haven’t I seen that on CO?”
    Don’t let Stephen beat Meg to the punch again! Cuteologists, be vigilant!

  66. CO got a shout-out in the newsmagazine “The Week,” just received my latest issue yesterday and there it was. We’re famous, y’all. More sleepy kittens pleez!

  67. ooooooooh my doodness… I can’t take the cuteness of this kitteh! must have one!

  68. Espilonarge says:

    Darn, didn’t fall over asleep. 😛

  69. I just thought it wasn’t on CO because it had been circulating for so long.

  70. ka9q's wife says:

    meg don’t you mean it almost certainly won’t be the last time Colbert uses the cuteness card. I think it is the first time he played that particular card.

  71. Awwwww! I want a kitten!

  72. I emailed you this video, oh, FOUR MONTHS AGO. Keep up with the program, chica.

  73. KoolAidBitch — find something useful to do.

  74. OOoooooooooooooooohhhh!!

  75. Theo – I was about to waste time writing up a response to one more anonymous namecalling loser on the internet (you know, the kind that has no social skills whatsoever, doesn’t know how to say “pardon me” when they bump into someone, smells of BO and bad breath, spends all day on internet message boards, that kind), but then I decided to find something useful to do.


  76. Yay!

  77. Gandalf says:

    This is the ULTIMATE in kitteh cuteness!!!!

    BTW: I have this .mpg on my computer dated Feb 11 2004. I’ve probably watched it 50 to 75 times! I too really, really wish the clip showed the inevitable face plant.

    I can only assume that the original video was edited due to bandwidth, or something similar; or that the original filming actually did stop for some unguessable reason. What a shame!

    But we do have this absolutely PRICELESS piece, which is a very, very rare gem, indeed!

    Also: on several of the cat related Usenet groups, the term ‘snorgle’ has for many, many years been ‘smurgle’. But snorgle may predate smurgle; I don’t know. The first time I ever saw the term ‘snorgle’ was on this award winning website, and it’s self explanatory.

  78. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Poor little fuzzy-wuzzums baby! I feel like that at work sometimes.

  79. ACK!! The fluffy adorable-ness is sucking me in! Can’t… look… away…

  80. evangeline says:

    Help…my 8 months old ginger fuzz, Alfie is getting soo big and I need another l’l baby..
    but 3 has to be the limit!

  81. kittens are so cute!

  82. anathea says:

    yes it WAS on the colbert report, i saw the episode..

    He was talking about how petco had been selling kittens with rabies and somehow sequed into how adorable this kitten
    “as opposed to this kitten who.. just.. cant.. stay.. awake..” at which point the audience ‘awwwed’ appropriately.

    but yes it most certainly was on the colbert report.

  83. Colbert CLEARLY needs to keep up with his in-tar-web memes, then.

  84. (T_T) Can’t… see..

  85. cant