Our favorite resident Siberian and contributor to the site, ‘Fiv3r" now has a fellow Siberian joining us on the site. From Yahoo, A four-month-old orphaned polar bear cub (And the hungry hungry zookeeper) hangs at the Krasnoyarsk zoo in Siberia.


Spa-cee-bah, Brian S.!



  1. Whew… bearly made it…

  2. punkpie says:

    I wish it were possible to sit and drink Coca-Cola together.

    Maybe snorgle.

    Do some sledding.


  3. Bubbles says:

    oh thank the gods for new post!!!!!!!

  4. Wow. Wonder what kind of ammo that hippo used.

  5. I wonder if that’s a squeaky toy? SKAWEEEK!

    Prosh sweetumpie bear. I, too, wish I could sled with him and pet him and call him my own…

  6. OMG – look at the size of those PAWS!! Lurve the Zoo keeper too –

  7. gah!!!! bear!!!! i heart bears!!!!
    *squeals with glee*
    i just want to give him a big ol bearhug!!

  8. Aubry,

    I hope it doesn’t turn into another O-Noes…….he’s too precious!

  9. aww! he can hardly fit through the little window! so my fuzz!! 🙂

  10. *”much” (not “my”.) haha

  11. Courtney says:


    They’re so cute at that age. Too bad they grow up into very aggressive carnivores. 🙂

  12. Awww. How incredibly cute 🙂

    (bracing for “bear” puns which are sure to follow)

  13. Polar Bears are my FAVORITE non-domesticated animals! I love love LOVE ’em. Look at that cute little demure look on his wittle face. Too bad they grow up to be the deadliest bears on the earth. I wanna hug on him. he’s so cute. *GUSH*

  14. mejezabel says:

    Aubrey wins!! LMAO
    ’nuff said…I bear-ly think of another thing to say.

  15. Oh, sweet bearness!

  16. Oooh I’m so mad! I was going to submit this this morning and didn’t! He is snow adorable tho!!

  17. MaggieBelle says:

    I love his ears!

    The bear’s ears, not the hippo’s.

  18. The baby and kitty picture was so much cuter than this! But this is still cute!

  19. you guys r silly says:

    oh no… looks like baby bear was naughty and was put in the stockades!!!

  20. Kris, in New England says:

    He doesn’t look real – so adorable. Check out those HUGE paws people! The paw pads concealed beneath.

    Can’t. Breathe.

  21. Wait:
    In a pillory, behind bars AND in Siberia? What did that cute little care-bear do?*

    *This post in no way meant to insult zoos, some of which are quite nice, 17th century modes of punishment and distant lands.

  22. Laurie C says:

    Hippo: Can you come out to play?

    Bear: Nah, dude, I’m grounded.

  23. ahhhh! the bear is in the stocks! being punished!

  24. Hippo: “For your crimes, you are sentenced to sit in the stocks and reflect. Me, I’m goin’ fishing.”

    Bear: “But what’d I DO?”

  25. You know you’re too big for your house when..

  26. *l* You can almost here the cutey thinking “If I start gnawing on the hippo… will it cause a CO outrage? Is the nibble REALLY worth it?” hehehehehe

  27. I could almost see it the other way around.

    Bear: “I’m so sorry you weren’t invited to the party, Dewd. I’ll try to bring you some snacks.”

    Hippo: “Thas’ OK.”

  28. Aubrey..ammo!! LOL!

    Oh, the wet paw prints on the wood are killin’ me!! Sweetly of course…

  29. chackler says:

    I think the hippo is taunting the bear.

  30. T,

    come back to the other thread. we’ve kept it a-going with talk of pies and girl scout cookies and whatnot. and is up to 394 posts. your chance to make history (once again)

    and if you do, would you repost the HAH post? pretty please? and if there is a reason why not that clueless me hasn’t figured out, please gmail me, mmmmkey?

  31. Cub’ll get his own back, Chackler. Hippo’s not about to *run* anywhere, anytime soon, and the clock’s ticking…

  32. mariser, where is the other post? it disappeared.

  33. a-thinker,

    …Hippo: “Thas’ OK.”

    that is hysterical! I can tewtally see this conversation going on.

  34. Mariser — I only unpublished it by accident! I didn’t know making corrections as a “Junior Author” would yank it off the site. Meg’s gonna re-publish it, tho (erm, as her schedule allows, presumably).

  35. you guys r silly says:

    I’m confused….what happened to Theo’s post about the cat house???

  36. Jaypo,

    if by “the other post” you refer to the Historic Anderson House (aka: HAH, “the cathouse”), I dunno where it went…I’d like to see it back, if possible.

  37. you guys r silly says:

    oopssss….never mind…

  38. OH, you mean the *hungry baby* post! gotcha.

  39. Are y’all just messing with me? ‘Cause I’ve said like 4 times now what happened to the H.A.H. post, in 2 different comment threads…

  40. I think this pic should be under the “cute or sad” category, as polar bears are predicted to become extinct in the wild in 50 years . . .the melting of the ice caps (due to global warming) is the cause. Save cute things! Stop driving SUVs! I think this pic should be under the “cute or sad” category, as polar bears are predicted to become extinct in the wild in 50 years . . .the melting of the ice caps (due to global warming) is the cause. Save cute things! Stop driving SUVs!

  41. mariser says:


    ahh, that explains it. I was afraid it had been yanked for good.

    methinks *somebody* didn’t read his “Junior Author” packet of instructions too carefully, though 😉

  42. woops, sorry for saying it twice! (But i do really mean it)

  43. mariser says:


    bears repeating.

  44. T, *some* people don’t read very carefully.

    *whistles a little tune and looks around insouciantly*

  45. YAY!!! the H.A.H. is back.

  46. mariser says:


    I *swear* I’ not messing with ya (can’t vouch for the others, though). I didn’t see your explanation in the evilbaby thread, where I’ve been wasting, er, spending my time.

  47. Mariser — Bears Repeating! Yay!

    (as for the rest, I get it now — thx)

  48. English Chick says:

    It reminds me of winnie the pooh when he gets stuck in rabbits front door (or hole as the case may be)

    aaaaahhh!! so cute

  49. Stop driving SUV’s? Drat…just bought that Hummer I’ve been wanting.

    :::tongue firmley in cheeck:::

  50. Hey, *I* want a hummer…

  51. CutieBear’s bein’ punished cuz he got that freakin’ Bananaphone song stuck in Hippie’s head.

    “Intuh th’ stocks with ye. I don’t care if y’ ursa minor.”

  52. oh my god how did he get *in* there?!?!?!

  53. Awww bear! Any moment now, Sibeario is going to reach (“ehn!”) for the squeaky hippo!

  54. Awww bear! Any moment now, Sibeario is going to reach (“ehn!”) for the squeaky hippo!

  55. Awww bear! Any moment now, Sibeario is going to reach (“ehn!”) for the squeaky hippo!

  56. oh, man, I don’t know what’s goin’ on here. Deja vu-ing and rereading and geez,I could spend the rest of the day trying to figure it out. Think I’ll go home instead.

  57. oh, man, I don’t know what’s goin’ on here. Deja vu-ing and rereading and geez,I could spend the rest of the day trying to figure it out. Think I’ll go home instead.

    Juuust kidding!!!!!

  58. Are ya sure, Theo? Wouldn’t want to inadvertently kill any cute polar bears. Heh 🙂

  59. Somebody nudge the needle, it’s skipping…

  60. oops how did that happen? I’m sure I pushed button once – oh wells! sorry peeps!

  61. MaggieBelle says:

    Actually, it wasn’t the Hippo that got Bananaphone stuck in the bear’s head…it was me. It’s my ringtone.

    The bear can now feel free to maul me at will.

  62. OMG SO CUTE!!!!! See this cute cat and mac fighting:

  63. lmao Theo, and that’s all I’m saying on that one

  64. Arbed — gold star.

  65. Okay, for me, the cute is all in the look of expectation. Like he’s waiting for Mr. Hippo to speak, or perhaps break into a little squeak toy dance.

  66. Lohan, I can’t see how you think that’s cute or funny! What if the laptop slammed shut on the kitty? It could be flattened… FLATTENED I SAY!
    And then an evil baby might come and eat the whole thing, like a kitty sandwich with Mac bread.

    (Sorry, folks, I could resist…)

  67. That hippo is just taunting the bear!! The bear is thinking “if i could just get my ass through this thing he is DEAD!”

    Well thats just my hippothesis…

  68. This photo also makes me think of Winnie the Pooh (the original one) where Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit’s front door.

  69. They are tewtally locked in an eternal staring contest. Poor bear, doesn’t realize he hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this one.

  70. Constance says:

    *insert joke about bear preparing to assert dominance on squeeky hippo here*

    That’s an amazingly cute bear. He’s just hanging out, all “whatevs, who cares if I’m stuck in the hole. I’ll get out eventually”

  71. “insert joke about bear preparing to assert dominance on squeeky hippo here”

    LOL — oh man, if I have to hear ONE MORE of those…

  72. Oceanic says:

    If plastic hippos could talk and had Australian accents, this one would be all “WTF, mate?” She just has that look on her face. 😛

  73. That looks like a really nice habitat they have him in, what with the barbed wire and concrete floor.

    Usually I heart CO, but this bear just makes me sad.

  74. huh huh, constance said ASSert

  75. I’ve always remarked that it’s a shame that the cutest bears are also the most deadly.

  76. Laurie C says:

    It could be worse, Ivy. At least this head is poking *through*, and not stuffed and mounted *on* the wall.

  77. jenni joon says:

    I wuvs him!! Why, oh WHY must there be a silly old *LAW* preventing me from having these little schmooshers at pets?? (Ummm… can we say Darwin Awards, jenni joon?!)

    *sigh* Well, A girl can hope, cain’t she…?


  78. Cute!! So this is what Meg had *bruin* for us while we waited!

  79. Actually C… there’s still somethin’ else bruin. We’ll see, I guess.

  80. Ooooh more suspense!

  81. jenni joon says:

    She’s tricky like that, ain’t she…? Everyone’s panties all in a twist and them BAM.. KaPOW…! We get that white marshmallow conglomeration of cutitude. Uh-huh. Tricky, I tells ya!

  82. ImA EAT you!!! : )


  83. Tony James says:

    Secure in the knowledge that Blanco the Bear could do nothing about it, the Harry “Hatchet” Hippo continued to stay out of paw’s reach and taunted him silently.

    And the puns on here just get w’urs(ine) and worse…

  84. Oceanic says:

    Ivy, if you look at the bottom of the hungry, hungry hippo, you can see water. I think this is just the edge of a big pool-kinda thing (like most zoos have for penguins and what not). Also, that fence is really, really high. The large bear head 🙂 in the foreground makes the fence seem smaller than actuality, and is probably a great deal many more feet away than a two dimensional photo can accurately show. No skark intended there, just pointing out how cropped photos can be very deceptive.

  85. I think baby bear is happy that he is being loved and cared for. das all.

  86. Hippo: “Hey buddy – how do you feel up there, heh? Hungry? A little peckish? Well, LIVE WITH IT, pal! At least they didn’t make a game out of you!!”

  87. But, Aubrey… they make GAME out of bears all the time…


    Okay, I’ll be the first to admit. I lurve the bad puns.

  88. Until they get board. Then they fall to pieces. And are put away.

  89. Oceanic says:

    Honestly, guys. I can’t bear anymore of these atrocious puns!

  90. Oceanic — don’t try to polarize the debate. That’s just cold.

  91. LOL @ cowshark

    Love the Stephen Colbert reference.


    Always #1 on The Threatdown.

  92. Oceanic says:

    Sorry, Theo, but I’m hippoing mad about it.

    Now that was lame 😛

  93. Wait…. Theo …Oceanic wasn’t polarizing the debate, merely testing the waters, hell we all need to bear in mind that things can get a bit fuzzy….

    Oy….. this is getting unbearable…. *l*

  94. I sense some iciness in this conversation.

    No need to get hyper…nate-ure will take its course. (did that work?)

  95. cowshark says:

    OMG, how can anyone approve of this image? Bears are GODDLESS KILLING MACHINES. Just ask Stephen Colbert:

    I am shocked, shocked I tell you…

  96. Cowshocked?

  97. chackler says:

    The hippo stares at his prize from his recent arctic hunt.

  98. Wow, okay, that’s weird. I posted in reaction to cowshark’s comment, and my reply is somehow higher on the list than his comment… is it just showing up that way for me? I refreshed and everything.

    Mine is timestamped 2:59PM, and his is timestamped 3:39PM. (Mine should have shown up as 3:59, not 2:59.)

    So is it like that for the rest of you too? Do I look all psychic and such?

  99. Heeeey! I was JUST ABOUT to send that EXACT PHOTO in! Very cute cutie.

  100. cowshark says:

    Diane, that is freaky. Clearly, you are psychic. Or psychotic. One of those “psy” words.

    (sotto voce)I’m a girl. If I were a boy, I’d be Bullshark 😉

  101. Oceanic says:

    Wow! Thanks for that awesome link Soso, I totally needed some new crap! *sarcasm now ends, I return you to your regularly scheduled blog*

  102. Sorry about that, cowshark! Now that you point out the cow vs. bull thing, I suppose I should have figured it out.

  103. Dustbunny says:

    Grrrr. I sent the same photo in but does Meg mention *my* name?? Nooooo! Hmmpphh. What am I, chopped liver??

  104. AuntieMame says:

    Whew! I saw that this post was up to 108 posts and I was afraid another commentroversy had sprung up. But I couldn’t figure out what the heck people could find objectionable in the pic, so I hesitated to click.

    And if you’re chopped liver, Dustbunny, you’d better stay away from that bear. He looks a little peckish…

  105. animal mommy says:

    Can it, SVO, this picture is way more cuter than the baby hurting the kitten picture. I like pics with only cute wittle animals in them, if you want to look at baby pictures, go to SEARS!

  106. CuteBear says:

    That is a cute bear. Too bad it’s in captivity and not the wild.

  107. falnfenix says:

    too bad someone’s missing the point of zoos.

  108. Doubleclick says:

    Sad. I wish there were no zoos, and governments were forced to protect these animals’ environments to preserve them.

  109. That is honestly the cutestestestest bear I’ve ever seen.

  110. Thats curel he’s stuck 😦

  111. The caption on this pic over at Yahoo! is very, very sad:

    “A four-month-old polar bear cub peeks out of a shed in an enclosure in a zoo in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk June 6, 2006. The weak and hungry orphaned cub was delivered in May from a scientific polar station on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean to Krasnoyarsk zoo to recover, as it lags behind in its development by about one month. REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin (RUSSIA)”


    So yea, it would be better for him to be with his mother out in the wild, but she died, so someone rescued him and took him to the zoo to be fed and cared for.

  112. indie_girl says:

    To cute…Brain explodeing!!! aww i <3 him!!!