Twinkies & Milk

Yes, Twinkies (check out the cart) and milk are ready for check out, People! Where’s the National Enquirer to make the perfect afternoon?


Sent in by Rachael who sent this photo with an accompanying: "you will not resist. take THAT!"  She has no idea how right she is. //This just in, Rachael’s husband took the photo!// Check it!



  1. what a BABY!

  2. oh. I need one.

  3. MEEP!

  4. oh baby! *gentle snorgle + kiss*

  5. love the sideways gnawing!

  6. you guys r silly says:

    awwww……it’s a *PURSE*PUSSY*!!!
    I WANT ONE!!!

  7. PS. and an anerable name to match! <3

  8. Hey, I just bought a new purse and it didn’t come with a kitteh. I want my money back.

  9. herenthere says:

    Kitteh kind of has that “aw Moooom!” look on its precious face!!!

  10. Before she had me, my mom used to smuggle her Pomeranians into stores in her purse. Those dogs traveled more than I did as a kid. ‘Course, I don’t quite fit anymore at my age.
    Precious baby.

  11. you guys r silly says:

    *Twinkies* and a *precious baby kitteh*….
    Live just does not get any better than that…

  12. Tony James says:

    I’m appalled at CuteOverload’s blind-eye turning to what is clearly a case of shoplifting. The woman in this picture has plainly put the anerable widdle fuzzbucket in her handbag with the intention of sneaking out through the store’s Express line without paying for it. Why oh why must sites that were once a breath of fresh air on the interweb pander to the lowest possible form of life in our society to drive traffic to their advertisers? I for one will not be allowing my children to visit this site anymore, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Rant rave rant rave.


    Lt. Col. Hubert Pickering-Smyth (ret.)
    Late of the King’s Own African Rifles
    High Street
    Ponders End

  13. you guys r silly says:

    Lt. Col. Hubert Pickering-Smyth (ret.):
    *Here-here* old chap!

  14. note the manicure. looks like that animal rescue lady (what was her name?) has turned up AGAIN.

  15. Twinkies, Twinkies
    In a cart
    Rolling down a major mart
    With a kitteh placed so high
    Making all the shoppers sigh…

  16. Stefany says:

    “Hello Health Department, I’d like to report a …a…oh forget it! Can i get a twinkie too?”

  17. Fairywench says:

    Mine! Gimmee! At once!
    (But you can keep the Twinkies. Poo!)

  18. If it weren’t for the widdo paw peeking out it would qualify for only.a.head.

  19. Danielle says:

    I have to admit that is cute. But WHYYYYYYYYYYYY hasn’t my Gizmo in a Target cart made the cuteness website or even the cutetracker??? (I’m off to a corner to cry myself to sleep now…)

  20. FW Sunshine says:

    Two precious kittens in ONE DAY!?!?!? I think I might die.

  21. Lt. Col. Hubert Pickering-Smyth (ret.):

    Bravo! Well said!

  22. Ooooh! I didn’t notice the widdle white paw!

  23. A Fine Morsel says:

    Love the kitteh’s scrunched-up eye as he gnaws!

  24. Dear Lt. Col. Pickering-Smyth,
    You mean you can get a kitty at a grocery store?! Eeeee! I’ll go rummage in the closet now for my largest shoplifting bag – diguised, inconspicuously, as a Hello Kitty guitar case.

  25. YES! More animal piccys, get that “hot topic” baby piccy off the front page.

    Hide it! Hide the controversy!

    The cuteness balance must be restored.

  26. Fuzzy gray kitteh with the squinty-eyed Popeye face!

  27. kittens are my favorite, hands down. so cute and silly.

  28. When that kittie gets ‘fixed’ will the purse qualify as a Kate Spayed purse?

  29. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, that’s too weird, Aubrey. I had never heard of Kate Spade before, and now this is the *second* reference today…

    Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo *Twilight Zone music*

    And what in the heck is she feeding that kitty?!? It looks like a bottle of eye drops.

  30. Where does one buy these purses!? Like Kelly, I want to express my discontentment of my new purse NOT coming with one of these lovely little balls of fluff!

  31. Silence Dogood says:

    I miss the controversy.
    I hereby condemn Cute Overload for displaying a consumerist kitty. And don’t you know that breast is best?

  32. Mame:

    The purses are overpriced in my opinion, but here’s a link so you can take a gander (wait – what about GEESE in purses?):

  33. AuntieMame says:

    They’re not very impressive to look at. I’ve seen very similar bags at Target.

    My problem with purses is that they fall apart so easily. Either the strap splits or the lining tears or something. I’d be willing to pay a little more for a good quality bag that lasts. But no purse is worth hundreds of bucks.

  34. Thrift shops, honey. They’re the only way to go.

  35. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt might be cute, but THIS LITTLE GUY?!!! whoah!!!!

  36. Shopping AND kittens… all I need is some Starbucks and I’m ALL over it!!!

  37. Mame, perhaps you should carry fewer kittehs in the your bag.

    And what kind of a name is Shiloh Jolie-Pitt anyway? Twinkie Jolie-Pitt I can see, but *Shiloh*?! jeezus…

  38. err, sorry about the bad edit…should be “in your bag.”

  39. Auntie Mame: The kitteh is likely drinking from a bottle of KMR, which is kitten milk replacement. A high-fat formula for orphaned kittehs. I think it’s made from goat’s milk.

  40. “Mmmmmmmmew! Thanks mom! I needed to wash down those twinkies you stuffed into the purse without anyone looking!”

  41. Here’s an Alpaca and Llama on my website:

  42. That’s it…keep the kittehs coming. I might not kill myself after all.
    *kidding, people. It’s been a poopy week, but not that bad. Just…need…more…kittehs…

  43. lauowolf says:

    Obviously this is the delivery system for the Portable Kitten Snuggling Treatment.
    Skilled delivery person is making a quick detour enroute to feed kitten, so it will be at maximum energy/cuteness on delivery.
    Even now, that kitten is being carried up someone’s walk, that lacquered fingernail is about to push a doorbell, and some lucky person is about to have a floofy grey&white kitten snorgle-able belly experience.
    I have to go look out the front curtains.
    (I may already be a winner)

  44. No, no, no! Please, lauowolf, please let that piping hot, fresh out of the purse kitteh be for me!!

  45. Kitties are on aisle six, one shelf down from the the ‘dog buns…

  46. Don’t make the poor thing CHOKE geeshh


  47. animal mommy says:

    That looks like the bag that Mary Poppins had. She never had an adorable little kitten in hers though. Hopefully the woman feeding the little kitty keeps it away from the baby that likes to bite their poor little tails.

  48. Yup, that would be my first concern as well.

  49. Heck, if that’s a Mary Poppins bag, there’s probably a whole HUMANE SOCIETY in there. That’s probably the only kitten out of 40 or so who found the fire exit.

  50. LOL!!

  51. Tony James says:

    A-one, a-two, a-one two three four…

    “A noseful of snorgle helps the working day fly by,
    The working day fly by-y,
    the working day fly by,
    and a teeny tiny tabby helps the working day fly by
    In a most delightful way.”

  52. LITTEH BITTEH KITTEH!!! This made my day! I remember letting little kitties go nyawm nyawm nyawm on my fingers, and how much it hurt, but I loved them anyway.

  53. TJ:
    Super-cat-afragalistic, my friend.

  54. “Kitties are on aisle six, one shelf down from the the ‘dog buns…”

    Hee hee JBo.! I didn’t know they sold dog tocks too! Now I only need to go to one store for all my snorgling needs! (Not that I would snorgle dog tocks…. hrm)

  55. What’s up with the song lyrics that come to us when looking at these pictures?

    A-one and-a-two and-a: [Sung to Supercalifragilistic]

    “Oh! That’s so atrocious!”

    Even though it’s meant to be
    precious and fluff-ocious

    There’s no way I could predict
    the comments nearing grossness

    We’re up to one thousand now
    Thanks to all,

    Your Hostess!

  56. animal mommy says:

    I like the Mary Poppins songs! and now we are OVER a thousand on the poor kitty gets bit by poorly supervised baby picture.

  57. Oh, no. Not here, too!

    Just back away slowly from the last post… We saw nothing, we read nothing, NOTHING but cuteness in this thread…

  58. Michelle says:

    chomp chompkitty
    chomp chompkitty
    chomp chomp ‘n’ chew..

    hehe just kidding.

    Meg, you’re a saint for putting up with the lot of us. Did I say thank you lately?

  59. According to my extensive research (okay, a quick Googling), there is no actual Saint Meg… SO THE POSITION IS OPEN!

    There ARE, however, at least THREE Saint Margarets– of Scotland, Antioch, and Cortona– but I’m guessing our Meg could kick their ‘tocks, no question…

  60. StormCat says:

    You all are killing me with these Mary Poppin songs!!!! Oh gosh!!! It’s 4:30 a.m. and I’m laughing like silly here!!!

  61. hrh.squeak says:

    Actually, I think the kitteh loves the milk, hates the shade of nail polish – “Girl, that pink shade is soooo 1986, get your nails done!”

  62. falnfenix says:

    hey Animal Mommy

    do the rest of us a favor, and STFU.

  63. Falnfenix — wrong thread. Try the post with 1024 comments and the “photoshopped” picture.

  64. and Meg — Um diddle iddle iddle um diddle aye!!

  65. falnfenix says:

    Theo – she did come in here and try to continue babbling…i know i’m not seeing things.

    in fact, here ya go:

    I like the Mary Poppins songs! and now we are OVER a thousand on the poor kitty gets bit by poorly supervised baby picture.

    Posted by: animal mommy | Jun 08, 2006 at 11:18 PM

    now, i need my caffeine before someone gets hurted ’round here.

  66. falnfenix says:

    i wonder if the lady in the picca has caffeine in her buggy…

  67. Faln — I didn’t miss her post. (And I won’t miss it later either.) My *point* is that we don’t need flame wars in *every* thread. OK?

  68. falnfenix says:

    *grumbles* *points to lack of caffeine*

    i’m nicer when i’m caffeinated…promise…

  69. I haven’t had my mocha yet either.

  70. “Uh, Mom? Could you move the nummies just a little to the right? No! MY right!”


  71. lol…i was loving the pic, and clicked on it to make it bigger. then noticed that the name of the photo was ‘cameraphone’….and then i got the banana phone song stuck in my head. AGAIN!
    between ‘banana phone’ and ‘kenya’ i think my head might fall off.

  72. Haven’t had a chance to read this thread yet, but wanted to put this link in a kitty thread. Check this out:

  73. Adorable – this has been the third time this morning that I’ve pulled up the site (while “working”) to see this little cutie pie. I love feeding baby kittens with little bottles like this…. there’s nothing like a happy little warm baby kitty chewing on the bottle (squeaky-squeaky-squeak) with a little milk dribble on his chin. Ahhh… that’s contentment.

  74. Rubacava says:

    It looks like this photo was actually taken by famous game designer, Tim Schafer, unless he’s a horrible, dirty liar. I do know he loves cats.

    Look here, at his blog:

  75. “Shopping AND kittens… all I need is some Starbucks and I’m ALL over it!!!”

    A day late to respond, M-, but the Kroger I go to has a Starbucks in it, too bad no kitties, though. 😀

  76. kewl link, Rubacava.

  77. LOL to the story! Poor dude, deprived of credit 😀

  78. For the record, people… you *might* want to think outside of the Starbucks box, a bit. I’m just sayin’.

  79. do you own an espresso machine, teho?

    only way to make coffee.

  80. There’s one on my desk. It’s departmental, though; I’m one-third owner.

  81. LOL I had forgotten about the caption contest and am laughing at it all over again.

    Oooh Thinkie and Theo, I’m thinking about getting an espresso machine – what do you have?

  82. hehehe no such luck here.

  83. Alice — I’ll email.

  84. yay!

  85. msumissa says:

    okay, kitty cute, yes, but animals (other than service animals in a store, NOT cute, if I can’t take my 50lb beast in, why can they take their little kitty…. NOT FAIR {stomps foot}

  86. I’ll email too. I don’t have one but I do know you have to be careful about the quality–cheaper machines, you might as well just drink what Teho calls “ass coffee”.

  87. …and we don’t mean Kopi Luwak, either.

  88. Msumissa — have you tried messenger bags? (Get one with a padded strap.)

  89. LOL Kopi Luwak!

  90. msumissa says:

    LOL that would be hilarious, ‘Ma’am is that a dog in your bag?’ me “A dog, gosh that must be why my purse is SO heavy today, oops ;o)”

  91. i want a kitten! but my cats would destroy it!

  92. If only everyone could pick up kittens at the market…now I like food, and love kitties, so that would be genius!!!!

  93. I love cuteness. I love it so much it hurts.
    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  94. Life is like a litter of kittens…

  95. AuntieMame says:

    Fluff-ocious. LOL, Meg!

    Is that a kitten in your purse, or are you just happy to see me?

  96. double fine, double CUTE! 😀

  97. Pwnzer GOD says:

    DA cats getting OWNED! COUNTER STRIKE 4 LIFE!

  98. alayniekat says:

    Im gonna steal ‘im and run away

  99. kirakira says:

    TRIFECTA! 1. cute animal + food. 2. cute animal +some ordinary item that makes said cute animal looks small. 3. DAINTY PAW!