Lawn’s all mowed, Hon…

Now—how’s about that lemonade? [Licks chops]


Cassandra B., Mika is a seriously cute pup.



  1. mika! mika! mika!

  2. eek, I think the academic blahbidiblah of my job is getting to me. Looks like he’s leaning on a podium.[washes brain out with soap]

  3. jenni joon says:

    I just melted into a huge pile of goo. Reason? Too much cuteness in one serving. Meg- this is tres dangerous. Puh-lease… now I’m a blithering pile of goo making those weird “ooh” and “OMG” sounds…*not* very professional of me, I must say.

  4. the TOES & little black nails!! and the chesty wrinkles. and the teeny flips at the ends of the ear flops. and all the OTHER wrinkles. sigh

  5. Aww. I love the fact the file name is WrinkleMcWrinklesons.

  6. dmac! You caught that! I might have to do more ‘secret’ messages….

  7. Awwww…. want to kiss the wet little nose…..sweet baby…..

  8. That what you get for pestering Dad all day on Father’s day!


  9. The Guy Over There says:

    I could go for some lemonade as well. This weather would make me wrinkle out from sweat too.

  10. TheLuna says:

    His eye capsules are made of folded skin!

    and the wrinkly *legs*! Too much!

  11. MaggieBelle says:

    Aww! I love wrinkledy pups! Very prosh.

  12. Oh my….the wrinkles just above the teeny-weenie paws look like bunched up sweatshirt arms. I could eat him up.

  13. Look like someone poured lemonade ON the lawn to me.

  14. aww! The teeny blaze on his forehead looks like someone dribbled frosting on him.

  15. Meg, dmac:
    where did Wrinkie McWrinkie show up? I didn’t see it…:-(

  16. Jan Spencer says:

    AWWWWWW!! “thud”

  17. lol dmac – I’ve noticed a few of Meg’s pic names before that have made me chuckle.

    jaypo – just sit your cursor on the pic and the file name pops up after a sec

  18. constance says:

    DOOOD! shar pei overload!


  19. Woods Walker says:

    That look would make a cat person into a dog person.-Woods Walker

  20. thank you, arbed! I’ve noticed those little pop ups before.

  21. Ear flips!

  22. De’ja’vu? (Or however you spell it)

  23. Chrissy says:

    Aww…Looks like he’s thinking, “I don’t mean to turn people into piles of goo with my cuteness, it just happens.” Absolutely adorable!

  24. I just want to reach up and squish his little face.

  25. jenni joon says:

    OMG, Chrissy (LMBO)! But that’s precisely *why* he’s DANGEROUS! That level of cuteness harvested into one ball of uber-cute.. ??! This is “secret weapons” sorta of stuff. Yup. I bet Mr. Wrinkley McWrinkleson (ok, I’m too lazy to scroll back up for the correct name) knows exactly what he’s doing to us humans! Sitting there, twittling his..err.. dew claws, thinking “Egg-zellent… I have them RIGHT where I want them…” (accompanied by evil puppy laugh)

  26. hrh.squeak says:

    Not only is this puppy ridonkulusly cute, s/he knows how to Work It. Note the ever-so-subtle Head Tilt.
    Must snorgle each and every wrinkle!!

  27. wrinkles!!!

  28. And he’s so well groomed too – did he purchase the latest grooming tools from The SharPei Image?

  29. TheLuna says:

    Aubrey, you must come to Austin sometime for the O. Henry Pun-Off … If you listen closely around the first weekend of June, you can probably hear the groans from whereever your are!

  30. TheLuna says:

    oops. your = you

  31. TheLuna:
    I did a quick search on the Pun-Off and it sounds great. I love it when people get pun-nacious with their words. I sometimes think fighting with their meanings is the only way to remember them!

  32. Dood, if Aubrey comes to the Pun-Off, I’m making the trip! We’ll have a par-tay.

  33. A punning party with my peeps? What pun!

  34. Jean Lewis says:

    ElfOwl- Par-tay with a Shar-Pei? I’m there!

  35. genevieve says:

    My favorite is the little teeny nail sticking out at the right.

    I have a shar pei and I never get sick of looking at them!!

  36. that lawn doesn’t look mowed to me…

  37. I think wrinkliness should be a rule of cuteness.

  38. tiffany says:

    what kind of dog is that? SOOO CUTE!

  39. That little man could use some “preparation H” to hold those flaps of loose skin in place. I hear its what Heidi Klune uses before a photo shoot!

  40. aw its so cute! What kind of dog is it??

  41. He must be a show dog. His features are perfect for a shar pei. And that look-how can you ignore that look?

  42. aww tht puppys sooooo cute wat kind is it?