AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Oh, he didn’t just go back to sleep. Streeeetch, T. Garcia (and lil’ ‘Cheeto’.)



  1. aaaaaaaaah!!!!!

  2. snorgle…snore..snorgle…snore.

  3. snorg snuff snorg snuff


  5. tiny ear alert! floppy pink limbs alert!

  6. Squeeee! They look so soft! I didn’t notice the mommy at first – I thought there was a fleece blankey until I saw the legs!


  8. oh. my. GAWD.
    pictures like this make me want to have a kitten again!
    (although my two grown-ups kitties would probably claw my eyes out in my sleep.)

    Dara- you said it sister!

  9. Bubbles says:

    ohmygosh I thought it was a white fuzzy blankie too!

  10. [urrgle]

  11. You know, I thought everyone was joking around, taking about dying from the cuteness…but I actually stopped breathing for 10 seconds when I saw this picture. Good goddamn!

    From now on, keeping a set of defibrillators by the ‘puter.

  12. m in athens says:

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. (P.S. I thought she was a blankie, too!)

  13. Tony James says:


  14. Wook at the wittle toeses!!!!!!!!! I heart the toeses!!!!!!!

  15. The eyes in the first pic scare me 😦

  16. AuntieMame says:

    I’m not normally a squealer, but…




  17. Mus not rub belly, must not…rub, rub, rub…MEOW! Ahaaaa….

  18. msumissa says:

    OH MY that has got to be the warmest fuzziest thing I have ever seen, I want to snorggle that kitteh

  19. OMG!!!! Paw pads! Paw pads! And I missed the mommie cat at first too.

  20. Oh giddy goodness look at the little nips! Adorable.

  21. TheLuna says:

    And the teeny pink nose matches the paw pads! Too much….

  22. Laurie C says:

    What a great name – Cheeto.

  23. AWWWW!

    Must… snorgle… belly…

  24. joelsephus says:

    I think he’s actually stretching in the second pic. See the little spread toes? D’oh!!! Too much!

  25. oh… my… GOD! *dies*

  26. I just want to tickle your wittle belly! Speaking of tickling… have you ever tickled your dog and watched his leg kick? It’s hilarious!

  27. There are no words!

  28. I haven’t tried tickling my dog, but the reigning kitteh of my apartment twitches in her sleep and it’s sooo cute. Her legs do little kicks sometimes and she makes little nyreh nyreh sounds.

  29. Kris, in New England says:

    Oh – the pink paw pads, the tiny curled back paw.

    Can’t. Stop. Smiling.

  30. Great merciful God.

    Whether you’re a Cheeto
    Or even a Dorito
    You are more delish
    Than any chips
    Oh, and did I mention Fritos?

  31. I love the wiggly striped belly…and laying on it’s momma no less…this has got to be an all-time cute for me *sneeze* Wish I wasn’t allergict to the things!

  32. lauowolf says:

    And that little tail is twining around the leg in the top picture.
    And that mouth.
    And mommycat has kitten all surrounded with warm white fuzziness.
    Why aren’t I a kitten?
    I would be warm and fuzzy and asleep.

  33. k… k…

  34. MaggieBelle says:


    This makes me wanna get a kitty!

  35. I think we should start a new business: a Portable Kitten Snorgling Treatment…you know, if you were having a bad day you could call Purr-11 and they’d just whisk a cuddly tie-tie kitten over to your office. A few minutes of kissing warm belly and it would be all better. Psychiatry has nothing to rival it.

  36. In addition we could have a Port-a-Puppy?

  37. oooh yes. One PKST ordered STAT please.

  38. Hmmm…what if we just called it Port-a-Snorg.

  39. And then you could press 1 for kitteh or 2 puppeh

  40. TheLuna says:

    Port-a-puppy! yes! There are few things in my day that snuggling a cute lil’ pup couldn’t fix!

  41. And when they’re young like that they smell wonderful, too. ^^

  42. chackler says:

    Redzilla “port-a-snorg”, absolutely classic. We definitely need a port-a-snorg.

  43. Ohmigawd. This one CATapults straight to the top of the CuteOverload cuteness meter. Quite possibly the cutest kitten EVER.

    Theo? Hon? I want kittens.

  44. MikeyFur says:

    Oh, brand-new kittie! So precious. Yes, like Alice, I thought he was snuggled in a fleece blankie, instead of cuddled up to Mom. Hope the world treats him well.

  45. Fuzzle Belleh KITTEH!!!


    (adds pic to my insomnia cure bucket)

  46. Aubrey-love the poem! This ritty is just tooooo toot! I want it!! Love the name too!

  47. Laurie C says:

    Jaye, don’t you have to clear the kitten requisition with Mr. Bounce as well?

  48. that made my uterus break out into sobs.

    seriously. i just lost it.

  49. speechless

  50. oh my gosh! SO CUTE!! unbelievable! inconceivable! *snorgle* …so floppy and fuzzy and helpless-looking and so itty-bitty! ahhhhh!

  51. *kisses belly*

  52. Lillith says:

    That pink nose!! The little curled up back paw! The belly!


  53. He has such gorgeous markings and interesting eyes, are they blue?
    And I thought his mummy was a blankie too 🙂

  54. That’s it.

    It’s over.

    This is the cutest image ever. I fear that everything from here on out is downhill. (Although I’ll keep visiting.)

  55. The cute hurts me!

  56. hrh.squeak says:

    “Port-a-Snorg” – pure and utter genius. At our house, we have a term for snorgling – “snuzz”, which nicely incorporates the fur all over your nose when you’ve finished your therapy.

    This picture is definitely a Weapon of Amassed Cuteness. I have to go snuzz *and* snorgle my Siberian kitteh now, thank you –

  57. (dialing port-a-snorg)
    (rubs hand gleefully)

  58. Cheeto– best orange kitty name EVER!

  59. Oceanic says:

    Holy God of fluffulence! I want to bury my head in the little chubby kitty tummy and blow a raspberry.

    I feel the need for a nap now…*off to snuggle up in bed*

  60. When I was at a job that did its best to suck the soul out of me, this site and were my therapy at the end of the day. Port-A-Snorg would be a million times BETTER.

  61. KITTEH!!!!!! *SNOOZE*

    Seriously people, we needs a MOM & KITTEH category.

  62. Oh my god. This site needs a warning label. I want to cuddle that kitten into oblivion.

  63. Warmth is just EMANATING from this photo.

    Meg must have taken a ‘dip’ into the Cute Big Guns for this chip of joy!

    to quote (i think) aubrey, sweet tap-dancing christ on a cracker!

  65. “Fluffulence” — LOL

  66. Stefany says:

    I love the tail tuck.


  67. Rabbit feet, pink nose… I can’t take it!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  68. FW Sunshine says:

    Oh. MAH. GAWD! I loves me some marmalade kitten belly. I have a grownup marlmalade named Bustopher who readily offers up his belly for snorgling.

  69. Oh what a cute wittle fat belly! Kisses to the belly. Darling!

  70. … bbb…belly…. jelly bean toes…. pink nose… tiiiiny ears… belly…tiny tail… baby mmeeeooww…eee ….

    M-‘s husband: Dr. What happened to her?!?!
    Dr.: I’m sorry to inform you sir but your wife has suffered… cute overload…

  71. “Jelly bean toes” oh my god, that’s perfect!

  72. Ok… one correction I have to make due to my anality….

    Raspberry… tongue out between lips… thwpppppp sound ensues into air (unfortunate side effect of “rain”)
    Zerbert… lick lips…lips pressed to belly (prefered location) or any other exposed body part of the victim… attempt to blow air and keep lips on victim creating a squirming effect from victim…

    Raspberry to belly will result in very furry tongue at best… *g*

  73. I’m NOT putting “anality” in the Glossary.
    Before anyone asks.

  74. First a stretchy kitty one way, then a stretchy sweetie the other way. Tiny grunts, little honkshus. I’m a puddle-muddle looking at this marma-bebe, a happy puddle.

  75. My vet used to call kitty toes “baked beans”. I can’t see anything else when I look at them.

    That kitten has his left front paw tucked under mom’s leg for comfort and safety. TOO FREAKIN’ CUTE!!!!!

  76. My goodness too much cuteness today!

  77. Laurie C says:

    Theo, “zerbert” might be a good addition. I always thought it was a frozen dessert less fattening than ice cream.

  78. Feel the tummy glow.

  79. Laurie C — Zerbert has been suggested before, but really it’s a Bill Cosby-ism, not a Cute Overload-ism.

  80. Port-a-snorg has immense potential. Just imagine, all your pet expenses become write-offs because now they are service animals! All you need to do is sign up a few friends who desperately need to bury their noses in fur. You could sell snorg contracts … offer buy-ten-snorgs-get-one-free cards … the possibilities!

  81. Boschka says:

    Teeeeny itty bitty kitteh voice :

    ” Momma ..why ya wake me up ? Me go seep naow.”

    Snirgle Snorgle Kitteh

    wooooo hoooooo

  82. Well you just have to screetch when you see something like that, don’t you?

  83. English Chick says:

    that is so cute i nearly choked to death on my own spit from breathing in too fast

  84. CPegasus says:

    ^_^ awww. He looks kinda like an alien with his eyes open

  85. Tony James says:

    Theo – if we can’t haver “zerbert” on account of it being a Cosbyism, can we have “blowfart” which Wikipedia tells me is the same thing?

    Chacha – finally the horse-head-in-the-bed scene from Godfather makes sense – the Mafia is running the porta-snorgle racket?

  86. Awwwwwwwww 😀 She’s so tiny, I keep looking from her mama’s paws to her own and going *squee!*

    I love this site; it’s such a perfect mid-workday pick-me-up.

  87. Me likey kitty.

  88. Laurie C says:

    TJ, if you’re right, they’re running it *really* badly.

  89. TJ, ewwww!

  90. ManekiNeko says:

    The cute…

    …it burns.

  91. What number would it be for a horse head, TJ?

    I can’t see that one being very popular.

  92. ManekiNeko says:

    Mmm – heady goodness.

    And let me also take this opportunity to reiterate:
    Where the frack is the rackin’ frackin’ Yin Yang Kitties tshirt design?!

    Because I’ll do it myself if I have to, and no one wants that.

  93. Also, option 9 at Port-A-Snorg isn’t very popular, it’s the selection for invertebrates.
    Ooooh ooooh, and maybe you could order a super-size port-a-snorg! A whole litteh of kittehs!

  94. *roflmao*
    “sweet tap-dancing christ on a cracker”
    “CHRIST ON A BIKE!!!!”

    Dude… he gets AROUND!!!

  95. *high pitch squeaking noises caused by unbearable cuteness* cute little kitty tummy! tumtum! yum tum tummy tum tay!!!!! *squee*

    (those high pitched noises scared my doggy… she came over and licked my face)

  96. Yeah, I want a Yin Yang kittehs t-shirt too!

  97. Redzilla:
    Some of the less popular versions are ‘thinking outside the box’ for their guerilla advertising campaigns. For reptiles, the ‘You Wanna Iguana?’ idea is showing promise.

  98. ManekiNeko says:

    Hey, Redzilla,
    I’m all over #9! I’d love to cuddle a cuttlefish.

    Those big shiny eyes, that chubby bod, the tutu-fin… they’re so precious!

  99. Tony James says:

    Redzilla – the invertebrate Port-a-Snorg selection would appeal to people who like Grubbie McGrubbersons surely..?

  100. Tony James says:

    Maneki – wouldn’t that make it a cuddlefish..?

  101. i was JUST thinking about the yin yang kittehs truly 30 SECONDS AGO!! WHERE ARE THEY

  102. EmDash (M-)
    You’re not kidding.

  103. THEo!

  104. i need a moral outrage muffin!

  105. horrific, isn’t it.

  106. Theo, you are one goofy mamma-jamma.

  107. ManekiNeko says:
  108. dogs and cats! sleeping together!

  109. Whoa, it is really eerie how much that kitten reminds me of Kickstart, one of the 4 kittens my cat had a few months ago – same coloring and everything.

  110. oh good GOD.

    ::catches site of kitteh, trips, falls, drags computer gear down and lands in thrashing pile of electronics::

    zzzzt! ow! zzt! ow! kitteh! ZTT! OW! DEAR LORD SOMEONE HELP ME!


  112. I’ve never “squeed” over a picture here before, but my brain definitely made a squeeing noise on this one. Also, my eyes imploded. It’s amazing I can still type.

  113. Noooo Pheral! Not the tewtellies!!

  114. Victoria – your pics are adorable! Much like these pics, of course.


    I so need a mommy cat to curl up with… that should be the business we all start, giant mommy kitties to lick our heads, curl us up all warm and snuggle us.

  116. I do think M’s distinction between a raspberry and zerbert is an important one – perhaps that should be in the glossary? because if people aren’t careful, severe injuries to the tongue may result.

    Eek panda-head boy is going to give me nightmares!

  117. Ponygirl says:

    Oh my god! I just realized after looking at this picture a couple times today, that this kitten is reclinign on a MAMA CAT!!!! Not the white blanket I had thought. Purfect.

  118. lauowolf says:

    Oh, they just meant me.
    stretch, snore.

  119. Little round belly full of milk. So content.

  120. Must resist urge to blow miniature rasberry on kitty tummy…


    <_ <


  121. If you are a fluffy kitten
    – clap your paws
    meow meow
    if you are so cute and shleepy
    – clap your paws
    meow meow
    if you’re shnuggly and you know it
    you can burrow here to show it
    ear”s up the other’s down
    stretch your paws
    meow meow

  122. …I’m dying.

    I’d pet pet pet that tummy until my hand fell off.

  123. Tony James– Okay, yes, I have to say Grubby McGrubbersons was super cute. I never thought I’d feel that way about a grub…That’s why we’d offer option #9. For the earthworm snugglers among us. Or cuttlefish cuddlers. And I also like the giant mama cat concept…that would be a bit trickier to transport, but well worth it. Mmmmmm…mamakitteh.

  124. Aww it’s proud mommy is in the background

  125. animal mommy says:

    OH! I loved Grubbie McGrubberson too. This little kitten looks angelic though. Different kind of cute.

  126. nicolee says:

    so this warm n’ sleepy lil babe sorta reminded me of that new Branjolina one, no?

    & i’m pretty sure that nuzzlin’ that tummie rite there could prove to be a cure for the common cold.

  127. Irishka says:

    Such a big Stretch from such a widdle kitteh!

    I wanna kitten! *pouts*

  128. Cheeto, meet Cheesedoodle! What a dollface! But when he grows up, does he get an “adult cat” name, like Cheesedoodle (aka Mabel) did?

  129. If I showed these pictures to my husband, his head would probably explode. He has a thing for fuzzy cat tummies.

  130. OMG—I posted the damn thing and I didn’t even notice that “Cheeto” was sleeping on a larger cat. HOLY SCHMOLES!

  131. O_O

    Oh dear. That /is/ cute. So cute and weird and woowoo and poke-a-licious. I need to poke it’s sweet, fluffy belly of milk and goodness and love. If I don’t poke him, I will scream morbidly like a monkey being ripped open by some weirdo poacher who likes to rip apart monkeys. For sexual plesure or something.

  132. Gillian says:

    orange and white stripey cats have the cutest bellies and are the cutest sleepers.

  133. OK, the next long-haired marmalade kitteh MUST be named “Cheezy Poof.” “I WANT CHEEZY POOFS!” (said in Cartman voice).

    Back to this little bundle of goodness: gimme,gimme,gimme,gimme,gimme!

  134. I do note that this sweetums has what I call “cloud” patterning, and not the traditional tabby striping. So yes, Andee, Cheeto is very much like Cheesedoodle.

    (btw — You’re sure you don’t want your screen name to be “Ardee” instead? All pirate-like & confusing? We’re accumulating quite a population of “Ar-” commenters here…)

    The Oracle told me that I would find the Threebert,

    – Arfeus

  135. Note the curled toes!

    I am shocked every day that people would prefer human children over this!

  136. If you poked that kitty’s belly you’d probably get your hand taken off by the little razor-sharp nails and teethies..

  137. Nah Terri — kittens are all play-bites & Velcro paws.
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥ TEH ♥ LURVVVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  138. HEEEEE! Fluffy belly, tiny jellybean toesies, achingly adorable little smile…can’t…move…melting…into…chair…weak…from…the…CUTENESS!!!!



  140. Look at his tummy! And his back legs! Sososososososo SO cute! I want to rub his tummy but he’d be mad… *tear*
    *goes off looking for other marmalade kittens to snorgle*


    DO IT

  142. Sorry Theo, I’m keeping my name. 😛

    Know what my all-time favorite red tabby name is, though? Bonaduce. No kidding, I met one of those in Phoenix (where his namesake had a radio show).

  143. Just found *this* little backlit gem in Kariboo’s Flikr stream (which I’d seem before, some time ago, but had forgotten about)… awwwwwww!!!

  144. This is the most cutest picture i have ever seen in my entire cute hunting life!and this the most honest opinion i have given by heart for the most cutest kitty!Gawd i wanna squeeze him so badly!

  145. Awww Cheeto!

    The mom’s name is Hitler! It’s a joke, not a tribute…

    Cuz Tony’s so a Nazi…I don’t think they accept Mexicans, sorry Tony. I love the pics! I want to see Cheeto right now, maybe sans the part where Gregg fits the cat’s head in his mouth.

  146. What the hell was *that,* Lee?

  147. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I’m days away from losing/quitting my job. I SO desperately needed this. Thanks, you guys.

  148. aaaaaaaack!!! *head explodes*

  149. hrh.squeak says:

    I keep having to come back to this picture. I want to snorgle that belly So Much!!!!

  150. the tewtellies SURVIVE! ::holds them aloft a-la lion king::

  151. “HUM-ba zaweeda HUM-ba”
    low chant in the background

  152. in thee junguhl thee mighteee junguhl the lyon sleeeeps toniiiiight! wait, sorry, wrong song.

  153. Hush my darling
    Be still my darling
    The lion’s on the phone

  154. tmbg! haha! awesomest group ever. if wolverine were a group, he might beat them, but he’s not, so they rule.

  155. Theresa Morgan says:

    I think that the cat is soooooo cute and that it should be entered into “The cutest cat” compitition

  156. Thereza Morgan says:

    IS IT FOR SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!