Nougat the Guinea Pig: “Hey! that is MINE and you know it!”

Toffee the Guinea Pig: [shifty eyes]


Nougat: “Give it baa…GALGGGH”


Great, now what happens, Ryan R.?



  1. More Baby Carrot cuteness! 🙂

  2. Ohmygoodness, the little mouth!
    He looks so indignant!
    Come on, now, little guinea pigs!

  3. HAhahahahahahahahahahahah!

  4. Guinea pig lippies- cutest thing ever?

  5. The white one sounds like Ben Stein.

  6. LBN!!!!!

  7. WOW.. I luv these animals..they are so cute and ugly at the same time!! (but a little more cute than ugly, I have to say 🙂 prrrt prrt

  8. oooh! sharing! sweeeeet…

  9. Nougat? Toffee? Now I’m hungry…

  10. Guinea pig TONGUE!!


    i miss mine.

  12. jenni jooon says:

    Nah… uh-uh. This_has_got_to_be_fake. Period. Just too cute for real-life action! OMG… is this real? ‘cuz if this is real?? Well… that’s it. I’ve just died and gone straight to hilariously cute heaven. Sigh…

  13. hey that’s not right, it looks like the white one ate his and is stealing from the brown one!!!

  14. that last picture is very lady and the trap of them. only guinea pigafied.

  15. I second ariel’s comment.

  16. Piggalette says:

    –MINE! eeeehhhhnnnn…

  17. I agree, it’s Lady and the Tramp, GuineaPig style! LOL

    These pics are cute, but Meg’s commentary/dialogue is what makes them for me. 🙂 True talent!

  18. Katherine says:

    Man I can’t get over that white guinea pig’s expression. It’s too cute! I might asplode! The white one seems to have already eaten most of his/her own carrot. Why should it want more? What a pig!

  19. i’ll just third? ariel’s comment (or second arbed’s??), i was going to type the exact same thing!!

    love meg’s shifty eyes observation, dead on accurate!!!

  20. hrh.squeak says:

    ariel – perzactly. Me too.

    I’m also with Katherine – little adorapig is hoggin’ on his bro.


  21. DavidBoBavid says:

    WOW. that’s pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

    look at his little mouth!!

  22. Agree w/ Ariel 110%

  23. cuteness lover says:

    That is so cute! I’m a little sad though, of all the days to post this picture, my little GP died 2 days ago, he was 4 years old. I miss his little squeeks in the morning 😦

  24. chrissylte says:

    Do they kiss after eating the carrot like Lady & the Tramp?

  25. If a guinea pig doesn’t merit
    Sole possession of a carrot
    He is honor bound to share it.

  26. I think I see the next CO t-shirt!

  27. Michelle says:

    Why? Why must their ears be all crinkled like that… taunting to be glomped? And heaven help me, that mouth. I’m so scrunched up with cuteness overload I could fit in a cup!

  28. heehee. Guinea pig sharing.

  29. Extreme cuteness combined with hilarious captioning, perfect!

    Sorry about you piggy though, cuteness lover.

  30. those pix are waaay too cute…even if they were staged. i notice the white gp has no staining around the mouth from the carrot…my sis had a white gp and he always got an orange goatee from eating carrots…now *that* was a cute sight!

  31. Rats! I sent these in a few weeks ago . . . glad to see they made it to the site. It’s the little toes, people!


    3492 points.

  33. I’m not someone who laughs out loud often, but right now I have that feeling in my stomach like a bunch of little hammies are jumping around in there… trying to tickle me… trying to make me… HAHAHAHA!!

    It’s Toffee’s eyes… it’s that “If I stand still enough, she won’t see me!!” look.

  34. cuteness lover says:

    Thanks Judy B….this picture made my day though. The toes, the eyes, those little pink mouths. They are the wierdest little low-rider pocket pets ever. *SMILES* ….tear……

  35. one thing that occurs to me: the mom/dad must be saying “LBN, everyone!”

  36. Laurie C says:

    cuteness lover: my heartfelt condolences.

    Aubrey: brilliant, as ever.

  37. can you say lady and the tramp?!


  38. cuteness lover says:

    Ahhh, thanks Laurie C. It’s nice to know my pain is felt. He was a good little guy. This website is great. These pictures can brighten up even the gloomiest of days. 🙂

  39. i agree that meg’s comments make a ridiculously cute photo even cuter. uber cute. the pink lips and tongue…not to mention to the little pink toes. oh my god!!! i am filled with cuteness. my only regret is this isn’t on flickr so i can bookmark it as a favorite.

    actually my onnly regret is i can’t stare at it 24/7.

  40. Cuteness Lover – my sympathies. I had a piggie that died on my birthday, and I had the flu that day too. Was terrible. Sigh.

    Aubrey – *salutes*

  41. The white gp could be part of the chorus for the next installment of “The Guinea Pig Way” song – see http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/03/prepare_for_you.html

  42. Almost as cute as my old piggies Cocoa and Patch. The brown ones always get named after tasty treats! Cocoa had a golden tummy though. I gotta find pictures of them… up the piggy percentage around here.

  43. Dear sweet baby Jesus, I love guinea pigs. I used to have three. Binny, Sprout, and Her Majesty Florinda Lucinda Rapunzel.

    Guess which one was spoiled. 😛

  44. hiddenexposures:

    it IS on flickr. I have it as a favorite. Send me mail; I’ll send you the link.

  45. HAHA I love how in the 2nd pic, one is still nibbling, and the other is stuffing its face as fast as possible – so greedy! haha

  46. So I’m not familiar with prices of bunnies, but I was curious and checked out the store’s website – is $200-500 really normal for a purebred rabbit, or am I just cheap? @_@ They are precious but.. not $500 worth of precious, lol.

  47. Wisefool says:

    My three GPs that I had gotten for the classroom are now living in my living room (summer). For some reason they’ve stopped all cute behavior and decided that they hate me. This pic makes me remember the good old days.

    Cute Lover – I’m sorry about your little one. Cuteness helps the healing. I know that a couple of months ago when my Dad died of cancer I was checking in here every other minute. Keep strong, and lean on various hamster pics to get you through.

  48. Aubrey: I’m back and haven’t forgotten to email you! Just settling in.

    CutenessLover, it takes a courageous heart to say goodbye…GP is still with you and squeeking from the Rainbow bridge.

    Wisefool: Little creatures of habit don’t like changes…they need time to settle in, like we do!

    Geez, I hate being away!! Catching up at CO is way more fun than catching up at work…oh, well.

  49. Jan Spencer says:

    Awww, cuteness lover, I am so sorry you lost your squeaky guy. Big hugs coming your way.

    This is a very cute picture. Kudos to Meg!

  50. Buahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!

    *milk explodes from nose*

  51. yep.

  52. Jenn, that ‘s the price for bunnies in Japan. They import the brood stock from the U.S. and land/space is really expensive over there. Youcan find a breeder in the U.S. that sells Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs for much less.

    Now, if you want to squeee, and I know you do, check out the lionheads. http://lionheadrabbit.net/

  53. Priceless! I adore his indignant face in the first picture

  54. greenighs: those pictures evoked from me not squeeing, but hysterical (though suppressed) laughter. There’s something hilarious about poor animals being bred to have so much hair that they look so positively redonkulous.

  55. A thinker, I love the fierceness of a *mane* on … a …. BUNNEH! 😀

  56. Beauregard says:

    GAHGH!!!! Shifty Eyes! LOOOOOOOOVEEE!

  57. There’s probably a load of posts like this, in retrospect, but this one definitely gets my nomination for Best Captions Evar.

    Meg — you’ve got the web-comic Midas touch.

  58. And oh hey! The blue gradient background is back, up behind the page title!
    YAY for little formatting tweaks!

  59. It’s a classic, all right, but I still vote for the watercooler hedgie.

    “Her outfits are the best!”


  60. Hey, Teho is back. Where’d you go, Teho?

    And greenighs, yes, maybe that’s whence the hilarity–the ridiculously cute and peaceable buns suffering under the weight of a mane that makes them look much fiercer than they are…

  61. Was in Michigan, helping my sister & hubbie move into their new house. Sis is currently on bed-rest with my impatient niece/nephew-to-be.

    Just too darn much to catch up on, here, eeesh…

  62. Er. That’s my SISTER’S hubbie. (My B-I-L.)
    Just stop. Thppppt.

  63. ’tis a problem with the compulsive desire to read all the Komments. I’ve been playing catchup, meself (life’s been tooooo crazy to hang out on CO, of late)

  64. thame here.
    but, in case you hadn’t noticed, the comments go on without us.

  65. but it hasn’t been as fun of late…



    s..ssorry…. must crawl off and regain what is left of composure… too cute…

  67. I think I am seeing a pattern here… is it me or is the guinea pig a “gateway” pet. Seems like a great number of people here have had (still have) such a cutie and are migrating through the pet possiblities or adding to their brood…. just an observation… and yes I miss my girl Delilah… she was the best piggie I ever had…

  68. i keep coming back to this post in cute-amazement at the white pig’s expression. arrrrrghhhhh i never knew what it meant to keel over and die of cuteness until now.

  69. Scout and Clodia (my two) do that all the time. Except they will occasionally engage in a tug o’ war over it. The funniest thing I ever saw was Clo actually slinging a carrot over her shoulder just so Scout couldn’t have it. o_O

  70. lol…

  71. I’m a piggy, big and chubby, what can I eeeeeeeat?


  72. hrh.squeak says:

    Kara – tooooo funny! Uberpiggieness! Pics of Scout and Clodia? Please?

  73. Svenster says:
  74. Coconut says:

    Ever seen a white guinea pig after it’s eaten beets? The vision of all that red coloring around the mouth is temporarily disconcerting.

  75. Jenn, if you are not looking for specific breed of bunny, petfinder.com has loads of homeless bunnies needing someone to love them. They have all ages, breeds, sizes etc. You might not find a tiny big-eyed Japanese bun, but maybe they’ll have something! Plus, you can easily find one for under $75.

  76. Everytime I see these pictures I laugh because of the shifty eyes and the :-O expression. That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, great photo op!

  77. nuzzliepig says:

    These pics remind me of my old guinea pig, nezumi! She was the sweetiest piggy ever! But she and the other piggies used to play something we liked to call “guinea pig football”. You put one baby carrot in the cage with the guinea pigs and see them wrestle the carrot away from each other until they all munch on it together or one comes up the victor. Makes me giggle, and feel a little sad. I miss the piggies!

  78. Espilonarge says:

    That shocked expression is priceless! XD

  79. Ifor Evans says:

    Nine and two more dirty minds in London love these two WA g-pigs!

    (But one specific dirty mind “influenced” the other dirty minds to love them.)

  80. Aw! Being a Piggie lover myself, this was AWESOME! More, more!