Star your day off RIGHT

Why not start the day off right, with a little hot tea and OH MY GOGGGGGGGALGH [ptoooey hamster fluff in mouth]


Dwarf Hamster "Sergei" will be serving your tea this morning. Cheers, Cortney A.!



  1. First post!!!!!!!

  2. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaiiAAAGHH

  3. Kris, in New England says:

    This little guy sort of looks like he already fell into the cup while it was full.

    “Ghack, Cough – I thought I asked for a DECAF Latte?”

  4. Aww! Plus, I love that china pattern!

  5. i’m a vegetarian, don’t put HAM in my COFFEE!
    however, zelda, you may need a steak for that eye.
    bad feeoo, bad!

  6. I guess he likes it “black” … teehee

  7. Put up yer dukes, Theo!

    (Zelda starts darting and ducking)

  8. weelll…I loves my tea, but even *I* might put up with this as an alternative.

  9. I love his big eyes. He’s eying my cinnamon scone, though. Naughty hammie!

  10. frickin fantastic capshawn meg

  11. michelle says:

    His whiskers are too much (and I find myself wondering what his tocks look like…I’ve been ruined!)

  12. I like his teeny tiny paw.

  13. hm…i wonder if i can order a hammielatte at starbucks?

  14. Laurie C says:

    I believe Meg is laying an all-varmint day on us. Lovin’ it, even though I’m normally a cat person.

  15. your cat would be lovin’ it too.

  16. You know you’ve got a strong espresso when it walks out of your cup…

  17. I knew that people were taking their coffee to extremes but this is a bit much… *l*

  18. StormCat says:

    Oh darlin’, you look simply smashing! Ready for some tea? Would you like one lump or two of sugar for your Hammie Tea? Two? Excellent choice, my dear…You KNOW how sour those little Hammies can be…

    *plunk plunk*

  19. oddly enough, i was taking a sip of coffee when this pic came up. now there is coffee all over the monitor……

  20. how precious!

  21. Michelle says:

    Madame Michelle will now read your tea leaves.

    Let’s see… hmmm… yes…

    Your day will be filled with an overabundance of –


  22. Shall I be a troll and say” This is not funny at all, that poor animal could be burned!” LOL JUST KIDDING!!!

  23. Talk about “tea AND a crumpet”! lol

  24. aww. ::swills hamster around in mouth:: mmm. fuzzy.

  25. I sense a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ready to start…

  26. Reminds me of The Tailor of Gloucester, “no more twist”.

  27. That tea has a lot of body!

  28. I’ve never seen a non gray-with-white-belly-and black stripe-on-back-dwarfhamster! How very exciting! Are they equally small?

  29. Must smear jam on Hammy’s nose and get him to sing us a song! Is that just the Disney version? It’s been forever since I read the book.

  30. Meow House says:

    Is that hammie’s name “Joe”? You know, as in “cup o’ . . . “?

  31. Might be Stuart Little’s cousin, Hammy McTeacup.

  32. Laurie C says:

    Very Scottish name that. No doubt short for Hammish McTeacup.

  33. Hamish MacTeague of county Cup?

  34. Stepmother: “I see we have time on our hands. Time for vicious practical jokes.”

  35. Laurie C says:

    It just occurred to me, instead of reading tea leaves, perhaps Madame Michelle can tell fortunes from the hamster-poops left behind. “I see a crappy day ahead for you.”

  36. I’m glad he’s not in a French Press! But it might be useful to filter his wee little poops.

  37. “EEEEK there a human in my tea!”

  38. That is one magnificent wooden table.
    Hammie: “I was looking for a lemon slice? What? OK, Lemon Pledge will have to do.”

  39. He looks less like a dwarf hamster and more like a dark gray gerbil to me… it’s the less than fluffinaciousness of his for that has me wondering… course he could have just been rolling in the butter dish 🙂

  40. The Guy Over There says:

    Mmm, I love my hammies like my coffee: not pooping in my cup.

  41. Cortney A. has great taste. Beautiful table, lovely china, precious varmint!

  42. lauowolf says:

    Isn’t there a Disneyland ride that looks like this?
    Don’t think Hammy would like to be spinning though.

  43. I love that his name is Sergei!
    He needs a Svetlana.

  44. I love the caption for this one.

    And his name is Sergei. Freaking SERGEI, people!!

    “Coffee? Tea? Or me?” *snorgle*

  45. my cup overfloweth with cuteness!!!

  46. co addict says:

    AAAWWWW! it looks like a couple of gerbils that i had! are you absolutely positive that isn’t a gerbil?

  47. it’s Critter Tea Party time fer shure!

    However, I feel compelled to point out that Sergei is doing Western-style tea, not Russian:

    Pass the preserves, Leo. (Tolstoy, that is – jam-making recipe found in Anna Karenina. I’m not joking!)

  48. EC:
    Is the recipe difficult? Or does it require train-ing?

  49. anneelizmary says:

    My name is Earl. Earl GREY!!!

  50. Now I’m gonna call the police because Meg is encouraging people to drink live hamsters. Yup, that’s me- the one-woman ‘why worry about real problems like global warming when you can obsess over the supposed torture of cute animals’ squad.

  51. Aubrey, such a truly *terrible,* groanworthy (grown worthy?) pun. It takes Coltraning, perhaps?

    (In memory of jazz tenor sax player John Coltrane…! Aubrey’s punning skills are not unlike his playing – one of a kind.)

  52. Just too cute for words. Making me wishing to go out and adopt another dwarf hammy right now! Also reminded me of the time my first dwarf hamster walked right onto my toast when I was having a meal and she was with me on the table. Netherless, she got the toast. I got something else to eat.

  53. Thats the Noritake china I put on my wedding registry! Nice choice, Mr. Hammie. 🙂

  54. A pun supreme
    A pun supreme
    A pun supreme
    A pun supreme…

  55. Cortney A. says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments on my Sergei. He’s very flattered (at least he would be if he wasn’t asleep). I am sure he’s a hamster and not a gerbil. He’s a Campbell’s Black Russin Dwarf. I got him at a PetSmart.

    In the book Dwarf Hamsters: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual by Sharon L. Vanderlip DVM, page 94 has a picture of different types of dwarf hamsters, and row 3 column 2 has my kind of hamster.

    The china is actually Crown Ming, Queen’s Lace pattern. I love it too!

  56. *somewhat* tangent to the topic, but have you guys seen

    too darned cute. got there from
    and btw, there is a new addition to Baru’s extended family. yay for Javi and hammies!

  57. note to self – must get teacup and insert dwarf hammie. better yet, a miniture tea set, compete with croissant!

  58. “A pun supreme…”

    Most excellent catch, teho! It’s my least-favorite part of that album, too.

  59. (I was hoping you’d see that, E.C. Yay!)

  60. I love coffee. I love tea. I love the cup o’ hamster and it loves me!

  61. Coffee. Tea. Hamster. Me.
    A cuppa cuppa cuppa cuppa cup.

  62. The best part of waking up: A hamster in your cup!
    *jingle music*
    *shot of a cheerful-looking man drinking coffee, suddenly looking quite suprised, spitting out a hamster, looking at it in wonderment, and then laughing and shaking his head at the camera. That darn hamster!*

  63. Black hamster says “HICUPP!”