As the Wheel Turns

Hammette 1: "Would you just look at her? She is such a—"

Hammette 2: "I KNOW—She thinks she is so HAWT"


Hammette 1: "Dewd, we’re audi. Let’s go to Wet Seal or something—I totally need new jeans"

Hammette 2: "Fine—but we gotta stop at Forever 21 first."


Hammette 1: "OMG PON1ES! she’s like totally coming over here! That bitch!"

Hammette 2: "Just, like IGNORE HER! Let’s go! …Ehn!"


Brought to you by Miss Shari and her delectable photostream.



  1. DavidBoBavid says:

    Hahaha.. I love it when you make a little story out of the pictures. 😀

  2. Aww. Poor little shunned white hammie!

  3. who knew that hamsters could be so bitchy!
    it must be hard to be that cute.

  4. Tigger Jourard says:

    Meg, it’s your comments that raise it from merely cute to Brilliant and cute! Need a regular dose of CO to stay relaxed and happy.

  5. Awww- now I feel really sorry for li’l whitey!

    And I really want to resent the two grayeys for being such snobs, but they’re entirely too adorable.

  6. HAA!

    I feel a “Animal Bitchery” catigory coming on…

  7. Laurie C says:

    What slays me is the perfect sync of the brown girls leaving in phot #3 — how the stripes on their backs are perfectly parallel.

  8. mejezabel says:

    ‘Oh my God Becky – Look at her butt’

  9. Michelle says:

    OMG can you believe she’s all like wearing white jeans on that butt?

  10. Those aren’t mice?

  11. I think this rates “sad or cute” because I think the white hammie is blind.

    *sniffle sniffle* poor lil’ outcast lonely blind white tiny hammie.

    Just look at her cloudy eyes!

  12. A typical work day; hammies telling tales and talking trash around the water drain.

  13. mejezabel says:

    tiny tail trifecta!!!!

  14. Ham-tails, ham-feet and ham-ears!

    I really don’t think these ‘sters are all *that* nasty…. but I *luv* da cap-shuns.

  15. Eleanor says:

    Aw, look at the little boo boos. Hello little boo boos! I just want to scoop them up and rub them against my cheeks.

  16. bite-size cuteness!

  17. punkpie says:

    Yeah I was wondering if the white hammie is blind too… corneas look clouded over. 😦

  18. Laurie C says:

    “bite-size cuteness!”

    Is this a new record — only 16 posts before someone alluded to (if not openly stated) putting the cute animal(s) in their mouth?

  19. Why do they have to be mean? Why can’t they be two boy hammies talking all macho about how she likes them … then freaking out and getting scared when she comes over to chat?

    Hammies are nice!

  20. Yeah, I thought it was TEH SKWERLS that were evil…?

  21. martha in mobile says:

    Or how about how they are two boys trying to figure out how they can swipe that manhole (hammie-hole) cover cuz it would look great in their room and then their mom comes over and they’re all “act casual” and then they’re all “she knows! lets get out of here!”

  22. r0rschach says:

    For shame! Hamsters don’t support animal cruelty, and Wet Seal sells fur products!

  23. tee hee! hammie dramatics 🙂

  24. I think the cloudy-eye is a result of some kind of red-eye touchup. Albino/Pink Eyed White rodents eyes get that “evil” look in most photos… so she can probably see just fine 🙂

  25. three perfect hammy tails, delish

  26. You’re not doing Product Placement™, are you Meg? 🙂

  27. Lillith says:

    Aww the poor widdle loner hammie!!

  28. Hammie Junior High…life can be rough during those tender years. But aren’t they cute??

  29. Albus (aka “white hammie”) seems perfectly fine here ( ) – my guess, as mentioned by someone else above, is that the look is due to red-eye correction.

  30. Aww, ugly duck- Hamling.

  31. Tiny hammie hind feetses turned up in unison! TOO MUCH….aaaaaa *thud*

  32. heh heh. For hammies, it could be called, “As the Wheel Turns.”

  33. Maybe the scenerio could be that little Albus was avoiding them and then said screw it and went to go tell them what for… notice they are trying to crawl up the wall… I’ve seen guys do this trying to get away from an angry woman before… *l*

  34. Oh, I hope they make friends with the lonely white mouse. (hammie?)

  35. D’oh! They’re dwarf hammies.

  36. Kris, in New England says:

    I’m with greenighs – I’d rather think it’s 2 boys who have a crush on the lovely snowy hammie.

    “You ask her out. No, YOU do it. Oh great, here she comes. Don’t let her see that you like her…”

  37. LOL how cute! Either story works, but I have to say that brunette hammy on the left in the first picture does look like she’s turning a jealous eye on blondie.

  38. Okay, two reeaaallly stoned hamsters who think the white hammie is gonna bust them …

  39. Laurie C. – the parallel stripes followed by parallel tails totally got me, too! awww!

  40. Is that a drain? At first I thought it was a button. Hm [squinting] bathtub or sink?

  41. “C’mon man, don’t be an idiot, have you seen her eyes?? She’s totally a babe!”
    “Dude. Get a grip. Those are tinted contacts.”

  42. The Guy Over There says:

    Awww, they want a real hammy? They should hang out with Gohan, the rat snake luvah.

  43. Silence Dogood says:

    I am not familiar with the chinese/dwarf/whatever-these-guys-are type of hamsters, but I am pretty sure these are all hamettes & not hamsterdudes. On male Syrian hamsters, their junk is dangle-jangling & these hamsters don’t have no visible junk.

  44. A thinker, yes! kinda like Mia’s ‘sters, who were featured here a while back:

    I can’t seem to find the direct link to her video of them trying to “share” their wheel, though…

  45. laurie c…no…i was alluding to their tiny size. not putting them in my mouth.

  46. Well, the video seems to be gone, but here are pics of Mia’s lil’ critters:

  47. Oh man, I wanna take a FORK to them and break my vegetarianism, omg it would be worth it. I wanna chomp them!

  48. poor things need better fashion sense

  49. Nice pictures…stupid comments. You are not funny.

  50. Courtney says:

    I want to eat them too! I don’t know why, they don’t look edible, but they’re so cute and bite-sized!

    Someone should make little hammie-shaped gummy candies.

  51. is that an albino mouse?


  52. chunkstyle says:

    Finally, my two loves together: Soaps and Hamsters
    Great job Meg!

  53. Male dwarf hammies haven’t got big testicles at all (except my late Roborovski who looked quite the pr0n star in his late age)!

  54. AuntieMame says:

    Thank you for sharing, Megan. I hope you treat your real life friends with the same courtesy. Have a nice day.

  55. Siiigh I actually got sidetracked checking out the Forever 21 website. Hm those shorts sure are short. Hm now I trying to see teeny-tiny versions of the dresses on the hammies, though I’m not sure how dresses would fit on hammy-type bodies.

  56. The whole “they’re so cute I want to eat them” thing… maybe THIS is why some animals eat their young?

  57. Aww poor girl, do you want me to kick their asses?

  58. lauowolf says:

    Maybe don’t so much kick their asses, as pick them up and snoogle them a while to mellow them out.
    Or just scoop up little entirely spherical white hammette for some comforting.
    (Must remind self, kitties would not properly appreciate snorgable rodents)

  59. awwwwww larger versions of my hamsters! haha cant believe you guys still remember my hamsters…heres the movie

  60. Thanks, Mia! Your girls are cute, no question.

  61. 🙂

  62. Wet Seals sells swim wear, etc, right? Not fur.

  63. Haha, I’ve been here more or less since the beginning (hardly ever post, obviously) and I think this is the best set of pictures yet!

  64. …even if I agree that hamsters wouldn’t be so snotty. :p

  65. Mia, LOL’ing here at that most incredibly wonderful video of your silly little hammies trying to “share” a hammie wheel. Too, TOO funny!

  66. Michelle says:

    That’s right!!! I rully rully rully feel it’s super duper necessary to point out that not only would hamsters NEVAR act snotty, they would never wear jeans either!!!!!!1 Duh

  67. They are so cute! They look like cotton balls with little eyes and footsies. I wish they were the size of cats or dogs…omg I’d just die of happiness.

  68. Just watched Mia’s video & now can’t see a thing….. tears rolling down face from laughing.

    Kudos Mia

  69. Michelle says:

    Wait. I guess hamsters do wear jeans:

  70. Michelle, you are too too TOO much!! Your ‘shop job made me smile and smile.

  71. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh lordy, between the video of Mia’s prosh little hammies trying to share a wheel and Michelle’s CuteTastic custom hammie jeans, I laughed till I couldn’t breathe!!!

  72. hahaha… awww, poor white hammie!

    I think I died more from the hilarity of the captions than from the cute

    oh wait, i lied

  74. Ha ha! Class! It’s a reenactment of the UK Big Brother with hamsters!

  75. Michelle! You’re a genius!

  76. jenni joon says:

    Nubby little tails… so hilariously CUTE! Maybe that should be a new rule: Nubby Tail Factor (NTF)..?

  77. seriously, this story made me really sad!! poor white innocent hammy! someone find the little fluffball a friend, puh-leeeease!!

  78. Tony James says:

    I think it’s clear what’s going on here – for a start, the pictures are in the wrong order. The 3rd pik should be first – the hamsters are playing sardines, and the white one is trying to work out if she can hide in the plug hole while the other two turn their backs and count to 10. The 2nd pik shows the white one have vanished (because she’s hiding, and the other 2 trying to work out where she is. In the last (i.e. first) pik, the 2 brown ones are seeing if she’s hidden down the plughole, while she scampers away down to the other end of the bath.

  79. Tony James says:

    Alternatively, the two brown ones have just hidden their stash down the plug hole, and the white one is a cop. The 3rd pik is tewtelly, “Ok, dirtbags – up against the wall and spread ’em. Cuff ’em, Danno.”

  80. wahhhh, they’re too cute and funnnnnny!

  81. Savannah says:

    Cute.. but Wet Seal participates in animal testing. 😦 Which makes it kinda ironic and sad.

  82. lol – so cute. Almost as cute as this:

  83. Michelle! BRILLIANT! My mouth literally dropped open. Maybe YOU can help me do a better job on the Hammie eyes… I need your guidance, girl! write me!

  84. I think someone’s screen-name should be upgraded to “Michelle Shopped” [starts humming “My Little Sister”].

    I just finally saw the hammie jeans *today* (not sure how I missed it; maybe I was off in MI helping teh seester move to new house).

    Pantablulous, girl!

  85. LOL – these are my hamsters!

    I know it’s been a year since this post, but I’ll still be a dork and say thanks for the great laugh and all the happy comments. All three sisters are gone now, but this just adds to the great memories of them.

    Thanks again, Shari