Hollering in amazement

[Hollering] "I can’t believe how outta control the comments got yesterday!"

"I mean, REALLY, PEOPLE!!!" [Still hollering]





  1. How true!! LOVE IT!

  2. WOOHOO! never been 1st comment before!

  3. StormCat says:

    I call 3rd Post!!!!

  4. StormCat says:

    I can just hear this little guy doing his Tarzan yell…in a teeny squeaky voice!

  5. Yeah…that expression looks about appropriate.

  6. Multiply it by about a hundred then stick yr. fingers in yr. ears.


  8. What is he, exactly? A mouse?

  9. Ka-YOOT!!!!
    perfect, meg!

  10. Woot! Eight post of the day!

    Yeah, what IS this little critter? He’s SWEET!

  11. I was wondering too. Is he a little mouse? He is so cute — almost looks like he is yodeling!

  12. Squee!!! He’s soooo cute!

  13. earl the amazing yodeling squirrel

  14. Aw, this is just so unbelievably sweet!
    The little mouth!
    What a brilliant photo.

  15. Awww, that was post 10. Ah well.

  16. Is this really a skwerl or is he something more exotic? He looks a bit like the skwerl who lives in my pecan tree, who last spring yelled at me for pruning. He was all, “Hey, you bleep bleep bleeping bleeper! Is that a saw? This is my bleeping tree! Get the bleep bleep bleep out of here. Hey!” Then he pelted me with pecans.

  17. toddspal says:

    I. Just. Wet. MYSELF.

    This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in many moons.

  18. Redzilla, what an honor!

  19. Laurie C says:

    I know small ear to head ratio is a rule of cuteness, but I like this little dude’s disproportionately large ears.

  20. yeah, the skwerl story is awesome!

  21. This is called a pika – they’re a combination of mouse and rabbit (rabbit body, mouse ears!). They live in the mountains, and say “EEEEEE!!” when they make a noise!

  22. The Guy Over There says:

    Either that mouse is reenacting The Lion King,

    -or the mouse just saw a twenty pound block of cheese. Or a really hot mouse.

  23. THANK YOU, jessie. I knew I knew what he was, and I *could not* think of it for the life of me.

  24. AuntieMame says:

    High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
    Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

  25. Mame!! ::snort::

  26. No no no, that’s a rare Austrian Mountain Mouse! He’s going “YODELAYHEE YODELAYHEE YODELAYHEE HOOOOOOOO!!!”

  27. Uhm, yeah. Like what AuntieM said.

  28. Pikas are the best! They are lagomorphs and can throw their voices. They live in incredibly rugged terrain and are the cutest things ever. Some people call them conies or rock rabbits.

  29. I’ll just get back to slapping the “FIRST POST” people now.
    Line forms to my left. One to a customer and no pushing.

  30. People, please! This pika is obviously being crushed under a rock and is screaming in pain. Isn’t it obvious? Are you so blind to the suffering of animals that you didn’t notice?? *sobbing uncontrollably* Pikas being crushed under rocks is NOT cute!

  31. Theo, put GinnyF in line willya.

  32. Redzilla, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: SQUIRRELS ARE EVIL! EVIL, I TELL YOU! They use foul language and don’t share their pecans.

    (This little guy, on the other hand, is fabulous.)

  33. Huzza for lagomorphs!

    This dude’s saying “hubba hubba!” to the ladies, methinks.

  34. carbontetra says:

    So… is a baby gnawing on this one’s tail too? 😉


  35. You never know *what’s* happening, off-camera.
    [dun dun dunnnn!]

  36. Laurie C says:

    I think the pika might be yelling “FIRST POST!!” in which case, Theo has to slap him now. (evil grin)

  37. [SCOWL]

  38. perfect picture for the caption (or…vice versa?!)
    i don’t understand the need to be ‘first post!’ what’s up with that? maybe i’m just out of the blog-commenter-loop. :/

  39. Teughcats says:

    A new personal record, I just laughed out loud four different times while reading these posts (my office already knows I’m nuts, so that’s OK).

    THANK YOU, Meg and all the humorous posters – this is much better than yesterday’s trauma!

  40. bridget says:


  41. haha, teho.

  42. This little guy is so very cute… just wanna snuzzle his widdle nose and widdle cheeks… (had to google Pika – I’ve never heard of them before) ((by the way… yesterday’s posts were completely out of control people!))

  43. Laurie C says:

    And AuntieMame, I want to thank you for putting that goatherd song in my head, where it will now be stuck all day.

  44. falnfenix says:

    GAHAH! so fitting…

  45. Kris, in New England says:

    Can’t. Stop. Smiling.

    Must. Look. Away.



  46. Here’s a web site that has a sound file with the Pika’s special noise. Good luck snuggling him though…they are really hard to spot in the wild because of their ability to look like a (very cute) rock!!!

  47. Alex — link?

  48. http://www.cmiae.org/trek-pika.htm

    Oops! Forgot to paste in the URL!

  49. Oooh! Now with BONUS MARMOT!

  50. Laurie C—me.too. Go with the flow….”Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd.”

  51. Laurie C says:

    jaypo, it *is* a fun little tune to amuse myself all day, but I’ll be cursing myself at 3 a.m. when I can’t get to sleep because of it. (Just caught myself humming it in the ladies’ room, in fact.)

  52. If a guinea-piggy and a bunny got married, had a baby then I think it would very probably look just like a pika!

  53. oh my goshness. that little pika “eeep” noise is just as cute as he is.

  54. Offer this little dewd some salt-water taffy and what do you get?

  55. nawm, nawm, nawm, EEP!

  56. …pika chew.

  57. ah! hah!

  58. …cute but angry… rrraaarrr

    Thsi is what “pissed cute” must look like… *g*

  59. I think the Rule of Cuteness should perhaps be EXTREME ear-to-head ratio in either direction.

    I wuv pikas.

  60. abbynormal says:

    This guy is sooo cute I just made him my wallpaper.

  61. StormCat says:

    Theo: Pika chew

    *puts hands over eyes*
    THAT’s terrible!!! (but oh so funny…)

  62. hmmm…me don’t get it…:(

  63. Okay, here’s a link to something amazing. The northern grasshopper mouse howls like a wolf. There’s not a great picture, but the description is good. Go to the address, scroll down to “In Search of the Mouse That Roars,” and listen to the program. It’s about 8 minutes long.


  64. Pikas are in the rabbit family (Lagomorpha)–so technically they are not mice at all. Sorry; I am in school for zoology and this gives me the chance to feel like I have learned something.

  65. Hey Kate – I wasn’t trying to relate the NGM to the pika at all! I just saw a sideways opportunity to add a squeaky door sound to the thread about animal sounds… Sorry for the confusion!

  66. *twitches* WANT.. To… Shnorglee… Must resist!

  67. Michele says:

    Pikachu is a Japanese anime character.

    That said, I really must protest. This animal is obviously crying out in pain, and I’m going to call the ASPCA, PETA, the PTA, the FBI and Spiffy the Wonder Rabbit to investigate. It’s probably being tortured bu a criket crawling on its butt, and we all know that behavoir like that leads to abuse and murder later in life. The cricket is probaby warped, and none of you seem to care. and it’s probably an ugly cricket. It should probably go attack a baby or something.


  68. Michele — Spiffy’s retired. The cape has been passed down to Yiffie.
    You didn’t know?

  69. It’s a pika… they live in rock piles up in the mountains. Go on a back country hike in Grand Teton National Park and they’re EVERYWHERE. Their holler is REALLY loud, kind of a high-pitched “BRRRRRRRRRP!” sound. They can really catch you by suprise.


  70. Amen on the caption!

    LOVE the pic!

  71. Yes, I think I prefer pikas to skwerls, if only because I have never–to my knowledge–been pelted with pecans by a pika. I think he looks like a frat boy pika who just bonged a beer and he’s saying “BUUUUUUUUUURP!”

  72. Ok I have to ask – is it pronounced pee-ka or pie-ka?

    (I obviously do not live out west, so I’ve never *heard* them talked about.)

  73. Michele says:

    Well at any rate, I’m going to have this site shut down for encouraging cruelty to animals, right after I take off my tin-foil hat, have my crushed-up meds with my juice and cookies, and take a nap on my blankie. Really I am. And I’m gonna write the President too, and he’s gonna give Meg a spanking.

  74. Yes, you must give us ALL a good spanking. And then…

  75. wait wait WAIT. Not *HIM*.
    [retract retract retract]

  76. Ah…the only time when *HE* might be a giver and not a taker. But who knows?! Maybe Great Whacks on the Behind is what he’s all about.

  77. This is pika, and so cute! <3

  78. Jaypo — STOP STOP STOP. Please.
    [tries vainly to gouge out mind’s eye]

  79. you guys r silly says:

    Theo: Wouldn’t “pika chew” be a chewing tobacco???

  80. aaaaaaaaa the mental images, they buuuuurn…

  81. Boschka says:

    Reminds me of the mouse thing in the Dune Mini Series…

    Hey…It’s Faival Dib ( never could spell that right..LOL )

  82. Reminds me of a story I read about a rabbit “that is said to have roared like a tiny lion.”

    Someone needs to do a parody of the goatherd song with the Lonely Pika. [hee.]

    *love* the mouse radio show!

  83. Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy says:

    It’s PIE-kuh (so the “pika-chew” pun doesn’t REALLY work, thank gods)

    (insert random talus photo here) “Can you find the pika in this picture?”
    (There isn’t one this time — ha HA!)

  84. Bad Theo!
    Wicked Jaypo!
    Naughty Zoot!

  85. *innocent look* “Who, us?” 😉

  86. eww eww that’s the last time I want to think about W and spanking and all sorts of behaviors in the same sentence.

  87. I… I…umm…
    ::wicked glance to the side, slight smile::

  88. WOW Cute! Is that a mouse? What a photo!

  89. No sandwich board? Where’s his stack of newspapers?

  90. “Heeeeenry!!! Time to come in to supper!!!”

    Michele: If you have Meg get a spanking, I will have to turn you in to 241-KIDS for abuse.

  91. lol jaypo – evil 😉

  92. unbelievably cute. *dies* look at the little cheek puffs by his nosie… and the EARS… *kisses*

  93. Constance says:


    The mouse that roared.


  94. lauowolf says:

    He’s such a vry earnest guy that I think instead it’s

    “Climb every mountain….

  95. “Forrrd ev’ry streeeeam…

  96. “Follow every burrow
    Till you find your seeds…”

  97. Madeline says:

    oh poop, someone already said that. Sorry! :”O

  98. good golly, now we’ve got a hundred here! “oh poop” hits the century mark!

  99. casandra says:

    looks like a scene from the lion king, doesn’t it?

  100. A chance to see this li’l guy is the only reason I would accept for hiking in Alpine terrain. Good thing I can see him here.

  101. victoria says:

    I love the comment that read, “I think this is negative cute. Hope the kitty scratched the baby’s parents’ eyes out. Stupid parents. Creepy baby.” There’s something about naked outrage on the internet that is just really charming. Like an impotent old lady shaking her fist in rage at a bad driver or something. I just totally relate to that desire to Make The World Act Right, Godammit.

  102. wrong thread, vicky.

  103. This creeps me a little — it reminds me of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’, the version with Donald Sutherland hollering at the end.

  104. LOL… or maybe “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!”
    …or even “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!”

  105. Suzanne says:

    that picture is so cute!

    In case people didn’t know, this animal is a pika! They are a rabbit, despite mouse appearance. They make a sound like BEEEEP! They live in the mountains and do very cute things: they pick grasses, lay them out to dry on rocks, and then harvest the “hay” to store in their nests for winter! Clearly, the pika is the cutest animal of the Rocky Mountains ^__^

  106. …”FOR THE HORDE!!!”

    (Ariel, I notice you’re not stopping me, either.)

  107. Hooooooo my god! The EEE! Noise! Pinnicle of cuteness yes! And the ears!

    I want one of these! Is it legal to own them???

  108. AuntieMame says:


    *horde of pikas with blue face paint run over the horizon and charge down the hill*

  109. I know this is way late, but…
    *tara, I can speak for myself at least when I say that the attraction to FIRST POST ismostly because it makes Theo go crazy, and then people pick sides and it begins a hilarious yet infuriating CO controversy.

  110. I think this is the face CO animals make when they see other CO critters.

  111. ROSEBUD…

  112. I am pika, hear me roar!

  113. BenPanced says:


  114. lauowolf says:

    “…And the Home of the Braaaaave.”

    Then all the little pikas come out and play ball.

  115. The hills are alive with the sound of music!!!

    No, not that one, the one from Moulin Rouge by John Leguizamo as Toulouse-Lautrec

  116. oooh, AuntieMame beat me to it 😉 was gonna go Braveheart

  117. Dustbunny says:

    That little “eep” sound it makes is just the cutest animal noise, *evah*.

    …’klahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plaaaaain

  119. One word: Mossflower.

    Love this pic, possibly one of my all time favorites. =*)

  120. Oh man, this little guy (or gal) is adorable. Totally made up for my bad night’s sleep.

    But what to do about yesterday’s posts? Do you think someone REALLY filed complaints with PETA, etc?

  121. juliette says:

    i think he’s yelling “spooooooon” in the manner of the tick. :o)



  124. or as tarzan:

  125. ariel, maybe he’s singing “Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh” lik the guinea pigs!


    I guess he’s singing about the pika philospphy of life…

  126. Diane N says:

    Youse guys is all wrong. My son is an opera singer and the stance is unmistakeable–he is singing “Fi-gar-OOOOOOOO!”

  127. yes!
    it’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEE

  128. Caitlin says:

    now that’s a barbaric yawp if I ever saw one!

  129. hrh.squeak says:

    Hey Diane, where does he sing? I know most of the singers in the Bay Area of California – is he there or in New York? And anyway, Meep there looks like a tenor to me. “Figaro” is a baritone (is your son?) and the baritone is invariably better looking but somehow never gets the skwirl …. uhhh, girl.

  130. “yes!
    it’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEE”


    BTW, I just played the pica’s “Eep!” sound several times for my bunnage. Her ears went on ultra-alert, like antennae.

  131. OK, I did a comparison – played the Guinea Pig song for the bunnage twice – no reaction. Played the “Eep!” sound again – BIG reaction.

    I wonder if it sounds something like a rabbit kit (baby) when it vocalizes….

  132. I am mouse! Hear me ROAR!!

  133. BabyJane says:

    “the mouse just saw a twenty pound block of cheese.”~LOL!
    He’s adorable. And the emotionally charged Baby vs. Black Kitten Twist-Off was soooooo dramatically controversial. The lather got thick.

  134. Barbara says:

    EEeeeeeee! I happen to know what this Pica is saying! It’s EEEeeeeeee! meaning, HEY, I’m right here!

  135. chelonianmobile says: