Monday: Your Daily Bunny

People, thanks to submitter Emily G. and alert commenter Jessica, we’ll be featuring a Daily Bunny this week from the Osaka store: RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters. It’s tewtelly out of control, so fasten your bunbelts.





  1. bunneh!

  2. omg… too cute! I thought bunroo was the end of the line!?

  3. really, I’m at a complete loss for words…try to say something and all it comes out is bunneh!bunneh!bunneh!bunneh!bunneh!bunneh!bunneh!bunneh!bunneh!bunneh!bunneh!

  4. Deckard Canine says:

    That’s not real. Or at least it doesn’t have a natural origin. It seems to have leapt straight out of anime or manga.

  5. I think it’s melting.

  6. the wittle ears are so straight and pointy tehy look like horns…
    evil bunneh?
    devil bunneh?

  7. nnnnnnnaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww

    its so cute! i just wanna pinch its cheeks

    OMGOSH i think it is melting!! eeeek! he must be white chocolate!

  8. Ahhhhhhhhh! The little bunny – its cuteness is too much!


  9. Laurie C says:

    It’s very possible, people, that what we’re seeing here is the rare bunny scoop-of-vanilla-ice-cream hybrid.

  10. Constance says:

    aw, yay! a daily bunny! 😀
    thanks C.O. you made my morning!

  11. Good morning, Melting Bunny!

  12. Check out those furry little toes back there! Toooo cute!

  13. Michelle says:

    That bunny is so cute. I can’t stand it. I think my head is going to… yep there it goes. It exploded.

  14. Yummy Bunny…It would be lovely with some potatoes, carrots and gravy in my Crock Pot. Old Welsh Recipe!!!
    (Just kidding – I won’t tell my Grandma).I love bunnies too! VERY CUTE! Maggie;

  15. Fluffy white perfection of confectionary baby bunny. Aww.

  16. Aww I love the wiskers.


  17. punkpie says:

    I can practically see its nose twitching… beautiful!

  18. Marshmallowy bunneh goodness. So happy.

  19. Bunneh.

    Or, In other words,
    to reflect japan


    (mochi is very soft ice-cream)(( i think.. .-_.-))

  20. See? See? Bunroo was NOT the cutest bun ever posted. I luff this leetle guy. Look at him. He’s all, “Konichiwa, nin-jin arimasuka? Arigato gozaimasu…ka-ron-chu.”

  21. Oh…and mochi…not ice cream. Is super-mondo-fabbo-glutinous rice goo globule. Yum.

  22. Bunny!Bunny!Bunny!Bunny!Bunny!!!!!1111!!!!111!


  23. Ohhhh, soft bunny nose and cute mouth!

    ( )
    ” “

  24. Mochi is a glutinous rice paste thingy. “Mochi ice cream” is a ball of ice cream wrapped in mochi. It is good.

    All you ever wanted to know about mochi, and more:

    Incidentally, Wikipedia sez: “In Japanese folk tradition, rabbits living on the Moon produce mochi in the traditional method with mallets and mortars. (This legend is based on the traditional pareidolia that identifies the markings of the moon as a rabbit pounding mochi.”


  25. Oh, I see Redzilla scooped me. Oh well. And I missed the closing parenthesis in the wiki quote. So, here: ).

  26. Tony James says:

    In keeping with the recent vogue of adapting showtunes to the requirements of CuteOverload, we bring you Lagomorph on the Roof…

    If I had a bun-bun,
    A widdle fuzzy furry proshy furry tiny little bun.
    All day long I’d snorgle on his tum.
    If I had a fuzz-y bun.
    And then I’d have a kit-ty, Maybe 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 8 of them…
    Meg who posts the otter and the ehn,
    Who decreed we snorgle when we can,
    She who holds the cuteness in her hands,
    May we have an-other BUN?

  27. Must pay omage to the holy bunny with the sacred bunny chant….

    Ohm bunneh, bunneh, bunneh….

  28. TJ…. that is fabulous… Oy!

  29. Once again: Why doesnt the dustbunnies I dig out from under the coach look like this? (It would make housecleaning so much more fun!)

  30. Definitely a bun-yum I could live with.

  31. I’ve been having a really nasty couple of days… this bun actually made me smile — thanks, cuteoverload!

  32. OH!! And YAY YAY YAY for a bunny a day! I love the disapproval.

  33. Christy says:

    SQUEE!! So fluffy and white and cotton-ball-like! *cuddles*

  34. The bunny, the bunny, oh, I love the bunny
    I don’t love my mom or my dad, just the bunny
    The bunny, the bunny, oh, I love the bunny
    I gave everything that I had for the bunny.
    I don’t want no health food when it’s time to feed
    A big bag o’ bunnies is all that I need!
    I don’t want no buddies to come out and play
    I’ll sit on my sofa, eat bunnies all day.

    I won’t go to church! And I won’t go to school!
    That stuff is for sissies, but bunnies are cool!

    Asparagus singers: I don’t want no pickles, I don’t want no honey
    I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny!
    I don’t want to tell you a joke that is funny
    I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny!
    I don’t want a tissue when my nose is runny
    I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny!
    I don’t want to play on a day that is sunny
    I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny!

    The bunny, the bunny, oh, I love the bunny
    I don’t love my mom or my dad, just the bunny
    The bunny, the bunny, oh, I love the bunny
    I gave everything that I had for the bunny!

  35. The Guy Over There says:

    My god. It’s like one of those Japanese bunny manju.



    comes to



    comes to

    I WUV de weedle bun-buns!!!!!

    I neeeeed a weedle bun-bun!!!!!

  37. I have a feeling that this bunny is guarding the secret to the final resting place of the Holy Grail.

    “TIM: I warned you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you knew it all, didn’t you? Oh, it’s just a harmless little bunny, isn’t it? Well, it’s always the same. I always tell them–

    ARTHUR: Oh, shut up!”

  38. Woods Walker says:

    If cuteness were a real value then bunnys would take over the world.-Woods Walker

  39. PrincessCait says:

    aww! i can almost see his little nose twitching.

    *falls over*

  40. The mouth! The itsy bitsy tiny-winy wittle mooooouth!

    No front legs should be a rule of cuteness! I bet you it just hovers over the carpet!

  41. ITSA BUN BUN!!! It speacilizes in hypnosys so we cant look away!!!

  42. This bun is nice and relaxed, which is the reason you can’t see its front paws. an alert, ready-to-flee rabbit will not “melt” down onto its paws (front or rear) like this one has.

    See if you’re interested in learning more about rabbit behavior. It’s a very humorous site; awfully informative, too.

  43. Aelfwyn says:

    yay, daily bunnies! Yes please! This morning I rescued the cutest little wild baby bunny from the (soft) jaws of my spaniel puppy (bunny was fine) – CO, you shoulda bin there.

  44. Excuse me? I’d like some gravy with my mashed potatoes please.

    Seriously…Ridiculously puffly.


  45. THE CHEEK PUFFS, people! Look at those CHEEK PUFFS!! And the wee wittle eaws and big please-please-please-snorgle-me eyes and and and…. *hyperventilates* GAH! *passes out*

    I have been pwned by teh cute.

  46. You know, this “bunny nose level” view is really a nice thing! I like getting down on the floor with my rabbit and trying to see things from her POV. (Not that I’ll ever really “get” it, but I can try…)

    ( )
    ” “

  47. She Rah says:

    I think I just swallowed my tongue!

  48. Laurie C says:

    What this photo needs is a followup pic that shows this bunny next to a regular household object to suddenly reveal that it’s maybe not bigger than a quarter or something. Then everyone above who had already swooned over the cuteness would have to die all over again from the smallness.

  49. It sorts of looks boneless. Not too sure about this bun.

  50. hrh.squeak says:

    Bouncy bunbun powderpuff of love!

  51. Little bun! I always call Mochi ice cream little buns.

    Wouldn’t any link from Purebread Rabbits and Outfitters make a great tshirt? ‘Cause you know they say something awesome like “Super Bun Leash!”

  52. bunnajenny says:

    Aelfwyn, we too had to rescue a baby bun-bun from the soft mouth of our spaniel pup recently. Busband assured me that baby bun-bun was indeed fine, a little soggy, but altogether alive. Pupster has since brought several other friends home to play, including a box turtle, who was weirded-out, but completely unharmed.

  53. I have a question. I was thinking about getting an animal to keep me company when I move out on my own. My first thought was a puppy but I wouldn’t have the time to stay home and train it and be there for it constantly… then I thought of a cat because it is a little more independent. Now i’m thinking about a bunny. How is a bunny for a pet? Is it loyal… easy to train… fun to play with?

  54. Liz, you want to take a look at the House Rabbit Society’s site for starters:

    bunnajenny, lol re. the box turtle!

  55. Camille says:

    Liz – the only thing I know about pet bunnies is that they like to chew electrical cords, often to their own detriment, so they probably shouldn’t be allowed to wander the house unsupervised!

  56. Hostess Sno-Ball bunny…

    while I am not proud of this, that bunny’s level of brain-freeze cute just made me swear like a sailor. I just can’t… @#$^! ^@#*! #($)@*#^%*@(@&%#!!! That is CUTE!

  57. bunnajenny says:

    We’re just glad it wasn’t a snapping turtle.

  58. Christy says:

    ah…the bunny song from Veggie Tales. That was great.

    I LOVE this bunny per day idea, too.

  59. Aelfwyn says:

    bunnajenny, a box turtle?!! Spaniels are great. Mine likes centipedes to play with best of all – unfortunately the centipedes tend not to get the joke.

  60. bunnajenny says:

    Aelfwyn…poor, poor centipedes. I thought the little guy had obtained a small melon – it was orange and green and blotchy. After realizing that there was no way that he had a melon (he doesn’t know how to get to the farmer’s market) I distracted Pupster and busband retrieved the turtle. We did a full exam, called the local wildlife people for an id (we’re newbies in the VA countryside)and found it safehaven. With the advent of fireflies in our garden over the last week, we *know* we’re in for a fun summer!

  61. The more I look at this picture, the more I think, that’s just sick. Crazy cute. Way out of line. There has to be some kind of limit on this, don’t you think? Some kind of Cutimus Maximus beyond which we dare not proceed?

    Somebody could get hurt.

  62. OH MY GOD. Dear Lord. I am commenter Jessica! I send in pictures of my bunny on an almost daily basis! And now Meg wants me to stop sending them in! Now how will my bunny ever get onto cute overload? Can somebody from the Cute Overload staff PLEASE contact me and tell me why this happened?

  63. melonbar says:

    This bunneh has prompted me to post for the first time. It is exquisite! I couldn’t help but try to translate that page from Japanese to English and the Lost in Translation moment is too funny. Screencaps:

    The bunnehs are my favorite…thanks for the cuteness!

  64. I am snorgling the best bit in my mind, that’s the fuzzy bit at the back of their necks that stays like baby bunny even when they grow up!


  65. melonbar,

    “natural, gay-making toy”

    could you *please* consider translating more choice bits?

  66. E. Collison & Camille:
    Thank you for your responses. I will check out the website and keep the chewing in mind. Would it be cruel to keep in it it’s cage while I was gone? Hopefully I wouldn’t be gone for too long…

    P.S. I added M. after Liz because I noticed another Liz posting… trying to stop confusion ^_^

  67. Heavenly bunny
    Floating so high
    Piercing the clouds
    Above he doth glide.
    Good of heart,
    Small of ear,
    With a wee cotton tail
    He protects all believers of cute
    Without prejudice – he won’t fail.

  68. “Would it be cruel to keep in it it’s cage while I was gone? Hopefully I wouldn’t be gone for too long…”

    If you’re thinking of a pet store cage, yep. They’re waaaay too small for anything but babies, and not always terribly safe, either. (See info. on the kids of doors most of those cages have at the House Rabbit Society site and elsewhere, mainly sites you can find on their “links” page.)

    My rabbit has a smallish but custom-made “bunnitat” – try “NIC cage” in Google and see what you come up with. I have a 30″-high puppy exercise pen clipped onto that, plenty of digging/chewing material and toys galore for my bun(she loves pieces of cardboard and old newspapers) – in short, lots to keep her active and happy – if she’s ripping up items I’d like her to chew/shred, then I’m happy, too and we all “win.”

    Don’t expect a rabbit to act like a cat or dog. They’re rabbits. That might seem overly obvious, but owning and caring for a rabbit is every bit as big a responsibility as caring for other animals – and, in many ways, for human babies. You owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about rabbits and whether they’re the right pet for *you* before deciding to get one.

    Also, so many unwanted bunnies are either abandoned or left at shelters. Please consider adopting from a rabbit rescue group – the people who run them really know rabbits, and if that’s a good pet for you to keep, they can help you find one that is right for you.

    *Do* expect to spend considerable time and money doing bunny-proofing. And do it *before* you get the bunny, not after. (Though you’ll definitely have to make some changes and adjustments as you see what your rabbit does and get to know him or her.)

  69. TJ – that is hilarious!! “If I had a bun-bun…” hehehe! Brilliant! And that little fluff bun is too cute!! I’m dying to hug it to death!

  70. this is like the cutest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life!

  71. Jessica says:

    Ya know, as cute as the baby dwarf bunnies are, I think the lops with their airplane ears are even cuter.

  72. Villeline says:

    That’s it! You’ll be hearing from my laywer!

  73. ::waves the tewtellies in the air::


    ::falls over::

  74. Oh my GOD! I just want to roll around on the floor squealing he’s so CUUUUUUUTTTEEEEEEE.

  75. yay! I am the alert commenter! woot! bunniesssssssssss!

  76. That is the absolutely cutest bunny ever. =)

  77. *************HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSS to the cutest thing that ever existed on earth :)))))))))))))))))))))))) I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE YOU!! SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE