Joris and Joy

Joris and Joy, tuning in Tokyo [Holy ears!]


Arewegonnagettogooutside!? are we?! are we!? are we!?


Next, Joy steals a banana peel.

Is that Joris under the table!?


LOL, and great find, Kristine! ///GREAT PHOTOS, Kodash!/// Check them all out



  1. Oh, what bunnies! They’re adorable! It looks like they have a great time just hanging out, kickin’ it, and all that! They have caused me to overuse exclamation points!

  2. Good grief. The Bunny People are gonna freak when they see this.

    1 urban hipster, 1 urban hopster…


  4. Courtney says:

    Awww, cute funny bunnies! They’ve got some serious bunny shnozzles.

  5. LawyerofLeisure says:

    The elevated bun butt is making me laugh.

  6. BUNNEHs!

    and. am I crazy or does the bunny on the left-side of the 1st picture (Joris?) have something written on the inside of his ear? it looks like , looks like the letters: 2HU (?)
    2HU = to honk-shu
    i.e. time for a nap?

  7. Yeah, they’ve both got those “show” tattoos, looks like.

  8. Man, each looks like it would outweigh my two wee buns put together!

    Mariser, one of my buns has a tattoo in her ear. She was rescued from an abandoned breeding farm. They used the tatt for identification and record-keeping. Bah! Don’t get me started.

  9. what, pray tell, are “show tattoos”?

    /am I ignorant today, or what?
    ///fear it

  10. I’m in love!!!

    Toooo adorable 🙂

  11. Amy,

    thanks for the explanation re: ear tattoos.
    and yes, these are definitely well-fed bunnies. they also have wonderful coloring. such a sleek grey!

    good for you to rescue wee bunnehs! what breed are yours?

  12. Tiffany says:

    They must walk behind those bunnies w/a pooper scooper because I haven’t seen one drop!

  13. Erm I thought the ear-tattoo ID thing was to do with shows, like AKC dog shows, only with rabbits. It was mentioned before here:

  14. Hahaha! Wicked!!

  15. Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq. will be veeeeeewwwy aaaaangwy when I shove printouts of these photos in his face and go, “See? Bunnies are supposed to be NICE!!”

    And Tiffany, wabbits are quite good with litter boxes. Even Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq. 🙂

  16. Tony James says:

    ring ring ring ring ring ring ring…Bunn-anah Phone!
    Thanks, Jezabel – my therapy is now set back weeks! 😉

    Slightly concerned about the Eyes Of Doom in the doorway of the 2nd set of piks. Are these wabbits being raised by Jawas? Are they droids? Are we about to be overrun and snorgled (not to mention muzzlepuffed) to death by mobs of rampaging robot rabbits? Aaaaaaagh! (I wasn’t kidding about the therapy… 😉

  17. Laurie C says:

    The middle picture in the top row of the set of six? I glanced at it too quickly and thought “Is that an armadillo?”

  18. mariser–

    “good for you to rescue wee bunnehs”

    Any props to those of us who rescue ginormous beast bunnehs instead of wee ones? 😉

  19. constance says:

    …omfg. those bunnies are huge!

    thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!

    totally made my day!

  20. Ponygirl says:

    The other day I stepped out of my new apartment and was enjoying the warm sun on my face when I noticed what seemed like a crazy little dog frolicing in his yard. But wait.. that is one werid dog… it has huge ears.. HEY!! thats a bunny!.

    Yes it was a black and white bunny running around a fenced yard down the street. The neighbors have informed me its the Bunny house, and I love watching for another sighting.

  21. Arvay,

    good for you to rescue ginormous beast bunnehs.

    I meant no slight to bunnehs-of-the-not-wee-category: is just that Amy described hers as “wee buns” and I continued.

    hail to all bunnehs! and to their charming rescuers!

  22. Them’s some serious earz!

  23. TJ,

    I shall most definitely NOT thank you for pointing out the Eyes of Doom(tm) on the doorway.
    you sir, have caused me to recover long-repressed memories of “Donnie Darko”. and that is mos’ def’ not a good thing.

    my therapist may want to have a few words with you.

  24. mariser, Mt. Bumfus Grumphus Bunn B. Doofus thanks you for hailing him.

  25. Arvay,

    and I am honored. and terrifed. how big are those teeth anyways?

  26. w00t! Gray Rabbits.

  27. oooh! so perfect – such glorious coats! what breed are they, do ‘we’ know?? maybe Flemish Giants?? anyone???

  28. Laurie C says:

    Popeye, it’s actually pronounced “stuff them in my mouth” here on CO.

    (Maybe just a regional accent thing.)

  29. LOL at Laurie C. “regional accent” indeed.

  30. mariser, don’t be afraid! It’s just a widdle bunny kiss! A sweet widdle bunny who loves to cuddle-wuddle! Want him?

    *Furtively rewraps bandage over latest hare cut*

    And–those wabbits look like the wabbit equivalent of Weimeraners! Weimereiners! How the heck do you spell that? Weimaraners!

  31. LOL at Laurie C. “regional accent” indeed.

  32. I think that is Joy under the table! Joy you sneaky devil you!

  33. Arvay,

    yeah, right. you talk a good game, but I bet you couldn’t live without the love and affection of Mr. Bumfus Grumphus Bunn B. Doofus.

    and btw, have you thought of sending him to Law School? all he needs is a “Esq.” after his name.

  34. Oh, joy! bunnies galore – double trouble!

    l_l l_l
    *¡* *¡*
    ( ) ( )
    ” ” ” “

    Teho, you speak of “rabbit people” as if we’re from some other planet…. Maybe it’s you instead, eh?!

  35. Bunny stealing banana peel! That photo needs to be paired up with the lovely Desdamona aka Cookie Thief!

  36. My name is Joy, and I disapprove of Joris stealing that banana peel. I’m going to have to call this in on the…BANANA PHONE!!!

  37. *Has Stewie voice.*
    OH MY GOD.
    *End Stewie voice*
    I almost died when I couldn’t get on Cuteoverload yesterday.

    And the bunnies have very big ears.

    And they’re cute.

  38. Arvay, I had no idea that this bunn was *yours.* Kewl!

  39. Aubrey, the bunnies are liable to eat it 1st – they LUV bananas.

  40. TheLuna says:

    Mariser – giant buns *always* remind me of Donnie Darko! Herman gives me nightmares:

  41. English Chick says:

    that last picture vaguely (sp?) reminds me of that other pic of the bunny stealing cookies of a table

    soo cute! lol

  42. TheLuna,

    re: Herman “the German”


  43. E. Collison, where on earth have you seen Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq. before here? Has he achieved some sort of internet fame?

    And to mariser–RATS! Foiled again! I need to find someone else to foist him upon! Then his sister Millie and I can go get ourselves a NICE bunny to replace him. Hrrmph! *stamps feet* And he IS a nasty lawyer! He just doesn’t always use his title since he is so humble. He made me type that.

  44. OMG. Those are HUUUUUUUUUGE!

  45. Herman is a-freaking-dorable! He looks nice, too, unlike somebunny I could name!

    He’s like the wabbit version of a St. Bernard or a Newfie dawg! 🙂

  46. Holy Huge Happy House Hoppers!!!!!

    I think, maybe they might be New Zealands? But I don’t know if they come in grey (I know they can be white, black or “red”).

    Ear ID tats – yeah, for showing, or the whole, uh food/fur industry (yuck!)

  47. EC:
    Bananas and Buns? New catagory?

  48. schmooties!

  49. I thought I recognized these bunnies.

    Please give credit to the owner of the rabbits. Here is a link to her “Joris and Joy” Flickr photoset:

  50. Theo-I just know what my bun’s tattoo is for. These bunnies could have them for another reason.

    Mariser-The bun with the tattoo is a Holland Lop. The other is a Hotot mix. He’s a rescue too. I can’t take credit for rescuing either, but I am giving them good homes!

  51. oh my god. those are *clearly* the rabbits on which the bunny in the For Better Or Worse comic stip was based!

  52. CB, the bunny in FBOFW is quite similar to most members of bunnydom!

    Bunnies leap! Bunnies dance! Bunnies cause all kinds of twouble! 🙂

  53. The Guy Over There says:

    These must be those sorts of rabbits you can keep like dogs that some rabbit afficianados tell me of. I can see myself playing fetch with one of them right now.

  54. TheLuna says:

    I *hope* Herman is as sweet as a giant dog. He looks like he could do some damage if he wants to!

  55. hedgedog says:

    Joris? Joy? hopping together in frightful harmony?? romantically sharing a banana peel???… O_O good for those of us who like huge bunnehs, that means we are going to be embedded into bunnehs up to our armpits so very soon…

    Nyehr 🙂

  56. SO charming! Wonderful to see rabbits running around out of their cage!
    They are lovely.

  57. Ooo! Big bunnies! We wants to cuddle them, precious… yes we wants to…

    “Joris! Banana peel! Come here!” *snuggle*

  58. Driver B says:

    WOW those are big. I think they could eat my cat Fatty for breakfast.

    But I’m sure they wouldn’t – much tooooo cute for that!

  59. Buwahahahahaha!

    Methinks Driver B would make a great bunnyvictim! I mean friend! Bunny FRIEND!


  60. Linda,

    thanks for the link to Joris&Joy’s flickr stream.

    you guys! you GOT to see this picture! preferably with your schmoop by your side! !!!

  61. “E. Collison, where on earth have you seen Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq. before here? Has he achieved some sort of internet fame?”

    Arvay (wahine), I found a link to your page somewhere or other on another bunny page…

    Linda, Meg does give credit when she knows who took the photographs. My guess is that she’s rushing today due to leaving us all in need of a fix while she was partyin’ in NYC. Cool?

  62. “Bunnies leap! Bunnies dance! Bunnies cause all kinds of twouble! :)”

    So they do – and we love them for it!

    ( )
    ” “

  63. You are most welcome!

    I look at jan2eke’s pictures every day … she’s one of my flickr contacts.

  64. Linda: I see. I’m a huge fan of the bunny pic pools on Flickr, and have seen Joris and Joy before, too.

  65. I know Meg is great about giving credit, when she knows. She does an excellent job here and I point everyone I know in this direction!

    I just couldn’t see anything posted so I thought I’d toot janneke’s horn for her! I love her photos!

  66. Hee… I think teho has been masquerading (and trying hard to fool us) for many months now. How do I know this?

    Take a look!!!

  67. E to the C.,

    so now The to the O is a girl?
    wait ’til Jaye finds out!

  68. E. Collison, “wahine”?

    Are you also kama’aina?

    And–I just clicked through your typepad thingy. Cute moo snoot! Smoot! 🙂

  69. Hmm.
    [studies photo]
    [double-checks mirror]

  70. Arvay – nah, but my brother has lived on Oahu for so long that I couldn’t help picking up a few words ehre and there. (That’s tourists fer ya!)

  71. omg!! Are they real????

  72. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, now I have to delurk to show my baby, Anna Bunana, who from what I could tell looks a lot like Arvay’s. (A rescue found wandering a neighborhood, the HRS originally named her Anna Cupcake, but sweet as she is that name was just too…much…for me. And actually mostly I just call her Rabbit.)

    She’s a lover (major licker), not a fighter, unless you’re not human, and then all bets are off because this (by bunny mandate) is a one-pet household. (Seriously, if you’re another critter, you better run, or have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch handy.)

    First there’s her adorable (svelte) self when I first got her.

    Then the bunny discus as the way to her favorite location was blocked:

    Then the vanishing:

    Then the, “What? I’m not supposed to be in here?,” look of innocence:

    Sorry if that’s too many. I’m a proud mommy.

    P.S. She can’t fit under the console anymore because she manipulated me into feeding her everything she wants, and she’s now a little porker. You’ll notice at first she tried to thin the environment by whittling it down (and “removing” the carpet), but eventually even that didn’t work and she was forced to find a new, more accommodating favorite spot.

  73. WR,

    your Anna Bunana is lovely. I particularly like the “vanishing” pic.

  74. Yeah, the “vanishing” pic is great – I also like the last one, where she’s crawled and scaled and chewed and climbed to find the Holy Grail of Rabbitdom: the Oxbow Hay shipment! 😉

  75. Ms. Bunana has such a sweet little pink snoot!

    I thank you for the compliment, but neither of my beasties look much like your sweet girl. Mr. B. is MUCH bigger and has grey blotches and dark eyes and a perpetual frown. Ms. Millie has your girl’s coloring, but she is also quite rotund.

    I… ah… have NO idea how my beasties always end up on the round side.

    Here is Mr. B:

    Here is Ms. M:

    And for your extra doofus fix:

  76. Michelle says:

    Heehee Arvay. That pic where you’re smashin’ face with Bunn is teh awesome!

  77. Oh my God, I love these pics, but the pics by Warrior Rabbit and Arvay are just as prosh! Thank you for sharing. I want a bunny, but my Oriental Shorthair would NOT be happy…or even worse, she would be REALLY happy!

  78. I want to nibble their ears… *glomp*

  79. There’s entirely too much frolicking going on here.

  80. adorable! they look like cartoon characters! so fuzzzyyy 🙂 and LOVE the banana-snatching!!


  82. Arvay, I *LOVE* your bun-pics!!!

  83. Awww, thanks for your nice comments!

    I guess if you have to live with an ill-tempered beastie, his cuteness and ability to be made into a conversation piece are some compensation…

  84. BIIG Bunnys, litle furniture!

  85. The Bunaloons strike again!!!!

  86. 2HU?

    Buns on the far left has his inner ear stamped? Why?

  87. That sequence is great! It reminds me of when they have strobe lights at a club, and you get this mad dizzying freeze frame effect… (bunny disco) 😛

  88. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    It’s da flopsy bunnies

  89. Rafael,

    it is mentioned in the comments above, but basically the ear stamp/tattoo is either identification from a breeding farm or an ID form for shows.

  90. Kris, in New England says:

    OMG, bunnehs on CO, bunny links in comments – I’m in bunny heaven for certain!

    Arvay – I love the looks on the bunnehs – classic. I too had a grumpy bunneh named “Sable” – princess doesn’t even begin to cover her escapades and bunni-tude.

  91. Arvay: trust me, I know. As per my grumpy but oh-so-cute little bun. He’s a nuisance but I wubs him 🙂

  92. ShelleyTambo says:

    Ear tats are also sometimes used by vet schools to identify animals that have been used in training programs–or such is my understanding about some of the cats at our local SPCA.

  93. WOW, such ginormous bunnies! I had no idea!
    I am in love.

  94. Must obey the bunneh overlords of cuteness…. LOVING these guys!!!!

  95. Warrior Rabbit:

    Oh god, no, is that Jansen’s History of Art in the bg of the hay box pic?

    Whoa, it induced a sudden flashback to RISD Freshman Foundation art history–that class was pure hell!

    Cute wabbit, tho’.

  96. Patricia says:

    I am not sure, but I think these might be blue Flemish giants. I kind of rare color for the breed.

  97. warrior rabbit says:

    Ha ha ha, why yes it is Jansen’s. lol. But I liked my art history classes, though.

    In fact, looking at that pic, what I realized was that it might be a rabbit in a hay box, but it’s really me in a nutshell: words, art, travel, bunnies, messiness.

    She is an adorable bun, and today she served as my backup alarm since I guess I’d turned mine off — I woke up to rabbit whiskers shoved in my face (not an uncommon occurrence).

    Of course she pretends it’s all about wanting to be petted, and reciprocates with licks, but it’s really a “get up! give me pellets!” feint.

  98. can bunnies be toilet trained? i cant imagine them running around the house.

  99. warrior rabbit says:

    Yup, they sure can. Well, litter-box trained, at any rate.

    The toilet might be asking a bit much. 😉

  100. late to the party says:

    theo: you’re funny.

  101. These bunnys are SO HUGE!!!!

    Check out this cat:


  103. Haha, the first thing I thought was how much these guys resembled my Weimaraner, but Arvay took the words outta my mouth!

  104. where can you adopt one of these cute little guys???

  105. I think they are Flemish Giants, they look alot like my flemmy. And FG do come in grey.


  106. Lindavan says:

    These are the cutest rabbits I have ever seen. Would you tell me what kind they are?