Late posts today

Hey Peeps! I’ve been partyin’ it up in NYC, USA at the Webby Awards and it’s been a HOOT. I’ll be sure and post pics ASAP. Meanwhile, today and tomorrow’s posts are going to be short and sweet, People!
It doesn’t mean I love you any less.



  1. Constance says:

    🙂 Have a good time!

  2. pics! we want pics!
    party ON!

  3. Some of us were beginning to worry…should we send out the paramedics? Or just a cosmo refill?

  4. Tony James says:

    Woah! You’ve been at the Webbies and didn’t tell us gothamites that you were here? What the..? What, frightened we would embarrass you by standing at the door of the Oak Room at the Algonquin and yelling “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” (cuz we would, you know – we’re like that 😉
    Let us know where you’re going to be tonight and we’ll bring a posse – the least you can do is buy us some drinks for getting you the webby!;)

  5. NICE!! Rock on, Meg! Full report and pictures PLEASE!!

  6. oh and TJ, I thought you were a British guy (dunno why). I stand corrected.

  7. Tony James says:

    Tink – I am, but am here temporarily (I heard Meg was going to be in town, so I had to come!)

  8. ah. That ‘splains it.

  9. have a rockin’ good time meg!
    remember: if you need bail money, you’re having too much fun!

  10. you’re HERE in NYC? aw, i want a CO meet-and-greet!!! squuueeeeee. lots of good places to snorgle a beer, if you don’t mind the bubbles.

  11. Lucky! NYC!

  12. Tony James says:

    Name a time and a place, Cheryl, and I’ll be there. Who else is there from here?

  13. Jamesonian:
    I wonder if maybe Meg already has her posse in NYC. I’m thinking that Roofees is in attendance there as well, watching her back.

  14. I wish me 😦 but unfortunately no esta possible.

  15. I *could* be there.
    / as soon as my flight lands
    //after someone buys me a ticket. 😉

    hoep you gothamists do get to do an S&S (Squeee&Snorgle). send pictures!

  16. hoep=hope


  17. Sounds like I’m not the only braintoast today…

  18. Well, just to keep everyone else going “nyyawwwwhhhh” i the meantime – i returned home from work today, to find 2 squirrels playing on the kids trampoline. Picture at the URL below.

  19. omg, rik, that is awesome!

  20. Tony James says:

    ba-DOING! 🙂

  21. Holly Kim says:

    Me! Me! I live in Brooklyn and would looove a meet and greet! It would be nice to see some of the human faces behind the cureness.

  22. Awwww, no fair! We need a CO meet ‘n greet in the middle of the U.S., say… Minneapolis!

    Meg, have a BLAST in NYC. Show off your Webby every chance you get!

  23. Awwww, no fair! We need a CO meet ‘n greet in the middle of the U.S., say… Minneapolis!

    Meg, have a BLAST in NYC. Show off your Webby every chance you get!

  24. I woulda hopped on the train if I’d known, Meg!

    Congrats and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. 😉

  25. hey tony and holly, hmmm, put your stalking, er, thinking caps on, where would meg be in the noncuteness capital of the world? think, think!

  26. Hey everyone – coverage starts at 6:30 tonight:

  27. lauowolf says:

    Or they could switch to aa CO Roadshow format.
    Travelling from city to city, interviewing all the local cuteness candidates.

  28. Awww…. I’m jealous… anywhere the tempature isn’t tiptoing near triple figures is my kind of town! *g*

  29. I’m with you, dash of M. Los Angeles will become freakishly hot in one or two months, and I’m filled with fear.

    Maybe a CO convention at the beach?

  30. party on girl…you deserve it…..congratulations for a job way over the top welldone!!!!!

  31. chackler says:

    Hope you are having a wonderful time!!!

  32. I wish I could go to a CuteO party and meet all y’all great folks!

    (Anyone else around here from Houston? Brian O’Neill’s in the Rice Village is my pub o’ choice . . .)

  33. I’m also in Los Angeles and I think a meet and greet here would be awesome!!!

  34. (I really need a travel budget.)

  35. me too

  36. B. Modern says:

    Meg, could you be more loved???
    Have a great time inthe Big Schnazzapple and get back home to California safe, sound and as cute as evah!

  37. hrh.squeak says:

    Do we ever have CuteOverload gettogethers in the Bay Area? That would be CuteTastic!

  38. North San Diego County at the moment (Chicago in my heart)… but I’d be willing to schlep up to L.A. if Cute fun were to be had…

  39. [Pouts] I wanna be in NY too! The best summer of my life was spent as a cocktail waitress there. (I still don’t get it – i was 20, too young to drink, but old enough to serve them. Confuse us brits why don’t you??)

    TJ – you do have an insane britishness about you. Son of python perhaps???

    Maybe we should set up a cute community? Just all live in one nice happy old town with lots of kittens and an otter river? I’ll even allow wah-wahs as long as they stay away from me?

  40. Meg – have fun, you deserve it!! Your dedication to spreading cute is impressive. And has resulted in my colleagues calling me otter-girl.

  41. To everyone on the Left Coast:
    This August.
    Ventura County Fair.
    Outside the bunny barn.
    I’ll be the one with the dark bobbed hair and cheap jewelry. See ya then!

  42. wow, you actually get to go to an award ceremony for it?? awesome! can’t wait to see photees. 😀

  43. Laurie C says:

    Aubrey – dark bobbed hair? Is your secret identity Emo Phillips?

    Anyone else out there from Toronto?

  44. Megtastic,

    I hope they lift you up on their shoulders and dance you around the room and make you Queen of the World.

    You’ve certainly saved my life on more than one occasion.

  45. mm.. Am I the only CO fan in Europe, Amsterdam? mm 😦

  46. Laurie C: I’m in Ottawa, but I know there are several from Toronto on this site.

  47. Jackie! Your fellow Dutchness dragged me out of my lurking status =O You’re not alone 😉

    Congratulations on the award! You, like, SO deserve it.

  48. displayname says:

    Awesome! Have fun!

  49. Laurie C: me!!! but I’m in the States at the moment… 😦

  50. arbed! i’m in ottawa, too!
    there should be a cannuckian meet and greet!

  51. Tony James says:

    Meg – congratulations on the Webby! Now look what you’ve started: you come to NYC, and everyone starts talking about getting together! Who knows where this will lead?! Looks like what we were talking about earlier, about the Presidential race, may come to pass – move over, Move On…this one will be decided but the Anerable Muzzlepuff Honkshu Ehn Otter Snorgle Brigade!

    Lilie/OtterGirl – Son of Python, Brother of Blackadder, and 2nd Cousin to Bill “Beardie Weirdie” Bailey 😉

  52. Bill Bailey – yay!

  53. mariser says:

    hey TJ,

    do you, perchance, have “a cunning plan”?
    if so, is time to deploy it to track down Meg on behalf of the AMH-SEOS brigade.

  54. Tony James says:

    Mariser – I’ve got a plan so cunning that you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.
    Reliable sources tell me that Meg and posse (or should that be pussy? Theo: Do You Know Where Mr. Bounce Is?) are staying at the Soho Grand. Now all we have to do is hang out in the lobby and yell “SQUEEEEEEE!” at everyone who comes past. The people who just ignore us won’t be Meg, the one who gives a look that mixes delight, fear, embarrasment, and “Oh my god, what have I created!?” will be Meg. Then we get her to sign the nomination forms (cunningly disguised as autograph books), and before we know it President Meg will be appointing otters with cheek-puff to positions of high office – WOO! YAY!

  55. Laurie C says:

    thinkie, when you comin’ back?

  56. you guys r silly says:

    * we are all sincerely really nice people !*
    * always nice talking with you guys — and giggling over your comments!*
    ( except for when the occasional troll wanders through…! )

  57. Laurie C says:

    TJ, you could also yell out “Moo!” en masse. The one who turns bright red would be Meg.

  58. mariser says:

    “…appointing otters with cheek-puff to positions of high office.”

    woot! does this mean that John Sununu is rejoining public service?

    also: “…a plan so cunning that you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel”

    that had me ROTFLMAO. I hope it comes to fruition. be sure to take pics of the delighted, fearful, embarrassed, soon-to-be-POTUS Meg.

  59. Tony James says:


  60. mariser says:

    P-OTTERS stand for?

    President OF The Thoroughly Elegant Racoon Seekers?

    sowry. on the fly. if you don’t like it, do one better!

  61. Tony James says:

    Patrician Of The Tewtelly Ehn Republic of Squee 🙂

  62. AuntieMame says:

    Ehn Republic of Squee! Ha!

    I’d vote for her.

  63. TheLuna says:

    Yea, another Texan (ElfOwl)! These folks have nothing on us when it comes to heat, huh? It’s supposed to be 101 in Austin today.

    Congrats, Meg!

  64. OK, folks, that does it! I am now officially hooked – I mean seriously – on CO! I first popped by a few weeks ago, and until this morning I didn’t realize how eagerly (yea, even tremblingly!) I awaited each new day’s pix. I am currently shivering with anxiety due to today’s Webby-induced delays, and only the many pix of my two pups (copied on my office ‘puter, to the chagrin of our tech support folks) stand between my current panic and absolute meltdown from lack of CO stimulation. Heeeeeeeeeellllllllp me….. (sound of me falling off my kneel-sit chair in despair)

  65. Tony, you live in New york too? I actually live a short subway ride and a bit of a walk from the Soho Grand!

  66. welcome to the matrix, grannymoon. are you to the point of desiring to put Cute Things in your mouth?

  67. Laurie C: I don’t know 😦 That is Teh Big Question at the moment. But I misses good ol’ T.O.

  68. Tony James says:

    Michele – you take the short subway? I used to take the short bus… 😉
    Yes, midtown east just at the moment.

  69. Chicago (the best city in the whole entire world) is as central as it gets… I’m a-thinkin’ that would be a great location for a CO get togetha.
    Jackie and Dori – I was married in the Netherlands… we love it there, so we have one foot in the NL and one in the US.
    Congrats Meg!! Can’t wait to see pics.

  70. …”welcome to the matrix, grannymoon. are you to the point of desiring to put Cute Things in your mouth?”

    Yes, Finn, I confess I’m rather partial to a light snack of cute-iosity whenever I need a little pick-me-up. It happened so fast – one day I was a dazzling urbanite, way too cool and shrewd to even notice bun-tocks, the next I’m a writhing goo-goo-talking cute-ness chomper. sigh…

  71. mariser says:


    I don’t live in Chicago, but wish I did. it is indeedy ‘the best city in the whole entire world’
    and a CO S&S would be an eminently good reason for a trip.

  72. The link E.Collison gave makes the whole Webby thing even more exciting and tres glam! Can’t wait for pix and stories (not to mention the next post o’ cuteness).

    Fellow Texan here, ElfOwl and TheLuna!

  73. Well..I was beginning to get worried! Have fun 🙂

  74. TJ: For a second Bill Oddie sprang into my head instead of Bill Bailey. Sorry.

    But did you not think the woman-hitting-the-other-woman-over-the-head-with-a-dead-wah-wah story was Basil Fawlty hitting the car with a branch combined nicely with the parrott sketch?

    Where in UK are you from?

  75. pistache268 says:

    Exceeded alloted bandwidth?

  76. Chicago is one of my favorite cities, too – mmm the food, the fun – as long as it’s not winter! 🙂

    [Rob Corddry, Thomas Friedman, Gorillaz… eeek! must tell all, Meg!]

  77. Rock on, MeggieMoo! Have a great time our side of the hill.

    Finn–welcome back, dearie! I’m eating a GF cupcake in your honor.

  78. Laurie C says:

    pistache, I got the same thing. I thought we’d overloaded Cute Overload. Foung my way back, tho’.

  79. . . . yikes! I did not realized exactly HOW addicted I am to CuteOverload until I tried to hit the site and got the Exceeded Bandwith message. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a fix!!

  80. How about a C.O. field trip to someplace fun?

  81. E.C How about the otter, owl and wildcat sanctuary near my house… in england…

  82. Piggalette says:

    Grew up in TX (oh how I miss it!), living in upstate NY but moving to NC next month. I could tewtally be convinced to attend a CO-Snorgathon. 😀

  83. congrats, your cute overload dot com forwarding is down.

  84. If we did have a CO field trip, it should definitely involve cute animals – somewhere like the Anderson House in a place like Chicago or England (!!) – or how ’bout inviting ourselves to Theo’s place to pet his cats? 😉

  85. I am much like Grannymoon, have been visiting the site more & more frequently, almost breatheless with anticipation of the up-coming cuteness!!!!

    I am currently making do with photos of 2 kitties & 2 guinea pigs on PC.

    PS – am in Melbourne Australia CO snorgle-fest welcome here anytime.

  86. Just spent all day offline at mandatory Corporate Values training. Wasn’t actually half bad as these things go, but y’know. Still.

    Meg’s still off Webby’ing, then? Guess I’ll catch up on comments…

    BTW, I know Zelda and BenPanced are Twin-Cities-area folks who comment a lot (and maybe ShellyTambo); anybody else in Mpls or St Paul?

    (TJ – Mr. Bounce is in the windowsill sunbeam next to me. Only his tail sticks out.)

  87. Woop — that’s weird.
    Has anybody else lost the CuteOverload striped wallpaper that usually shows up in the left & right margins?? I just have whitespace now, in both IE & FireFox.

  88. just checking……. plain white here too

  89. joodster says:

    CO field trip?
    I’m in. Will it be BYOSnorgle?

  90. Plain whitespace here too. No striped margins. Maybe they’re at the Webby’s too.

  91. Plain ol’ whitespace. Dang! And I actually *tried* to sneak a peak at work and got the exceeding bandwidth message. I nearly cried. 😛

    TheLuna, Trish, Pigalette, Howdy! You’re right about the heat, TL. Not so high temp in houston, but the MUG fills the air here. Was out at a couple of baseball games this past weekend and was dripping.

    Was worth it though! Go OWLS!

  92. AuntieMame says:

    I have one blue stripe, and a row of purple and blue dots. But not the yellow and green (?) stripes of yore.

    EO, I was at a baseball game last week, and I found out afterwards that the weather broke a temperature record at Coors Field. It was 97 degrees…

  93. Michelle says:

    All my candy dots and taffy stripes are in order.

  94. Tony James says:

    Stripes and dots, muzzlepuff for the use of, are present and correct at this time.

    Lilie – not familiar with the story you mentioned. Mind you, I fimly believe that Mr. Bailey was more prescient than he knew when he talk about being human slaves of an insect nation.
    Lots of places, but most recently LS4 – before than, NW10 and SW17, which is where I met the entity known as Mac The Cat, who appeared one night through the Tooting mists and moved in as if he’d always lived there. Who was I to argue? He doesn’t seem to have minded the move oop noorth – apparently the mice up here aren’t quite as streetwise (although they do have a penchant for flat caps), so they’re easier to play his own variation of Squish with (similar to squash, but messier). The rules seem fairly straightforward: grab the mouse with one paw, and swat the snot out of it. If it bounces off the wall or the step, it’s 1 point. When the mouse has come to rest, crouch no closer than 6″ from it. When it starts moving, let it run/stagger to the end of the path, and smack it again. The game ends when the swat results in dismemberment of the mouse, or a sticky patch at exactly the right place on the top step so that when I open the door to get the milk I step in it in my bare feet. I haven’t yet worked out a scenario where the mouse wins, but I’m sure it’s in the rules somewhere.

  95. Constance says:

    Oh thank God. Cuteoverload is back up!

  96. Tony James says:

    Theo – you might want to check to see if the rest of Mr. Bounce is moonlighting, and has just left a dummy tail poking out from behind the curtains…

  97. TJ –

    so what you’re saying is that when shakespeare said we were “as flies to the gods”, he was wrong because the flies ARE the gods. does that mean there will be a james and the giant peach style heaven?

    Your cat will change… he will start going out at night in winter wearing no coat. Then whenever he meets his mates they’ll all be wearing YSL shirts but in different colours. then when he says miah instead of meeeeaaaoooowww you know you’re sunk m’duck. (i’m northern but live on south coaast now)

  98. hrh.squeak says:

    This site is, indeed, totally addictive. I find myself checking twice a day! Yiiii! And it’s not just the great cute photos, but the sense of community that I love.
    Youall rock!

  99. Laurie C says:

    squeak, only *twice* a day? You don’t know addictive yet.

  100. TJ — that’s pretty funny. I don’t think there’s any relation here, though. Teh 0wch, you know. Not so healthy for inflateables.