Happy Father’s Day!

Now go take a nap, Dad, you deserve it. I’ll watch over you.


Erica P., your Dad looks sweet.



  1. aw, I love that even though he’s trying to sleep, he’s still making an effort to scratch the doggie

  2. Floofy ears!
    (The dog not the dad.)

  3. English Chick says:

    awh thats so sweet.
    And EXACTLY what my dad was like today.

  4. Erica, does your father know you submitted this? lol

    What kind of dog is that, by the way?

  5. Looks like Dad is using Fluffy as a pillow?

  6. cuuuuute!!!

  7. That is so cute!
    I whish my dad was around, he passed aways in 1993. but I still have lots of memories of his.

  8. Yay!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I’m about 85% certain that that’s an american eskimo dog. It could be a baby Samoyed, but I think it’s an (anerable!) AE.

  10. joodster says:

    Awwww…papa and pooch.
    Shweet! 🙂

  11. elizabeth, you’re right it’s an american eskimo. i used to have an ae waaaay back when that looked just as adorable 🙂

  12. constance says:

    hehe. my daddy is sleeping in his favorite chair right now with plato at his feet and aristotle next to one side of the chair and every few minutes aristotle will put his nose up and bump dad’s hand and dad will scratch his little head. it’s probably the most adoralbe thing I’ve ever seen.

  13. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Are you sure that is a dog and not a white toupee’? Anyway, the poopski is cute and so is the picture.

  14. cuteness lover says:

    Ahhhhhhh, I’ve fallen asleep many a nights just like that….aren’t dogs the best?

  15. So adorable. I love the Eskie pup watching over Dad. I have a 13-and-a-half year old American Eskimo dog who is still just as sweet!

  16. Awwhhh….. that is probably the cutest Samoyed
    puppy I’ve ever seen. Even his ears are in Tufty Hair Overload. Dog looks so sweet and ever so slightly confused. I hope your dad got a nap.

  17. Is this the first CO example of dog/Dad paw?

  18. Hey! That Dad looks like John Mahoney — you know, the dad in the movie Say Anything… “I gave her my heart, and she gave me…this paw.”

  19. Aw, look at the love and devotion in puppy’s eyes. I hope my guardian angel looks just like that.

  20. Katherine says:

    Hey, that’s my dad, and my dog! I took the photo but my sister submitted it…and for the record, Bailey is a miniature American Eskimo. We have a history of dogs who like to sleep on people’s heads 😉

  21. I don’t know. I think Bailey is saying, “Hey, Dad. You’re on my pillow!”

  22. If this lovely dog expressed an interest in Euclidean plane geometry, would he be an Eskimo Pi?

  23. Laurie C says:

    He’d certainly be an Eskimo Pie if you sandwiched him between two chocolate cookies. He’s so blindindly white, I wonder if it was bath day. (Which might explain why Dad is so tired.)

  24. Awww I love Eskies! I grew up with a Pom, and have also shared a Keeshond. They all seem like the same dog, only different sizes–they are all sweet and intuitive and intelligent and loving. 🙂 They are also relatively notmessy and notsmelly and notslobbery, so they are a good dog for when you want a dog and your SO doesn’t. It’s kind of a dog that’s also a person. 🙂

  25. Aubrey! Bwahahahahahaha!!

  26. Here is an eskie breeder who is generous with the photos:


    Look at the photos and the puppies!

  27. Doggy Pillow, seems that both of them are pretty comfy right where they are. Of course ppuppy could be making sure that Dad not awake so he can dash into the kitchen and get those tasty left-overs. Something my dog (and my dad) where wont to do!

  28. My sister is right…she took the photo but I submitted it cause I love this web site. We had a Toy Pomeranian named Tigger before Bailey and I remember her sleeping on our heads as well. So I always check the website for Pom photos and my boyfriend checks for guinea pigs. My dad didn’t know about this website or the fact I submitted the photo until today…hahah, father’s day surprise!!! He’s internet famous now! So cool.

  29. So cute it literally brought tears to my eyes.

  30. Arvay,

    I have a Keeshond right now, and every time we see the Eskie pup down the street we play the “look it’s the same puppy game” and do comparisons. It’s even funnier when we can get the ENORMOUS 120 pound Samoyed in on the comparison. But the link above is my silly boodle. In all her silly glory.

  31. lol, so sweet. fame through dozing, that’s my idea of how to progess in the world. 😛

  32. Elizabeth, what link above? Where? I wanna see your keeshond!

    Here is my late great pal:

  33. Oh I’m a dummy! I clicked your name, and out popped a Keeshond piccie! 😀 She is adorable!

  34. Oh I’m a dummy! I clicked your name, and out popped a Keeshond piccie! 😀 She is adorable!

  35. likestoplay says:

    This could be a regular feature: Pups’n’Pops!(tm) Anyone? Puh-leeeeease?

  36. Smileyme says:

    Aww, I love eskies… I have two females that we’re trying to breed with our Border Collie male…

  37. Smileyme says:

    Oops… the picture page is http://www.eskiephotogallery.blogspot.com

    Right now though, I have an orange kitten that would totaly go it the cats ‘n racks category right now.. awww.

  38. The dad looks like Lawrence Pressman.

    That is an adorable puppy! 🙂

  39. Christine says:

    Are you sure she isn’t a Japanese Spitz?

  40. He certainly looks more like a Japanese Spitz to me but hey what would I know I’ve only been breeding them for twenty years.