Stop the insanity

OK, that’ s IT! I’m starting a ‘Cozies’ category. This is absolutely TOO much. Who dared knit a squirrel sweaer much less GET IT ON A SQWERL? Who dared! Holy Nuts,People. I bet it was the tree sweater woman.


I agree, Linda, it hadta be hand-raised…




  2. LOL now imagine the skwerl in the tree, both wearing sweaters!

  3. That is amazing…absolutely amazing…

  4. actually, the sweater is crocheted.

    (yes, I’m a geek)

  5. WOW!! I love it! I rilly rilly do!
    (I can’t imagine getting one of these on a Wildlife Rehab skwerl – LOL)

  6. The Guy Over There says:

    Honestly: a knit cap, a tiny quiver, and a little bow. That’s seriously all he needs to be a character from “Redwall.”

  7. But Liz — it’s only a top…

    (no geeks here, nuh-uh, not me nosirree)

  8. I call photoshop.

  9. He’s cute. When I was a kid I wished I had one as a pet, but I’ve learned better! 🙂

  10. Hm is it just me or does it seem like the squirrel will break into a chicken dance at any moment now…


    He looks frightfully distinguished. “I say, old chap, wot about a spot of cricket?”

  12. Très adorable…

  13. Liz is right, it’s crocheted. It’s still insane.

  14. Laurie C says:

    Cats dressed up always look put upon. This little guy looks all “How cozy, that certainly takes the chill off!”

  15. He actually looks like he’s smiling, he’s obviously quite pleased with it.
    I bet he’s the envy of all his squirrel buddies!

  16. chunkstyle says:

    I want to whittle him a little pipe and get him a professor briefcase.


    I have seen it all.


  18. I lol’d when I saw this pic – hilarious!!!

  19. This is screaming to be made into a “I don’t know what you’re talking about… so here’s a squirrel in a sweater” gif.

  20. I agree with Zelda– having worked in wildlife rehab, I know from experience that squirrels bite like the damned. I want to see a video of this sweater being put on the squirrel, and I want to know how long the sweater-applier was in the emergency room/casualty ward afterward, and how many pints of blood and stitches it took. I don’t think even many tame squirrels would put up with that. And WHY? Was the squirrel shaved? Unusually prone to chest colds?

  21. Lillith says:

    He’s smiling!! MOTHER OF PETE!!

    He just needs to be sipping a teensy cup of tea.

  22. He looks like he’s in a muscle-man pose:

    “Luukat my bulging pectoral muscles.”

  23. TheLuna says:

    He *so* needs a little old man cap and a walking stick!

  24. SUSAN: No. sqwerl wos just a fashionable bloke, yeah?

  25. ereshkigal says:

    Look at his feet, People! For God’s sake, look at his feet!




  27. skwerlzskwerlzskwerlzskwerlzskwerlzskwerlzskwerlzskwerls

    Everyone go talk to Tufy, now:

  28. Per the “this is an Engrish gennelmun skwerl,” he/she *does* have a very Beatrix Potter look… P’rhaps it’s Squirrel Nutkin as a retiree?!

  29. Leilani says:

    OMG, that’s too much! As my husband’s Timneh African Grey parrot would say, “Oooo, see the cute little skwrrrrrrrrrrl?”

  30. Sorry, Anna the Idle R. Blank-o mind…

  31. I think I scared Tufty.

    Me: Would you like to wear a sweater?
    Tufty: I am not so sure I would like to wear a sweater.

  32. He IS SMILING!! He’s proud of his new sweater, methinks.

  33. Brain: Pinky, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    Pinky: I think so, Brain. But where are we going to get a squirrel, a squirrel sweater and a tranquilizer gun at 3 in the morning?

  34. I suspect Photoshop as well. It’s cute for sure, but even I can “dress” some cats I have never seen in person…

    Cat in Spats, and other Photoshop wonders:

  35. Michelle says:

    Is it possible that this squirrel has been taxidermied?

  36. sunnykat says:

    hey! he’s missing some pants!

    how cute.

  37. That cozy fits that squirreley to a tea.

  38. I got attacked by a squirrel once. I might not have minded so much had he been wearing a leetle sweater.

  39. animal mommy says:

    he does looks like he’s smiling! that is so FREAKIN’ cute! all squirrels probably wish for cozy sweaters in the winter.

  40. Okay, I’ve changed my mind. What I really want is to find out what the person who sweatered this squirrel eats for breakfast, because I think I could use some of it. Like that “Tiger’s Milk” stuff– I want to know what the person who milks the tiger eats.

  41. He can’t be taxidermied, he looks very alive. He looks as if he’s smiling! Aw so snug.

  42. prolly a pet squirrel.

  43. Hmmmm.. I don’t think it’s been photoshopped. Look at his little fat neck – it’s being squished up a bit from the turtleneck. Ha ha!

  44. “I think I scared Tufty.”

    Good! he’s a complacent lil’ son of a gun, and needs a good shaking up every now and then. Thinks he’s God, y’know. (I hate to refer you to the posts where he’s quoted as saying so, since….)

  45. Hey Photoshop People —
    Why don’t YOU try it, and get back to me?

    ♥ Thank You ♥

  46. joelsephus says:

    I agree, he looks very british. “I say, it is a bit nippy out, what?”

  47. Me: how’d they get a sweater on the skewrl?
    Tufty: carefully.

    (arwo-i too have been attacked by one. it got over excited about the peanuts i was feeding it and thought my finger was a nut. *chomp* luckily, skwerls cannot carry the rabies virus.)

  48. See, if a skwerl will sit still to take a drink from a water fountain (, one might just condescend to be dressed up in a wee snug sweater… (if it’s been hand-raised, of course, cf. Meg and the sender-inner of this pic.)

  49. “Me: how’d they get a sweater on the skewrl?
    Tufty: carefully.”

    kariboo: when Tufty starts making sense, it’s time to run for your life!!!

  50. hehehe E.C. – if only we could grab that lil’ Tufty and push a sweater over his head!

  51. He just said he would so *not* want to wear one; also that he wears Doc Martens on his feeties.

  52. Oh c’mon, y’all. There is no way that is not Photoshop.

  53. Me: how’d they get a sweater on the skewrl?
    Tufty: carefully.

    (arwo-i too have been attacked by one. it got over excited about the peanuts i was feeding it and thought my finger was a nut. *chomp* luckily, skwerls cannot carry the rabies virus.)

  54. kariboo: Oh, well, “my” squirrel just fell out of a tree..onto my face. I’m glad about the “no rabies” and all, but I could have done without the cheek scratches.

  55. how did i manage to repeat myself?
    how did i manage to repeat myself?

  56. Marvey wee knitted sweater. And I’m sure he’s got a posh house. Definitely has ‘cable’ TV.

  57. M (not EmDash) —
    Oh well since *you* say so, I suppose that settles it.

    (OK OK… I’ll stop with the ‘shopper stomping.)
    (For now.)

  58. Skwerl sweater . . . or bondage gear? I swear, all he needs is a teeny cat o’ nine tail. . . .

  59. Looks like this skewrl is about to jump on a bike.

    (Harley Skwerl anyone?)

  60. fawn lust says:

    oh, that’s just unreal.

  61. awwwwwwww the SMILE!
    and the way his little tail is draped up his back!

  62. toddspal says:





    check please america…I’m done

  63. im not sure bout hte smiling on the bloke looks more like he is contemplating world dominance to me…
    but if that thing is photoshopped someone had WAY too much time on there hands… hmmm any checked out the ultimate cat fight on ebaumsworld yet?

  64. I dunno… looks like he’s smiling???

  65. He needs some sort of purse or knapsack for his nuts…FOOD nuts, get your mind out of the gutter people!… his leetle paws are all ready to hold one.

  66. correction… anyone with enough time of the desire to knit/crochet etc something for a squirrel to wear has way to much time on there hands much less to photoshop it

  67. That_Annoying_Kid says:

    OMG,i just died from cuteness

  68. recatundra says:

    Okay, for everyone who thinks its shopped because you can’t possibly dress a squirrel, I present to you sugar bush squirrel:

  69. Gott in Himmel! If that isn’t the most incredibly smug-looking, sweater-wearing, world-dominion contemplating skwerl I have ever seen. It nearly chills my blood, and then…he is so cute. Do you s’pose the reason my pecan-pelting skwerls don’t wear sweaters is that I live in Florida? P’raps they’d like a pair of home made surfer shorts…

  70. I feel like the sqwerl is going to tell us a very important moral in a moment.

    Right after he fixes up some hot cocoa.

  71. Laurie C says:

    re: too much time on their hands

    ‘Twouldn’t take much time at all to make a squirrel sweater, they’re so small. There are only about a dozen rows of stitches in that whole thing.

  72. This must be a case of the big photoshop…but other than that…it’s damn cute…hahaha post nr. 100..

  73. Sqwerls in sweaters do look
    Quite like they’re reading a book
    Bless the soul who did knit
    And made sqwerly to sit
    For the beautiful photo she took

  74. Something tells me that getting a sweater on a squirrel as opposed to a penguin with a pointy beak wouldn’t be too impossible.

  75. wonder what squirrel with whsikershire sauce would taste like

  76. All I was doing was trying to find a nice Beatrix Potter Squirrely illustration, but instead I found this…!

  77. LazyLawyer says:

    Chihuahuas and squirrels in sweaters are an important and meaningful part of my day. Can we please have an animals wearing clothes subcategory? If we get one, I may be forced to send in a photo of my little friend Pico De Gallo wearing his leather jacket.

  78. I have all of the Beatrix Potter books — and Old Brown the owl used to scare the bejeebus out of me when I was little. I always shuddered at the picture of Old Brown holding Squirrel Nutkin by the throat! EEK!!

  79. Aubrey,
    If you want a BP squirrel, you search Squirrel Nutkins. If you want a hedgie, search Mrs. Tiggywinkle. For a duck, Jemima Puddleduck. I could go on. And on. Any questions?

    I think ‘ShoppeJockies don’t believe in The Cute…

  80. I was thinking of multiple skwerls when I wrote plural Nutkins. so sowwy, Bea!!

  81. Dave: about having too much time on their hands – that’s only a few minutes work for a decent crocheter.

  82. I just wanna know how they got it to sit still for the initial fitting. 🙂

  83. Constance says:

    …wtf…is that squireel…SMILING!?


    *squees and dies*

  84. Theo thank you for catching that “M (not EmDash)” the word “ya’ll” used in context will only be uttered by me if in jest or over my dead body. I may have to live in Texas but I refuse to stoop to that “*#$%@& word.

    As for the pic…

    Holy Moses on a mountain people WHHHHYYYY… WWWHHHHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

    I think I heard my knitaholic grandmother just giggle from the grave at this…. OY!!!

  85. That photo needs to appear next to “redonkulously cute” in the dictionary. Or, you know, whatever sort of reference book defines slang phrases rather than single words…

    His little smirk just pwned me! Smirky sweater squirrel! I don’t even care if it’s Photoshopped; it’s ADORABLE.

  86. Hey, I use “y’all” in earnest, and I’m Minnesotan.

  87. JPo:
    And now my BP ignorance is exposed for all to see.

    I’m a Crane:

    and Caldecott girl, myself:

  88. To: TheIdleReceptionist

    Mapletown, you say?

    Oh yes. Huge fan. Patty Rabbit and I go WAY back.

    And this squirrel would TOTally fit in.

  89. Theo et al., I recently started using “y’all” again after getting oh so sick of people saying “you guys”! It just seems a little more charming [apply slight Southern drawl]. Btw, also Minnesotan, now Californian, via 22 years in Georgia. Oy, fur sure. Now back to the subject at hand: My vote: not ‘shopped. Great smile. And Sugar Bush Squirrel KILLS.

  90. Oh Aubrey, those are beautiful! So you must know Frog and Toad are Friends by John Lobel?! I love Walter Crane, too. AND–>>I have a small collection of children’s picture books from the 1920s. IN FACT—>>I live within a few miles of the Eric Carle Museum of children’s Picture Book Art!!!

    ok, me done now. whatch y’all lookin’ at? (my dad is Cajun..)

  91. blckbtch says:

    Yup, that’s crochet!! Does he look a bit “put out”, or is it just me???

  92. Thought I’d ask Tufty a nonsensical question…

    Human: Where tall are they?
    Tufty: Earth.

    lmao! yeh, tufty, yer kewl too.

  93. Nobody has mentioned the eye capsules have they? He is too frickin adorable. Don’t show this to my crochet-crazy daughter…she’ll be chasing squirrels around the yard trying to dress them in jumpers and tineh hats! Kinda like the tree-sweater.

  94. not to settle the Photoshopped or Not argument, but…
    here is a real Phtoshop:

    [creepy, ain’t it?]

  95. I think if the squirrel was a thoroughly domesticated hand-raised pet, AND if it happened to have a mellow, easy-going personality (they’re all different, just like people), it WOULD be possible to get the squirrel into the sweater. 🙂

    I used to have pet rats. One of them was very independent and hyper and not all that crazy about being touched. I doubt she would have approved of a sweater at all!!

    However, my other rat was sooo tolerant and cuddly and mellow that I could do just about ANYTHING, including tickle her armpits, hold/shake her hand, put a tiny cloth hat on her head, and even put my finger gently in her mouth and touch her teeth!

    This rat was quite large with big teeth, and I’m sure could have chomped my finger right to the bone if she wanted to, but I knew she’d never hurt me, just like she knew I’d never hurt her. 🙂 I suspect that’s PRECISELY the relationship between this squirrel, and the person who put the sweater on him/her.

    Sorry for the rambling. I’m a major rodent-lover, so talking about rodents always gets me gleeful! *blush* *grin* (I have squirrel photos in my journal; feel free to visit!)

  96. JPo:
    I have a pash for children’s illustration – I must know more about your 1920’s collection. But I don’t want to take attention away from out woodland friend. Email me, if you like.

  97. that’s one smug sweater wearing squirrel. Note wee smirk on his face….

  98. LilyPad says:

    I can’t take it, any of it. The cuteness is enclosing about me. Thank you recatundra, Sugar Bush Squirrel made a believer outta me.

  99. Will do, Aubrey!

  100. Shanchan says:

    recatundra- thanks for the link- the Star Trek squirrel outfit is to die for!

  101. Makes me wanna knit capes for flying squirrels… heh heh.

  102. totally NOT shopped, look at how his neck ruff is all squished out of the top!! Plus, the shading under the tail is too good, it’d be harder to shop that in that it would be to get a sweater on a tame skwerl.

  103. AuntieMame says:

    Well, my first reaction was that it look ‘shopped, too. Not because of any real or perceived difficulties in putting a sweater on a skwerl (although why you would want to eludes me) but because there was something unreal about the quality of the lighting or the expression or something.

    So go ahead and stomp away…

  104. Knit or crocheted, wild or hand-raised, ‘shopped or not, squirrels are just plain EVIL! EVIL, I TELL YOU! EVIL!

  105. AuntieM — when you say “something unreal,” might you mean, like, just possibly, the fact that there’s a damn SWEATER on that squirrel?

  106. I call photoshop. Not only does the sweater look… off… but the squirril is smiling.

    So, yeah. Someone check or something.

  107. hey guys,

    i stumbled upon this pic in particular a few months ago, and now i’m here to settle the dispute once and for all! the photographer has a deviantart gallery, and if you click on “scraps” you will find more pics of his mom’s sweater-wearing squirrel–and those you can tell are DEFINITELY not photoshopped! (this one looks the most fakey out of all of ’em b/c of that adorable smile.)

    you can dig for more pics here:

  108. OK peeps.
    Here is the source.

  109. Whoa, Jen. Beat me to it.

  110. you guys r silly says:

    oh my god…I just checked out the Sugar Bush Squirrel stuff and laughed til I cried….*UNBELIEVABLE*!!!
    *HOW* do people COME UP WITH THIS STUFF!!!

  111. Can’t open the link. did you all have trouble? I’ll try it in IE and see what happens…

  112. haha, not quite, Theo–i botched up the link! poor copy/paste on my part!

    is his gallery. here’s a pic of the squirrel in a diff sweater:

  113. Maureen says:

    Here’s one from another angle… and possibly JUST AS CUTE!!

  114. Maureen says:

    Cats–er, sqwerls and, um, racks?

  115. definitely check out his scraps gallery–he’s got really adorable pics of the squirrel there.

    and i just realized he has prints of the squirrel for sale too, if anyone wants a sweater-clad squirrel of their very own 😉

  116. Jen, those are priceless! Thank you so much. If there was ever a Squirrel Nutkin…

  117. It could be a pet. I had a semi-pet squirrel when I was little. The neighbor kid had started feeding “him”, and I got in on the fun, feeding peanuts or walnuts (my dad was pissed when he found out I was giving walnuts to the wildlife) before school every morning, and after a few months the squirrel disappeared for awhile. Then “he” turned out to be a “she”, showed up with 3 young’uns following, looking for the daily handout, and hanging off my windowscreen bitchin’ that I was late with breakfast when school was out for summer and I slept in!

  118. Aldi :D says:

    Photoshoped 100%

  119. If it’s Photoshop, it’s an incredibly good one. But I doubt it. You really have to have the lighting just right and the curvature of the knitting loops as it wraps around the squirrel’s body. I have to lean toward “it’s real”. I use Photoshop and you really have to know your stuff to make it look real. This would be way too tough to do in a short time.

  120. It could be a pet. I had a semi-pet squirrel when I was little. The neighbor kid had started feeding “him”, and I got in on the fun, feeding peanuts or walnuts (my dad was pissed when he found out I was giving walnuts to the wildlife) before school every morning, and after a few months the squirrel disappeared for awhile. Then “he” turned out to be a “she”, showed up with 3 young’uns following, looking for the daily handout, and hanging off my windowscreen bitchin’ that I was late with breakfast when school was out for summer and I slept in!

  121. Swayt Jaysus! He has a whole wardrobe of sweaters! And I used to feel guilty when I put sweaters on my hairless cats. (Who, as this skwerl does, hate having the sweaters put on, but LOVE to wear the sweaters.

  122. He’s a nutty professor!

  123. skwerls in sweaters = utopia.


  124. wicked_pix says:


    SQUEE! it says the skwerl lives in baltimore…..i live in annapolis. kinda makes me want to go on a hunt to find cute skwerly in all his sweater glory.


  125. Hm I’m wondering if I could knit a bunch of skwerl cozies and run around campus putting them on skwerls. I shall prove that this photo is *not* ‘shopped! Putting skwerls in sweaters is not an impossible task!

  126. Ah just saw the site Jen linked us to – I think I’ll switch to cozies and trees. That might be easier.

  127. My great-grandfather had “pet” squirrels that lived in the tree in his back yard. He would call them all by name (One-Ear, Rudolph, and I can’t remember the third) and they’d come right to him and eat from his hands. If anyone else got near them, though, they’d get all huffy and mean. When he passed away, we were all worried about how they’d get by, but as squirrels do, they moved along to some other tree. I’ll bet he could’ve gotten them to wear sweaters, and listen to old man music, too.

  128. I’ve been walking around my school’s campus recently thinking about how cute the squirrels are… this just confirms that.

  129. Key Largo says:

    Waaaay Cool Site, Folks!

    I was sent the link, and now it is in a folder to keep forever.
    When the day has been crazy, it’s good to look at peaceful, beautiful things of nature!

    Thank you for your site, keep up the great work!

  130. fawn lust says:

    oh ms a., that’s the greatest!

  131. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Good Lord! Maybe the sweater knitter is really the photographer guy who captures images of unusually tame squirrels taking photographs with old cameras (see former squirrel posts on Cute Overload here)….?? Maybe this one particular squirrel comes from the same very bizarre pack of friendly, photo-taking critters. Hell–if they’re talented enough to take pictures, maybe they are also knitting their own sweaters! (Or mom is to blame….much like the note in the lunchbox scenario….). Will the personification never end???????? No. The answer is definitely “no”!! :^)

  132. does it weird anyone else out b/c to me, it looks like it’s made from human hair..



  133. Gawd, I wish!

    Rest assured, if I had the skillz to get a sweater on a squirrel, there would be no more naked squirrels on the entire North American continent.

  134. hrh.squeak says:

    OK, Maureen, my head imploded with a squeeee youall probably heard in Texas and beyond (me, I’m from Oakland, CA but I grew up Southern Baptist, I can say youall as much as I like) and it’s *all your fault* for posting the link to the forward view so you can see the gleeful skwirl grin!! I Must Buy This Picture!!! Squeeee! (dies)

  135. Do none of you listen? Ms. A clearly illustrates the faithless nature of squirrels.

    They are evil! EVIL, I TELL YOU!

  136. 1) i’m glad the other fiber geeks caught that it was crochet, not knit! and that would definitely take no time at all.

    2) cute as they can be, i would NOT want to attempt this with campus squirrels – do you know how vicious they can be when you run out of cheetos??

    3) mr. squirrelydo needs a friend ..nay, a whole community, of woodland creatures done up with crochet. can you imagine a friendly chipmunk in some trousers?

  137. hello mr squirrel i hope your warm and SWEATING!!! its boiling here in the UK

  138. Super cute.. but he looks a little stiff to me. Not likely that this is real. Could he be a stuffy? EAK

  139. hahahaha! LOL! oh nooooo..oh nooo!!

  140. I hate to be a bringer-of-doom, but that’s totally crochet!

  141. LOL! So crochet = doom!
    Somewhere, deep down, I knew that.

  142. Yipes, E.C., “Beware the pine-tree’s withered branch!”- Courage!

  143. alice, that’s probably because the skwerlz in the pine tree don’t have sweaterz.

  144. Unpossible.

  145. So cute!

  146. robbykins says:

    I love this natty little man. The chubby little cheeks, the neckfurters, the tail laying so casually on the back… a vision of woodland bliss… (P.S. neckfurters are fat rolls that look like a package of weiners stuck on the neck … you notice it a lot on larger bald men)

  147. Yes they do bite, my husband was bit by one, it was my fault, sad but true, tetnus shots and all.

    And definitely c.r.o.c.h.e.t. yep, I’m a geek too.

  148. Oceanic says:

    They are discussing this pic over at right now. Snopes meets CO! My two favorite websites, together at last. *dies happy*

    P.S. Jen and Theo: I’m going to give the Snopesters the deviantart link you found. Don’t worry, I’ll give you credit!

  149. Kate Orman says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only person in the world who calls them “sqwerls”.

  150. I remember Mapletown! Although I do not remember the squirrel. I had the playset. With the bears. And foxes.

  151. Oceanic — the credit *mostly* goes to that Andy kid on DeviantArt and his stepmom, but nobody’s gonna complain if you plug Cute Overload.

  152. (at least, *I’m* not gonna complain.)

  153. Oceanic says:

    Oh, I meant credit for finding the link. I’d hate to claim detective skills I don’t have!

  154. LOL… Oceanic, I think our hotshot detective skills here amounted to typing “squirrel sweater” into Google Image Search and then skipping over all the pictures of sweaters with squirrel patterns.

    Could you post a link to the Snopes discussion, tho? I (uhm…) can’t find it, even with my 1337 detective skilz.

  155. Michelle says:
  156. Oceanic, I like your Emily the Strange avatar on Snopes.
    Michelle, are you on there too? Thanks for the link.

  157. Hurray! I’m glad you said you like my avatar because I wasn’t too sure it was clear what it was.

  158. P.S. Is there any hope of a CO forum? Because, you know…I don’t already spend enough time on the computer. Between Snopes and this place I might only get up to feed.

  159. “Does this make my butt look big?”

  160. *clicks onto *


    *Collapses, twitching*

  161. All ready for GentleSquirrel’s Quarterly

  162. OHMYGODS this photo is like straight out of a children’s book… like Redwall or something, but it’s a gray squirrel nd not a red one, so I guess not. But it’s close!

  163. how??

  164. Can’t wait to get to Mapletown its my favorite place to be…lol this pic rocks!

  165. fagalicous dick sucker says:

    this is fagalicous….im gay. are there any gay people here that want to suck my dick till the shit turns white?