Tonka truck delivery

Hey, you know those baby mice you ordered? They’ve just arrived. [Beep…. beeep!]


Thanks for the delivery, ‘Cut It Out’!



  1. Constance says:

    OMG Finally, an update! and soooo worth the wait! OMG So cute. Can you bring one of these to me, please?

  2. Constance says:

    No, I mean it, seriously, I’m stuck studying for TWO exams in the AM and a truck full of baby mice would be everso helpful.


  3. Saint Stryfe says:

    So are these delivered by TEamsters in fluffy slippers?

  4. Tonka toys are Made In Minnesota. ☻
    I gather this is the Front-End Rodent Loader?

  5. eeeeeeeppppp!!
    i love mice!

    the cream and white ones remind me of my dearly departed Caramel. *sniff*

  6. Mices by the truck load!

  7. Michelle says:

    Awwww, teh lil skewbald and piebald meeses.

    ::glances around then stuffs a few in her mouth::

  8. constance says:

    *wacks michelle on the back*


  9. Espilonarge says:

    Mecies! n.n

  10. Shannon L says:

    I don’t understand how some folks can hate dees guys! 😥

  11. punkpie says:

    oh no you did NOT say “beep… beep….”


    Meg, I don’t know how you do it… *cackles with laughter*

  12. Heh! The mice are positioned just above the Uno-playing cat. Could they become the kitty’s game winnings?

  13. Bet they’re relieved they weren’t transported in a Cat.

  14. “Just sign here, here and here, and then we’ll bring you the rest as soon as you sign the other forms which we will send you…”

  15. Mice? The image filename is:

    So are they rats or mice?

  16. Those are lovely little mice, Ant! The orignal warm fuzzies.

    This pic makes me miss my own mice soooo much…haven’t been able to have any since my son was born 😦

  17. Wisefool says:

    I love rodents. Those look just like my rats did as pups. Nothin’ better in the cute world, I say.

  18. hrh.squeak says:

    Cutecutecute, whether meeces or ratses.

    I was in Petsmart once and a small rat started flirting with me BigTime, I wanted him so much but my stinkymean kitty (as opposed to my sweet baboo kitty) would have made his life Living Heck.

    Who’m’I kidding, if I had a bigger house I’d have a rat or two, a hedgie, a bunny or two, and dwarf hammies. And I would take One Million Pictures and send them all to poor Meg and drive her Nuts. Good thing it’s all a dream –

  19. “Why are we here?

    And, what are we doing?

    And, can we get down?”

  20. Danielle says:

    ewwww. I’m sorry, but ewwwww.

  21. Michele says:

    aww little mouses! that reminds me of last night, I was with my husband housesitting my moms house, and they have a mouse problem, and he saw one and was like “ah! i just saw a mice running!” I was like “a mice?” lol it was funny.

  22. A truck load o’ meeses! Beep beep!

  23. holy geeezz that’s a lota mice.


  24. Not so fond of the rodentia, but it’s still a cute pic! 🙂

  25. Those are definitely rats. I’ve raised plenty of these little guys in the past to know the difference. Big giveaway is the thickness of that tail. I don’t know any mouse with a tail that fat.

    oh, and..uh…’beep beep’.

  26. Wisefool says:

    SWEET! I thought they were rats!

    To anyone who is rat-squeemish, trust me. It’s only because you never got to know one. I was not sold until I got two little pups and raised them. They are smart, sweet, and VERY affectionate (they clean me when I come home).

    Rats – try them. You’ll like them.

  27. Laurie C says:

    Uh-oh. Rats or Mice? Dare we inflate this into a commentroversey of 1000+ posts? (Nah, don’t take the bait. Because it’s POISON either way!)

  28. I love how the rightmost mousie is moving so fast it’s blurry on its tail and head!!!

  29. snowball says:

    <:b )~~~ = :)!

  30. snowball says:

    arg! it didn’t show up! twas supposed to be keyboard version of rodent equals happy!

  31. Those are definitely baby rats. Anyone who has had a pet domesticated rat will tell you that they can be very smart and cuddly pets with tons of personality.

  32. Sal and StuinCa, I’m afraid to tell you that you both are wrong.
    I work as a manager at Petsmart and I see these little critters on a daily basis there, plus I’ve also had both rats and mice as pets.
    These little kewties are fancy mice, and not baby rats.
    Rats, even as babies, have more elongated bodies than mice do, and slightly longer noses.
    Either way, there sure ain’t nothing like a truckful of mouseys to start your day off 🙂

  33. “You’re one of those little fancy mice, aren’t ya?”

  34. [nervous scrambling sounds]
    *These* guys sense the yumyum dreams of snoozing kitteh.

  35. Kris, in New England says:

    I love all animals (except bats) but this is kinda creepy.

    Cute, but gives me the creepy crawlies….

  36. i think so, alice. in fact, i believe these meeses were conjured up by these kittehs:

  37. “Me me me!” say the dive-in kitties. “I call the toffee-colored one!”
    [wuh oh]

  38. Delivery of mice
    Delivery of mice
    On the AM priority run
    AM priority run
    UPS mixed the address mid-flight
    They weren’t on time, try as they might
    You never saw such a ridiculous plight
    Delivery of mice

  39. Aub — you could prolly do “Breeders of a Pack” too.

  40. Since no one else has it has to be said… “I love mieeces to pieces”… can’t remeber the cartoon but its the quote that keeps coming to mind! 🙂

  41. A Fine Morsel says:

    What lovely ears! So seashell pink!

  42. M- … Wasn’t that Ronald Reagan?

  43. *l* Not sure about that Theo… my original memory was a cartoon cat saying it, but hey cartoon cat… president… not much difference really!

  44. either Tom (of Tom&Jerry)
    Jinx (of Jinx, Pixie&Dixie)

    according to:

  45. T.,

    are you referring to Reagan’s Attorney General, Edwin Meese?

  46. hrh.squeak says:

    Mariser – heeheehee!

  47. Mariser (and M-) …yep. 😉

  48. Always wondered what was the collective noun for a group of little baby mouselings. Turns out it’s a “truckload”. Works for me!

  49. Jessica says:

    LIAR. Those are not the baby mice I ordered! I ordered at least three times that many!

  50. Oh thank heavens I thought they’d never arrive! *Cups baby mice in hands and SNORGLES*

  51. AWWW! Whiskers! … Gorgeous… little… noses! *gasp* swoon…

  52. Holy buckets of woodgie. Eeee.

  53. pistache268 says:

    I love mice!

  54. lauowolf says:

    The front one leaning over the other one’s ear whispering,
    “Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Brain?”

  55. …and Brain says, “Pinky? Only *I* may deliver that line. (And by the way, I’m over here.)”

  56. Yay! Mice make me happy….every day! Hooray! For mice, so cuddly n’ so nice! Mice! Mice! Mice!

    How many mice would YOU buy?

  57. THOSE ARE RATS! cute adorable rats! NOT mice! PLEASE don’t make that mistake! mice are so much smaller, and not as cute as little rat fuzzballs. 😛

  58. Mice, mice, MICE. I’m one, I should reconise others of my own species! Eak!

  59. mice are cute