Kitten Head

Teeny tiny kitten head, snoozin’ peacefully. Good night!


Teeny honk-shus to ‘Rollin Rags’. Niiiice shot.



  1. Poit! Teeny head! Teeny head!

  2. Do cats dream of electric mice?

  3. Aw! You can almost smell the kitten breath . . .

  4. want.. to.. pettt…

  5. makiono says:

    omg, that fur is so scrumdifillerous!!!

  6. It’s always so hard to come up with something original as a comment instead of just doing the usual (but inevitable) “AWWWWW!!”

  7. The teeny dark ears…the pinky nose…the pink lips! *melts off the chair*

  8. punkpie says:

    I love kitten breath too.

    It’s just so damn cute!

  9. Shannon L says:

    Hehe, sweetie pie.

    Though…I dunno. I’ve never been much fond of newborn animals, when they still have tiny heads and kinda look like aliens. Sorta cute aliens, but aliens nonetheless. xD

    This one gets an “aww” while giving a sort of scrunched face. Like awwwing at something that’s so ugly, it’s cute, lol. 😛

  10. I’m soooo high off the cute!

  11. “Whoa…did I just dream about a Tonka truck filled with mice? Gotta lay off those cat-nip hits right before bed…”

  12. StormCat says:

    I love Kittens, although not so much at this age…Oh yes, they are cute, no doubt…But you can’t play with them a whole lot… I like them when they get a little older and they start doing the “crab walk” and running all over the place…

    Sooooo this little guy/gal will start to play shortly…I’ll wait…

    *taps fingers and hums to herself as she waits for the little darlin’ to grow up a little*

  13. It’s so sweeeeet, my teeth hurt! It looks like it just finished eating a cherry popsicle.

  14. Four weeks old?

  15. Svenster says:

    O.M.G! Probably sleeping on mommacat as well!

    I can’t help finding him a spitting image of Jean-Luc Picard:
    but with his eyes closed.

  16. *kisses tiny kitten nose*
    (ever so gently)

  17. I love pink noses.

  18. i love kittens at this stage! their ears are in the wrong place, their eyes are still sealed shut, nature gave them strong forearms (like little popeyes), whiskers, a sense of smell, and not much else. but they can hiss! i have raised hundreds of orphans of this age, and i think it is the most calm time… when they start to walk around-its all over…

  19. pendlerpiken says:


    good one! *lol*

  20. hrh.squeak says:


    I want video when he starts to do the “crab walk” – good one, StormCat!

  21. [jealousy]

  22. Elizabeth says:

    I suppose that I’m the only person to whom this kitten head looks like it’s not actually attached to the rest of a kitten? That sentence made no sense. Disembodied kitten head on a pile of fur! Creeeeeepy! That’s what I meant.

  23. *Waaaaaawwww*

    Sweet little pinky kitten nose.

    Aaaannnd–Another one for the “Heads” category!

  24. Aww..little round head. Tiny forehead kisses to that baby.

  25. HRH.Squeak – it kills me when they do that crab walk thing… It’s like the front half and the back half want to go at different speeds, so they’re walking sideways and hopping at the same time!!

    What’s really funny is when the older kitties do it..If you catch them at it, they’ll look at you like “What?!”

  26. the amazing zipper girl says:

    Exactly. Like “Whaaaaat? Stop loooooking at meee. Is no my fault that i can no walk like normal kittykat.” I don’t know why I gave him an Italian accent. Whatevs.

  27. Perfect, wonderful, little nose, little eyes not open yet. Too marvelous!

  28. Michele says:

    aww hes all wrapped up in the mama kitty. but its a little bit weird because you wonder if it has a “rest of it” like that one photo of the puppy with a ribbon and hello kitty blankets…

  29. Trying to identify what part of the mom cat is curled around this baby — not having too much luck! An arm? Her tail? Safe in mommy’s tail, lol!

  30. ear:head, looks helpless, eyes level with nose, big forehead …. trifecta? Honk-shu!

  31. aww that looks so comfy. I want be there instead of going to work : p


  32. Laurie C says:

    The whole scene looks kind of like it’s been rendered in marshmallow. I love marshmallow.

  33. TwoShedsJackson says:

    I’ve never felt the need until now but…squeeeeeee (but very quietly so as not to wake up teeny fluffkins)

  34. Stephen says:

    Hmmmmm…. is it just the kitten head sleeping… or is there a kitten body attached somehow???

  35. Lillith says:

    Kitten Head
    Kitten Head
    Roly Poly Kitten Head
    Snorgle them

  36. I love to see a kitten at this age… its the only time you can fit them in the palm of your hand and wonder in awe at what they will become. Is this the calm before the storm, the preview to many more nappy times… what will this little baby be?

  37. I’m seeing circles and triangles! Fluffy circular face and purrfect triangle ears and mouth.

  38. Tony James says:

    Is it wrong to pick them up at this age and put them on their back in the palm of your hand so their widdle legs paddle in the air and they make tiny cute mewing noises while MomCat looks on anxiously?

  39. Very much the kitty version of this picture! Well, minus the bow.

  40. TJ,

    yes. yes, it is wrong. let’s never to speak of this again.

    it is, however, not wrong, when they are this age, to pick them up and put them in your mouth. 😉

  41. Tony James says:

    Mariser – we don’t gnaw on our kitty, though… 😉

  42. Laurie C says:

    No, TJ, you’re right, because it brings any number of nasty comments out of the woodwork.

  43. who said anything about gnawing? no, no, putting a kitty in your mouth is just a way of gauging their growth rate.

  44. TJ, Mariser, LC – let’s not argue, even in fun! You’re ALL pretty!

    Anyway, it wouldn’t be gnawing, really – just whittling
    And the kittie wouldn’t mind, because he, too, is wittle.

  45. Aubrey,

    am I pretty? really? RREEAALLLY?


  46. and just like that, an incipient flame war is extinguished by Aubrey.

    /see, folks in-thread-whose-name-cannot-be-spoken: this is how is done.
    //and save approximately 1045 post-energy equivalents.

  47. Laurie C says:

    No flames ever intended. I *loved* mariser’s “putting in mouth” comment. I can just see her, mouth full, guilty look on face.

  48. No knawing, just nahm nahm nahming…. 😉

  49. Laurie C.,

    no worries, I figured you were “jus’ sassing” along with the rest of us. and you are *almost* correct with your visual, except one teeny-tiny detail: is mariser’s SO, standing there, mouth full o’ kitteh, guilty look on face…

  50. *mini snorgles*

  51. lauowolf says:

    Speaking of animals in mouths.
    (Not a sentence I get to use much)
    I once had a cat who came up to me looking unusually smug.
    It took me a while, before I spotted the mouse tail coming out of the mouth.
    I guess she was just gauging its growth rate…
    (and awesome work, Aubrey.
    We should get you a little fireman’s hat.)

  52. If I get a little fireman’s hat – I’ll look very sporty I’m sure, sitting at my desk with it on – could I also get a dalmatian puppy?

  53. Tony James says:

    Lauowolf – it’s not widely known but scientific studies have shown that but a live mouse in the mouth of a live cat actually prevents it from growing any more – sort of a bonsai mouse.

  54. you guys r silly says:

    Is it *wrong* to giggle at the thought of someone
    a wee little critter in their mouth???

  55. ManekiNeko says:

    I really, really want there to be a “Just Heads!” category.

  56. Laurie C says:

    Ha, mariser, you just ratted your SO out. Er, moused him out. Oh, nevermind. That’s a debate for the previous pic.

  57. Tony James says:

    but = putting in the previous post.

  58. you guys r silly says:

    (like a wee kitteh head — or a front loader full of meesies — or a handful of gold prospector hammies…?)

  59. mariser says:

    no, not wrong at all. dog knows i’ve done it plenty of times.

    laurie c,
    neither. I think I kitened him out (he claims only kittens). I hope the mouse v. rat argument in the other thread doesn’t go nuclear. while meeses and ratties are *somewhat* cute, I’ve spent as much time as I cared looking at them on that thread. done for the day.


  60. [pout]
    …nobody’s said *I’m* pretty.

  61. well. mrbounce is certainly very handsome. black-cat-whose-name-I-don’t-know is quite the looker. and the human-shaped-couch in which they are lounging is…kinda…quite “interesting”

    /interesting hat, fer shure.

  62. Theo, your photo bowler-ed me over.

  63. Ummm….somehow I have a time telling a guy “you’re pretty”… if it makes you feel any better Theo here ya go…
    (Franch accent) You stud muffin you….grrr… you make all zee female kind swoon weeth your masculinity…you with zee rippling muscles and animal magmitism …just look at dee pic there are two …count them TWO cats stuck to you even!!!

    hehehe… THATS how you complement a guy…

    Now on other question speaking of animals and mouths… does anyone else have a cat that MUST sniff your breath…drink, food… then your breath after the food is gone or is it just my little freak?

  64. [brightens]
    Yes, I was wearing my Ralph head that day. It’s a particular favorite of mine.

    The black cat is Spot the Satisfactory, a former momcat. And while you can barely see it here, she does in fact have a spot (though probably due to some kind of pre-adoption injury).

  65. EmDash — Spot is weird that too. Minty toothpaste is also a very interesting smell, apparently. (Catnip is in the mint family; maybe Colgate is close enough?)

  66. The cuteness is almost UNBEARABLE!!

  67. Theo, I just *love* your kitty names.

  68. Laurie C says:

    Aubrey’s fireman hat, Theo’s bowler, it should be hats all around today! Does anyone have one that says (pint)Lion Tamer on it?

  69. Man of my dreams! Who knew Ralph was a cat person? 😉 True, though, Mariser, his Venus-pose *is* um “interesting.”

  70. Laurie C says:

    (we could plunk a hat on the kitten head, too. I see him in a fez. Photoshoppers?)

  71. LOL, Theo, any chance of you wearing your Colin Firth head today?

  72. LOL Laurie… hmm, I have that houndstooth “blues hat” somewhere, left over from the otter-shop a while back. Wrong angle though.

  73. Thank you Theo… the great Altoid mystery is now solved… Chyna goes NUTS after I eat one of these… now I understand why. I actually stopped eating them around her becuse while I love my cat, she is a little too obsessed with Altoids … little freak that she is.

  74. to one of ours cats, Hank, the smell of toothpaste is disgusting. she enjoys giving kitteh kisses except right after we’ve brush our teeth; she recoils in horror and disbelief at getting a whiff of minty freshness.

    OTOH, she’s never had catnip. what she is passionate about is pop-tarts(tm)

  75. OMG Laurie, I tewtelly see this kitten on a fez. sorry my ‘shopping skillz are rather lackluster…

  76. Now I wish I had an hour free for shoppage. Firths in fezzes for everybody!

    (Actually Alice, I’m fresh out of Firth; will some Fillion do?)

  77. Laurie C says:

    mariser — He would be the Littlest Shriner.

  78. Ok, one of my kitties likes popcorn, and another kitty likes avocado with balsamic vinegar. Beat that!

  79. Nothing could be finer
    Than to see a Little Shriner
    In the morrrrning…

  80. My my Theo! don’t you look dashing in your sporty new head. Ooo lala… and the bowler. Rrrrr! hubba hubba.

  81. As long as the name starts with an “F” to go with the fez. 😉 Firths, Fiennes, Fillions, Farrells, Fondas in fez – can anyone say that twice as fast?

  82. Diane N says:

    Theo, if Alice doesn’t want Filion, I’ll take him!!

    And, apropos of nothing, dontcha just hate it when the last tiny crumb of chocolate falls off your Snickers bar and gets stuck between the keys of your keyboard, necessitating the use of a straightened-out paper clip to lever it out–and then it falls on the floor??!!

    I’m just sayin’.

  83. hrh.squeak says:

    Theo, you’re not pretty, you’re “bonboncito”. (An Argentinian expression for a guy so cute he’s like a bonbon.)

    Lilith, I love the fishheads song, now it’s even better! Yay!

    Diane N., did you ever hear the Irish legend that says that at Judgement Day, you will be put head down in a barrel with all the liquor you ever spilled in it, and if you drown, to hell wid ye? Something of the same should apply to wasted chocolate. I loove chocolate.

    My stinkymean kitty loves my Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap, but I always rinse it out of the sink fast, ’cause she wants to lick it and I’m pretty sure that would make her sick. Anyone know for sure?

    Kitteh in A Fez! Yay!!!

  84. HRH — “Don’t drink soap! Don’t put in eye! Dilute! Dilute! OK!!!!”

  85. When will we see a new pic today? Don’t mean to complain… but, I’m just saying…

  86. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, Theo, you’re bonboncito and clever too! *swoon* (looks around nervously for Jaye)

    The Dr. Bronner label is great reading when you need a giggle, isn’t it?

  87. Michelle says:

    catnip is in the mint family? Because I had a cat once that ate bengay and went CRAZY running around like a lunatic and I never put the two together. She was fine, by the way.

  88. Current cat hates mint but my previous kitty would try to shove her whole head into my mouth after I brushed my teeth. And don’t get me started on the peppermint foot cream from the Body Shop – why yes, I *am* ticklish, why do you ask??

    Current kitty likes to lick my skin after I’ve put on a lotion I have now made from orange and sesame. Go figure because he is no fan of citrus.

  89. Laurie C says:

    arbed, I had the same thing with the peppermint foot cream. And one of my cats likes the coconut-lime lotion I have now.

  90. I know what you mean, Diane N. – that’s why I use tape to get things out of my keyboard 😀

  91. hehe I get ticklish just thinking about cats and lotion.

  92. one of my cats adores doritos. i cannot eat them in his presence, or else he just divebombs the bag. He’s also fond of trying to pull my bowl of cereal off the table. and sticking his head in drinking glasses so the rim get full of fur…

  93. Kariboo,

    the last of our comment gave the cat away. is Oscar, ain’t it?

  94. doritos… i have a cat that will do that to tostitos, no other chips, only tostitos…

  95. LOL it is indeed oscar. he’s one weird cat.
    the only weird thing that isis eats (drinks?) is the water that i rinse my paintbrushes in. Does anyone know if acrylic paints are really bad for kitties?

  96. Yup… same little freak that loves Altoids also loves corn chips…. must be a cat thing…

  97. karibook, she likes water with *plastic* in it? Weird, weird, weird…

  98. KiMbObImBo says:

    The kitten looks so sweet!!

  99. chackler says:

    I love his wee little ear in the background.

  100. i know, weird, eh? i shoo her off when i can..
    update: oscar just ate some toasted coconut…oh crap..and he’s going back for more..excuse me!

  101. Yes, catnip and mint are quite similar and cats will go for both. I also have a cat who likes it when you brush your teeth – and my parents have a cat who will dig mint-flavored dental floss out of the trash to chew on and play with.

    My one cat also loves bleach, but that’s a different story. Wierdo.

  102. “My one cat also loves bleach, but that’s a different story.”

    So… what color was this cat, originally?

  103. My daughter and I just let out a collective “AWWWW” at this photo! Too precious! I just want to nuzzle that little baby!!

  104. caroline says:

    Pinkey nosey!

  105. ohhhhh…. *gently kisses pink nosie*

  106. Gardens says:

    Widdle widdle!

    arbed – I have chocolate strawberry smelling lotion that my kitty likes to like off my arms. In fact I like to lick it off my arms too. But that’s another post. Maybe in fact a whole ‘nother website.

  107. they are lovely and cute

  108. they so cute and nice and tiny and lovely