Sheer lunacy

Some puppitudes have been clipped for the summertime heat. But wait—don’t tell me someone clipped off an extra ear or two in the process?! D’oh!


Thanks to Xuriken for finding this image [I was told to say that.]



  1. Aww!

  2. i think he ate his ears! aww.

  3. It’s a little Weeble dog!!!!!!!

  4. WHOA! and I only see one paw….is that thing real?

  5. Jay Fry says:

    …not to mention that the smaller puppitude also appears to have no nose!

  6. heehee. The righthand one looks like a laughing sock puppet.

  7. spamabella says:

    Weeble… I was going to that exactly!

  8. AuntieMame says:

    Argh. The one on the right also looks like a cartoon character from about 30 years ago, that I cannot remember the name of, but it was a little white rubber thing about that shape, called The…something. But I can’t think what.

    Wait, I remembered. The Schmoo!

  9. Meow House says:

    He must be real – it’s simply and incontrovertibly not possible to create such a pinkified tongue in some artificial manner.

  10. punkpie says:

    *gasp* I think I just got a cavity!

    they look like perfect little stuffed animals… I want to snorgle in the worst way!!!1

  11. It’s Barbapapa!!

  12. Nickole says:

    Is that a hairy penguin to the right?

  13. He looks like a furry baby seal pup.

  14. karisma says:

    The one on the left looks like it is saying: Touch me, come on just touch me! The one on the right looks like it sucked it’s ears back into its head. He says: Watch what I can do!! :o)

  15. TheLuna says:

    Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! (A couple of folks beat me to it, but I still had to say it!)

  16. Nickole says:

    … or ON the right? Or AT the right? Or the righthand one?

    The smallest one is the one I mean, obviously, but I think the language is defeating me.

    On, to, at, onononon-totototo-atatatat *donk!* Grammatical error overload.

  17. AuntieMame: as opposed to The Schmoop?

  18. Schmoo and penguin were what first popped into my head – too funny!

  19. Nickole: eep? did I make a grammatical error?

    Not Possible 😉

  20. Tugg's Mom says:


  21. Leilani says:


  22. OHMYGOD!!! TOO CUTE!!!! What kind of puppehs are they??!!?

  23. Nickole says:

    Na, “thinker”, I couldn’t possibly tell if anyone else makes grammatical errors, what with me being Norwegian and with all my knowlegde of English from Isis Audio Books.

  24. Pommies win the internet!

  25. Gillian says:

    they’re pomeranians.

    damn i wish i could lick my own nose.

  26. Well, Nickole, if that’s so, you’re doing pretty darn well.

  27. AAAWWWW!!!

  28. I think the little schweetie to the right is really a little dry baby seal!

  29. Juicy eyes!

  30. Someone sorta beat me to it, but I gotta say it anyway…. “That’s what happens when you cross a Pomeranian and a penguin!”

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Oh. The little shmoo-py on the right looks like a cuter dog version of the girl in Boxing Helena. But oh! the happy happy tongue!

  32. Danielle says:

    Holy whoa I want to eat my own arm they are so freaking cute! I just can’t deal with the sheer cuteness! My head is about to explode!

  33. HAHAHAH! The tounge!

  34. Awwww fluffitude! Present-Ear Pom could be in ballet class pointing her toes while Absent-Ear is just goofing around.

  35. What kind of dogs are those?

  36. English Chick says:

    awh! they are so cute.
    and majorly fluffy.
    the lack of ears is cute yet disturbing.
    mostly cute though

  37. Deana Rickard says:

    O M G!!! It looks like a baby seal, (on the right). I almost expect him to sit up and start clapping his front paws. AAAAAWWWWWWW
    Deanabug =^.^=

  38. Oh my goodness! The poor one on the left has no ears, nose, or front paws! I ask you, what IS this world coming to?!

  39. Maureen says:

    And speaking about dextrous tongues: I saw a hedgehog yesterday who was licking his own EARS!!

  40. Laurie C says:

    Seal, absolutely. But the Canadians among us may also see the resemblance of the earless little guy to Ookpik.

  41. Ookpik:

    tee hee!

    I’d never seen him before, Laurie C 🙂

  42. Doubleclick says:


  43. Laurie C says:

    “I saw a hedgehog yesterday who was licking his own EARS!!”

    Is he single?

  44. Or, apparently, also a calico Scottish fold:

  45. A Fine Morsel says:

    I burst out laughing at this one. That really is a Schmoo! Ha Ha Ha!!!

  46. apathet says:

    OMG!!! That dog looks like a FURBY!!! *runs around the room screaming*

  47. Hm… yes, I deff see the Scottish Fold impression, Thinker. … But the names of those cats?????

    “Petagaye’s England Rose of Kinross”
    and “GRC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross”

    … “Beepafold”??? Oh dear… I wonder what the Earless Pommie’s name is? If we knew, we could make an even better comparison between Pom and Fold.

  48. Sabba: if you scroll down, you will see that the calico kitty’s name is Ookpik. Very funny.

  49. The further out he sticks his tongue, the further in his ears go. ^_^

  50. O_O Is that a furby??!

  51. Dudes, nice cuts!

  52. Doubleclick says:

    Is anyone else imagining that the dog on the left is bipedal, and that those legs we can see are actually its rear limbs? If you haven’t done this yet, do it immediately. The cute level rises even higher.


  54. see now, Which one would you adopt? *sighs* This is why pomeranian pups come in bunches! this is almost the perfect “Be yourself” pic.

  55. Thinker, yes, I did see Ookpik, however, the names of Ookpik’s parentage way out-redonked Ookpik’s own. And I thought that horse people had some interesting names for their prize horses…

  56. okay – this is by far the most cute picture i have ever seen here…or anywhere for that matter. i’d like to see what tops this one. (if such a picture exists, i will pass out and explode from the cuteness)

  57. jenni joon says:

    … (on the ground… rolling..laughing so hard).. wait.. that tongue! OMG! Please.. I give! I give! Uncle…(LOL). What a great pic. Made me really laugh out loud. I wonder if the other dogs laugh at the clipped dogs?? Hah. But the clipped puppers have the last laugh when the non-clipped puppers are sweatin’ their tushes off!

  58. ahhh i luv pomaranians!!!

  59. yerp – pup on right really *does* look like a Schmoo. (Fer yez young ‘uns, they were in “Lil’ Abner,” written & drawn by Al Capp.) I also love the seal comparisons!

    See ya all on Sun. – my nephew’s getting married this weekend, so i’m off to the festivities.


  61. Have fun, E.C.!!

    And Sabba, yes, you are right. I guess the need to be original trumps the need to be sensible 🙂

  62. d.
    BARBAPAPA!!!! LOL!!! that’s EXACTLY what I thought when I looked at it… *sigh*
    I don’t want to pet them.. or snorgle them… I want to pat them lightly on their soft spikeys!!!

  63. Congratulations, EC.
    And was it Van Ostade? Gerrit Dou? (sorry – carried over from pants-less cat post.)

    Oh, and that pup on the right reminds me of a Russian Matrioska Nesting doll:

  64. i think he looks like the mr. peanut guy… minus the top hat and cane, of course. : )

  65. Aubrey – will have to investigate later, but not Dou. he was famous for so-called “niche paintings.” (Genre scenes framed in a niche, ya know.)

    I think you’re right about the matroyshka thing, too – and the *tongue* on that baby. Wow! Too too too funny. [Hee.]

  66. A thinker, check your e-mail.

    Will write to you, too, Aubrey, tho’ not right now.

    Cheers all!

  67. greenighs, you beat me to it. I believe that the tongue extension directly impacts the ear protrusion – but also the protrusion of the legs. If one were to, say, lift him by his tongue, one would have a perfectly round ball of fluff easily mistaken for a rearview mirror ornament.

  68. stephanie says:

    what kind of dogs are those? i want one!

  69. stephanie says:

    what kind of dogs are those? i want one!

  70. It looks like a fuzzy bowling pin with a face painted on it.

  71. bunnajenny says:

    All I’ve heard today from my husband’s side of the office is furry bowling pin, followed by chortling. I see he’s not alone!

  72. Saska: I’m dying! Review mirror ornament! *Thud*

  73. The Guy Over There says:

    Bwa ha ha! That dog looks like a Gleep! He could pose as the stunt double for a live action Herculoids movie!

  74. TheLuna says:

    Saska/Claire: I’m in! I want a fuzzy bowling pin hanging from my mirror!

  75. They’re all spiffed up, ready to attend Mr. Winkle’s family reunion.

  76. “I lick myself;
    I want you lick me;
    I forget myself;
    I want you to remind me!”

  77. The Guy Over There says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Furry bowling pin is the exact description for his smaller friend.

  78. It’s a furry brown penguin!

  79. Nickole says:

    Yeah, well, thinker. We might have had a tiny little introduction to the English language in school, say 14 years and more ago.

    But that was like:
    “I am
    you are
    he, she, it is
    – and don’t you get all creative on me in class!”

    Nothing really useful for posting comments on Cute Overload, anyway…

  80. WickedWendy says:

    Auntie Mame! Schmoo is the first thing I thought of too!! That is the funniest looking dog I’ve ever seen!

  81. Brak_Silverbone says:

    These two dogs are definitely laughing, and the one on the right is laughing so hard he’s going “*snorfle* *snort* *snorfle*”.

    Note to self: look up the Pantone color number of that tongue…

  82. you guys r silly says:

    I’ve had SUCH a week FULL o’ CRAP…This is the first chance in my hellish week that I’ve been able to peek at cuteoverload and
    Thank you thank you thank you! &:o)
    (And YES — earless puppeh on the right is DEFINATELY a close cousin to either The Shmoo or Barbapapa…)

  83. Who needs ears, a nose, OR paws when you’re THAT cute. Just a rolling ball of fur…

  84. I spent today trying to make sense out of the worst pieces of tech writing I’ve seen in my entire life. Picture what would happen if a second grader had to write an essay on “How I fixed my installation problem this summer.”

    Then I come on here, and there are puppies EVERYWHERE! Life is worth living. 😛

    Oh, and yeah, bowling pin was my first thought too.

  85. More Shmoo-ness here:

    (yes, I admit that I, too, spelled it amiss.)

  86. Puppy tongue!! I love it!! XD

  87. bunnajenny's busband says:

    Eyes of a Furby
    With animatronic tongue
    Furry bowling pin

    Heavily weighted
    Round lower extremities
    Always rights himself

    Eyes closed and big smile
    Relieved because his Swiffer
    Career is over

  88. sweet, bjb!

  89. brownamazon says:

    Aubrey, re: the lewd cat–

    Perhaps you’re thinking of Jan Steen? Dou’s figures are entirely too refined (and, um, properly clothed…). Mr. feline sprawl is definitely all “Fat Kitchen”.

  90. bj’s husband… nice haiku set 🙂

  91. Nampeung says:

    Awwwww how cute they are!!!…and yeah funny hehe

  92. I swear that the one on the right is picking his nose with his tounge.. umm not so cute


  93. Villeline says:

    Yup, that’s what you get when you crossbreed dogs and peanuts.

  94. See no evil, hear no evil, smell no evil.


  95. At least they weren’t cute like “Trapezoid Head”.

  96. so cute!

  97. Oh…too cute~~!!

  98. The earless on kinda looks like the peanut guy……

  99. It’s good that they clip them for the summer. My cousing had a violet colored Chow and she would shed something awful in the summer (or when she had puppies). It was not a pretty site, although she was the sweetest pup you ever saw.

  100. “I love the first cur, but hate the second.

    ”I won’t ev’n give you dust” said I to the chick who beckoned.

    ”I take that back, I do not wat to be peckoned!””


  101. *want

  102. kellyfaerie says:

    shmoo, cept more colorful, and probably not as tasty…

  103. moonxela says:

    lol!aww so cute. I love the one on the right!he is eating his nose!