You are SO hosed!

Seriously. Just who do you think you are kidding at this point? You are HOSED, man!


But you have paw pads going for you, so that’s a positive, David G.



  1. TheLuna says:

    “Just put the food bowl down, back away slowly, and no one gets hurt.”

  2. TheLuna says:

    [struggling to supress fp excitement]

  3. Fluffpup knows how to keep his cool in the summer heat.

  4. constance says:



  5. Yes ‘mam… you have been found in violation of the city watering restrictions and I am here to enforce them… *l*

  6. Oh God….as if I’m not about to explode from good news today, top it off with indescribable cuteness! *GO BOOM*

  7. TheLuna says:

    [turns on every sprinkler and hose I can find in hopes of this pup showing up in my yard to enforce water restrictions]

  8. Pups cute, bunny cuter…! (*)

  9. fw sunshine says:

    OMG….I want a puppy!

  10. Those supersoft ears are KEELING me. And that extra fluff just above the ears… Awww.

  11. Look at its paw-paws! AWWWW! I ruv paw-paws.

  12. Danielle says:

    I want to scrench his ears and peench his cheeks! I want a pupppyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  13. Aww. :*)

    I wanna dawg SO badly.

  14. Wouldn’t that be a ~paws-itive~? I amuse myself!

  15. Suzie’s got Aubrey-itis.

  16. Wow. Nothing’s left except to become a new term in the dictionary.

    That being said, is this a photo of a new type of water spaniel? Did he see this tempting blue coil and take a hose dive?

  17. I believe he’s a retriever. He instinctively knows he’s supposed to jump in the water to fetch things – but it’s not so easy to jump in the water when it’s inside the hose!

  18. Brak_Silverbone says:

    He looks so pleased. Did he coil up all that hose by himself?

  19. “I’m doing you a favor. It’s too hot. Neither of us is working today. Go pour yourself an iced tea and come scratch my ears here in the shade.”

  20. eikoleigh says:

    such cuteness – that little face and that little paw!

  21. Eeek I love pups!
    LOL E.C. – we could go on all day arguing like children about pups and buns 😉

  22. hehe I think pup there is a bit sleepy – s/he was all pepped up hours ago to hose the next human walking by, but now she’s all shleepy because humans are all busy.

  23. Sweet merciful crap, I want to snatch that puppy!

  24. To eat: and then to dream: ay, there’s the pup;
    For when the lawns are wet what rest may come
    When we fall asleep
    Within the hose in a coil,
    We show our paws
    To demand respect
    That takes calamity from a pup’s long life…

  25. @ Aubrey: “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead.”

    alice, we certainly could argue all day, but I’d rather just take breaks looking here at at the Bunny Lovers Unite Flickr pool. 😉

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

  27. Aubrey – genius.

    E.C. and alice –
    What is CuteOverload? It is nor ham, nor pup, nor bun, nor kit, nor any single pet belonging to a man. It is a sum of these. For what is cute?

    Okay, I’m out of ideas for that quote. Answer as you will, but remember, a hose by any other name can drench you just as much.:-P (Yeesh I’m loopy.)

  28. PUUPPPYYYYY!!!!!

  29. ElfOwl, we like it when you’re sorta punch-drunk. 😉

  30. Aww. looks just like the heaven greeting puppy.
    So cute!

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    “Dost think, because thou art clever, there shall be no more buns or otters?”
    Aubrey, ElfOwl, just lovely. Shakespeare did have a bit of a jones for dogs, didn’t he?

  32. adorable. i imagine this would make a great tshirt too–the blue and the white look fabulous together!

  33. That’s probably going to be a sprinkler hose soon…

  34. noticeable lack of Theo…

  35. Beauregard says:

    Ok, I’m not saying that pooch ain’t cute, but I am so drawn to the hose. It’s so pretty and new and bright and shiny! Maybe I am part ferret.

  36. TheLuna says:

    RE: noticeable lack of Theo…

    Theo doesn’t seem to be that into the puppehs. [shakes head in confusion]

  37. Beauregard: I’m with you on the hose! And it’s coiled so perfectly. How do people do that?

  38. TheLuna: me either. It’s funny but although I know theoretically that this pup is cute, I don’t feel any compulsion to snorgle, squeeze, pat, or otherwise fuss over him. I figured teho was feeling the same way 🙂

    (no offense to all you dog lovers out there)

  39. TheLuna says:

    Thinker: I’ll just have to take over for you when it comes to snorgling the pups (so they don’t feel neglected, of course). It’ll be a tough job, but I think I’m up to it. 😉

  40. allrighty then, sounds like a good arrangement 🙂

  41. Finally, a Golden puppy! These are some of my favorite creatures. And for all you dog-dissers, *I* don’t complain about posts of icky rodents that remind me of the pesky mice infesting my home (although I do find kits, buns, otters, and most baby animals very cute, I am no fan of any type of rodent). Indignation has gotten me to de-lurk and make my voice heard. More puppies, please! 🙂

  42. dear Leslie, no complaints. I’m aware that for many people, this is the Standard of Cute. I find that personally to be kitties, but to each his own. I’m certainly not dissing teh puppehs 🙂

  43. TheLuna says:

    And may I say how happy I am that we have *two* puppy posts in a row! 🙂

  44. Piggalette says:

    I am a huge dog and cat lover, but when it comes to picks that send me into fits of “Squeeee!,” it is usually the buns that do it for me. Strange, because I have known some buns and was not impressed. /shrug Bring on more bun pix! 🙂

  45. Yes, two puppy posts. Ahhhhh….

    Sorry if I sounded angry, there – I love CO and all of you and your delightful comments help make it what it is, so here, here! Back to lurking mode…

  46. don’t lurk! it’s much more fun!

    and Piggalette, yes, da bunz are cute. That’s mainly what keeps me from killing mine 😉

  47. Laurie C says:

    Forget the puppy, I’m captivated by the amazing electric blue of that hose. My fave color.

  48. TheLuna says:

    The bun pics are awfully cute … I had never given much thought to bunnies or hedgehogs before CO, and now I want both!

  49. English Chick says:

    There should be a show called ‘hosed’. it will be like ‘punked, but puppies will lie in coiled hoses and then people will come to pet the cute dog and then they will be humiliatingly soaked!!!!

  50. hrh.squeak says:

    English Chick – woohoo!! I want that show!! Maybe a guest bun or kitteh now and then, eh? (Sadly, people do not tend to come up and pet hammies, gerbils, lizards, guinea pigs, rats, meeces, or hedgehogs, and you can’t get a ferret to sit still At All.)

  51. I’m thinking the blue posh sofas may have competition.

  52. English Chick says:

    Series 1 of ‘hosed’ on your screens soon.

  53. English Chick says:

    That dog will be the canine version of Ashton Kutcher, i think.

    You’ve been HOSED!

  54. Hi!
    I think that dog are really cute and I wondered if I can use the picture on a site where you can have a own stabl and animals. I hope you can answer on this quickly 🙂

  55. He must be a pimp, because he got all the hose!!