Have a good day at school, Dear.

"Have a good day at school, Dear." [slurp]


[Watching Prairie Dog Bus leave] "Growing up so fast…" [Beady eyes blink]


This photographer is a genius—you MUST see her ‘Bear rug‘ shot. The Cat’s Jungle aka S. Pettitt Photography captured these awesome photos at the San Francisco Zoo. Thanks for submitting, Susanna C.!



  1. OMG am I first? Cute little prarie dog! Bad little prairie dog – tears up my yard! Oh well…

  2. Cute! Kind of ‘Little Burrow on the Prairie’ :).

  3. animal mommy says:

    Ahhh, how precious. Much better than the baby munching on defenseless kitten picture. Keep these nice ones coming!

  4. Ponygirl says:


  5. The prairie puppy looks horrified. Like, “Mo-om! Ew!” 🙂

  6. animal mommy says:

    yeah,ARVAY, he’s probably looking over at his friends, standing behind his mom, laughing at him. Cute little guy 🙂

  7. ka9q's wife says:

    I was thinking the same thing Arvay. He looks like all Geez mom not in front of the Guys.
    I love that little splayed paw with the claws.

  8. punkpie says:

    genius captions! I literally LOL’d. Reminded me of when I was young and my mom would lick her thumb and smudge stuff off my face- gross!

  9. Prairie dog mom kissage!

  10. AuntieMame says:

    Do they really call them prairie puppies? I swear, that’s cuter than the picture!

  11. Denise in Nebraska says:

    How sweet! Nothing quite like the personification of animals (and animal’s mothers), at 1am in the morning……! :^)

  12. Rokkin cap-shons, Meg!

    Should perhaps be “Sluzzurp,” though? (Like “chizzomp.”)

  13. Think he’s embarassed now? Wait till lunch and he reads the ‘I’m so proud of you’ note inside his lunchbag.

  14. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, Lord, my mom used to do that sort of thing when I was in high school. I recognize the look on the prairie pup’s face.
    I’ve seen prairie dogs in the wild. They should have sound effects, like a *pop* for when they poink out of their burrows.

  15. fawn lust says:

    omg, prairie dog bus!

  16. That little prairie dog has a ‘huge head to body ratio’!!! Could that be a rule of cuteness?

  17. ka9q's wife says:

    Audrey what do you mean he reads it. Wait until you see his face as the bully who steals his lunch reads the “I’m so proud of you” note out loud in the lunch room. Or did that just happen to me.

  18. Prairie dog kisses! and oversized prairie dog head! and splayed little prairie dog hand! joy.

  19. Sweet sweet sweet! And the bottom photo she waits anxiously for the 3:00 bus.

    BTW, Cat’s Jungle–*AWESOME* photos Wish I could lay on top of that polar rug without fear of chizzomp.

    For all you West coasters, when you finally wake up and log on–GOOD MORNING!!

  20. What awesome animal photos! :o) I need to go to the SF zoo…

  21. MaggieBelle says:

    Note to self:

    Do NOT put cutesy notes in child’s lunch. Very embarrassing.

  22. poit! that first photo!

  23. awwwwwwww I just love prairie dogs! Makes me want to go to the zoo, except its
    about 3 hours away and I have to work today.. sniff..

  24. The Guy Over There says:

    One of the most interesting things about prairie dogs as I can recall is how social they really are. Researchers always love to see the social cliques of the prairie dog world.

  25. Meg — you’re not kidding.
    Spot-on captions again, too.

  26. Hee hee, lookit how huge his head is compared to his body! OMG!

    I lurve prairie dogs!

  27. I used to have a sweet little prairie dog pet, and whenever I came home he was NOT happy until I let him give me his little dawgie kisses. Amazing really.

  28. Dorion — got any photos?? (If you need a place to upload them, this is free… http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/ )

  29. “I’ve seen prairie dogs in the wild. They should have sound effects, like a *pop* for when they poink out of their burrows.”

    hrh.squeak, I move that we add “poink” to the cutecabulary!

  30. 2nd pic right almost made me lose it. I swear I can see her lower lip trembling and tears forming in that beady eye.

    I can’t help it, it’s soooo sad. I want to reach over and pat (there, there, dear) the little clawed hand.

  31. If this guy had a radio, he’d be listening on NPR (National Prairie Radio) to ‘Prairie Home Companion’.

  32. I only ever listened to that for the raw bits.

  33. Perfect captions, Meg! Mariser – I see that, too! “Kids…they grow up sooo fast.” Totally my parents’ expression when they sent me off to kindergarten…then to college…and to grad school…

  34. Myself, I go to a salad bar for the raw bits.

  35. Tony James says:

    Good to see that mama-induced shame crosses all species boundaries – and little Earnest here is no exception… 🙂

  36. Tony James says:

    I second Lemura on the !POINK! – that’s definitely the sound, can also be applied to meerkats (especially those of the “Lock up your wimmins!” variety…)

  37. A Fine Morsel says:

    I love his mouth slightly open in protest!

  38. Sunrise… sunset…
    sunrise… sunset…

  39. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, Senor Tony James, te amo! What a hilarious photo!

  40. [snickering at Vacko]
    I actually had to sing that at a wedding once. Honestly.

  41. eek! (pictures, teho?)

  42. Think — that was 11 years ago. If there are pictures, they’re in other folks’ collections and probably all in southern Ohio.

  43. 😦

  44. Punk Penguin says:

    finally! i miss my beloved prairie puppy, Queequeg. i loved him soooo much. now, i do believe they belong in the wild, but they are loving pets.

  45. These are the funniest captions ever! I keep coming back here just to read them. 🙂

  46. BenPanced says:

    “MUH-AAAAAAAAAHMMMM! Jeez! Not in front of the guys!”

  47. lauowolf says:

    And just look at her snout.
    And what an expression.
    And — is it just me — or can anyone else imagine a tiny little apron around her belly?
    In just a minute she’s going to go inside and finish the breakfast dishes and start dusting.

  48. Awww…prairie dogs…
    Makes me miss my hometown, where the prairie dogs set up shop in every vacant lot in the city. I used to sit at the bus stop and watch them play while I waited for the bus.

    Thank you for bringing back a warm fuzzy happy old memory.

  49. I just got back from San Francisco, why did I not go to the zoo?! I missed out on seeing the little prairie pups…sad day.

  50. Diane N says:

    I think an mp3 of Theo singing “Sunrise, sunset” would be a fine addition to this particular entry.

    And also an mp3 of that “poink” sound.

  51. OK, I just can’t stop myself from going back to look at this again and again. It’s not just overload here, it’s addiction!

  52. Awww… my son graduates from HS tomorrow… I totally GET that prairie dog momma!

  53. NO MEG! NO! TOO CUTE! [the little boy has turned into a man… *wipes tears*]

  54. For prairie dog lovers only: visit http://www.prairiedoglover.com

    Prairie dogs have very similar “human” family values: they work hard all day and they sleep at night. They are constantly remodeling their “homes” and spend hours “shopping” for food to feed their families. They teach their young their values and then send them off into the world to live on their own so they can raise their own families.

  55. Hey Guys I just ran into this while doing a search for my screen name on the web 🙂 I am glad that you guys enjoyed the pictures 🙂

    Someone said the little guy must of said “Geez Mom Not in Front of the Guys” well my title of that Picture was “Mom Not In Front of the Guys” when I uploaded it to Flickr 🙂

    Thanks Cute Overload for sharing these pics and linking to Bear Rug too. 🙂