Oh, for the love of Pete

For crying out loud, will someone PLEASE PUT SOME PANTS ON!?


[Cracking self up] Thanks, so very much, DesignPirate Jen K.!



  1. mariser says:

    no pants!
    no pants!
    no pants!
    no pants!
    no pants!
    no pants!
    no pants!
    no pants!

  2. Samantha says:

    Cutest Belly Ever!

  3. Relax-o-cat™

  4. mariser says:

    and pass the ‘nip, yo.

  5. Yeah, it DOES look like that ‘Pass the ‘nip, yo!’ cat…

    This pic is sooooo funny!

  6. this made my morning. 😀

  7. Tiiiiime for a FURBERT!!!!

  8. Villeline says:

    Lazy kitties! Yay! 😀

    But… where’s its tail?!

  9. Tail… maybe buried off to the side, maybe Manx?

  10. mariser says:

    FURBERT ?!

    ppptttooii! [spits mouthful of cat fur]

  11. Maureen says:

    Oh dear lord that’s perfect. That actually made me laugh–and it’s the morning after my cute little Hamster, Thor!, died.

    /scurries away to look at the hamster photos.

  12. mariser says:

    poor Max, he should be sliding off the chair in 4…3…2…

  13. mariser says:


    condolences in the passing of Thor! enjoy the hamster pics and I hope you get a new hammie when the time is right.

  14. rainbow says:

    i could probably meditate the rest of my life and i would never get that relaxed – cats are our god/desses

  15. Stephen says:

    Our black and white likes to lounge on his back all splayed open… (need to post a pic of him 🙂

    We think its because he knows he’s so hot he has to cooooool down….

  16. Sheer luxury. This is perfect!

  17. Jay Fry says:

    The sprawled one looks like he’s going to slide out of the rocking chair at any moment.

    I only wish my own kitties were so snuggly with each other… sigh.

  18. I haven’t laughed so hard at a marriage of caption and photo in a long time. Thank you!

  19. snuggly!

  20. TheLuna says:

    That belly has room for a whole buncha snorgles!

  21. Kris, in New England says:

    “yeah man, those brownies were so good. Dude, is that my paw? I’m hungry.”

  22. Touch the belly, send the kitty flying!

  23. Tony James says:

    The pik says it all – old married couple curled up on the couch for a nap after a big Sunday lunch. She’s snuggled up to him and doesn’t care how far up his chest his trousers are pulled, if he sits there with his legs akimbo, or passes the most noxious wind known to science. This, people, is love 🙂

  24. mariser says:


    after reading your description I went back to look at the picture and tewtally saw it:

    is Daisy and Onslow from “Keeping up Appearances”!


  25. That’s going in my “top 10” caption list. Brilliant!

  26. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, BUT…

    …the first thing I thought of was Gary Larson’s “Boneless Chicken Ranch” cartoon.

  27. dead on mariser!

  28. StormCat says:

    Tony James: that was perfect!!!! And oh so true from watching my grandparents and parents!!!

    Megs, I love this pic!!! I was waiting for him to slide off as well!!!

  29. I’m *still* waiting.

  30. Aw…he looks like my husband, you know, if my husband were a cat.

  31. OH! Snuggly marmalade kitties 🙂 This picture makes me HAPPY.

  32. Kittaloons!

  33. Wow, how can zees keety be comfortable? But hees leetle face looks sooo happy.

    Yay marmalade cats! On quilts! And tucked-up paws!

  34. TJ, you nailed it on the head. Perfecto description.

  35. i just can’t..stop…laughing….
    what a delight!
    when my guyses expose their bellies like that, it’s usually ‘for display only’ (try to touch and they instantly wake up and become sharp and pointy)

  36. TheLuna says:

    “when my guyses expose their bellies like that, it’s usually ‘for display only’ “

    That’s why dogs are great – when they roll over, it means “Rub the belly! Do it now!”

  37. Let it ALLLLLLL hang out!



  39. I know its sadistic but all I want to do is toss a toy mouse (anything with enough weight to startle) at his tummy and watch him catapult up with that indignant/freaked look…. cats do indignant SOOOOO well when you disturb them…

  40. Scientists have finally come up with incontrovertible proof that dignity is not necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

  41. Maureen says:

    Kris from NE: LOL!! “Is that my paw…”

  42. Holly Kim says:

    Melting kitty!!!

  43. set this one up as the background on my work ‘puter…my kitzie-katzies lurv to have their belly belly bellys rubbed

  44. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    snorgle snorgle snorgle. how I miss my cat Glad. Her belly fur was the softest substance in the known universe, shed let me blow raspberries on it too. Then lick my hair till it was a soogy mass.

  45. Michele says:

    Did you check out the size of those feet?

  46. TheLuna says:

    So glad to hear that some kittehs like belly rubs too!

  47. Corinne says:

    Theo: I have just spent my entire lunch break cracking up at Spamusement…why wasn’t I informed about this website earlier???
    Oh, and VERY cute kitties – I wish I was there to see the white one fall off the chair and then try to play it off – “what? I *meant* to do that”

  48. “Man, I’m spent. Can I have a cigarette now?”

  49. Great pic!! That must be the happiest cat ever.

  50. Beauregard says:

    Meg! I think that caption may be the best this week. Also, props to whomever linked to Nopantsistan.

  51. 😉

  52. hrh.squeak says:

    My kitteh and I play “bellybellybelly” almost every morning. This consists of him rolling over and me rubbing and tickling till he gets tired of it and attempts to disembowel my hand. My favorite part of the game (other than the feel of belly fur, The Best) is the utterly peaceful, meditative look he gets on his face while his hind legs are trying to Destroy the Hand.

  53. Well, my GOODNESS!

  54. Holy cow, dudes. I didn’t think that Sam & Max rated on the cuteness scale. 😉 They sleep together like that all the time.

    I just added some others to their Flickr Set here:

  55. Ermm.. P.S. Yes, he has a tail. But, it seems to be underneath him.

  56. chunkstyle says:

    Yes, TJ’s description of old-married-coupledom is dead on…you know what detail killed me? The orange one curled up has her paw resting on the other’s chest oh so gently…
    it killed me!

  57. astrogrrrl says:

    TheLuna: yeah, my cat is a huge fan of belly rubs. First he has to make eye contact with the unsuspecting human, and after holding the gaze for a few seconds, flips over on his back, leaving his belly exposed, and staring at said human with these huge imploring eyes. and then once the belly rubbing commences, he starts purring and getting into it, and may repay the favor with licking the hand that rubs him.

  58. msumissa says:

    That made me laugh after a REALLY bad day at the office. Thanks CO for making my afternoon… there is more to life that work.

  59. Hellomerry: What beautiful pictures of your gorgeous cats!

  60. You can barely see his tail, to the left, looks like a spot on the other kitteh. I admit it’s hard to find coz you keep wanting to snorgle!!

  61. Irishka says:


    This just made a rotten day one heck of a lot better!

  62. hellomerry: omg..i just about fell off my chair about 20 times viewing your kitties. they are cute cute cute!!!

  63. Kinda like this painting by Pieter de Hooch, though I hasten to add that this is *not* a contented married couple:


  64. cowshark says:

    My tuxedo kitteh Coyote gets in that position all the time. We call it the slut position, for obvious reasons.

  65. Yes, yes, he’s all cuddly-wuddly, but ladies and gentlemen, what you see here is a highly trained professional member of the Port-a-Snorg squad, preparing himself to go out on an emergency rescue call to some soulless office cubicle.

  66. TheLuna says:

    astrogrrrl, you just made my day. I thought kitteh belly rubs always ended with the claws of death … purring sounds *much* better!

    Hellomerry: *love* all the pictures of them snuggling! Too cute!

  67. EC:
    I will give you that. But maybe a Frans Hals/post-banquet look as well?

  68. hedgeog says:

    “old couple” is no proved assertion…
    indeed these two are obviusly the intersection of the “CPE” (cutest pair ever) function with a parametric conic whose variable may assume different values… now let k be the parameter – defined in the real kittens domain – and voilà the locus of the points equidistant (in fact quite close) from the perfect sunday afternoon… uhm methinks those two locate a cusp, anyway – of course if you let h be the parameter – in the irrational human domain – you get “hedgedog & respective boyfriend”, that goes without saying, and it is indeed mathematically demonstrated that we are not yet an old couple… it is true we do not usually wear pants either… uhm this will require further research… (ducks back on books)

  69. It might just be my devil side, but I want desperately to sneak up to him, and GRAB both back feet at the same time.

    Darn the consequences! Might be worth it to lose an eye, just to see his reaction.

  70. “EC:
    I will give you that. But maybe a Frans Hals/post-banquet look as well?”

    No question on this, Aubrey, but i was having a tough time pulling up a pic of drunk men slouching around. (I’m blanking on names of Dutch genre painters…)So the De Hooch brothel scene is, in some ways, a stand-in for what I really wanted to post.

    But the guy’s boots and breeches work just the same.

  71. The ultimate in relaxation! And that cat looks huge! That kills me!

  72. Tony James says:

    Many, many, thanks for your clear and concisely reasoned analysis of what had been a frankly slipshod and slapdash summation of the graphic shown above. I will readily admit to not having considered all of the ramifications – the forum equivalent, perhaps, of having done my homework on the bus.
    However, I am afraid that I must take issue with some of the methods used to arrive at your conclusion.
    Given that CPE is a relative, rather than an absolute, value, and that the parameter K can only be applied at values between 0 and 12 (months), then I believe that the equation looks something like this:

    If CPE Is Greater Than Joris&Joy but Less Than Double Snorgle (remember that values of CPE can only be applied to situations where “# of Things” must equal 2), and the parameter C (in this case, the pair is clearly not a function of parameter K, which applies only to kittens, as mentioned previously) is, let’s say, 48 (bear in mind that the higher the value of the parameter C, the further down the CPE curve the intersection gets. Not that older cats can’t be cute, but the RELATIVE cuteness pales beside those pairs where the value of K is between 2 and 6), then we can arrive at an accurate assessment of the relative value of the CPE in question.
    So, let’s run the numbers…
    …and the calculator says “E! Anthropomorphic Overload! Cannot compute!”
    This would appear to demonstrate that while technology is our friend, and should be used to foster greater human understanding of the world around us, there are times when we must fall back upon the teachings of the ancient Persian philosopher Oozawiddlefuffkinsdenden – surely he was not far from the mark when he said that “Lookaddakitties – deylooklike a coupla old people who are asleep together on the sofa in the living room after a heavy lunch.”

  73. sam and max, freelance police? at the very least, police of being frankly adorable.

  74. hedgedog says:

    I see…
    BTW… It’s spelt “OozawiddlefLuffkinsdenden”


  75. Yes, EC, I too was spending my work hours looking up works of sated drunks by the 17th c. Dutch masters.

    Who hasn’t, in their lifetime?

    Anyway, I could only come up with Hals, but between the two of us, I think we’ve come up with a very passable artistic reference for these two utterly relaxed cats.

  76. hedgedog says:

    AAHHH now I see! Misunderstanding due to language!
    I thought that “kitty” was the same as the italian “micio” which stands for “beloved cat of any age” and not “baby cat”. Rats! Should have redefined in C… C major maybe…
    But isn’t “micio” so cute a word per se? meetcheeo, meetcheeo!

    (so sleepies. this is the smell of my brain toasting)

  77. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Wouldn’t it be just awesome to be THAT relaxed yourself, just once? (But with pants.)

  78. Tony:
    You dare raise the spectre of mathematics on this site? Shame on you sirrah! Shame!
    Having just had a heavy lunch,
    Aubrey – in a fresh salsa, topped with bunny-chopped cilantro

  79. You’ve done it now.

    It’s some sort of conspiracy. You made all the serotonin in my brain for the entire year explode and dissipate all at once. Oh yeah, it feels good NOW, but what about tomorrow.

    Oh hell.


  80. lauowolf says:

    Obviously this is a kitten warning poster.
    What you see here is the unfortunate consequence of not curling up tightly enough when falling asleep.
    Kitty on the left, though beginning to unwind, still has things mostly under control.
    The lesson here, class?
    Let’s not just see the same paws again…

  81. “Yes, EC, I too was spending my work hours looking up works of sated drunks by the 17th c. Dutch masters.

    Who hasn’t, in their lifetime?”

    Hee – tho’ I was actually doing this on my *own* time, if you can believe it. There’s one painter in particular whose work I can “see” in my head, but whose name eludes me completely – argh! He specialized in scenes of, er, drunken louts – and painted them beautifully.

  82. Best pic ever!

  83. EC:

    Terborch? (a little loutish, but not drunk)
    Vermeer? (neither, really, I just like typing the name of my favorite painter)

    That being said, may I just address our current photo and say: “KANGAROO PAW PADS”?!

  84. Can you imagine looking away from Law & Order:Criminal Intent and seeing this picture. No, seriously, take a moment and imagine.

  85. Aubrey: Nope, none of them. It’s someone who was a conemporary of Rembrandt and Vermeer. Someone who was a specialist (quite literally) in scenes of drunks carousing and playing practical jokes on each other. Whoever it is spent a *lot* of his time in taverns.

    I love Vermeer, kinda like Judith Leyster, too. Am crazy about 17th-c. Dutch painting in general. Rembrandt is also a fave, as is Hercules Seghers (one of R’s teachers, didn’t really do much painting).

  86. Oh, @ Aubry again – H. Seghers’ surviving works are mostly prints. Very strange subject matter!

  87. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    That is seriously one of the funniest photographs we’ve ever seen. All that laugh out loud business really happened here. Wow, what a great photo.

  88. Sabella says:

    “It might just be my devil side, but I want desperately to sneak up to him, and GRAB both back feet at the same time.

    Darn the consequences! Might be worth it to lose an eye, just to see his reaction.”

    Kita, I was yawning and that just made me spit while laughing.

  89. hilarious! love it 🙂

  90. hedgedog says:

    ‘You dare raise the spectre of mathematics on this site? Shame on you sirrah! Shame!’
    ’twas my fault, you see…
    anyway I for one think that analysis is cute.
    When I see a gaussian I feel like I could curl up on the top.

    ‘k, ‘k, I’m seeking therapy…

  91. pendlerpiken says:

    makes me want to have a li’l nap 🙂

  92. Sam & Max were indeed named after the “freelance police” of comic book fame.

  93. E. Collision,

    Were you thinking of Honore Daumier? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daumier

  94. Did anyone else notice that their chair is situated right above the litterbox? Talk about the life of leisure…

  95. D’you see the CNN headline “Killer Storms Could Catch Us with Our Pants Down”? You suppose that’s what’s happening in this pic?

  96. persimmontree says:

    ec, are you thinking of adriaen brouwer? or maybe jan steen?
    i <3 dutch masters, but not quite as much as i <3 that nopants kittybelly sprawl.

  97. lemura, thanks for the Daumier link, but nope – it’s a Dutch or Flemish 17th-century painter who specialized in works that feature carousing drunk guys in taverns.

    persimmontree, Brouwer is *one* fo the right painters, but still not the one I’m a-huntin’ for… Absolutely right ballpark, though – a thousand thanks!
    (Definitely not Steen, BTW.)

  98. Jelly bean says:

    That is ONE relaxed cat

  99. What a beeeyouteeful couple! I thought the boy with the legs dangling down was white, but looking closer I see he’s actually a cream tabby, ultra light, with a white bellybellybelly! Yummy yum!

  100. lol – so cute. Almost as cute as this:


  101. hellomerry — neat! and strangely fitting names for your cats, despite their namesakes’ occasional disregard for feline safety.

  102. musicchick2 says:

    OMG!! I laughed out loud! Really! Guffaw-ed and everything. My son, er, cat does this all the time, but not in a chair. PRICELESS!!!!

  103. is there some new freaky-frames stuff going on with the site? can’t send permalinks directly…

  104. Peter: right-click on the link and open in new window. You’ll get the permalink.

  105. Fuzzybutt says:

    PANTS: SO over rated!

  106. Dear gods, those two cats look so much like my two cats it’s ridiculous.

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