Like this bun, my ears perked up when I saw this too. People, I should just close this website down now after this photo. It really cannot be topped.

As usual, we’re having our asses handed to us by the Japanese, with this gem. Introducing the Rabbits Purebred & Outfitters shop in Osaka, Japan. I can’t read a THING on the site, but went to every page anyway. Maybe some Japanese readers can enlighten us.


[Bowing head in the direction of] Emily G.



  1. Lauren C says:

    Eyes bigger than ears? That has to be a rule!

  2. head=body *poit*

  3. Holy! The head is so big and it’s so adorable! Those eyes! Rhaaa!

  4. The cuteness! I’ve been overloaded!

  5. tabbycat917 says:

    he’s adorable, beautiful eyes!!!

  6. I agree with Meg. NOTHING can out-cute this bun. We have reached The End of All Cuteness.

    /gazes at bun
    /happy sigh
    I love him so.

  7. StormCat says:

    Look at those teeny footsies!!!!

    I keep waiting for this little one to blink!!!!

    *stares at screen*

  8. this is the end of the cute line, perhaps nothing can be cuter, but we can still look at cute things…we will just always be like…well, its cute, but compared to the bun….lol

  9. it’s mostly all head and eyes! is it full grown?

  10. I personally love the slogan on the site “No Rabbit, No Life.”

  11. I’m serious, the last time I had this “We’ve reached the end of all Cuteness as we know it” was when I posted this pup:


    And I seriosuly had to catch my breath for a solid three hours. Vapors!

  12. Constance says:


  13. Must…try…to…continue…posting!

  14. http://www.ne.jp/asahi/rabbits/osaka/rabbits.html

    click on all the blue links at the left for the rabbit pictures, the other links that are on the homepage are for emailing questions, buying rabbit food/etc, and a map of where the place is in japan. enjoy!!! (thanks babelfish!)

  15. We have officially reached …cute overload.


  16. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Holy ear-to-head ratio…and that bun looks like all those manga cartoons with the huge eyes! It kinda looks that that’s bun is sitting on wisps of clouds (or a sheepskin carpet)…

  17. OMG—Jessica—you are a genius, and I cannot believe the virtual treasure trove of images you have uncovered—I didn’t even see those on the site. HOLY SCHNIKES!

  18. Ear:head! Juicy eyes! Fivehead! Helplessly cute! Trifeeakingfecta!

  19. Kristin Schaffrick says:

    this pic rox. the bunny is so cute. you really and truly can’t top this this pic needs to go in the cute hall of fame. on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be a 10

  20. there should be a catagory for whiskers being as long as the entire animal!

  21. *dragging-self-back-to-computer-from-floor-where-self-fell-after-cuteness-explosion*

    ohhhhh…ooooohhhh…moan…those bunnies have the teeniest ears and BIGGEST cheek puff. *Falls–dead faint*

  22. I want new glasses: the inside of one lense would have this bunbun. The other would have pom-pup. It would be like a cranial-intravenous-cute feed and life would be perfect.

  23. mejezabel says:

    It looks like a cross between a bun and a hammie. A Hambit?

    Freakin’ unbelievable. Meg, take tomorrow off… you deserve it!

  24. mejezabel says:

    Sorry that was Hambit! (as in yipes)
    not Hambit? (as in huh?)

  25. Heh, its eyeball looks like one of those glossy black semi-spheres that hide the security cameras!

    Okay, bun bun is TOO adorable, but don’t give up, Meg, take it as a *challenge*!!! I believe in you. And I don’t want you to ever stop, ever. 😉

  26. *japanese speaker* says:

    So… the two main breeds that they are selling, for those of you who want one, are the Holland Lop and the Netherland Dwarf. Looks like they run from $100 ~ $400, phew! Interestingly, they say that they get their rabbits from the US and breed them in Japan. Cute!

  27. chunkstyle says:

    This looks like a natural fish-eye lens. Tiny ears and big eyes…hypnotiiiiiize

  28. The EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Meep!

  30. Lillith says:

    Heavens to Betsy!!! Its an anime bun-bun come to life!!!


  31. I just yelled out “AWWWW”..this is beyond cute!!! What a precious little baby bunny!!! Definetely Cute Hall of Fame! xoxoxo

  32. I asploded.

  33. AuntieMame says:

    Talk about your major BEF!

    And the miniature disapproval. Heh!

  34. The store mainly breeds & sells ‘netherland dwarf’ and ‘holland lop’ rabbits. Every images on their site is SOOOO cute!

  35. “Miniature disapproval” LOL!

  36. OMG it’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. So cute it melts your face!! *picks her face up off the floor*

  38. punkpie says:

    it’s a Bunster. Half bun, half ham.

    this picture makes me go into giggle-fits.

  39. Is that a carpet; or a cloud cover? Was this picture taken in heaven?

  40. OK, folks – I’m not feeling overloaded here. In fact, I think there are even cuter buns (all babies, BTW) on the “Bunny Buddies” part of the site.

    Looks like they did some fancy shooting for this pic, too – not a wide-angle, but shooting from below the bun’s nose and mouth to get exaggerated perspective and foreshortening. Camera lenses, being monocular, sometimes do strange things to images. this is a case in point.

    Do I think this out-cutes the baby buns at Rabbits-online.co.uk? (See http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/05/hooray_for_allb.html ) Nope!


    ( )
    ” “

  41. BTW, adult rabbits have long long eyelashes, too. It’s quite amazing.

  42. Check out the baby pandas in the latest national geographic. mick http://rockwatching.wordpress.com

  43. Awwww, no fair! So many other people have CUTE bunnies, and I am stuck with monstrous beasts!

    Long eyelashes? I wouldn’t even know if mine *had* eyelashes; ususally all I see of them is a couple of big blurs, and a wake of destruction in their path!

  44. Har, Arvay – I see lashes above Bunn left eye in this pic:


    Long ones!

  45. Here, too:


    I noticed them when Meg posted this pic here – such nice long black lashes Bunn has…

  46. Just as a quick reference USAGI means rabbit in Japanese. I’ll take a look later on if anyone really wants to know what the site says.

  47. Are thems eyelashes or eyebrows? Those long ones that match the whiskers?

    My childhood dog had both eyebrows (long ones that matched her whiskers) and eyelashes (short ones that matched her fur). She had dark eyes and blonde eyelashes–the effect was quite striking! 🙂

  48. Doodalalala says:












  49. Its EYES!!!!!!! How much genetic manipulation did they use?

  50. This would be a kousagi (baby rabbit). ^_^

    Any one know how many rules this has in it? I coun’t 6 or 7. #3, #12, #13, #15, #16, probably #17 an #18. Did I miss any?

  51. Okay, I just went over and looked at Millie (aka nicebunny)–I think those long dark ones that match the whiskers are eyebrows, since they move the same way ours do. They do have eyelashes as well, which match their fur and kind of blend into their facefur.

    Who, me? No life on a Saturday? Hehe. My SO travels frequently for work and wonders/worries what I do when he’s not around. He could never imagine! 😀

  52. Oh, and the whiskery eyebrows–they are black when they come out from one of Bunn’s dark spots, and they are white otherwise. I guess they match the base. 🙂

  53. Kathryn says:

    I just don’t understand–what in evolution makes bunnies so damn cute? How is it safe for them to look this utterly edible??? I could pop this one in my mouth and make a tasty little snack of it. mmm…

  54. more japanese bunny fun can be found here: http://www.usamori.com/rabbit/babiesnow.html

  55. What I don’t understand – and long haven’t – is what evolution of language created words that SOUND so cute?
    1. Bunny
    2. Kitten
    3. Puppy
    These words conjure cute on an epic scale. The equation between art and life is so perfect. How did it happen?

  56. The eyes! I can’t think of a better way to start the day than seeing this bunny, and cuddling with it.
    Anyone wants to buy me a ticket to Osaka?

  57. Driver B says:


  58. Christy says:

    I just looked at that last link…I am completely overwhelmed by the cute. I must cuddle and love these adorable little bunnies. I was reduced to OMGSOCUTE squeals.

  59. What was almost as fun as looking at the cute bunnies was trying to make some sense out of the very literal translation!

  60. 😮 Trifecta

  61. look at those long whiskers!!

  62. Heheheee! Just TOO cute! LOL

    I’m still giggling at the image. I know it’s the angle of the shot, but, JEEPERS!



  64. “That’s it…I’m done..” “thud”

  65. glad you enjoyed more pictures meg! I figured you had already seen them, lol! Its hard to navigate when everything is non-sense though! 😉

    the eyes!!!!!!

  66. chackler says:

    Bunny bunny bun bun
    Bunny bunny bun bun
    I love you
    Bunny bunny bun bun

  67. That site was ridiculous. All of those baby bunnies! Excuse me, “junior” bunnies. ^___^

  68. Here’s a good photo for whiskers and eyelashes:

  69. omg.. it’s like bunny porn.

  70. Meh. You heard me. I said, Meh. I have seen many cuter things on this website. This bun doesn’t even break the top 10! I’m not saying he’s not cute, I’m just saying this is not world peace quality cute.

  71. Hee hee, this bunny from kat’s link looks like she’s wearing liquid eyeliner.


    She’s a vegas-showgirl bunny!

  72. It’s not that cute, honestly. I’ve seen cuter, and it’s that pup in the post after this!

    PS please don’t shut down Cute Overload, I’ll die without it!

  73. well thats that.
    anyone who doesn’t think this is the cutest thing EVAR is utterly mad

  74. i think we know what god looks like now

  75. Just Me says:

    Spur of the moment bunny haiku:

    bunny bunny bun
    eat your carrot and hop on
    you are just so cute

  76. lauowolf says:

    Obviously this is neither bunnor hambit, but
    (Or should that be bunnified?)
    Maybe this is one of those anime animal demon thingies?
    It stuns its victims with overwhelming cuteness, and then….
    probably viciously and mercilessly cuddles you.

  77. This proves to me that the purpose of the fisheye lens is to kill unsuspecting views from sheer cuteness.

    *Drops dead, after attempting to snorgle screen*

  78. >_> *Cough* VIEWERS.

    In my defense, I was dead at the time.

  79. Is “teensy mouth” a rule? If it isn’t, it ought to be – only it should probably be spelled “mouf”.

  80. I keep expecting a tear to run down his face

  81. OMG! That is totally Bugs in that cartoon where Witch Hazel ties him up and is about to butcher him, and he makes the Big Sad Eyes at her, and she can’t go through with it! (See Puss in Boots in SHREK 2 for awesome parody of same.) Those eyes could get people to do anything, imagine the possibilities!

  82. The search for the perfect cuteness is over.


  84. Man, look at this thing: http://blog41.fc2.com/b/bunnybuddy/file/DSC07034.jpg
    It’s from their shop… Comes in red too (for the girls?). 😛

  85. Hotots are sometimes called “eyeliner bunnies” ’cause, well, they’re white w/ black eye makeup. I have a Hotot mix, and she’s so damn glam all the time.

  86. I think that’s the only picture to ever make me gasp from this web site. Thanks for pointing it out, it’s a unique one.

  87. Great pic. Could this be t-shirt #3?

  88. Dustbunny says:

    Kathryn: Dunno what makes bunbuns so cute and tasty looking, but this is why there are chocolate bunnies. Instead of chocolate marmosets. Or chocolate warthogs.

  89. mejezabel says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate marmosets!!

  90. ::pines for chocolate tapirs::

  91. Ooooh wook at the widdle mouf and the widdle nose that goes ‘niff ‘niff!

  92. HOLY CRAPMONKEYS! That is just too adorable. Every time I see a bunny pic on this site it is precious, but I think this pic just went and redid the entire scale. Its cuteness is off the chart. Completely off the chart. Like I now have to add about 30 feet of cute-measure to the chart.

    THE EYES!!! Now we know the inspiration for the extra large eyes in all the anime… bunspiration!!

  93. i just can’t help screaming “COMEL!!!”

    and that means cute in the Malay language. 😉

  94. Aww! Poor bunny looks so scared! Will the Trifecta make it better?

    (Angry CO mob: We demand Trifecta! We demand Trifecta!)

  95. stick a fork in me, I’m done. That is the cutest baby bun of all time. And they sure knew how to take the picture

  96. phelony jones says:

    Further thought: it actually looks like Japanese anime

  97. This is going strait to the fav’s section.

  98. Yeah, this tewtelly makes me think we should have a ‘hall o’ fame’ or ‘Cute Classics’ group of photos—then, when we’ve collected enough, we can print out all the pictures and roll all over the floor in them.

  99. Did I say that out loud?

  100. AWWWWWWWWWWWGOD SO CUTE. i just had a dream last night about a bunch of TEENY bunnies! black and white. they were sooo adorable and um, one was a psycho bunny- don’t ask why. dreams are made this way. aww but i remember holding them in my hands and going to mush. but this bunbun tops the dream!

  101. “Yeah, this tewtelly makes me think we should have a ‘hall o’ fame’ or ‘Cute Classics’ group of photos—then, when we’ve collected enough, we can print out all the pictures and roll all over the floor in them.”

    ¡Ay caramba! (“Ai coehlho,” maybe?) Grrrreat idea, Meg! 😉

  102. eep! it’s a Cuteling 🙂

  103. heehee. Will that happen in the CO dream office? Where we will have high-quality printers to render our favourite pictures in impeccable colour and detail? Yes!

  104. aaaaaaaaah!

  105. i second that emotion.
    i would surely roll on a picture of this bun.

  106. I am slain
    by the tender bunbun
    her relentless gaze
    dissolves my wall of resolve
    never to rise again.

  107. Laurie C says:

    Nay, thinker, in the CO dream office, *real* bunnies will come out of the printer, not just pictures of them. (Remember, they’re experts in reproduction.)

  108. ah. Yes. I can hardly believe that in the Dream Office, we will have anything less than real and fuzzy Beings of Cuteness.

  109. what’s the actual url for that site? i MUST have it bookmarked (and when clicking the link it just goes to cuteoverload.com)


  110. april: try right-clicking on the link and selecting “Open link in new window” (or alternately, “new tab” if you use Firefox).

  111. And God said let there be bunnys and it was so… and at that moment peace was found in the heart of man… and then man snorgled the ever-luvin-pewadlin out of the poor bunneh after losing all sane thought from the cuteness!!!! snorglesnorglesnorglesnorglesnorglesnorglesnorgle

  112. Aelfwyn says:


  113. oh, oh, ohmigod. I actually gagged when I saw the BEF!!! I love you little dewd!

    The cute makes me scream!

  115. i believe those lints on the carpet are usually not bigger than 5 mm in diameter :O

  116. Villeline says:

    Such terrible cuteness! This borders on evil! I have to sue somebody now!

  117. Meg,

    I tewtlley agree about the Hall of Fame. This bun is fabulous.

    One of my other faves is the fluffy little black bird referred to as the lil’ Sootball of Love®. I actually got a little choked up when I heard he went to birdie heaven.

  118. jenni joon says:

    …… hear that? Crickets. Dead silence. I am *stunned* into dead silence with this lil bomb, Meg. Un-freaking-believable cuteness, this bunnage. OMG!

    This level of cuteness is DEF a new one. Should there not be a category of “uber-cuteness”? Something like post-cute. Overly-cute. It’s sheer “Cute-topia.”

  119. thanks A Thinker – i got the link!

  120. the bun has brought tears to my eyes. oh, the fluffitude!