Racktastic Adoption!

‘F. Skylar”s Dad has a license to raise wild animals at his house… Her "Rural Guardian" Dad has raised wild deer, baby opossums, several squirrels, and a couple of raccoons with a license.  Her Dad stumbled upon Rascal, a little screaming baby racoon who had fallen WAAAAAAAAY out of a tree… As if his cute ears weren’t enough, Rascal makes a cooing purring noise when eating. And if Dad is late with the mail, then there is a screeching…oh, the screeching!



Tail rings of thanks to F. Skylar… 😉



  1. ShelleyTambo says:

    They look so snorglable when they’re that young!

  2. Hey! A non-controversial rack! 🙂

  3. irish lucky1 says:

    So cute!

    PS- Yeah! #3!

  4. rocky racks?
    raccoons and boobs?

  5. ShelleyTambo says:

    Whoa…first a mini comment convo with Theo and then a first post. I feel like I’ve achieved two rites of passage for a CO commenter.

  6. Laurie C says:

    Shelley, you might get another comment from Theo for saying f**** p***.

  7. Rack-oon?

  8. ShelleyTambo says:

    OH NO!! Sorry, Theo!! I’m a relative newbie and still not totally up on the CO comment etiquette. Take pity on a native-born Minnesotan?

  9. Jessica says:

    AHH THAT IS SO CUTE. Why are all baby animals so gosh darn cute? It makes life so much harder for the rest of us!

  10. Cooners are *very good* at making loud frightening screeching noises…just ask any urban dweller who has heard them fighting 😦 Not a lovely sound to be serenaded with at night!

  11. heh… he blends in with the guys’ arm hair.

  12. Racoons RAWK!

    (Men’s racks… not so much.)

  13. Good idea about explaining that Racktastic has a license…otherwise, who knows how many comments the picture could rack *teehee* up.

  14. I love the paisley-shaped eye-mask…he’d make quite the fashion accessory.

  15. Actually…
    1) I am braintoast today
    2) The first comment under the post *wasn’t* in pet-peeve format. So, OK. I won’t make an issue of it if you don’t.
    3) See #1

    Oh, and
    4) RASCAL!

  16. reminds me of friends who had a kitten that *sung* while eating. prully because he enjoyed it so much..awwww

  17. muzzlepuff! squee!

  18. Probably it’s just me, but I think raccoons are one of the rare species in which the adults are cuter than the young ‘uns. This looks a leetle too much like an opossum. Maybe it’s just that the tail is thin and ratlike at this age. Muzzlepuff is good though. Oh well, back to the kittens!

  19. I love all Wascally Wacoons. Kind of dangerous, kind of sharp teeth-ish, but completely adorable.

  20. hedgedog says:

    little stylish domino!
    With “dad”‘s sturdy, hairy foreharm, it looks as one of the Beagle Boys is proudly holding his newborn pilferer!!!

  21. hrh.squeak says:

    Totally cute snout – must kiss –

    I love when you see the Racoon Parade in your backyard. But I must agree – the noises when they’re hurt or mad or Making Whoopee are just icky.

  22. SQUEEE!! I need one of those licenses.

  23. I think we’re better off going generic/general.

    Pec’s & Pets is pretty encompassing.

  24. lauowolf says:

    Looks as if he’s wondering where his furry mom went.

  25. Aw, he’s snuggling in that manly T-shrted chest/pecs/rack/man-rack/whatever and saying “are you my new mommy?”


  26. Racoons screech??? I feel like such a city girl, I had no idea… I just know that if there is one outside you leave him alone and he’ll leave you alone… oh and they can kick a cat’s ass… beyond that…. no idea… well that and they are cuter that those freaky possums

  27. GreenEyedHawk says:

    You know that crying baby noise cats make when they’re fighting or mating? Imagine that, but shriller and angrier. That’s what distressed raccoons sound like.

    That baby is too cute for words though. Kudos to Mr. Sklar(?) for being a friend to the aminals 😛

  28. KiMbObImBo says:

    What a cute RACKoon!

  29. chackler says:

    mooches smooches…

  30. Wow. Heh, I can’t even see the guy’s face, but holding little coonster, I have to call him cute too. Something about big strong male cradling and nurturing tiny fragile little life = gorgeous.

  31. Mammals and mammaries?

    Raccoons are many things – cute, smart, sociable… but yes, they make the Scary Noises.

    I used to live in Santa Cruz, where a family of raccoons had set up the fort in the yard of our converted Victorian. They were so bold as to actually walk into the living room late at night when we were watching TV and look hopefully at our bags of chips. Friend of mine once accidentally put a hand down to pet what she thought was her ginormous black/grey tortoiseshell tabby… and got the surprise of her life when a raccoon mrowled at her from next to the futon.

  32. Racoons are incredibly cheeky little fellows. One of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard concerned a coonster coming into the house and making off out the window with a bag of bread rolls slung over his shoulder like a little bandit, as he was.

  33. yes…I have heard that screeching….in my ceiling in my last apartment….and the scratching…the screeching and the scratching….me no likey raccoons…..nothing sends shivers up & down my spine more than raccoons or pickles near my food … nevermind

  34. Ooh, “Rascal” is one of the bestest books EVER… and this little poodaddle is ADORABLE!

    I hear ya, ElfOwl– manly men cradling the baby creatures = irresistible!

    And (o)possums aren’t cute; they’re even MORE evil than squirrels… and THAT’S saying something!

  35. Hey! Someone agrees with me: Squirrels are EVIL EVIL EVIL!

    Oh, and cure racoon.

  36. Oh, my God, BeckaJo… we’re like the last two people at the end of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”!

    NOBODY on this site acknowledges the truth about squirrel evilness– I thought I was all alone in my crusade. THANK GOD I have a compatriot.

    I don’t care how many adorable little sweaters they wear (and rabbits in Japan have been doing that FOREVER, by the way– it’s nothing new), squirrels are hateful little bastards second only to (o)possums, which are JUST as evil as squirrels, only they’re STUPID, too.

    So there.

  37. hrh.squeak says:

    Do you think things can’t be evil and cute at the same time? It only *increases* the evilitude! Beware the Skwerl, who will apparantly pelt you with pecans until you Acknowledge his Cuteness!! (He’s not smart enough to know that that will be approximately never, so duck.)

  38. Evil AND cute?!? Hmm… must contemplate the possibility…

    ::snacks on pecans::

  39. and now i want a raccoon. do you see what you do to me?
    it’s just not right


  40. Woods Walker says:

    When I was in elementry my older brother found a half grown raccoon. It was sort of a family pet though it was still wild. It had the run of the house so we were never fined for having a wild animal in our possesion. Unfortunately it came to an untimely end after eating fish caught in puluted water. The name we gave it was Rocky after Rocky the flying squirl,-Woods Walker

  41. Gary Fixler says:

    Wait wait wait… racoons get mail? BABY racoons get mail? If so, I want to send one a letter.

  42. Laurie C says:

    J.Bo, hrh and BeckaJo, I’ve been agitating for a Cute or Evil? official category for absolute ages now. Join me on the dark side!

  43. Yeah – what’s with the late mail?!

    Baby anythings are cute so they get taken care of. That’s the scientific reason. ;-P

  44. Laurie C says:

    finn, that’s great!

  45. Just in time for Father’s Day! Too cute!

  46. He looks like trouble with a capitol “T”! And speaking of squirrels … they are Devil spawn. Tree Rats. Smart and fiendish and sneaky. I would not care if they owned the haute couture of clothing. I have one squirrel that has learned that if he hangs on one end of my “squirrel proof bird feeder”, and swings up and down, all the seed will spill out. Sneaky cheeky buggers. He actually enjoys a good super-soaker soaking. Puts his little gray devil paws in the air and says, “Com’on … is that the best you got?!”

  47. Laurie C, I’d be all over it, but, seeing the subsequent post from finn:

    Who needs the recent remake of “The Omen” when THIS site exists?


    P.S. DH, clearly, you understand the insidious evil of squirrels; may we all learn from your wisdom and alert the rest of the world to their pernicious natures.

  48. my grandfather waged a life-long war against The Skwerl. he is gone but Skwerl remains.

    not fair.

  49. Valeria says:

    I’m so disappointed that no one has pointed out his very tiny ears!!

    When I was a kid, we would visit a wildlife sanctuary in Michigan and they had hand-reared two raccoons that would follow visitors around like puppies. We would pick them up and carry them. They were awesome.

  50. Now if the raccoons near me looked like that, I wouldn’t be so afraid of them. Unfortunately ours are large and bold and *mean*. We do also have evil squirrels, though here we’ve got gray and black ones, just to shake things up a bit. (On my college campus it used to be a subject of debate which ones were the ‘evil twin’ squirrels…)

    Oh, and dang. ‘Possums. So dumb.

  51. Theo Hater says:

    Hi, don’t you just hate it when lil’ trolls come back to haunt you? I do, ’cause Anybody’s is back with a vengance. So Theo Dubin huh? I’m going to make you suffer mi boy, I’m gonna make you suffer! I told you OI was gonna come back sooner or later, and you were even friends with me once, remember Hammy? The supposed persn who was me? It was, sorry to lie to you, but it had to be done to annpoy you and enjoy cute picturtes too, so, thanks, and good riddance to the freak cat lover Theo.

  52. TH,

    sure, sure, carry on. I’m sure Theo Dubin is shaking in his booties.

    /whoa , an internet bully
    //something we never seen before

  53. TH,

    of course, you could have been back anytime. is not like if this site ask for verification or moderates comments.


  54. Laurie C says:

    got spellcheck?

  55. Laurie C says:

    *freak cat lover and proud of it*

  56. I’m with everyone who thinks that a manly man snuggling (and likely snorgling) a cute animal is attractive… Imagine him baby-talking to the lil’ critter when nobody else is around to hear! Awwww… and all that 😉

    See fellas, this is one way to a girl’s heart. [giggles discreetly.]

  57. Laurie C — LOL, no doubt. (On both points.)

    E.C. — Why hide?
    C’MERE OO WIDDLE SQUIBBLE DOODLE! HYOOP! Floof upon de shoulder. (Teh 0wch.)

  58. …and J. Bo — “Poodaddle”???!?!! (Oh no you di’nt!)

  59. A man who can admit to baby-talking and snorgling a small animal *and* is unafraid to do it in public is My Kinda Guy. 😉

  60. Oh, I hasten to add that I know Teho is Taken! No moves intended, just commentin’.

  61. hrh.squeak says:

    Freak Cat Lovers Unite!
    My three cats have a skwerl that comes up on the deck and taunts them with much flourishing of tail and chattering of rude words. Boy, do they hate that.

  62. My folks have a 2nd-generation ‘herd’ of raccoons that come nightly for dinner…dog food & table scraps. They announce their arrival by standing outside the patio door & just staring in until someone notices and gets the chow. Last night, a young coon, a mom & her 2 babies visited. The babies were SO cute…like little fuzzy football-shaped vacuums. Mom was in a bit of an ugly temper, but her young friend will very gingerly eat from our hands. They are adorable, and so fun to watch.

    Opossums may not seem terribly bright, but they must be doing SOMETHING right, since they’ve existed since the Cretaceous period…146 MILLION years ago! They are definitely survivors, and have their own brand of cutness. Have ya ever looked closely at their forepaws? They’re shaped like stars!

    Squirrels are adorable, but their beauty lies solely in their fluffy tails, which they flip & twitch so becomingly. Once that fluff is gone, very much a big tree rat.

  63. oh ADORABLE!! 🙂 the purring is definitely the best part of the story 😀

  64. For all Cute lovers… read the true story of Rascal the Raccoon – “Rascal” by owner, Sterling North. And if you love that, then read “That Quail, Robert” by Margaret A. Stanger. Both are must-haves.