Cat food vantage point

Ryan M. says ‘Mr. Buddy’ has a bit of an oral fixation…I see him and raise him a BEADY EYE FIXATION! I’ll also note this camera angle is nice for showing tiny ears.


Big slurps, Ryan L.M.



  1. kitty tongue schllluuuurrrrrpp

  2. lauowolf says:

    Great cat hamster imitation!

  3. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh my goodness, his nose is Translucent Pink! What excellent photography! What a CuteCuteCute Cat! Squeeee!

  4. Love the eyes.

  5. amelionaire says:

    Ahn, I feel like putting my tongue on the screen to feel the leetle licks!

  6. ahhh after spending the 6 hours in the ER this is so what I needed to cheer me up!! (because i am that much of an addict, that i come home at 3 am and check my email and cute overload)

  7. oh geez! this is exactly what i needed to be shaken out of my crummy mood.
    thanks cute overload! 🙂

    p.s. was anyone else having problems getting to the site today? every time i would try to come here, it would say the site had run out of bandwidth and was shut down. hmm. glad to see it’s back up though 🙂

  8. cafegrrl says:

    OMG, little ears, big ol’ eyes and the cutest little tongue – this is so adorable!!

  9. Woods Walker says:

    It must have been done witfh a fish eye lens to look like that. To those who don’t know what one is ask a photographer.-Woods Walker

  10. Prakash says:

    Hey Kitty you looking at me?????

  11. Shannon says:


    You’ve killed me.

  12. chibisalee says:

    As the food dish goes “OH GOD NOT AGAIN”

  13. OH just adorable! 🙂 Skaawweeeze da kitty kat!

  14. StormCat says:

    In a Daffy Duck voice…
    “THIS is a close UP? A Close up, you jerk, a close up!!”

  15. Wisefool says:

    Wow. Nice capture! Anyone know how this was done? I’m thinking either really short focal length or (as was said earlier) a fisheye.


  16. Gah! My boss just came by wondering why I was squealing in agony.
    That went off my cat cuteness charts.
    My head hurts.

  17. ROTFL’G, And LAUGHING, and laughing! What a way to start the day!!!!

    This is an EXCELLENT catch, regardless the lens–AND, I believe a ‘rule’ or two of cuteness employed?!?

  18. *thunk*
    sits up, sees the screen again

  19. i wish i was a cat food dish…

  20. tee hee! hilarious. he looks like my orangy kitty who likes to sit with his little pink tongue sticking out.

  21. glad i'm not a mouse says:

    Aaargh! Catzilla!

  22. glad i'm not a mouse says:

    Aaargh! Catzilla!

  23. glad i'm not a mouse says:

    Aaargh! Catzilla!

  24. glad i'm not a mouse says:

    Aaargh! Catzilla!

  25. glad i'm not a mouse says:

    Aaargh! Catzilla!

  26. glad i'm not a mouse says:

    Aaargh! Catzilla!

  27. msumissa says:

    SSSSchlurp! Ahhh, back atcha kitteh

  28. I can almost SEE the milk dripping off his muzzlepuff.

  29. Charissa says:

    Just like the food lil kitnums munched up, I’ve been eaten by cuteness too!
    (and what a way to go……..*sigh*)

  30. Tounge schmongue



    we were cut out of cuteness yesterday for good 6 hours. do u have ANY idea how hard it is to survive without any kitties and cuties?

  31. Oh my. Bright pink sandpaper goodness.

  32. Hard to live w/o my dose of Overload yesterday. So glad it’s back online. Kitties who are too anxious for food sometimes don’t keep it down for long. My Maia ate her breakfast and promptly deposited on the rug in the computer room. Of course I didn’t see it and stepped in it! Ewwwww! (oh the dark side of pet ownership!) Gotta love her anyhow.!

  33. All I can think is, this is what the mousie sees! Aaaaaaaa….

  34. Aelfwyn says:

    Feel that raspy tongue, and those tickly whiskers! Gorgeous kitty-cat, and I’m not even a cat person (sorry Theo).

  35. looks like my Roc when he comes inclose
    to lick my eyelid!

    I’m inspired to write a
    really bad poem…
    Teeny pert ears,
    Dilated marble eyes,
    pink pre-baby nose,
    rosy playdo tongue,
    puffy cheek chomp…
    I can almost smell
    the fragrant
    breath bouquet.

  36. Yay! The site is back up! Don’t ever leave me again! *wimper*

  37. spamabella says:


  38. oh my goodness he’s gonna get me

  39. GAH!!!


  40. Lillith says:

    I see this vantage point every morning when Polly the Cat gives me my good morning/get up and feed me snorgle.

  41. TheLuna says:

    Adrian, were you in the ER *because* of your cuteoverload addiction? 😉

  42. Waaaiii!!! This just made my day.

  43. Want to kiss the NOSE!!! Oy … sooooo cute…. must look away!!!

  44. Driver B says:

    LOVE! The juicy eyes, the extreme pinkness of tongue!

    I thought I would get some work done today, but instead I will be drooling over this beautiful baby.

  45. As I was staring at this picture, my eyes got wider and before I knew it, I was sticking out my tongue as well.

  46. YEEEE!!!!

    [au gratin]

  47. Oh holy jesus, cat tongues are just the cutest things ever.

    …Well, at least very high on the list.

    Urge…to touch tongue…rising…NGH.

  48. heheheh – I just made this my wallpaper here at work

  49. If you have eyes with a high shiny gloss
    There’s no arguement as to who is the boss
    Though your owner is bigger from him you don’t shrink
    You have no reason for fear, ’cause your tongue is so pink
    Sure, let him take photos right in your face
    You’re patient –
    You know you’ll soon rule the whole human race

  50. mariser says:

    “You know you’ll soon rule the whole human race”

    rule ’em, eat ’em, whatevs. is all good, is all good.

  51. Jay Fry says:

    Every time I look at this pic, I chuckle. It’s fabu. Of course it’s today’s ‘wallpaper’…!

    And… what a dedicated phototog. “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close up!”

  52. the tongue!!!! so perfect! sweet ‘n’ ruff kitty kisses!!!!!

  53. WOW do anyone remember Food of the Gods?


    [julienned, shoestringed, hashed, and browned]

  55. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “This is the last thing the big, fat, juicy moth saw.”


  56. wow… the BEF is seriously frightening here! xP

  57. teho: potatoes??

    …and so fall the Towers of Theo, before such a one as Mr. Buddy.

  59. ahahaha…that taters animation is GNYS.

  60. theo, where do you get this junk?

  61. oh man, lol

  62. Ariel — from TEH INTARWEB, d00d!!!

  63. PO-TA-TOES

  64. Laurie C says:

    The original mash-up.

  65. [snicker] Laurie C… except really I’d have to point out that this came first, as one of the sources:

  66. anthonyluva says:

    y hello little kittie. thanks 4 the close up on his nose