Paging Zoe, your drawing is fabulous!

8-year old Zoe just captured the essence of C.O. in her simple gorgeous drawing, titled: "Cutie McCutestein". Zoe, WAY TO GO, girl! We can’t bear it either!!!


Thanks for sending in, Mom Rachel and Pop Kenny.



  1. Constance says:



  2. perfection!
    “out of the….crayons?…of babes”. clearly zoe is a true fan (& arteest)

  3. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, the eyes –

    Eight years old and she kicks all our ‘tocks. OutCuted.

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    And there’s a small ear-to-head ratio! And the tongue is out! And I think the paws are curled! Zoe gets an A in Rules of Cuteness 101.

    (Wow, second delurk in one day. Record.)

  5. Aww! Just…”aww.”

  6. Kristine says:


    Excellent work Zoe!

  7. Hehehe!

  8. Uncanny. I just blogged the kitten-falling-asleep video, with the caption, “The eyes! Oh my God, the eyes!” Does this so-called human child have telepathic powers of persuasion?

  9. …Baroo??

  10. punkpie says:

    LOL! That is freakin ADORABLE! 🙂

    She gets extra kudos for drawing the little “shine” spots in the eyes.

  11. …I think you’ve found yourself somebody to follow in your happy trail, when the day comes.

  12. McCutestein? Very multicultural!

  13. Not only did Zoe put the “shine” spots in, she was most careful about rendering the irises and pupils.

    Way to go, Zoe! You’re the best.

  14. michelle says:

    Yay Zoe!

  15. Wow! only eight, future artiste right there.

  16. fridge art rocks!

  17. Michelle says:

    Wow! Way too cute, Zoe! I can’t bear it either! 😀

  18. haha! hilarious!! indoctrine ’em early, ‘eh? 😉 love the pun too!!!

  19. um… yeah, i’m stupid. it’s not a pun, strictly speaking. i was thinking to myself that the correct spelling is “bare” and thus zoe was making a pun for “bare” & “bear” and that her drawing was of a bear… but it obviously isn’t supposed to be “bare,” so… yeah.. i’ll go now.

  20. No worries, Serena. We’ll bear with you.

  21. The previous cuteness of this website was extreme, but Zoe just took things to the next level. Nice work, Zoe.
    Well done grasshopper, well done.

  22. Yup, best to start ’em young.

    Those parents sure have a lot of sense.

  23. Serena, we don’t believe in pun-ishments here.

  24. This is really stupid.

  25. Do you hear that?

    That’s the sound of a million people changing their desktop wallpaper image.

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Thanks for sharing, bleh.

    (Must be that regional accent again…)

    Way to go, Zoe! You’ve captured CO in a nutshell!

  27. The wee hiney and the teeny tail are killing me. Yay Zoe!

  28. Zoe has a way with detail and composition which I hadn’t dreamt of when I was eleven.

    Seeing this ability to match caption with illustration, Meg – the next time you’re accepting awards out of town you just might have someone to step in!

  29. SPEAK!

    Never thought I’d see a capybara on CO.

  30. Awww very cute bubble eyes! I can’t bear it either! 🙂

  31. Saint Stryfe says:

    Strongbad is actually a 8 year old girl? Lil Brwudder! Bwahh-ah-ah-ah….

  32. sigh…that is so cute. way to go, Zoe! I didn’t get down the “eye-gleam” effect until my teenage years (mastered through copying manga during class). Brava!

  33. That right there, is a future illustrator.

    we are the superior race. 😉

  34. aww what a sweatheart! that’s adorable.

  35. Lee G.,

    you are right, it is SPEAK.

    cool! I mean, SPOON!

  36. Two words that can describe this artistic rendition of cuteness:
    “Pure Genius”

  37. Doubleclick says:

    *applause* 🙂

    You’re a genius, Zoe!

  38. proshness in pencil

  39. *rustling sound of 350 million parents scanning their childrens drawings to send to CO*

  40. Zoe, you’ve captured the essence of CUTE!

  41. UM, I just noticed that Zoe cleverly added TOCKS to the bear.


  42. Teeny tiny ‘tocks.

  43. Erin T. says:

    Dude, dare I say…T-shirt design #3???

  44. YES!!!!!!

  45. “Zoe has a way with detail and composition which I hadn’t dreamt of when I was eleven.”

    In my case, much later!

    I, too, nomiante Zoe’s drawing for the next t-shirt.

  46. hahaha, theo and aubrey. puns aren’t just for groan ups, after all. ;P

    and yes! tshirt #3!

  47. Silence Dogood says:

    Great picture! The resident 8-year old at my house also shares an interest in cuteology. He was intrigued last night when I informed him of the existence of So cuteoverlord and this drawing are on the agenda for tonight.

  48. Silence D — just to be clear, there *is* such thing as Cute Overlord (with an R) as well as Cute Overload (with the usual A).

    The yang to our yin:

  49. Normally I think that references to the next t-shirt design are thrown about with abandon, but in this case I heartily agree.

  50. T-shirt? ABSOTIVELY. I want to hire this kid to do the logo for my company!

  51. I kind of think that cuteoverloRd is kind of cute too. A fun little page. Thanks for the link, Theo!

  52. The more I look, the more I think: This kid is brilliant. Really good eye for the right details.

  53. Oops, that was supposed to be “nominate,” *not* “nomiante.”

    And hey, cuteoverlord actually has some truly cute pics, including some of the supposedly scary shots. (Like the one with the flying Yorkie.)

  54. Um, is that supposed to be cute?

  55. Kind of freaky looking. o_0 Love the caption though. XD “The eyes! I can’t bear it!” It’s a puppy, not a bear. The shape of the ears.

  56. Not cute at all. wtf??

  57. tabbycat917 says:

    it’s cuteusmaximus!!!

  58. I would buy this shirt. And this is the first time I have ever said that. Zoe will obviously do brilliantly at whatever career she chooses – unless she ends up working with lesser mortals who are threatened by her genius.

    Be careful, little Zoe – the world is full of mediocre people with bad attitudes!

  59. OK I guess the only people left visiting this site are those who see cuteness everywhere, Brie, Erin, Muffin, and myself. I think that is one damn ugly freaky lookin thing, and I don’t care whose wittle pwessis feelings get hurt by hearing it. Ya’ll aint doin that child any favors by pretendin shes a (gag) genius, its a tough world, especially for artists, get some lessons kid. If I drew that, and didn’t pretend to be something other than a grumpy yet wise old lady, would you call me a genius? pahh, lets keep our standards high here people. The world is full of mediocre people with lame nicknames who think they are great because people lied to them.

  60. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hey, gammer:

    She’s eight.

    Give her a break.

  61. Laurie C says:

    Looks like fairywench called it.

  62. For some reason, the haters of this pic disturb me more than those on “the thread whose name shall not be mentioned”.

  63. brak, laurie c, arbed, and others,

    you got it right. some folks either have “issues” to work through or are humorless/unsympathetic.

    to the Zoe-pic-dissers,

    whatsamatteU? the child is 8!

  64. I don’t think it’s cute. But it’s not a bad drawing for an 8-year-old. I do think it’s kinda pretentious to put this on CO instead of, say, Mom’s refrigerator, like most kids.

  65. It’s cute, she’s 8, I’m impressed, and all the asthetically-challenged haters on this thread should print this image out, fold it into a small and pointy triangle, and cram it into the area of their bodies most frequently used for stuffing their squinty little heads.


  66. Denita, LOL! God God woman, hilarious.

  67. Seriously, gammer & company. There are people more worthy of bashing than little girls you don’t even know. Like, wth. She did nothing to you. Why not leave your basement and tell somebody more deserving how much they ruin your life?

    I think it’s an awesome drawing. The caption is way cuuute.

  68. Go Learn How To Draw!!!!!!!!

  69. Dragonlily says:

    Nice drawing! A girl’s heartfelt homage to Meg’s masterpiece “cute overload” = CUTE.

    Haters of any ilk are definitely not cute. Some of you need to get a life.

  70. Charlotte says:

    It’s a good concept for an 8 year old, but the drawing isn’t good at all nor is it cute. Sorry. When you grow up, you’ll hopefully be an expert. ^-^

  71. My friend hates this picture. I can’t say anything about it….ok? I’m sorry…

  72. Heh, I so totally agree with Gammer. I just don’t see how you think it’s “cute”. The eyes are good, but the square-ish head is huge and lopsided. The mouth looks disgusting, the arms are skinny…

  73. …and it was drawn by an 8-yr-old, you moron, not Roy Lichtenstein (or even Stan Lee).