You will smell this flower NOW

As my sister would say: "You liiiiiiiiiike it!!!" [followed by forcing flower up nose].


I love how the kitten is all "WTF? OK, already!"
Diane B., way to educate the kittens.



  1. What a sweetheart! Could that kitten look any softer!!!!!

  2. hehe. kitty doesn’t look too sure about that. But she sure is a pretty one!

  3. I looooooove dilute calicos and dilute torties!! So soft looking!

  4. punkpie says:

    ohhhhhh cuteness!

    (hibiscus don’t smell all that good though, LOL)

  5. AuntieMame says:

    Good think it’s a hibiscus and not a Venus flytrap…

    What a gorgeous little kitteh! His head is smaller than the flower. 🙂

  6. Poor baby… that flower is bigger than its head…. You know its thinking “go ahead pink monkey… I’ll just take a dump on the plant later and then YOU can sniff it”. hehehe

  7. The kitten looks like he’s saying: “But.. I can’t eat this? Why did you bring me to this thing?”

  8. Kitten looks like he’s thinking “woahhhhhhhhhhh……..duuuuuuuuuuuuude”

  9. I’ve never seen such a cute kitty, nor such a glorious flower. Orchid you not.

  10. I recognize that look — it’s the “oh no, water!” look…with some kitties it doesn’t take much to alarm. 🙂

  11. Seriously though, that is kinda a scary flower! Like something in the jungle that would eat you!

  12. paws paws paws paws paws!!

  13. Pretty kitty!

  14. lauowolf says:

    Excuse me, but cats do not pollenate flowers.
    Bees pollenate flowers.
    I am a cat, not a bee.
    So – uh – can I go now?

  15. Looks like kitty was being staged for a posed portrait…and this is probably the closest they got to getting her royal proshness next to the pitty fowwer and keeping hers there. Don’t know any kitties who are hip to the whole “stay” command. Or any command, for that matter(excepts the ones they gives).

    And, uh, oh…the WHISKERS, Peoples, please.

  16. *groans*

  17. Look at the flower, kitty! Loooook at ieeet! The kitten looks rather disturbed to me. Like, um, no!

  18. SilvorMoon says:

    Awwwww! Sooooo pretty! I love dilute calicos. They are the most gorgeous kitties anywhere. I should know, I have one!

  19. Nah… I think they were taking a picture of the pretty flower, then thought “Hmm, how can we make this shot even prettier?… Aaah, kitteh!” [sticks kitteh in there]

  20. This is very similar to the pose my mother liked to institute which was “look at the flower as if you were smelling it.”

    I think the purpose is compare the loveliness of the flower with that of the portrait subject?

    ANYWAYS, cute and terrified.

  21. Tony James says:

    “You’re kidding me, right? No way this flower is prettier than me! I mean, you can see that, right? F’shizzle…”

  22. i like how the kitty is being held oh-so gently ^__^ Lookit the paw!

  23. Can a Brit say “f’shizzle”? 😉

  24. “Now, Mr. Biscus: have you seen this kitten before? Is this the animal who has been digging up your roots? Stalking your stalk? Are you willing to say anything at this point? No?”

    (the ADA, disgustedly: “Cut him loose!”

  25. AuntLisa says:

    This anerable cat looks a loot like my cat, Ballou. In fact I’ve never seen another gray and orange patchwork kitty – so we’re very honored to be in the same category as this fuzzster.

    How do I tell if Ballou is a dilute calico or a dilute tortie (Apparently I de-lurked just to show my ignorance…)

  26. The Guy Over There says:

    “You expect me to clump?”

    “No, Mister Whiskers, I expect you to sniff!”

    Somewhere in the background, a small dog with a tophat is grinning and watching.

  27. Honestly to me it doesn’t look like the kitten is terrified, but rather looking at something else just slightly past the flower.

    Birdfeeder perhaps?

  28. Tony James says:

    Arbed – we can if it’s a direct quotation – in this case, it’s the cat saying it, so that makes it ok.

  29. heather l says:

    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…
    or in this case raindrops on hibiscus and whiskers on totally p.o.-ed kittens!

  30. ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that kitty is so PRETTY, it must be a girl!

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    Yay to The Guy Over There! This kitteh is obviously Licenced to Kill with the Cute.

  32. Kitty – Okay…so i’ve taken a picture with every dang flower in this garden! Can I go now PWEASE?!?!?

    Too cute!

  33. Awwww…that poor kitten looks so totally unsure why it’s being shoved towards a large and wet-looking pink thing!

    It does have the cutest li’l paws, though 😀

  34. ShelleyTambo says:

    @AuntLisa: If there’s any white, it’s a calico. If there’s no white, it’s a torti.

  35. “Wait!!! You didn’t just call that thing Audrey II, did you?”

  36. ShelleyTambo says:

    Or, as someone at the shelter I volunteer at writes, “torbie.”

  37. Laurie C says:

    Jaeby, since she’s a calico, she would be a girl. AuntLisa, I think calicos are distinguished by their patchiness and the presence of orange and white in the mix of the patchiness. A classic tortie doesn’t have any white or orange, if I remember right.

  38. If I grew a flower that beautiful, I’d try to shove a kitty into it, too!

  39. fawn lust says:

    what a perfect kitten!

  40. ShelleyTambo says:

    It could be a boy, but very unlikely. Calico or torti coloring on a male is a genetic aberration. The boys rarely survive birth and if they do, they’re sterile.

  41. “Can a Brit say “f’shizzle”?” …. ummm not really… its kind of like asking a native Texan to say “might I have a spot of tea” which in southern speak is actually said … “givme sumthat tea” … just doesn’t translate so well… but its cute…. *g*

  42. TheLuna says:

    Givme sumthat there spotted tea!

    That’s as close as I could get. (from a native Texan)

  43. Tony James says:

    “F’shizzle, my good man – ’tis certainly a fly-looking slimmy that you are walking-out with. Verily, I remark that she is burdened with luggage in her posterior. Might I enquire as to whether she is part of your stable? Myself I was obliged to castigate my own partner a short while ago for ascending into my shizznit. Really, I am telling the truth, my melatonin-enhanced male sibling.”
    We can get away with it, but we try not to do it in company for fear that someone might break a piece of peaked headgear in our gluteus maximi.

  44. Laurie C says:

    TJ, you are crazy wicked funny. I just cracked up as “ascending into my shizznit”.

  45. That’s cute, until they start chewing on them, then its the spray bottle for kitteh!

  46. TheLuna says:

    [trying to catch breath]
    [laughing hysterically @ TJ]

  47. m in athens says:


  48. cutest, funniest post evAR!!!!11

    i loves the captions!

  49. “see this? DON’T eat it!”

  50. “…break a piece of peaked headgear in our gluteus maximi.”

    If the cute don’t getcha, the well read homies will.

    TJ, you slay me.

  51. That is one beautiful kitten! I don’t think I have ever seen a cat quite like her. She looks so soft and cuddly! xoxoxo

  52. Tony – so it’s kinda like a kid telling their parents a story with swear words because “I’m just repeating what they said”. heheh

  53. Nickole says:

    More than half a hundred comments on a picture of an annoyed kitten – and NO-ONE has written “abuse” anywhere!


  54. Tony James says:

    Arbed – preeCIZElee!

  55. Nickole says:

    “Arbed – preeCIZElee”?

    This is just a wild guess from a foreigner: This means “Ah – precicely” -yes?

  56. whew – my faith in the english language has been restored!

  57. not related to the cutie on the picture, but… wouldn’t it be nice if we had a post to discuss the “Meow Mix” cat-house? (not to be confused with the Anderson House cathouse).

    I hope I get a chance to watch tonight. Animal Planet at ~910pm eastern time.

    /not associated to Meow Mix
    //not associated to Animal
    ///not really associated to
    ////sad, really.

  58. Nickole,

    “This means “Ah – precicely” -yes?”

    you got it. precisely!

  59. tweedle dee says:

    TJ….can we tell you’re a Lewis Carrol fan or what? LMAO…

  60. chunkstyle says:

    Here’s my kitten/flower theory: It is like the same polarities on a magnet, except here, the same cuteness/prettiness cannot come together. The fluffy cute kitten repels the perfect pink dewey petals.
    *TJ, Did you see Bill Maher’s rap interpretations (HBO special I think)? It sounds such as that to me…it is so freakin’ funny

  61. What gorgeous colouring! What a sweet face!

    Can I gnaw on this kitty? Just a little? Please?

  62. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Cats are so cute when they’re annoyed!

  63. Ah yes Laurie C!
    Its an X-linked trait, I should know this, Im a genetics major! shameeee. D:

    I didnt recognize her as a calico, the grey threw me off.
    This is seriously the prettiest cat Ive seen!

  64. BenPanced says:

    “Uh, like, dude, I can smell it from here. Just fine. Look. *snfsnf* Pretty. Now, let me down because my shows are on.”

  65. snowball says:

    ms. pants,
    we do not gnaw on our kitty


  66. omg. it totally looks like the cat from sinfest

  67. Holy snorgle, TEH CUTE may have just saved the past 3 years I’ve stored on my computer!…
    I was going to come out of 6 month lurk-dom to comment on this picture because the kitten looks like a baby version of my cat Sweetheart (minus the heart-ish shaped black spots on Sweetie’s nose), and it helped to raise my bad mood after my computer deleted almost everything. So I look for a picture of my cat (not included..sorry, got too excited and forgot my mission), and through a miraculous turn of fairly random clicking I think I found the folder that contains the 3 years of life on my computer. No promises yet on the folders permanance, but heck, I’m happy! My cat and CO hath saved me!

    PS: I may comment back tomorrow with a picture of my cat, but for now I don’t want to touch anything :])

  68. hrh.squeak says:

    Cute can fix *anything*.
    Congrats, Rayn.
    And now, back to chewing the puppy’s ear (nawm nawm nnnmmmnawwwmmmm)

  69. lol – so cute. Almost as cute as this:

  70. Deana Rickard says:

    Kinda like Anne Geddes! It looks like they are trying to put Kitty in the flower costume, how sweet! That little guy is half the size of the bloom! WHAT A BABY-DOLL!
    Deanabug =^.^=

  71. I think i need a kitten pillow.


  72. i work with plants and that flower doesn’t smell

  73. English Chick says:

    I cant think of a time when ive ever tried to say f’shizzle. I must use it more often. 😉

  74. So now I know Ballou is a dilute calico – and many thanks for the authoritative info. I’d like to use this as an excuse to post a link to a photo of Ballou, but since I’m on vacation, I have only a thumbnail….

    Love the cute – that’s my main point !

  75. Tony James says:

    EnglishChick – it’s usually a good one to use when people are expecting a completely different answer. I suggest in the workplace. For example, “Will this project be completed by the deadline?” “F’shizzle.” You have to remember to say it as if it’s perfectly normal, and feign surprise when people look at you oddly. This is especially effective if you’re the classic convent-educated butter-wouldn’t-melt sort of person who usually speaks with classic RP.
    I also find it useful when filling in forms. Whenever there’s a Yes/No box to tick, if there’s space draw a new box, mark it “F’shizzle”, and put a check mark in it. Also works on those gender questions: “Please check either ‘male’ or ‘female'” Putting “F’shizzle” in there really confuses people.
    However, I must strongly caution against using it on US immigration forms. Apparently people who work the Department of Homeland Insecurity are not chosen for their sense of humour. Thus the answer options to the question “Are you coming to the United States in order to perpetrate acts of terrorism?” should NEVER be amended to read “Yes/No/F’Shizzle” – well, not unless you fancy an all expenses paid indefinite vacation to Cuba, or unless extraordinary rendition is in your travel plans. Seriously, they (like Siouxsie Boots) fail to see the funny side.

  76. hrh.squeak says:

    Too true, Tony. But don’t underestimate the stupid, either. I had a friend who, when asked for his ethnic identity while registering for UC Berkeley, filled in “Celtic”, and proceeded to reap ethnic benefits for four years. Woad you!

  77. English Chick says:

    Thanks for the quality advice TJ. i have taken it into account.
    next time that some one asks me for something to be done i am SO answering with that.