I really really really want a Panda

But all I have is this lil’ white pup. Whatevah shall I do!?


The Sincerest Form of Flattery Award goes to Reuters Images and Heidi S.



  1. Oh no. Cute though 🙂

  2. Oh my god, I think I’ve just had a heart attack from all of the cute that was plastered into my arteries from that dog.

  3. oh my. There’s my sad panda. Speak a wish and…

  4. …in other remarks, *wow*. That is astounding. Truly.

  5. does anyone know what kind of dog this is? I think I must get one.

  6. punkpie says:

    doggie dyeing:

    do or don’t?

  7. I’m pretty sure that dog was dyed to look like a panda so I hope you don’t want to know the breed because of the coloration!

    In other news, I’m sure someone will complain that dyeing the dog is abuse.

  8. LilyPad says:

    Is that real and untouched by photoshop or a dye job?

  9. oops…posted my comment in the wrong post.


  10. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    I zoned in on the pic before reading title & commentary Meg…
    My 1st thought:
    Man that dog sure looks like a panda! LOL!

  11. Oh please, don’t start in on the ‘abuse’ calls again. There is pet dye that is non-toxic and perfectly safe for use on animals.

    I think it’s adorable. 🙂

  12. Too Funny. If you go to the San Diego Zoo website you can the watch the Giant Panda cam. It’s cool beyond belief!

  13. Where can I get one!!!???

  14. That’s too funny!

    My only question is WHY? I’m sure it’s safe and not bothering the dog or anything, but it’s still just so random.

    Now, if they were dying them bright green or blue or plaid or something… now THAT would be amazing.

    I think a poodle done up like a bumble bee would be just perfect.

  15. Diane — I seem to remember a pic of someone’s pomeranian (?) with a red-dyed full-length mohawk. I’m too tired to go searching again right now, tho.

  16. Too darn cute! I bet they use food colorings and such to dye pets like this, much better than the spray paint job my step-dad did on his pup to make it look like a tiger hehehe…

  17. My husband just walked by me, saw what site I was viewing (again) and said, “You’re addicted.”

  18. That poor dog looks so depressed. “Aren’t I enough?” he seems to be saying…

  19. oh my goodness! that’s hilarious! so cute 🙂

  20. There once was a dog
    Whose head was in a fog-
    His psyche it was tainted.
    There were those that he amused
    But he still remained confused:
    Had he been ‘shopped or was he painted?

  21. That poor dog. They bleached his black fur white! He’ll never look natural again!!!!!1

    Sooo cute though.

  22. This dog looks not so much sad as he appears to be OVER the humor of his dye job. He’s all like, “Yeah, yeah, you’re pretty bleepin’ clevah. Now where’s the treat I was promised?” ‘Cause check that chubby belly nestled against the chair. This dog isn’t being abused unless you consider spoiling and abusing the same thing.

  23. oooh Theo, I was about to say that there was another panda-dog. Two good things meshed into one – hm that sounds like a candy bar – peanuts and chocolate.

  24. Oceanic says:

    As a firefox diehard, I can only say, “Bwa ha ha ha!” to the mohawked pomeranian. Too awesome. Pandapuppy is super cute, but that pommy is bitchin’

  25. Pandog looks whimsical.

  26. *think think* “I would like a piece of bamboo but what I would really like is a bone…”




  28. I vote that we call in Will Ferrell’s character from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

    Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly: “Plaschke, this is Willenholly. I need you to get me on the national news, pronto. Why? Because we may very well be dealing with the two most dangerous men on the planet.”

  29. JM — yep, that’s the one. Firefox!

    Aubrey —
    There once was a schnoodle* named Paul
    Whose peeps dressed him up like a doll
    When he saw what they’d painted
    Well, he just about fainted:
    “I look like I started a brawl!”

    *Schnauzer-Poodle mix — http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/schnoodle.htm

  30. Theo:
    On that link that you so gallantly posted, I noticed a page: ‘Puppies vs. Dog’. At first I thought it was some sort of WWE match. But I clicked it and saw that it was something even better.

  31. What to do? Don’t complain! You’ve got the next best thing 🙂

  32. What the hack! What happened to it?! Panda crossover with dog equal “Pandog”!

  33. If you get him really really fat then he may pass as a panda!

  34. If you taught him to dance, would he dance a pandango?

    If he did so loudly, would he create a pandamonium?

  35. And if he had a captive audience, would their attendance be pandatory?

  36. If there was a pandamic going on, the audience would have to stay captive.

  37. That’s the most embarrassed-looking dog I’ve ever seen. His expression is like unto Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” when he came down the stairs wearing that bunny suit.

  38. He’s cute! Reminds me of a herd of cattle that I’ve seen. They are black in the front and the back, but their middles are white. They look like Oreo Cookies!

  39. Hee hee! HonorH. Oh, for panda’s sake that’s a great scene. You’re right, he does have that martyr look about him. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge!

  40. Apple pandowdy.

  41. yum.

  42. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Most pet dyes are vegetable based, that is, safe and non-toxic. You could swallow a bottle full and it wouldn’t hurt you. It can also be done with chalk powder. Most white dogs at dog shows are chalked to make them look even whiter. The grooming salon I work at does professional dog dying. We use both methods, vegetable dye or chalk, depending on what colour or pattern the owner wants on their dog. The last dogs I dyed were a pair of poodles that were going to be in a fashion show. I had to dye them pink to match a hat.

  43. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Judging also from the texture of this dog’s hair and the shape of his face, I would guess that he is a maltese or a maltese cross of some kind.

  44. http://www.amazon.com/gp/explorer/1580086438/1/ref=pd_sxp_grid_mlt_1_0/002-0764098-2828056

    Sorry, I couldn’t actually find the person (Burton Silver) or how he creates his art. I do recommend leafing through a book or calendar if you find one. The pictures are gorgeous.

  45. The Guy Over There says:

    Awww, it isn’t the original Panda Dog? 😦

  46. That there, people, is the cutest kind of dog in the world: a maltipoo! But then I’m biased, because I have one! A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

  47. Aw, this makes me sad…

    But I think a bumblepoodle would be HILARIOUS!

    I’ve got five bucks for the first person to dye his/her doggie in yellow & black stripes.

    Deelyboppers on the head– MANDATORY.

  48. A “maltipoo” isn’t a kind of dog, it’s a stupid word made up for a mutt, a maltese/poodle cross.

  49. Well *that’s* a relief. I’d figured it for some kind of intestinal ailment.

  50. …or a really nasty hot cereal.

  51. Well, it’s not painted and it’s not a poodle… but it is a bumbledog. 😀


  52. ACK! Scary bumbledog!

  53. Hey! Bumbledogs have feelings too.
    Pooor bumbledog… don’t you think for a second she doesn’t know people mock her.
    Don’t you think she longs to cast off the stretchy lycra and nylon shackles of her oppressors.
    Down with the man! Power to the bumbledogs!
    Viva la revolution………

    Hmmm I think that perhaps I might benefit from a bit of sleep.
    Anyway, I think the bumbledog is cute. So… Nyah!!

  54. lauowolf says:

    How do you stand it?
    Do you just stay home all day staring at your pooch?
    How can you get anything done with a poofy creature like that in the house?

  55. pandog!!

  56. Actually, it is a maltese. Just a precious maltese. For more maltese (in their sweet natural state w/o the panda makeup) go visit Metropolitan Maltese Rescue’s website! http://www.malteserescue.com

  57. christine says:

    So cute and funny, made my day.

  58. Are there any schnanzer
    people out there?

  59. Schnanzer people scare me.

    SCHNAUZER people, on the other hand, are quite charming.

    Just don’t point at their noses; that would be rude.

  60. “…or a really nasty hot cereal.”

    Like Maypo! http://www.tvacres.com/images/maypo6.gif

  61. (Actually, Maypo was a *cold* cereal, but kinda nasty nonetheless…)

  62. Not to cause controversy, but Maypo was/is, indeed, a hot cereal:


    Yeesh! Gimme a bowl of Cheerios any day…

  63. …tho’ I was originally thinking of Malt-O-Meal, truth be told:


  64. hrh.squeak says:

    Pandog Muzzlepuffs! Yay!!

  65. hedgedog says:

    “WHA! All I had asked for was to have my hair a little streaked… That’s IT! I’m suing this coif – suker-feur… Even better: I’m pooping in his darn hairdryer!”

  66. paiffie says:

    Okay, I know this post is about pandogs, but I want to give people their beedog fix:


    If you look hard enough, I bet you can find a dyed beedog. I would, but I’m a lazy good-for-nothing.

  67. I must have a dirty mind (tee hee), ‘cos I keep picturing a panda coupling with a doggie, which is an odd mental picture, ya know?

  68. ManekiNeko says:

    Painted beedog! Sadly, it’s not a poodle, but I think this little guy (husky? samoyed? hard to say with the stripes…) will do just fine:

  69. re: “BeeDogs” — if you haven’t clicked the link & checked out that site, do it. Even if you’re not really into dogs dressed up as bees, it’s worth it just for their navigation links and page titles.
    [still grinning & chuckling]

  70. That is *redonkulous*. The WWW is a Weird, Wild, Wonderful place indeed.

  71. Okay… I MUST know… can you do something similar with food coloring and an albino cat… I always wanted to dye her purple… hehehe

  72. man, i thought cuteoverload was specialized and cheezy, and they you give me BEEDOGS. What the CRAP?

  73. ShellBell says:

    …sad doggie breaks my heart…*wipes tearz*

  74. still preciously prosh, altho it’s been forgotten in the 800 comment frenzy.
    sweet wi’l pupster

  75. Don’t care if it’s dyed permed..or whatever. I want one !

  76. gabbers says:

    what in the world my sister and i adore pandas what did u do to that dog?

  77. ithn’t it obviouth?

  78. racegrrli says:

    is this a real dog??
    did they dye the dog’s hair or it came that way?

  79. TheLuna says:

    I think he looks kind of serene, not sad. “This, too, shall pass.”

  80. I think he looks cute. 🙂

  81. You peeps who think the pup is dyed or sad ..are NOT MY PEEPS !!

  82. marshmallow peeps!

  83. cute little panda doggie 🙂

  84. Nampeung says:

    hahahahaha huhuhuhuhu hihihihihi

    You just make me laugh out loud, man!!!

  85. XD Oh God, I saw this dog and pictured my big black Chow, as a pandog… XD Or my new rabbit… XDDD That would be awesome. A panda-rabbit.

  86. But this dog IS disgustingly cute.

  87. It looks lika a panada!!

  88. This is a Schnauzer poodle mix with the Schnauzer parkinks of a “Party” instead of the salt and pepper that is the norm. This is not a die job. Do a google search on Schnauzer with party markings. If you get one they are very rare, but it is possible. Norm a all black parent mixed with an all white or salt and pepper parent will produce MAYBE one a litter.

  89. Oh panda puppy! How I wishy wish you were mine! Then we could cuddle all day! I just want the most perfectest panda puppy babies with you. I wish there were polar bear puppies, and lion puppies, and unicorn puppies! Unicorns are magical creatures. BIG FLUFFY RETNAS!

  90. Hey all! I don’t know if anyone will see this, but I wrote a song about Panda Dogs and I am in a contest.

    Please watch!




  91. kit kat says:

    EVIL!! yet strangley hilarious.